The Horserace – November 7, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +4.8
People’s Pundit Daily – Trump +0.6
UPI/Cvoter – Hillary +2.78
IBD/TIPP – Hillary +1 (2-way), Trump +2.4 (4-way)
Rasmussen – Hillary +2
FOX News – Hillary +4 (2-way), Hillary +4 (4-way)
ABC Tracking – Hillary +4
CBS News – Hillary +4 (4-way)
The Economist/YouGov – Hillary +4 (4-way)
Gravis – Hillary +4
Bloomberg – Hillary +3 (4-way)
NBC/SM – Hillary +6 (4-way)
Monmouth – Hillary +6 (4-way)
Boston Herald – Hillary +4 (4-way)

State Polls

ABC Battlegrounds – Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio – Trump +10

South Carolina – Starboard – Trump +11 (4-way)

Arizona – Data Orbital – Trump +3 (4-way)

Georgia – AJC – Trump +3 (4-way)

New Mexico – Zia – Hillary +2

Ohio – Target Smart – Trump +3 (4-way)
Ohio – Emerson – Trump +7 (3-way)
Ohio – Axiom Strategies – Trump +1

Missouri – Emerson – Trump +6 (4-way)
Missouri – Clarity Campaign – Trump +16 (4-way)

New Hampshire – WMUR – Hillary +11 (4-way)
New Hampshire – Emerson – Hillary +1 (4-way)

Colorado – Axiom Strategies – Hillary +1

Pennsylvania – Trafalgar – Trump +2 (4-way)
Pennsylvania – Auto Alliance – Trump +2
Pennsylvania – Axiom Strategies – Hillary +1
Pennsylvania – Clarity Campaign – Hillary +4

Virginia – Axiom Strategies – Hillary +2
Virginia – Hampton University – Hillary +4
Virginia- Christopher Newport University – Hillary +6 (4-way)

Michigan – Trafalgar – Trump +2 (4-way)

Wisconsin – Axiom Strategies – Hillary +8
Wisconsin – Clarity Campaign – Hillary +4

Nevada – Axiom Strategies – Trump +1
Nevada – Emerson – Hillary +1
Nevada – Gravis – Hillary +2

North Carolina – Axiom Strategies – Trump +3
North Carolina – Upshot/Siena – Tie
North Carolina – Quinnipiac – Hillary +2
North Carolina – Gravis – Hillary +1

Florida – Axiom Strategies – Trump +3
Florida – Trafalgar – Trump +4
Florida – Quinnipiac – Hillary +1
Florida – Opinion Savvy – Hillary +2 (4-way)
Florida – Gravis – Hillary +1

Utah – Trafalgar – Trump +10 (5-way)

Reading The Tea Leaves

It should be a huge polling day. Buckle up.

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  1. I cant take anymore. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up around 6 Tuesday evening. This is enough to make me wish i was a drinkin man. Lol.

  2. There is some really great stuff in tonight’s Wikileaks DNC part 2, but it’s too late to make a difference.

    We’ll see by Tuesday night if this country votes for unbelievable corruption and war. What I have learned over the past year cements my belief that the USA has no business being the world’s leading country. The govt is a menace to us and the world.

  3. Syrian Civil Defense (“The White Helmets”)


    Founder: James Le Mesurier
    Head: Raed Saleh
    Budget: $30 million (mostly USAID)
    Volunteers: 2,850 (paid $150 monthly stipends)

    Syria Civil Defense (SCD; ?????? ?????? ????????), also known as the White Helmets, is a volunteer civil defense organization that operates in rebel-controlled Syria during the Syrian Civil War. Mayday Rescue is a foundation registered in the Netherlands that supports SCD, primarily financed by western governments.

    Early training of volunteers was initiated in early 2013 by British security consultant James Le Mesurier.

    In September 2014, the SCD delegation to the United Nations General Assembly argued that United States airstrikes should target the Syrian government.

    The SCD was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Sometimes described as the most dangerous job in the world, SCD operations involve risk from a wide variety of war-zone threats.

    As of 2015, SCD had an annual budget of $30 million.

    SCD was started by James Le Mesurier, a former British Army officer and private security consultant, in early 2013, while working as Director of the Syria Civil Defence support programme at the UAE consultancy Analysis, Research and Knowledge (ARK).

    SCD claims to be a neutral and impartial humanitarian NGO.

    In 2014, James Le Mesurier founded Mayday Rescue as a registered foundation in the Netherlands, through which international funding is now directed. Mayday Rescue has offices in Amsterdam, Dubai, Jordan and Turkey.

    James Le Mesurier was awarded an OBE by the British government in June 2016 for “services to Syria Civil Defence and the protection of civilians in Syria”.

    SCD is supported by the aid agencies of a number of external donor governments.

    Initially the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office was the largest single source of funding through the newly constructed aid group, Mayday Rescue, then based in Istanbul though headquartered in the Netherlands.

