Strong Case for Birth Control – Saudi & Israeli Marriages

Well, politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows. The great Steve Sailer has noted the seemingly incomprehensible alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel in all things that matter to us – and it’s all against us.

It’s just a strange twist of fate that Sunni Wahhabist Islamists in Saudi Arabia and Israeli Jews/Jewish Zionists are on the same side in:

1) Middle Eastern wars
2) Muslim migration invasions of the West
3) Pro Hillary, Left Dem politics in USA

This Saudi/Israel alliance is best symbolized in the arranged marriage of NY Dem pol/pervert Anthony Weiner and Muslim born, Saudi raised (ugliest ever) Islamic princess Huma Abedin.

Here’s a picture of this marriage match made in Hell. Yep, a strong case for birth control

Former NY Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner was once pushed as the leading candidate for New York City mayor in large part by the likes of dual Israeli – American citizen, Hollywood Lugenpresse mogul Haim Saban. Haim’s greatest contribution to American Western civilization was the children’s TV shows the “Power Rangers”, “He Man and the Masters of the Universe”. Now Israeli/Jewish American media mogul Haim Saban also owns Univision – the leading Spanish language TV station in the USA. This lugenpresse Jew really gets around!

Haim Saban has moved around a lot in life, switching countries as often as other people change clothes. His early life:

“Saban was born to a Jewish family in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1944. In 1956, the Saban family immigrated to Israel along with most of the Egyptian Jewish community.[2] Saban was sent to a Youth Aliyah boarding school. Expelled for being a troublemaker, he enrolled in a night school where the principal told him: “You’re not cut out for academic studies; you’re cut out for making money.” [4] (Source “The Influencer”. August 17, 2016)

But, back to this seemingly impossible Saudi Arabia – Israeli alliance and the alliance’s intrigues in our US Presidential election.

It’s just reality that now in this year 2016 – Saudi Arabia Sunni Islamists and Jewish Israelis, Jewish America sees Shiite Islamic Iran as the number 1 enemy in their neighborhood and act accordingly. Both countries/peoples oppose the secular Baathist regime in Assad’s Syria and oppose Russian spheres of influence.

Both Saudi Arabia, Israel and the American Jewish political/cultural/media elite strongly support, enable the mass Muslim migration invasion of Europe, USA, UK, Australia – the White West. And both Saudi Arabia and Israel are accepting exactly zero Muslim war refugees from Syria. This is the case even though Israel actually occupies a part of Syria – the Golan Heights and it would only be a bout a 45 minute drive from Damascus Syria to the Golan Heights.

But, again the Saudi Arabia/Israel alliance wants Western Europe, Scandinavia and the USA flooded with poor, uneducated Muslim migrant men – but they don’t of course want this for their prosperous, ethno state neighborhoods.

As for American Presidential politics – Muslims and Jews are on the same anti White Dem team. Both American Jews and Muslims in America voted 80% plus for Obama and the alliance is working to keep these numbers up for Hillary focusing on the “RACISM”, “religious intolerance” of Donald Trump and Trump Supporters – who would supposedly deny hard working Muslim immigrants the right to American freedom the same as Racist White Christian Americans once kept out Jewish immigrants, supposedly condemning them to the NAZI “Holocaust’.

Again politics makes for strange bedfellows.

The good news is that arranged marriages made in Hell often don’t work out.

The Anthony Weiner & Islamic princess Huma Abedin marriage has broken up over Weiner being a sex texting pervert. We can actually thank patriotic, Southern porn actress Ginger Lee for taking down Anthony Weiner (link).

We live in interesting times.


    • The NYPD is a Mossad-run organization. They’ve clashed mightily with the FBI in the last decade or more over territory and the NYPD’s freelance spying. This doesn’t mean that there might not be clashing factions within the FBI, of course, but I’d regard anything coming out of them as deeply suspect, particularly if it’s through the NYPD chief and other top brass.

