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    • The big difference is that nobody cares anymore. President Trump (I love saying that) will mop them up once he officially takes office in January.

    • Good. The more they act like butthurt children throwing a tantrum, the less work Trump will have to do to get re-elected. I used to think the cuckservatives would be the ones who learned nothing from this election. But it hasn’t even been 24 hours since Trump one and it’s clear the liberals haven’t learned shit. They’re still spewing the same platitudes of how everyone who disagrees with them is racist/sexist/homophobic/ignorant/bigoted/deplorable. They haven’t learned a thing from this election which is great for us.

  1. What evidence is there that anyone’s laughing it off? At another of your entries here, Mr. W., one of the commenters posted a video in which Ann Coulter denies that the vote for Trump had anything to do with race. I myself have posted a screen-cap in which Rush Limbaugh says the same thing.

  2. Perhaps it is worth having demonstrations in support of Trump. Emotions are high and this could be a way of mobilizing people and begin to wake them.

  3. I think a random shitposter on The_Donald reddit wrote it best, “Last night an entire generation got the spanking their parents never gave them”

  4. Isms and phobias a joke religion for a joke people, it would be nice to run it out of town.

    Just say, “it’s because I’m white, right?”

    • In Honor to the Unsung Hero of this election, Gary Welsh, whose love of truth and his bravery and his risking his life to bring us truth and by Sacrificing his life to give us truth, Saved this election from Hillary and her cabal, saved us from an intense die-hard totalitarianism.

      The pharisees in Washington were planning to make Ted Cruz the Republican nominee, but NOT to win the election, but to throw the win to Hillary. The online independent journalist Gary Welsh found out Ted Cruz’ father was part of the gang who assassinated JFK. The JFK assassination being a coup d’etat by the cabal Hillary is very very deeply connected with.
      The Clintons are deeply connected to the Bush family. Ted Cruz was to be paid handsomely of course, plus a promise from the pharisees to be the next president after Hillary.

      Hillary knew the Republicans were going to make Ted Cruz the Republican nominee and she knew it was going to be his role to throw the election to her. Of course, Trump threw a wrench into that plan. But Trump was able to throw a wrench into that plan exactly because of The Sacrifice Gary Welsh made to uncover and to share the truth with us. Gary Welsh’s search for truth and his bravery to share what he found out saved the election. Ted Cruz had to drop out of the race because of Gary Welsh.

      Gary Welsh was found dead with a bullet in his head soon after making it public online that Ted Cruz’ father was with Herbert Walker Bush AND the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald on the morning of the JFK assassination. There’s a photo of the Senior Bush and Ted Cruz’ father Rafael Bush AND the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald together, all 3 of them very chummy and standing in front of the Texas Book Depository Building in Dealey Plaza Dallas on the morning of the JFK assassination. Ted Cruz’ father being a member of the gang who assassinated JFK and inflcted/imposed their coup d’etat on the United States.

      Gary Welsh, though his Sacrifce, helped quell the terror, quelled the terror Hillary, Cruz, by throwing the election to Hillary, which was the plan for the election, for Cruz to throw the win to Hillary, and the whole cabal and their pharisees was planning for this country. Their terror has been quelled.

      Gary Welsh is a true Hero. The unsung Hero of this election. We would not have Trump as a President Elect now if NOT for the Sacrifice Gary Welsh made. He paid dearly so we could have some truth and some light.

      The “Te Deum” of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith. The ancient hymn the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne sang in Gratitude Unto Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God on the guillotine scaffold during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution. Their martyrdom Quelled The Terror :


      I present the Te Deum in Honor to Gary Welsh. May he Rest In Peace and May God Bless His Soul for his Sacrifice so we could have some truth and light in this election.

          • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzQ-moXjvDo

            Alright Fr. John. I didn’t know he was an open sodomite. I really didn’t. And yes, I know practicing sodomites are not in a state of grace, that I do know, though I don’t know everything. My thoughts are not God’s thoughts and I don’t know everything, not being a learned and erudite theologian.

            Whatever was Gary Welsh’s personal life, he still sacrificed his life for us so we could have some truth and light in the election, and his work and sacrifice paved the way for Trump Elect. For whatever his personal life was like, he had enough desire to find some truth and share that truth he found with the world. And for that, I acknowledge Gary Welsh. For that, he is a Hero. For that, we owe him a debt of Gratitude.

          • You can’t have it both ways.

            He may have helped Donald Trump, but in the end all of his righteous deeds will not avail him for heaven!

            You have to delineate between wanting to have some sort of ‘rainbows and unicorns’liberal fantasy world, and the real world of honest sin, the sacrifice on the cross, and what white man built as a civilization, calling it Christendom.

            That’s what were trying to reestablish. That’s what the liberals hate Us for. And that’s why I could care less about this man who is not a hero, but an open flagrant unrepentant god-damned sodomite.

            The time for Grace, the time for touchy-feely “I want to teach the world to sing” blather, is over.

            We are in a war for the future of the white civilization on this planet, we just won a seminal victory, and now is not the time to give adulation to the opposing forces!

            We have no time to take prisoners. He’s merely collateral damage: let it go.

  5. Krautcucks

    The Jew York Times:

    In Germany, where American troops have been stationed for more than seven decades, the prospect of a pullback seemed bewildering.

