Time: America Is Better Without Borders

Undoubtedly, Steven Hahn is a Hillary man:

“A nation without borders,” Donald Trump has warned us, “is not a nation at all.” Trump was explaining the logic of the multi-billion dollar wall he promises to build along the U.S.-Mexican border, but he was hardly the first to make the case. Years ago, Ronald Reagan said much the same about the threat of illegal immigration, and others urging border vigilance have wrapped themselves in the high-flown rhetoric. Tee-shirts and coffee mugs have turned the idea into a saleable slogan. …

Truth is that the nation’s prosperity has long rested on the labor and resourcefulness of immigrants—voluntary and involuntary, free and slave—and that those who most loudly denounce a “nation without borders” are likely descendants of immigrants who were themselves harassed for their origins, faith and lifeways at some point in the past. We would do well to recognize that in a global economy such as ours, where the movement of people and goods are the lifeblood of our sustenance, a nation’s security is best maintained not by walling itself off but by lifting the prospects—and thereby creating political allies—of working people around the world.”

I’m voting AGAINST this globalist SOB and the #LyingPress that publishes him.

“I am mad. I am mad because I am scared. And if you are a woman, you should be, too. Emailgate is a bitch hunt, but the target is not Hillary Clinton. It’s us.

The only reason the whole email flap has legs is because the candidate is female. Can you imagine this happening to a man? Clinton is guilty of SWF (Speaking While Female), and emailgate is just a reminder to us all that she has no business doing what she’s doing and must be punished, for the sake of all decent women everywhere. There is so much of that going around. …”

Robin Lakoff is a Hillary woman. Yep, I’m voting against her too. No regrets! No remorse!

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  1. What this Libtard conveniently ignores is that the US became known as a “nation of immigrants” at a time when all the immigrants coming here were white Europeans. So there is absolutely no parallel with that era and the current one. And have you ever heard one of these disingenuous Libtards or Cucks push for open borders in Africa or Asia? I don’t think so. They believe shitskin countries have an autonomous right to exist. Open borders are always for white countries and ONLY for white countries!

    • Normal people have been idle too long in the face of this Marxist bullshit. I anticipate things are going to change.

    • Exactly. When Liberals try that whole “Nation of immigrants” on me I ask how many non-whites signed the Declaration of Independence, how many were at the Constitutional Convention? Why did voting requirements in 1790 insists a person must be 21, white,property holder and male to vote?
      If America was never a “white nation” as the Liberals constantly remind us they how do they explain the 1924 Immigration act?

      All people all over the world did not contribute equally to the building of America in equal numbers as if it is some pan-globalist Babylon. In any division of the white population we see the principals players, people of British, German and Irish (including Scot-Irish) ancestry. These three groups, more than any other ethnicity, were instrumental in the formation and settlement of America and the 1924 Immigration Act was designed to ensure their continuance and homogeneity!

  2. Does anyone want to wait around for the New World Order to crack down hard should Clinton win? We need to be ready to launch secession moves Nov 9th. It’s not going to just be a slowly rising brown tide, they will be going after the internet, they will be hunting us down and purging us, AND they will open the borders, then it’s game set match. Look globally, only white have and have ever had liberty that restricts the elite. Once we are out of the way, the permanent techno-aristocracy will dawn.

    How long after Lincoln did South Carolina secede? Before the inauguration, no?

    What better map than the election results for splitting this country up.

    • This must be fate. November 9 is an auspicious date in Germany history that pops up time and time again.

  3. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/rise-of-the-alt-right/

    Lookie here. Scott McConnell of American Conservative writes:

    “An argument Jared Taylor and other white nationalists make is that whites choose to live amongst their own given the opportunity. Church congregations self-segregate by race, whites flee black-dominated cities to white suburbs, etc. There is something to this, but an equally important part of reality is that, left to their own devices, people intermarry. Roughly 15 percent of American marriages are now between people of different races, the greatest portion between whites and Latinos and whites and Asians. Offspring of the racially intermarried may soon constitute the country’s largest ‘minority’ group. So too with Jews, usually treated by white nationalists as an irredeemably separate entity: their rising intermarriage rates have for decades been an anxious obsession for Jewish communal leaders. Americans sometimes self-segregate, sometimes intermarry, sometimes neither. Spencer likes to present himself as a bearer of profound and inescapable sociobiological truths, realities that political correctness denies and seeks to suppress, but the evidence for his core assertions is ambiguous or non-existent. Real estate prices rise in multicultural Brooklyn, stagnate in white rural Connecticut.”