    • I don’t know why they can’t give the Palestinians some land in the Sinai and carve out a small country for the Palestinians, put a DMZ type zone between Israel and the new Palestinian country. The Sinai is empty for the most part. Nobody uses it for anything. Just a big peninsula, in large part empty and not populated.

      I know it’s desert, but there’s water desalination plants throughout the Middle East. So the water issue is not a hindrance. The technology to make a desert produce crops and to sustain life already exists. There’s water desalination plants all over the Middle East. So water is not an issue.

      “They” here refers to the United Nations, Israel, Egypt, all the other Muslim countries, England, Germany, the United States, the world’s banks, and the world’s biggest corporations. It would cost alot of money, but all the wars in the Middle East cost alot of money also. There’s ALWAYS money for WARS, ALWAYS. One never hears any politician say, “Oh, we must go to war but there’s NO money for War, where are we going to get the money? I guess we’ll just have to call the war off until we find the money for the war”. Never hear any politician say that. But when it comes to money for a peaceful solution, all-of-sudden, money is a problem, all-of-a-sudden money is scarce.

      Really, it’s not that difficult to carve out a small country for the Palestinians in the Sinai with a DMZ zone between Israel and the new Palestinian country. It’s actually very do-able.

      All the Muslim countries in the Middle East with so much money, all that oil, all that oil money. And they use their money to wage war against fellow Muslims, and the Christians, in the Middle East, when they could be using all that oil money to carve out and build a small country for the Palestinians in the Sinai. Same for the USA and Israel, both countries have so much money, but the money is used only to wage war, including waging war against the Palestinians. The Palestinian population is not a large population. I think 5 to 7 million Palestinians. They don’t need a huge, large country. A small piece of land in the Sinai would be sufficient for such a small population.

      • Because neither the Jews or Arabs will stay in some Middle Eastern desert area when they prefer to go bother pretty blond women in Germany, Sweden, Australia and our USA.

        • @ sane whiteguy :

          They say like attracts like, but many times that’s not true. Many times very intelligent comments attract high school drop-out meth heads who have low-level IQs due to The Flynn Effect and low level-jobs trolling for only (((“g-d”))) knows who to pay for their habit.

      • The latest meme I’ve seen is that there’s no such thing as a “Palestinian People”. Not unlike the anti-White meme that there’s no such thing as “White Race”.

  1. Something about living in harsh desert climate scotches the brain and creates psychotic desert dwellers.

  2. Anti semitism is simply a normal, healthy reaction that humans have when they are exposed to the jewish bacillus.

  3. I know next to nothing about the Bible but isn’t there supposed to be some Armageddon where all these scumbags kill each other off? When can we look forward to that?

    • Yeah.

      But I highly recommend you not place too much face in semite holy books where we’re supposed to come out OK and our enemies punished etc.

      • Oh God. Face palm. Here we go have to get the Jews are not Semites, and neither are the Arabs. The Jews, by their own admission for over a century, have told the world through books like Arthur Koestler’s, “the 13th tribe,” that they are from a Turkic race called the Khazars, who converted to a false form of Judaism, inspired and explained through their Talmud, over 700 years after the Jews were disbursed from Palestine! We even have Dr. Elhaik’s (Yid himself) DNA Study, which clearly proved that the Jews are not Semites, only to have every Jew in the world deny this false façade, that they have worn for 1700 years!

        You cannot get rid of the godless Jews, until you first destroy utterly, their belief and their lie, that they are somehow “chosen” above all hominids on the planet. They are not!

        • Don’t see a whole lot of difference in the behavior of Sephardic Jews and Askanazi/Khazar Jews.

          The Old Testament Bible especially Esther and parts of Exodus feels very, very Jewish complete with extreme hatred of Whiter peoples – Persians and Egyptians.

          The Old Testament tribal Jewish God Jehovah seems to pretty much hate White Gentile people as much as Tim Wise or Hollywood Jews like the Weinstein Brothers.

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