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    • Her future should she accept it is to be kept under guard in a Hampton’s Mansion. If her coterie get too restless…Mary Queen of Scots time for her.

  1. America will have a women President in the future. However the majority is focused on the person not gender. That should be a goal of the GOP in the future having a Conservative / Nationalist run for President / VP and that being a Women. Don’t let the liberals control this issue. Just elect the right person who’ll do right for our Western Civilization. WPWW !

    • I think that many of these destraught young women are good conversion candidates.

      If you look good, have a good charisma with a good brain there really isn’t much of a barrier to leadership within the far right. Le Pen and her daughter for example. Independent wealth might be a good thing too.

      She could easily be the President of France.

  2. Thanks everyone in the Alt Right, especially Hunter Wallace who worked so hard for this great victory.

    It is one great victory – nothing like total victory. But, our best victory maybe since the start of World War II.

    Thanks everyone. So many lessons to learn from what worked.

    • Indeed. Hunter is a composed and rational thinker. He doesn’t let emotion rule his clarity. Many thanks to Hunter.

  3. The one win almost lost on us in her defeat is that the white working man and woman will not have to fund a state funeral for the satanic beast. And, let’s not forget how anti-white Tim Kaine is. He may even be worst than she is if that is at all possible.

  4. 1) Dems could have been “Safe With Biden”, Biden didn’t turn because Bernie didn’t go after Clinton in the first debate, and thus she “did well”.

    2) Clinton failed to balance the ticket with a non-white. Tim Kaine added nothing to the ticket. She could have gone with Julian Castro and won.

    3) Bernie himself said that Clinton was a weak candidate and would lose, yet when he had the chance to ” debate” Trump and perhaps win the Primary, he couldn’t help but call Trump a racist, misogynist, homophobr, fascist etc – Trump wanted no part of it, and Bernie lost.

    4) The gaslighted their own voters with the “it’s all over” gambit and phony polls! GOP vote was a steady 60 million votes over three elections, democrats were down 5 million from 2012, and 10 million from 2008.

    Every mistake they could make, they did. The next mistake would be for Mexicans to resist deportation.

    • The DC “protesters” were all of your scum. Take that rainbow flag and stick it where the sun don’t every shine bitch.

  5. With Brexit, the (((globalists etc))) already had a contingency plan to steal independence from the people.

    While we celebrate, the same cabal are signing overtime now to set the agenda for the next four years and beyond.

    • If they did have such a contingency was it getting Trumpenfuhrer elected? Bwahahaha.

      • It was the Gove-Ledsome-Boris farce to get May installed without an election or even leadership vote, then delay Article 50 ‘triggering’ until the court kikes can run interference, etc

  6. Ricky Vaughn 2.0 Retweeted
    Deplorable Josh ?@JoshNoneYaBiz
    So many saying they’ll never say ‘President Trump’

    You’ll never say ‘President Hillary Clinton’ either….

  7. Love, not hate, inclusiveness, diversity, bridges, not walls, moving together, moving your bowels, blah, blah, blah. The anti-Whites memes and dog whistles didn’t sell too well in the rust belt and flyover country. Hillary should be happy she’ll get a pardon instead of spending the rest of her days in big house.

  8. I will bet a buck that the left’s favorite phrase going forward is “white supremacy”, they think post 11-8-16 that it will brow beat whites.

    They truly are our best recruiters, beats hands down the cure for insomnia from our intellectuals.

  9. And now we go all forward together, forget everything, forgive everythine and all the liberals need is to survive few years and then come back and finish us off.

    It happened in Nazi Germany. Liberals got away with some sort of arian race or white race, regrouped and after Hitler defeat they put end of pro white stuff for nearly a century.

    You can forgive liberals if you want but you will pay dearly after few years for this.

  10. Her concession speech sounded more like a campaign speech. She lost and she’s still campaigning? Crazy.

  11. Now all we need to do is build massive public housing in the States that rejected Trump and end section 8. There’s a company in China that puts up a 30 story building in two or three days with all the sections built rapidly in a huge assembly line. We could build housing for 50 million people in their territory and move all the diversity there. They want diversity. Give it to them.

  12. More love from Tim Wise.

    Tim Wise ?@timjacobwise
    For those racists who think they’ve conquered POC: they survived Bull Connor &George Wallace. They’ll survive the likes of u &Trump. Trust

    2 things: 1) We have endured worse that this man; POC in particular; and 2) White folks — why we can’t have nice things. Make note of it

    ALERT: Trump Wins WV…In other News, Cracker Barrel is the mostly aptly named restaurant in history…

    White KY deserves every horrible thing that right wing rule would bring to it…but thankfully for them black and brown folx will save them

    Support for Trump is what happens when you combine the psychological wage of whiteness with meth and monster trucks

      • Wiki : Arthur Chu (born January 30, 1984) is an American columnist and former contestant on the syndicated US game show Jeopardy!.

        Chu has used his fame to speak out publicly on issues that are important to him. He has become a columnist and Internet commentator, and currently writes for The Daily Beast and Salon on various issues, including racism and sexism in nerd culture.

        • Excellent. Great negative advertising for hbd nerds who think gooks are the white man’s best friend.

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