The MARs Revolution Has Arrived

As I saw Donald Trump winning Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and nearly winning Maine and Minnesota on Tuesday night, I found myself thinking … this is Sam Francis’s moment in the sun and vindication, this is the MARs Revolution that Sam Francis envisioned.

“I told [Buchanan] privately that he would be better off without all the hangers-on, direct-mail artists, fund-raising whiz kids, marketing and PR czars, and the rest of the crew that today constitutes the backbone of all that remains of the famous “Conservative Movement” and who never fail to show up on the campaign doorstep to guzzle someone else’s liquor and pocket other people’s money. “These people are defunct,” I told him. “You don’t need them, and you’re better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don’t even use the word ‘conservative.’ It doesn’t mean anything any more.”

Pat listened, but I can’t say he took my advice. By making his bed with the Republicans, then and today, he opens himself to charges that he’s not a “true” party man or a “true” conservative, constrains his chances for victory by the need to massage trunk-waving Republicans whose highest goal is to win elections, and only dilutes and deflects the radicalism of the message he and his Middle American Revolution have to offer. The sooner we hear that message loudly and clearly, without distractions from Conservatism, Inc., the Stupid Party, and their managerial elite, the sooner Middle America will be able to speak with an authentic and united voice, and the sooner we can get on with conserving the nation from the powers that are destroying it. [Chronicles] ….”

Don’t even use the word “conservative.” It doesn’t mean anything any more. Jettison the TruCons. You don’t them and they are worthless. Trump ran as a populist and nationalist and against the united opposition of conservative pundits and intellectuals.

Don’t let them say no one saw it coming. Don’t let them say no one had the vision. History has vindicated Sam Francis and decisively repudiated movement conservatism.

Note: No one would have been happier by what happened on Tuesday than my father-in-law Gordon Baum had he lived to see it. He spent his whole adult life working toward it. He believed in politics. He believed in White America. To the very end.

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  1. Yep. I like describing our political divisions as a family, Conservative Papa, Big Momma Liberal and Radical Child and now the long lost son Alt-Right who has come home after Conservative Papa after a long debilitating illness has died and the brakes have totally failed on Radical Child’s behavior.

    Alt-Right Son is not here to save his lunatic sister or hopeless mother they are gone to him, he is there to collect Conservative Papa’s gun collection and to tell the other two they are on their own.

  2. Conservative Papa had to play the straight man, all that raceless horsecrap to the Progs’ Identity Politics and MultiKult.

    I would say the Alt-Right can jettison that stupid shit and just be forthright, Whites are now going to play multikult and Identity Politics and they can celebrate our diversity and we will give them some vibrancy they never fucking forget.

  3. Sam Francis learned first hand about the duplicitous and backstabbing nature of “conservatism”. I don’t recall DJT using the label very much.

  4. First we must understand this, THE SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY WAS NOT CONSERVATIVE, it was an old Enlightenment model of governance built upon the ideas of ADAM SMITH. The social policies were Conservative.

    The Conservative Movement basically is two movements. Abraham Lincoln Conservatism which was the Conservatism that began with Lincoln and the Post WWII Buckley Conservatism.

    Lincolinan Conservatism was built upon the ideas of High Tariffs Internal Improvements and Foreign Nonintervention. It was also built upon the ideas that all the ethnic groups must be Americanized. This was American Exceptionalism. This form of Conservatism died with Teddy Roosevelt, but was reborn in a sense with Warren G Harding and it finally died with the election of FDR in 1932. Social Policy from Lincoln to Teddy and from Harding to FDR was except for the Radical Republican Era laissez-faire. The attitude toward Negroes from 1861-77 was driven by the Radicals who while Leftist on Negroes, were just fine with the murder of Native Americans and Mexicans. After 1877 it was pure laissez-faire or what we would call benign neglect. Neither Help nor Hurt. The South was left alone to deal with the Negroes on their own terms.

    • The Conservatives lost control in 1901 with Teddy Roosevelt but regained control of the party in 1908 with William Howard Taft but again lost control with the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson. They regained control in 1920 and remained in control up until 1932. This was the end of First Era Conservatism 1861-1932.