    This mixing is the problem. It destroys identity and heritage, and that is why Jews push it on gentiles. Look… why were Asian and African nations able to expel the European imperialists in the end? Because most Asians remained fully Asian and most Africans remained fully African.

    In contrast, massive race-mixing in Latin America led to confusion of identity and heritage, thus the permanent subjugation of the native populations.

    If there had been little or no race-mixing in Latin America, the indigenous majority might have eventually united to resist and throw out the European imperialists, as happened in India, Vietnam, China, Algeria, Kenya, and etc.

    But because of the racial mixing, the various groups of whites, mestizos, mulattoes, and Indios cannot unite.. and that means European imperialist minority-elites get to rule forever. They rule over a racially confused and divided populace.

    Furthermore, even though race-mixing leads to blending, it never rids society of ethnic tensions that continue to linger since racial variances remain discernible. Look at Brazil. Many people are mixed, but whites see themselves apart from mulattoes who don’t identify with blacks who don’t identify with host of other groups. And even though 1000s of yrs of mixing did lead to a kind of mongrel race in the Indian subcontinent, there are still many racial differences along racial, ethnic, and caste lines. (Indeed, it was the exploitation of such differences that had allowed the British to rule for so long. This is why Jews want to increase diversity. Harder for diverse goyim to unify against the Jew.) Only a fool would say the racial situation is better in Mexico, Venezuela, India, and Brazil than in Japan or Finland. Homogeneity may be less vibrant but it secures more peace and stability(at least if the homogeneous population is talented and mutually trusting enough; on the other hand, if it’s homogeneously black, it means a bunch of jive-ass fools running around and acting crazy).

    White Race developed unique qualities of beauty, temperament, and characteristics, as did the other races. To just jumble them altogether with rest of humanity is a form of madness. Why undo 10,000s of yrs of evolution and turn all the world into some melting pot of mestizo-mulatto-ism? Also, race-mixing destroys the very thing that race-mixers are obsessed about. Consider how black men are obsessed about blonde blue-eyed women. Well, the product of black and white mixing is the destruction of the very things that black men find attractive. If mixed-race-ness leads to greater beauty, how come a whole lot of black men prefer pure white women to mixed-raced mulatto women? The world praised Tiger Woods for being racially mixed, but he had no fondness for mixed-raced women. He wanted pure nordic white women. But when pure white women mix with black men, the product is mud children. Now, if mud-people are so great, why don’t black men prefer mud-women over white women? Race-mixing is a moral contradiction.

    When we look at parts of the world that succumbed to interracism, do we see human improvement? Is Central Asia or Eurasia better than White Europe or Asian East?

    Is North Africa, a mixture of Europeans, Arabs, Africans, and etc. better off than white Europe? Are Latin American nations that are racially very mixed better than white parts of the US?

    Also, race-mixing does not lead to some happy harmonious race in the US. Most kids born to white-black parents identify as black(and are often hostile to whites), not least because blackness is associated with ‘badass cool’ and ‘noble victimhood’. The ‘new antisemtism’ is scapegoating ‘whiteness’, especially ‘white male-ness’, as the source of all problems. Jews who bitch about ‘antisemitism’ use the negative white trope all the time to preach to Diverse Folks that ‘white privilege’ is the reason for all their problems.

    White/black race-mixing just produces more blacks, often very angry ones, not least because light-skinned blacks wanna show off their street cred by expressing black power rage. White/black race mixing is also humiliating to cucked out white males and black females. After all, it’s mostly white women going with black men. White women reject white men for black men because they see black men as superior in thicker voice, dick size, and muscle hardness. So, race-mixing is not about racial equality but racial-sexual hierarchy. It elevates the mandingo over the soft, flabby, slow cucked out white boy.

    Race-mixing is also bad for black females. Loud, beastly-looking, and abrasive, they are rejected by black men who prefer white girls. So many educated black females are without husbands because black men go off with white girls and since non-black men are not interested in black chicks for the most part.

    And as Steve Sailer noted, this divergence also exists among whites and asians. Asian women reject Asian men as inferior and go with white men who are seen as taller and manlier. And some Asian women are into jungle fever just like white girls and go black.. And this means Asian boys are even more cucked out than white boys. So, there is a lot of hierarchy and inequality in interracism.

