Conservatism, Inc. Must Be Dismantled

Have you ever seen so much ass covering?

What is the argument for Conservatism, Inc. after this? The BOTTOM LINE is this pathetic assemblage of cucks, fools, idiot savants, lackeys and parasites probably cost Donald Trump an even bigger landslide victory in states like Virginia, Minnesota and Colorado.

Don’t fall for their “let’s all come together” routine. They pined for defeat, sabotaged their own voters, slandered all of us as “deplorable” racists and bigots. They were drooling, chomping at the bit yesterday to exile us from their precious country club this morning.

Let there be no mistake: they ALL said Trump WAS NOT a conservative. They said Egg McMuffin was the conservative candidate. They said Trump must lose in a landslide to “save conservatism.” This is a landslide victory for National Populism, NOT conservatism.

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  1. Trump should go easy on the destraught Dems but he should liquidate the nearer enemy.

    McMullin and this French person should be made an example of. Pretty insignificant chumps no one would miss them.

    • Hillary is only doing that because she knows she is screwed if Trump comes after her. The Clinton’s are serious criminals and justice must be served. Don’t forget what they wanted to do to us, silence all dissent, the 2nd amendment etc…

      • Get her a big mansion on Long Island and never let her out of the compound.

        “That’s going easy”

  2. Conservatism, Inc. has done a very good job of dismantling itself. This brand of “conservatism” has been soundly repudiated at last. It’s purveyors have, at least for the moment, isolated and marginalized themselves. Con Inc. is a corpse that needs to be buried before it comes back as a vampire.

  3. Never forget the weekend of October 8-10 where Ryan, #NeverTrump and the Republican party started a coup against Trump that failed because:

    A. Trump refused to resign and cave to their cuck demands
    B. Trump won the 2nd debate in a stunning victory killing any momentum they had in their continual calls for him to step down.

    Also Mike Pence refused to go along with the coup which I will always give him credit for.

    • Funny. But tbh the wall is mostly just a symbol. It would not be very hard for smugglers to get the roaches in by boat or by plane. It’ll make it a little harder, but wouldn’t stop the flow on its own.

      The big thing about the wall is the psychological impact. People will feel a lot less pity for invaders when there is a wall to keep them out. It’s basically a giant monument to our national sovereignty and that we take the border seriously.

  4. I’m not eager to purposely antagonize a willing, if unreliable, ally that quickly. The same self interested motives that made them feather a nest in the old Conservatism, Inc may very well lead them to be a foot soldier over here, you never know.

    BUT, they have got to be read the riot act by Trump early on, that this will be on HIS terms, NOT theirs! Meaning there is not to be any going on shows and networks that only book “conservatives” who are willing to virtue signal and attack their own. The talk about “hate” and “bigotry” is going to STOP.

    If they aren’t willing to meet those terms, let them go start a TruCon circle jerk with McMuffin, Erick Erickson and the gang and see how successful that is!

  5. Jewish led Conservatism is dead. Whites are racially aware. We may yet have to give up chunks of America, but we secured Brexit, saved Europe, and with Russia, whites now have the entire top of this planet.

    If one wanted to drain the swamp, one must move the capitol. I recommend Omaha.

    • It’s not entirely dead. There are still these weird “true Englishmen” and “true Conservatives” about quoting their list of Jewish, and some Gentile, libertarians. And the ideology takes on no sense of ethnicity.

      Many exceptions, but I wish they’d at least hint at man being a social being, needing community, and at how groups triumph over individuals, other obvious problems with their stupid ideology. Capitalism atomises man, ultimately resulting in materialism and in a proletariat. There are negatives that shouldn’t be ignored. For the globalists, the only problem is the proletariat tends to turn racial unless it’s made to mix. Then, the proletariat no longer has a race, so presumably it just becomes a slave class.

  6. Media tied Trump with Alt Right to smear him with ‘extremists’.

    It just blew up in their face. They just ended up giving massive free publicity to a relatively obscure movement and a green frog.


    Is it abnormal that the reaction to globalism is turning ‘extreme’ in some quarters?

    When faced with pain and death, an organism can’t help but react extremely. If someone puts your head under water, you will react extremely to live. You will not act ‘reasonably’ or ‘moderately’. If someone throws you into fire, you react extremely and try to climb out of it. You can’t civilly.

    Threaten any animal, and it will react ‘extremely’.

    Difference between humans and animals is that animals only react extremely when the moment of pain and death arrive. Until then, it can be fooled by those raising it for eventual slaughter.

    Humans, being smart organisms, can gain consciousness of who they are and who threatens them. So, even before the moment of doom arrives(and even times are relatively good), they can react ‘extremely’ because they understand that the grand design is really meant to erase them, demean them, and destroy them.

    When politics become ‘existential’ — and globalism threatens so much stability in the world as it is a game of winners take all — , those who gain consciousness of what is going on will begin to turn ‘extreme’. And that is normal and natural. An organism that does not react ‘extremely’ to existential threats are doomed.

    This is why globalists used PC to suppress the consciousness among whites of what is really happening. This is why even White Death was suppressed in the media and academia.

    This is why the soma of hedonism is promoted all around. If people are having ‘too much fun’, their minds might be diverted from the realization of where it is all headed: certain doom for their kind. It is like chinese were sold opium so that they would be having too much pleasure to rouse up and react ‘extremely’. Ironically, the excessive hedonism of opium use led to social disintegration that ultimately radicalized Chinese consciuousness for resistance.