    “It would be the end of an era,” Henrik Müller, a journalism professor at the Technical University of Dortmund, wrote in Der Spiegel.

    “The postwar era in which Americans’ atomic weapons and its military presence in Europe shielded first the west and later the central European states would be over. Europe would have to take care of its own security.

    Herr Doktor Henrik Müller:


    His (if I may be so presumptious with my pronouns) colleagues:





    • I am of the opinion that the white majority should take whatever steps needed to ensure that it remains the numerical majority; I do not see any reason to cede power via “democracy” – the racial counting system.

      If the anti-whites and non-whites wish to Partition, I would be for that as the least traumatic route to a white homeland, but as of now they still display the defiance of the petulant child.

      We all, individually and collectively, need to take steps to translate this moment into permanent power. I recommend destroying the bureaucracies and laws devoted to policing white speech. Think of it, the majority coalition in a so-called free democracy were afraid to tell pollsters that they were part of the majority!

      I recommend joining or forming neighborhood safety groups, and linking these groups together in anticipation of the black/brown lash-out.

      I recommend having more babies, and for men that often means “settling” with a decent white woman who may no be so pretty, rather than chasing the prettier whore.

      Make America Great Again
      Make America White Again
      Make Whites Great Again

    • A grand idea, to be replicated in the many Trump counties across the nation!

      Gather up in a plaza with a circular route planned. Have booths and such for various action groups in the plaza so that folks can get organized before and after as they show their support for the white majority.

    • why It took so long. but being a diseased hoe you are you will keep begging and returning inspite of being spitted on your face. seems you enjoy playing spit fetish, biatch!!!

        • I woke up this am to find out my account was suspended. I never had any trouble until a few days ago when a muslim bitch reported me. Then it was 2 lockouts and a suspension within a few days. I don’t know whether to appeal or just create another account. Maybe I’ll just take a break from twitter for awhile.

          • I’m totally used to Tweeting, but I made a vow to stay on Twitter til election day, and then I didn’t care if my account is Shoahed. I am going to give it a rest for awhile, and deal with 3D for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  6. From Huffington Post;

    As Millions Of American Women Shudder, #NotMyPresident Trends On Twitter

    The women I know, Southern ladies all, are quite happy with the election results. But then, they live in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, and they know what the Clintons really are. Both of ’em. Not just Hillary.

  7. Anti-Whites are about violence. They use violence to silence White Americans, and to force their political goals on us. This is the way the Anti-Whites have rolled since the 1960’s.

  8. Huffington Post Header:

    Electoral College About To Screw Democrats For Second Time In 20 Years

    If the shoe were on the other foot, they’d claim the system works just fine.

  9. I was discussing the probability of rioting if Trump won with a friend a couple of days before the election. She was very afraid of this. (I think she held her nose and voted for HRC because of this more than anything else). My response was that the same people would riot, even if HRC won, because they are violent bullies who are inclined to riot anyway, because they like to intimidate people.

    The big excuse is that HRC won the popular vote and because she lost the electoral vote, the electoral college should be totally ignored in favor of the will of the people (like them). This got my curiosity, because with so much stake for the establishment, there should be challenges in every state that Trump took so narrowly. So I looked at the final tallies and was blown away more by what is not being reported.

    Now remember that Trump kept his base’s expectations low when he told them that the system was rigged and there would be voter fraud and machines programmed to effect an HRC win. So why did TPTB figure it would be better to let BLM and other Soros employees and loony leftists riot in the streets than piss off a group that doesn’t tear up cities when they don’t get their way?

    I did not have a television on election day, so I was following the election by radio. My brother and sister were watching it on television and they both noticed that the media which looked so happy and confident (in an HRC victory) at the beginning looked increasingly grim and then totally terrified at the end of the night.

    And now they are still making themselves into contortions and making themselves dizzy from spinning how Trump pulled this off to fit The Narrative. I think they have finally settled upon the idea that because the Democrats had put two Whites on the ticket, not enough Non-Whites were inspired to vote for them. But Trump also got more Non-White voters than previous Hispandering, MLK worshipping Republicans did.

    I believe that, even though TPTB knew that Whites were mad as hell this year, they had to calibrate the Soros Machines based on the 2012 data (where disillusioned Whites switched from Obama to Romney) and they had to factor in new White voters. We know they had a mechanism in place to change Trump votes to HRC votes in several places. So many times did Trump voters bust the machines for changing their votes, that it makes sense that Plan B had to entail certain OTHER machines DELETING Trump votes altogether.

    Before ALL the votes had tallied, I heard reporters on the radio say
    that 140 million people had voted THAT DAY. They hadn’t added in early
    voting or mailed in votes. But when you look at the final tallies, each
    candidate got less than 60 million of the votes with HRC getting about
    300,000 more than Trump. By my best guesstimates, forty million or more votes got deleted altogether from the voting system on election night. But the number of pro-Trump voters overwhelmed the system in certain areas enough that they forced through a Trump victory in key swing states. And they all came from the undercounted exurbs in the rust belts.

    They have been so busy this past decade celebrating the pending demise of Whites that they overlooked one thing. There are many, many more of us than they think. And we hate their guts and they know it.

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