Stock Market Soars As FBI Clears Hillary Again

Hillary Clinton is Wall Street’s candidate.

After FBI director James Comey notified Congress yesterday afternoon that Hillary wouldn’t be facing an indictment, Dow futures soared 200 points and the dollar rallied:

“Stocks, oil and the dollar jumped Monday, while gold and the yen sold off after the FBI said no new evidence was found to warrant charges against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Investors largely interpreted the news as enhancing Mrs. Clinton’s chances of winning in this week’s race as well as removing an element of uncertainty in the event she is elected.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 275 points, or 1.5%, to 18163 shortly after the opening bell. The S&P 500 gained 1.5%, on track to end its longest losing streak in nearly 36 years, and the Nasdaq Composite rose 1.6%. …

The Mexican peso, which has tended to move inversely to the probability of Donald Trump winning the election, jumped 2.1% against the dollar.

Just as the Mexican peso has been ebbing and flowing with Mr. Trump’s prospects, so too have the perceived chances of a December rate rise, Ms. Zentner said.”

Amazing, isn’t it?

Hillary’s campaign is supposed to be about Trump’s racism and misogyny. In reality though, Hillary’s campaign is joined at the hip with the future of the oligarchy, with Wall Street, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and free-trade, with the big banks and billionaire class, open borders and foreign alliances. The dollar rises and falls on her poll numbers. Mexico’s currency, the peso, rises and falls with Hillary’s fortunes!

As Trump has said, trillions of dollars are riding on the outcome of this election. The global power structure is threatened by a Trump victory. If Trump is defeated, it will be a huge victory for Wall Street and the Davos globalization crowd.

Note: BTW, this what eerily reminiscent of what happened in the UK on the eve of BREXIT. Leave was down in the polls. The pound was rising and the FTSE was rallying. The Remain campaign was about anti-racism. The defeat of the Remain campaign hammered the pound and triggered a sell off in financial markets. It was a big surprise when Leave triumphed. Even Nigel Farage was convinced Leave would lose.

We will see.

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  1. Anything positive for Hillary is really a negative, its like saying Jeffrey Dahmer had a nice filling meal. Stocks muddling about is positive for Trump because if they tanked the market today they could point to Trump “and there goes your retirement because DJT is a radical.”

    And Comey the Clown was not a positive for Hillary as I said yesterday it only reminded millions they had better not have a busted taillight in Hillary’s ‘Murka or the ghost of Janet Reno will burn their house down.

    And in the Chicago are both candidates are running ads for the neighboring states and HIllary’s ads are basically tarded crap that plays to old miserable white women and those who aspire to miserable old white woman status. Trumps are a can do upbeat even in the face of adversity. FTR Illinois is hopeless, nuke it from space

    • They’re playing out the “us” against “them” scenario that Trump has been laying out for months. The truth of his words couldn’t be clearer, a pro Hillary MSM notwithstanding.

      • Hillary is playing for the “nice white woman” vote and I’ll concede it plays well in Illinois and Waukesha, WI (Paul Ryan C) but Indiana don’t buy it and Wisconsin has a real choice this time around and in off year elections they reliably vote against the corrupt establishment

        • I met four Indianans yesterday. Four pods of The Borg. “Have you voted for Hillary yet! We’ve already voted!” They want the borders open. “Diversity” “Immigrants give us their talents and skills” “why do racists complain about immigrants anyway ? Immigrants usually go to progressive cities.”

  2. We can safely predict that the big banks will have a good day if Hillary wins and a really bad one if she loses. Similarly, the peso will rally if Hillary wins, and it will fall if Trump wins.

    • The banks & bookies have skin in the game, they go out of business if they are wrong too many times; unlike the polls.

    • Chances are someone with privy to FBI info in the DOJ or Obama Administration made a few bucks today on Wall Street.

    • In forex, and I have not been paying much attention, the Canadian dollar/US dollar might make for some quick pocket change, without a big cash investment.

  3. The Jewigarchy didn’t see Brexit coming (and are currently trying to kill Brexit dead); they won’t be caught short this time

    • The Jewigarchy is becoming more and more transparent. They either think they’ve already crossed the finish line or they feel their backs against the wall and are pulling out all stops.

  4. People need to remember just what is in store for us. Remind people in the days after of what will happen to our demographics and Supreme Court. Elena Kagan has been waiting to abolish the First Amendment for decades and with just a couple appointments her dream will find fruition.

    We simply cannot afford for people to wait to see if Hillary veers toward the center. She won’t in any real way, and the political elite’s ‘center’ isn’t truly one anyway.

    We need to inform people that now is the time to revolt. Find ways to do this that won’t get you or the average white in trouble.

  5. Ricky Vaughn 2.0 Retweeted
    Tim Tebow ?@TheTimmyTebow
    Hillary: I never received classified emails.

    FBI: You had your maid print classified emails.

    Hillary: You got me. Now what?

    FBI: Nothing.

  6. Interesting article re the Florida vote …

    Notice the advertisement, by the way: “Drink your way around Tampa Bay.” Obviously, this is a newspaper directed to whites.

    (We see, too, in the sub-banner, that the paper is “Winner of 12 Pulitzer Prizes.” They omitted the sub-sub-banner: “We’d prefer to have won prizes named after a white man, not a Jew–but whites are too busy drinking to award any.”)

  7. The depressing thing for me is that Aggro Granny is being propped up by blacks, gays, Jews, Hispanics and this means war with Russia becomes a certainty.

    On the bright side it means that the neo-imperial gambit is in the hands of these same blacks, feminists, Hispanics, Jews, gays. Now the coming defeat is squarely in the hands of these freaks.

    • Unfortunately war comes anyway. Global Elite does not give up power whatever the election result in the US will be. We here in Eastern Europe preparing for war and I recommend You in America to do the same.

      BTW not free elections are illegitimate, goverment who gets power on the not free elections is also illegitimate and all this goverment actions are illegitimate.

      In America it means, that 1965 immigration act is illegitimate and when at least one of your parents was not US citizen before 1965 then your citizenship is illegal and it will be revoked.

      We here did it. USSR tried also mass immigration and creation of “homo sovieticus” via ethnic mixing. After collapse, we declared, that all USSR actions was illegal and when at least one of your parents were,nt citizen before USSR, then you don,t have citizenship also and despite born here, you need to claim new citizenship or go packing.

      My friend Borat tells You how it worked out. So Cultural Learnings of Kazakhstan for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of America.
      census 1989….kazakhs 39,7%
      census 2009….kazakhz 63.1%

      Screw the morons like we did and take Your Country back.

    • They won’t won’t be making the decisions anyway. Remember?, they’re just the front men/women/things for the Oligarchy. Kennedy thought he was President and could make decisions. We know what happened next.

  8. I think Trump has Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado wrapped up.

    Obama is in New Hampshire shoring up the bleeding there. Hillary is back against the wall in Michigan. I don’t expect Trump to get Michigan but he’s got a shout in NH.

  9. Irregardless of the outcome tomorrow, I think the alt right should continue to pursue secession, and other means to weaken the control the decadent and corrupt ruling elite has in the U.S.

  10. Two faced Hillary is Wall Street but then tells retarded people she will fight Wall Street for them. And it works.,

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