    It is telling that Duterte’s anti-drug campaign has parallels with china’a regained consciousness against opium as soul-destroyer-leading-to-body-destruction.

    The globo-elites reacted extremely to Trump and his supporters.

    While their hysteria about Trump as Hilter was hysterical and loony, the extremism of their reaction was natural and normal because Trump’s national narrative is an existential threat to their globo-supremacist power.

    Many Jewish elites reacted extremely to Trump. This seemed strange cuz trump isn’t anti-Jewish in any way. But it made sense in that certain Jews have become so accustomed to total supremacist control that they see the world differently.

    During WWII, Jews feared the holocaust as end of Jewish lives.

    During the early yrs of Cold War, Jews feared McCarthyism as end of Jewish power.

    Today, Jews fear nationalism as the end of Jewish supremacism.

    Anything less than supremacist control is no longer acceptable to Jewish elites.

    This is why the Jewish hatred of Russia is so over the top. Putin will protect any Jew in Russia. Jewish power palate will only accept truffles and caviar.

    So,why do Jews hate him? Because he said no to Jewish supremacist power that makes Jews above the law.

    This is the heart of Jewish corruption. Jews went from concern over Jewish lives, freedom, and property to obsession with an entitled sense of Jewish supremacism as the only governing principle for the world.

    The mindset of Erderly is same as with Victoria Nuland: Jewish influence can wreck entire nations, but if massive refugee crisis results from this, it is up to gentile EU nations to beat the brunt while Jews smear as ‘Nazi’ any nation that won’t take in ‘refugees’.

    And whatever they do, no one is supposed to call them on it.

    Trump’s biggest deviation from globalist script was call for rapprochement with Russia. Just about every GOP dog was barking on orders at Russia. They all assumed that GOP is Neocon possession, and NO ONE gets anywhere without barking like the master orders.

    Trump didn’t bark and he won.

    This must make dogs like McCain and Graham feel very small. Even at the top, they are top dogs, not the master.


    • I suspect jews are extremely sensitive to any trace of white nationalism in the air. It’s just an evolutionary adaptation given their racial history. It tells them to gtfo of a country when the gig is up.

  7. Napoleon said that the greatest danger lies in the moment of victory.

    Don’t rest on your laurels do not be magnanimous towards the evil scum.


  8. I think Trump pay attention to the lessons of history. When Julius Caesar completely routed the oligarchs of Rome he didn’t punish them. He brought them back and fed them. Placed them back in their former positions. Did every thing he could to placate them. They stabbed him in the back and bled him out. Trump needs to route the cucks and the SJW. Fight them every chance he gets. They will never let up on him. Expect the most brutal attacks on him. He must cut them off. End the subsidizing of mass immigration, degeneration and Jew propaganda. End the noncompetitive media oligarchy.

    The Senate and the House are Republican and with this win he can force even the cucks to get in line less they want to be trampled by him.

  9. Then there are the neocons.

    No place for them in a Trump administration. The Dems will move leftward and the peaceniks will rise. They don’t want them.

    Who will pay to have them sitting around writing articles and warmongering?

  10. Glenn Beck just pulled a Southern Avenger:

    Earlier this week, he told the New Yorker that he empathizes with the Black Lives Matters movement and said he was too hard on President Barack Obama.

    “I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama,” Beck told the magazine. But, he added, “Obama made me a better man.”

    Also see:

    And additionally, everything he’s writing now is Southern Avengery.

    • When we have the next “Cuck of the Year” contest Beck needs to be kept off the ballot. He qualifies for the short list for “Psycho of the Year” instead.

      • We should call “cucks” for what they really are: Prostitutes. They sell out to respectability and profit.

        The virtuous writers tend to end up in financial difficulty, which is a great warning for those wanting to blog. It might generally be better to have kids.

        Dreher is a real Cuck. He’s posting somewhat positively now on Trump, after the win. This is a very recent change. The guy protected his reputation the whole time, even refers to himself as some sort of professional.

        There’s a place for respectability as a sort of ambassador and representative of the deplorables. Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan I guess are semi-respectable but not sell outs. And Trump of course was a even more respectable for us to support openly. Also, gateways.

      • He merits a Cuck of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award for that effort.

        “Obama made me a better man,” so would Trump if you’d let him, you miserable cuck faggot.

  11. I am so happy to see that the fraud and anti-Trumper Kelly Ayotte lost!

    What must Ryan think? Trump won Wisconsin while he lost it with Romney.

  12. Spake Kek: Before the cuck crows today, you will disown me three times.

    The cucks have crowed. Whites need disown white interests no more.

  13. Dopey Rick Wilson was so sure Trump was going to lose that he started trash talking prematurely.

    Total moron!

    Rick WilsonVerified account
    You weren’t robbed.

    You weren’t cheated.

    You nominated a sociopath with delusions of authoritarian grandeur who immolated himself.

    4:51 PM – 8 Nov 2016

  14. Larry Schweikart ?@LarrySchweikart
    @AIIAmericanGirI @BIZPACReview Two pro-Trump articles in two days from the backstabbing National Review.

    Won’t work. You’re scum.

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