    Also, just as mulatto kids identify as black, most mixed raced white/asian kids see themselves as white since being ‘asian’ is seen as geeky and uncool, especially if male.

    And yes, some Jews are worried about intermarriage, but Jews are comforted by the fact that mixed race kids with Jewish blood tend to identify as Jewish cuz Jewishness, like blackness, has the mantle of holy victimhood. Also, being Jewish opens a lot of doors in a world that is dominated by Jewish Boys Network(as Old Boy’s Network isn’t what it once was). Also, Jews tend to take the cream of the crop from other races. They tend to marry elite whites and elite Asians, and the kids are raised mostly as Jews. Thus, top white and Asian intelligence is absorbed into Jewishness.

    Jewishness is cultural and racial. There is the thing about line of Jewish blood, but it doesn’t have to be pure as far as Reform Jews are concerned. If you have some Jewish blood and identify mainly as Jewish, you are Jewish.

    As for white/latino mixing, this is complicated because some of this isn’t race-mixing at all. Some Latinos are simply white or mostly white. If someone like Marco Rubio married some white American, that is white and white.

    But there are cases of whites mixing with mestizos. Oftentimes, it’s because lower-income white guys cannot get a white woman. So, they go for some squat brown woman. Or it’s some Mexican guy marrying some ‘fat white trash’. Hardly something to celebrate.

    Anyway, Latin America is very mixed but hardly a model of what humanity should look forward to. If given a choice, a white person would choose a white European nation over a mixed Latino nation like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and etc that have so many cultural, political, and racial problems.

    Also, isn’t immigration essentially ‘white supremacist’ in its assmptions since all those non-whites wanna flee from their own kind(seen as inferior) and go live with whites(seen as superior). After all, if diversity and non-whiteness are so wonderful, how come all those non-whites don’t want to stay in their non-white nations or move to other non-white nations? They all wanna go to white nations.

    Also, even as globalism calls for more diversity and mixing, it also says non-white folks should have a strong cultural identity AGAINST whiteness and blame whites for all their problems.

    “In terms of intellectual accomplishment and range of expertise, the roster of contributors toCommentary and The Public Interest in the 1970s compares to the alt-right like a contemporary version of the ’27 Yankees to, at most, a decent college team.”

    It depends on what is meant by intellectualism. If integrity is part of intellectualism, Alt Right has already won by a mile. Why? It is simply more honest. Neo-conservatism had a lot of smart people, but they never spoke honestly since it was mostly about clever ex-Trotskyite Jews esoterically pretending to be ‘abstract’ and ‘principled’ while pushing a narrow tribal Zionist-Jewish interest. As such, all those publications and articles could be boiled down to ‘We Jews want the power.’

    Alt Right is superior in integrity since it doesn’t go for such esoteric sleight-of-hand tricks. It is openly and honestly about race and identity. And it blows away current Neoconservatism and ‘true conservatism’ since both totally support Jewish identity and Israel while dumping on white identity and white racial consciousness. Alt Right’s message is, “If Jews wanna serve Jewish identity and interests, that is fine with us. We want to serve our identity and interests.”

    It is the Jews who bitch about how ‘racist’ it is for whites to think in terms of white consciousness but then demand that whites all line up behind Jewish identity and interests and sing hosannas to Israel while ignoring the fact that Jews are leading the War against whiteness.

    Neoconservatism vs Alt Right is like the story of EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES. Those who say that the Emperor has wonderful new clothes may have officially approved intellectual pedigree and may be represented by all the respectable institutions. They are ‘illustrious’ in their accreditation. In contrast, the little boy who sees NO clothes is just a ‘nobody’. But HE speaks the truth that no one sees or pretends not to see because their minds are held hostage to authority and respectability.

    We don’t care how many publications there have been of THE PUBLIC INTEREST and COMMENTARY. They offered some good articles, but they were fundamentally dishonest because they didn’t admit that they were really about ‘How to fool goyim into kissing Jew ass’.

    Alt Right, in saying ‘We won’t kiss Jew ass’, has 1000x the integrity and courage that ‘true conservatives’ have, those cucks who suck up to Jews.