    Funders now include the Danish government, the German government, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Kingdom Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    USAID now appears to be the largest donor, having contributed at least $23 million since 2013. The British government had provided £15 million of funding between 2012 and November 2015.

    “We do not hide it, we admit there is funding from the USA, from the UK, from Germany, from Netherlands,” Abdulrahman Al Mawwas, the chief liaison officer of the White Helmets has said.

    SCD state they are also partly funded through Chemonics.

    SCD is widely cited, quoted, or depicted in regional and international media coverage of the conflict in Syria.

    SCD has been the focus of several pieces by outlets such as Medium Men’s Journal, CNN, The Guardian, and others.

    Raed Al Saleh, the Director of SCD, has addressed the United Nations Security Council and other international bodies on a number of occasions.

    Netflix released a documentary named ‘The White Helmets’ on September 16, 2016.

    Both Russia and Syria accuse the organization of taking sides in the civil war, and on the ground being close to the Sunni Islamist militia Al-Nusra.

    On his way to receive the 2016 Humanitarian Award from the Washington DC-based group, InterAction, Dulles Airport officials denied entry to Raed Saleh, the leader of the Syria Civil Defense. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not publicly disclose why the agency prevented Saleh from entering the county.

    • So sick of shills like these posturing as edgy, cool, and critics of the system. Our whole political system is based on the systematic promotion of sleaze and vice to manipulate and control people. People are fooled into thinking that indulging in their basest urges makes them free when in fact they become slaves of their passions.

      • Excellent comment, Dutchman. It’s very tiresome listening to Hillary supporters. Hillary is the very epitome of The Establshment. Yet, the Hillary supporters always present themselves as if they’re “Rebels” against the System. Hillary wants endless war, even a war against Russia [ and China also ], which will be World War Three, yet the Hillary supporters present themselves as being “all about peace love and understanding tolerance and inclusiveness”. When they’re actually supporting endless war against the whole world. And all the wars based on Lies and nothing but Lies. And with every war Uncle Sam starts, the United States gets weaker and weaker.

        They’re also supporting Islamic Jihad for the United States itself, Hillary wants Islamic Jihad in the United States itself, right here in America does Hillary want massive numbers of Muslims from Sub Sahara Africa on ISLAMIC JIHAD. She bankrolls them and supplies them weapons and guns via the mobsters who own-and-control her. These Hillary supporters who are “all about tolerance”. Yeah sure, Hillary’s Islamic Jihadists are “all about tolerance”.

        Hillary wants to start World War Three while SIMULTANEOSULY bringing tens of millions of Muslims into the USA, ARMING THEM, and having them go on Islamic Jihad here in the United States while us Americans are expected to also fight a World War against Russia and China overseas. While Americans are sent en-masse to go fight a World War overseas, the Americans who stay home will have to deal with , fight, massive Islamic Jihad in the United States. As per Hillary and her cabal. They obviously want to destroy the USA forever, in order to have their One World Government.

        A One World Government owned by the most murderous most criminal most warmongering most blood-thirsty most tyrannical most totalitarian monsters imaginable. That’s what the “peace love understanding , inclusive, tolerant” Hillary supporters are supporting. We’re to believe they’re “Rebels” against The System, The System that wants an extremely TOTALITARIAN One World Government , when they themselves are supporting the epitome of the extremely TOTALITARIAN One World Government, Hillary Clinton.

        It’s funny how the whole Washington Establishment are ardent gung-ho Hillary supporters, and so are the Hollywood “Rebels Against The Establishment” celebrities ardent gung-ho Hillary supporters also.

        • Unfortunately they have been pretty successful at dumbing people down over the decades so that it seems many aren’t able to see how they are manipulated. On the other hand, the fact that they have had to pull out all the stops to try to scare people against Trump perhaps gives some hope that people are waking up.

        • Voting for Hillary would make me feel like a baby killer, or something.

          Wall Street and the champagne socialists have their candidate. And normal working class and middle class Americans have theirs.

  4. Zero chance she will concede. We will see Bush v Gore again, except probably in more than one state. If she loses, the plan will be to dispute the results and have them overturned by liberal activist judges. If it goes to SCOTUS, cucks will be waiting in the wings to deliver for HRC. (This is not a “black pill” just realism).

    • They’re not going to let it get to that point. They’ll fudge her margin so it’s just beyond a recount point.

      These aren’t amateurs.

  5. Once the evidence for fraud starts coming in, not a black pill, again, just realism, I think we will need to use some discernment. They can’t censor the internet, so they pollute it. I expect social media will be flooded with fake evidence of fraud and black propaganda to discredit the real evidence of fraud.

    • If LAT is seeing the true dynamic while others are missing it, it’s simply not possible the states will be this divergent from national numbers.

  6. WTF happened in New Hampshire overnight?? Hillary hadn’t led a poll there for days! A 12 or 15 point swing?

    Not likely.

  7. New Hampshire – “live free or die” Hillary up +11.

    What happened to most Conservative state that went for Buchanan? Boston transplants? New Hampshire going the way of Vermont?

