Chicago Cubs Win 2016 World Series

We’re St. Louis Cardinals fans in this household, but I have been sitting here chortling and waiting to hit … PUBLISH:







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    • I think there is a strong possibility that those kinds of claims and this material from Reddit originate with pro-Clinton trolls to distract pro-Trump people and/or get them to harm their credibility by unintentionally spreading disinformation. It’s a troll technique to get people with strong ideological priors to latch on to weak evidence and spread it and in the process discredit themselves.

      There is plenty of verifiable public evidence that the Clinton’s are corrupt to the core criminals without bringing these kinds of thinly sourced wild allegations into it.

      Just something to think about.

      • I heard Hillary is a shape shifting alien, so I’m going around the neighborhood and telling the nice ABC watching yuppies all about my exciting discovery, and then when they look askance at my I am going to call them “Kike Lovers.”

        Do you think that will be effective?

        • Hillary, Huma, Weiner et al will be taken up by the Mother Ship once the indictments start coming down.

          • If our shriekers of “muds and kikes” want some fun there is always Lena Dunham to troll on twitter. That slob is praying for the “extinction of straight white men.”

            If anyone’s apogee of wit is shrieking “muds and kikes” start with Dunham, though you might want to troll her feed with Pepe, especially in nice shiny black jackboots because you know that girl is just dying for a good hard fascist ****.

          • I understand the futility and counter productivity of screaming “nigger!” and “kike!” while trolling amongst normies. I take pains to avoid it. But I must admit, I love sites like Daily Stormer just for the sheer humor, satire and hilarious entertainment value of them.

          • Exposing White Genocide to the normies is priority one. Once aware they will want to know who is behind it. That’s when the Jews get hammered and yes, there is evidence that that’s already starting to happen.

          • No honey I did not notice since I spend my days reading 3000 breathlessly worded essays on Jooooooooooos.

            Tis better to troll than be trolled

          • I wasn’t addressing joo. Ans it looks like Weiner, Hills& Huma pedo thing is on the mark. Who will you get your joo porn from now?

          • Why do you spell Jews as ‘Joooooos’ as if they are merely imaginary, insignificant bogeymen conjured up and blown out of proportion in the minds of shriekers?

          • I’m of two minds of the “muds and kikes” shriekers, one is the horror of the despair they must endure, second can they actually be made useful.

            Not much I can do about their despair, sucks for them. As for usefulness they can go troll Dunham, she is such a clown that “muds and kikes” shrieking fits right in with that crowd of clowns.

            I can only imagine yesterday how overjoyed Frum must have been after he trolled the WNs, which is too bad that mope is a fat fish waiting to bite on some good troll bait.

      • I thought about that. I saw the article late last night. Given Weiner’s chronic behavior – do you think it’s NOT true?

        • I think that Weiner is an unstable personality and definitely into some sick stuff. I won’t be surprised if there is child pornography on his computer or communications with underaged girls mixed in with Hillary’s emails. But that doesn’t mean Huma and Hillary were involved in the underage sex stuff.

          • I understand. I don’t want to jump the gun, but…..I wouldn’t be shocked if they weren’t involved. They are all sicko freaks. Why would any-one even tolerate association with a mental case like Weiner, or Jeffrey EPSTEIN, Bill’s old Host?

          • Wouldn’t shock me at all given their previous histories.

            I was amazed that Hillary didn’t go ballistic when the National Enquirer came out with that issue describing all sorts of sexual practices of the Clintons.

            I’m betting there was lots of weirdness going on.

  1. It’s a miracle. Whodathunkit?

    From the great beyond Harry Caray says, “Holy Cow!” “Cubs win the World Series!”

    Now, it’s Trump’s turn to defy the odds and win bigly.

  2. Kill me now.

    Maybe I should start drinking again.

    Royals last year, and now this. It’s as if the baseball gods are maliciously trolling us.

    Kubs kooks were ridiculous in a fun sort of way when all they did was lose. Now that they’re in the winning habit, they’re going to be absolutely insufferable.

    Theo Epstein can punch his ticket to Cooperstown.

  3. Nate Silver cracked a joke last night on Twitter about the Princeton Baseball Consortium having the Indians as a 99% favorite to win the World Series. It seems to be gone now.

  4. That’s another thing about this season. That obnoxious prick Nate Silver is about to turn himself into non-entity, provided he has the capability to be shamed. There’s a mountain of disingenuous scribblers and talking heads and analysts and consultants who should be shamed into exile and obscurity when what we hope happens on Tuesday actually happens.

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