    • Some excellent points. I take issue, however, with your archetype of the “soft, flabby, slow, cucked out white boy.” The people you describe are aberrations which have been, in large part, socially engineered by our anti-white, anti-male society. They should not be used to represent the proud white man. Same goes for the supposed attraction white women have for negroes.This is an artificial, socially engineered phenomenon bolstered by the white woman’s fear of being called “racist” if she refuses the ‘Groid. Trashy skanks like the Kardashians enforce the social engineering. If left to our own natural instincts, however, we WILL self-segregate, even in interpersonal relationships.

      • They may be an aberration, but they are now a large segment of the white population. Moreover, and frankly, the more I read of the past, the more I am beginning to think that the proud white man you have in mind has always been a relatively small minority of our race. And I am not talking about the histories as told and presented in recent decades by Jews and cucked gentile historians.

        We have had serious internal problems for a very long time. I am now convinced that even without the interference of the Jews that we would still yet be in dire straights today.

        • Wow. I respectfully disagree with you brother. We’re the men who colonized and conquered the world, who settled the American West, who walked on the moon. Give me some examples that would justify your gloomy assessment.

          • It was always a small percentage of men who first did the things you mention. A relative small number (compared with the population as a whole) who set out to do the initial exploring and settling and taming. A few who did the hard part; many who came later. Just like today.

            Moreover, just like we see today, the ones who came later, the softer, the less brave and daring, the more “civilized,” and amongst these the smarmier, would very often, the first chance they got, screw over the men who did the trail blazing and made the land liveable in the first place. Just like today, these late comers, now living on and enjoying the bounty of the sweat and blood of their betters, would often label the real men as too violent and not fit to live in the now settled community. Even more shameful, the outcome would sometimes result in a supreme betrayal and the death of some men. The saga of a Tom Horn, for example, is far too similar to and typical of what I am talking about.

            I have become irritated with the fantastic estimation of whites as a whole as has been the want of far too many WN’s. Not every white man is a Gauss or Newton, nor is he a Cortes. We are seeing this writ large all around us today. Nothing could be more clear to any man who does not fear to look and acknowledge the state of affairs. It is long overdue that we recognize this fact and learn to work within the parameters of reality and what is possible. We have many, many enemies within our own ranks. We must realize this in order to have some chance of arresting and reversing our race’s toboggan ride to the brink of the abyss.

    • It it not strange that the purveyors of the whole “White Privilege” mantra are themselves Jews and not only Jews but cultural Marxists? I am willing to talk about White Privilege if we can also talk about Jewish Privilege first.Then they can explain how 3% of the population dominates media, pornography production, and now even the Supreme Court, not to mention being the major donors of both political parties.

  4. It sure is strange, isn’t it, how American Jewish community is all for open borders. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society has been bringing in Moslems from Somalia for at least 40 years. When I read the review by Stanley Hornbeck of Professor MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique I was SHOCKED to learn that our immigration law had been changed in 1965. I know today “respectable” types say it was all Teddy Kennedy’s fault but Dr MacDonald destroys that lie.
    In Israel they give DNA tests to potential immigrants to see if they are, in fact, Jewish.
    I need to say that HW has always been someone I liked, but I have to tell you he writes EVEN better than he has before. The man is REAL GOOD.

    History, we are participating in the STRUGGLE for our race.
    THAT IS THE ONLY THING that truly matters because if we fail, then NOTHING else will.

  5. The more readers and subscribers TIME loses the more neo-liberal, anti-White and anti-American they get.

  6. They the establishment is basically down to low budget trolling, I’d say troll them back. At Sailer’s he is running a NYT click bait article which is pure troll, the author deserves a retroll of Mantra and 14 Words type bait.

    They are now stuck in our loop

  7. Really though when you believe all people are equal that means there is no distinction between humanity and if there is no distinctions why have borders or nations? Let us all assimilate into one planetary Afroeurasian monoethnicity!

    Of course I realize by equality Jefferson meant we should have the same rights an native Britons. That is what he meant by using the word Consanguinity and remember before he wrote the Declaration of Independence he wrote a similar document-a Declaration of the Rights of British Americans. You can plainly see he meant equality to mean political relations between British Americans in the United Colonies and British people residing in Britain proper . (No representation in Parliament, taxation without representations, all that good stuff.) You may have heard the Queen suggest humorously as to whether America now wants to rejoin the British empire again. Boy wouldn’t https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/699d1b997f66437c219b775119fffa9726c02d0d06b79bb538377c87972978a7.jpg that be grand! Hate speech laws and gun control for all.

  8. I suspect Time’s readership will continue to slip as the Lying Press becomes more and more irrelevant.

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