    • People have fled the high taxes in Boston & Mass. and moved across the border to NH, they bring their Democratic votes into the States they move to.

  8. If Trump loses it will be White women who tip the scales against him. White women seduced by feminism and the idea that it’s a good thing to compete with men. White women who would rather elect a female crook than an alpha male.

    • @BobWhitakerisokay:disqus

      Nonsense. White women don’t vote that much more differently than White men. There is a site that breaks down the electoral map by gender and education if only Whites were allowed to vote and they discovered that no matter the gender or the education level, Donald Trump would win by a landslide if ONLY WHITES VOTED!

      There was a damned good reason why Democrats like Teddy Kennedy backed the Hart-Celler Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 to the point where he had to lie to the American people, promising that it would NOT change the racial composition of the country much at all. We are seeing the results right now.

      The Republicans didn’t help matters any more when they helped push through the Simpson-Mazzolli Amnesty Bill of 1986 in a stupid AND evil “spirit of bipartisanship,” to paraphrase Sam Francis who christened them
      The Stupid Party. Ronald Reagan signed off on it, instead of having the good sense to veto it.

      Across the board, the vast majority of Blacks and Mestizos and Muslims vote Democrats. Just like the Jews, so-called “model minority” Asians and Hindus live like Presbyterians but vote like Puerto Ricans … for the Democrats.

      If Clinton wins, the year 2000 was the last year that a “True Conservative” Republican could have been any vehicle for Whites to take back the country … had Patrick Buchanan won the Republican nomination. But it was frittered away by putting in another Bush, a coke-sniffing alcoholic, and that’s all she wrote.

      With strategic resettlement of ghetto Blacks and refugees in conservative White Christian strongholds via HUD, I highly doubt that a single Republican will ultimately hold national office as a Senator or House Representative in Congress. The Republicans will be finished as a national party by 2024. It’s highly unlikely that they will survive another eight years after that at the state level.

      IMO, that is not a tragedy, because to me, the Republicans have functioned as nothing more than faux White opposition for decades. Any close scrutiny of their history as a party indicates by its very creation, the GOP was an Anti-White party and never stopped being so.

      Under Eisenhower, Southern Schools were forcibly integrated. During Nixon-Ford, Blacks and Whites were forcibly bused together. During Nixon, Hispanics got their own Non-White racial benefits status. During Reagan, we got amnesty. Bush Jr. was pushing for it again. We had Republicans collaborating with Democrats in the Gang of Eight, led by would-be President John McCain (his second attempt).

      So, one party Democrat rule is inevitable. Again, that’s not necessarily a tragedy unless Whites allow it to be from marginalizing themselves by not getting active in the political process and making sure the RIGHT Democrats are running for office and getting out and voting for them.

      We already see how the Democrats are one large coalition overseeing competing Mestizo and Black interests at a national level. We already see Somali immigrants voting out the very Jewish woman politician who pandered to them in favor of one of their own. The Asians and the Hindus are going to want demographic representation which is going to leave a lot of White liberals out in the cold unless they reach out to White people.

      When that happens, I think we are going to see Democrat Texas rewritten large all over the country. A Republican couldn’t get elected in Texas for several years after the Civil War … it was one party, but it was a radical party, divided between East Coast Progressives and Local Reactionaries. No Country Club Conservative gentlemanly types to put up token resistance to loony left legislation at all.

    • Its something like 70% white males and 50% white females, an average of 60% of whites for Trump, I hope it is enough.

      Final victory comes at 90% male, 70% female and 80% all whites.

      Make America Great Again,
      Make America White Again,
      Make Whites Great Again!!

  9. All the foot soldiers in each precinct, parish, ward, county, municipality, bureau and so on must be ready for action tomorrow. Every sheriff, every county clerk, every chief of staff, every intern, the entire white political class must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win.

    If you see something, say something. Fraud is their weapon, Truth is ours.

  10. Ben Jacobs, a reporter for The Guardian, drew fire Sunday night for sharing an ominous-sounding quote from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — cutting him off mid-sentence and omitting context that showed the line was about voting, not violence.

    Ben JacobsVerified account
    Trump: We are going to deliver justice the way it used to be in this county

    Jacobs’ followers seized on the seeming ambiguity of the statement, suggesting violent and racist subtexts in Trump’s mind. “Well that doesn’t raise any worrying connotations at all,” one user replied. Another wrote, “what does this mean? Sounds a lot like the Philippines’ new dictator.”

    Others saw a racial element in the incomplete quote. “What is he inferring?” one user asked. “Mobs wth [sic] burning crosses, a noose?” One person even posted a photo of a lynching:

    Trump’s full quote:

    “We are going to deliver justice the way justice used to be in this country, at the ballot box on November Eighth,”

    • (((Ben Jacobs)))
      I never used to pay much attention to (((them))). Now I have become acutely aware. All because of (((their))) words and deeds in just the past year or so.

  11. This year, instead of Champagne, I will be celebrating the Trumpening with a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, in honor of our favorite anti-white, TIm Wise.

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