Whores of Babylon: Lena Dunham’s Halloween Costume

“And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.” Revelation 17:5

Like I said, every degenerate harlot in America is supporting Hillary:

“Not afraid of stirring controversy, Girls star Lena Dunham made a risque reference to Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” controversy for her Halloween outfit this year.

Dunham, a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, posted a picture of her costume on Instagram showing her dressed as a cat with fake hands “grabbing” her chest and groin. The costume is a not-so-subtle call back to Trump’s leaked Access Hollywood tape where the GOP presidential nominee was caught making several lewd comments including the now infamous lines: “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Just to emphasize the inspiration behind her costume, Dunham wrote in the photo caption: “Happy Halloween! With love from a Grabbed Pussy” …”

This is someone who Hillary thought fit to emcee the Democratic National Convention.

Tell us more about “degrading women.” Lena Dunham was a “grabbed pussy” for Halloween (she made a point to let you see her nipples), JLO bared her ass on stage with Hillary, Miley Cyrus gets fingered at concerts, Katy Perry and Amy Schumer stripped naked to rock the vote and Madonna offered blowjobs for Hillary votes.

Hillary even inspired Pussy Riot overseas to release a new song called “Straight Outta Vagina.” She’s an inspiration to tramps and harlots the world over!

Note: Who does that sound like?


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  1. Mike Whiteney misses the big picture because he overlooks the “pass-over-ing” of Israel.


    “This is hard for ordinary people to understand. They can’t grasp why elite powerbrokers would want to transform functioning, stable countries into uninhabitable wastelands overrun by armed extremists, sectarian death squads and foreign-born terrorists… But why? What is gained by destroying these countries and generating so much suffering and death? Here’s what I think: I think Washington is involved in a grand project to remake the world in a way that better meets the needs of its elite constituents, the international banks and multinational corporations.”

    Leaving the ethnic angle out of this gets us nowhere. After all, if it’s just some faceless multi-national network of corporations, banks, and power-brokers, it should try to dismantle and weaken EVERY nation-state. Why not do to Israel what has been done to Iraq, Libya, and Syria? Why not break Israel into so many pieces by aiding Palestinians and Arabs? Why not loot and rape Israel like Russia was looted in the 90s?

    Pure Greed has a kind of dark integrity. It is an equal opportunity plunderer. It robs every people and every land equally. It doesn’t play favorites. It’s like Gordon Gekko will turn on everyone and everything. He is a son of a bitch, but a ‘fair’ and ‘principled’ son of a bitch who cuts no one any slack. And it’s like Dirty Harry ‘hates everyone’ and doesn’t play favorites when it comes to justice.


    Also, globalism doesn’t only attack and destabilize the Third World. Same happens to the West itself. The INVITE as corollary to the INVADE strategy.

    EU is being invaded by hordes of non-white, and people like Soros and his whore Hillary welcome this. Even European leaders whose role is to defend and serve their own nations are on the bandwagon of their own self-destruction.

    YET none of these leaders and none of the globalist big-shots demand that the same thing be done to Israel. IF anything, people like Hillary, even as they call for invasion of Europe and endless ‘diversity’, call for total support of Israel as a secure and powerful democratic-fascist-nation-state with a solid Jewish majority and restrictive immigration laws.

    It’s not just some abstract greed that is running amok around the world. If so, it wouldn’t spare Israel while radically transforming other MENA nations.

    Why is Israel being ‘pass-overed’?

    God may not exist, but the globalist-powers-that-be give special ‘pass-over’ to the Jewish State while others nearby are visited by locusts and running with rivers of blood.

    Back in ancient times(according to myth), God did that to free the Jews from Egyptian tyranny. Today, Jewish oligarchs are the pharaohs with the power of the Biblical deity to smash and destroy entire nations. If not with bombs than with the filth of Hollywood and MTV. Souls are destroyed all over.


  2. Good news. Dunham has pledged to leave America if Trump wins.

    “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,” she said at the Matrix Awards.

  3. Larry Schweikart Retweeted
    Scott Adams ?@ScottAdamsSays Pleasanton, CA
    Today a beauty contest winner just accused Trump of judging women by their looks. That’s a swing and a miss

    • Apparently that is not her. It’s some porn star who goes by the name Dark Angel. That is what the defense claims, anyway.

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