      The Second Era of Conservatism ie Buckleyism we could call Democrat-Lite. The Democrats, the party of Free Trade since Jefferson, had controlled power for so long, it was argued by many Republicans that New-Conservatism needed to rid itself of the Pre-1932 people. Thus it did. New Conservatism was built upon a new form of American Exceptionalism which was Expansionist. It was now Americas job to civilize the entire planet. Free Trade was adopted as a way to link the nations together. Taxes and regulations were to be lowered and Social Policy toward Nonwhites was to be aggresively non-racialist. New Conservatism gave only lip service to whites and while not being aggresively ANTI_WHITE as the Liberals, were ANTI WHITE by deception. Eventually a split in the Second Era between Reaganite Conservatism and NeoConservatism gave us the present world

      • Buckley Conservatism necessitated the adoption of Liberal social ideas watered down so that people wouldnt mind them as much, Thus their deification of Martin Lucifer Coon and encouragement of Campus Radicals

  5. Ok, Brad. What kind of jobs in the Trump Administration is Jeff Sessions going to get for our friends. We won the election lets not lose the peace.

  6. i thought Sam Francis was an excellent writer and one of the better ones to break from Conservative Inc, Neo Con, National Review.

    He had some failings and we should note them.

    He was not good looking and looked well, sort of almost dead. That’s not a good image to project for our people as it makes us a dying people.

    I received some “tribute” book about his life and the cover photo was just horrible, wretched.

    There’s never any reason to send out bad propaganda that makes us look bad, smell bad, makes us look like we’re dying.

    The solutions are to substitute things like paintings, graphic art of the guy, a much younger photo.

    When our side depicts Reagan it should be when he was healthy, middle aged as the Governor of California, not when he was senile at the end.

    Also, Sam Francis got fired/purged from the Washington Times by that horrible Indian brown turd D Sousa or whatever. But Francis wrote something stupid like defending Negro Slavery from a Christian biblical perspective.

    There’s just no reason to mouth off and say stupid things that end careers.

    But, the good out weighed the bad with Sam Francis.

    • I thought you faggots were for southern nationalism? Why do you keep sucking up to trump? What happened to your glorious southern secession ideology? Now you guys are sucking yo to Yankees whom you used to despise?

      • @Kevin nash:

        For better or worse, that issue was settled when the South lost the right to secede from the North during TWBTS. The South sued for divorce but was denied, Kevin. It’s supposed to be a Union, right? So there’s no reason why our spouse can’t participate in any family decisions. Deal with it, Kevin.

  7. Another thing to notice is that:

    David Duke only won 3% in his US Senate race in Louisiana. He won 45% 20 years ago.

    So I notice that we do need some “cover” and the open 24/7 White nationalist NAME THE JEW every F*#&*$# day, that doesn’t sell well to the general public when the entire mainstream media, cuckservatives, corrupt Judeo X’tian churches are all slandering you.

    Have some cover as being something besides a 24/7 White Nationalist Jew hater.

    • Where did he finish out of the 24 candidates? Had it be less people running his numbers would have been higher. Never the less I do advise Duke to give up on electoral politics and build his organization. I am a Duke fan, I contributed his campaign, but in retrospect he should never have resigned his State house seat and instead should have worked on building a serious alternative political movement and a localized power base he could have expanded upon, brick by brick. I think he is done as far as electoral politics is concerned.

      • He simply jumped in at the last second. People were fighting for Trump, and had no energy to spare for a last minute campaign elsewhere.

      • Duke’s strengths are his public speaking abilities. He can’t build an organization. I was right there. Duke’s very attractive German girl friend really liked me and asked why Duke didn’t cultivate intelligent, effective younger people like me.

        The answer is he’s just not good at it.

    • My main question when someone brings up Jewish perfidy is: what’s the end game?

      In other words, why are we talking about thus? For me the end game is white awareness leading to white self-defense in the form of a homeland. I have no essential quarrel with the Jews or anyone else, and as soon as we are no longer under threat, its all good.

      It’s important to “punch right” if people are talking about aggression rather than self defense, or violating others rights rather than asserting our own.

      Those things are counter productive, to be sure, but more importantly they are not Right (an-arta, an-aryan).

      Whites like to be Right.

    • Anyone running for office has to work primarily within the Window while people at the grass roots level must work primarily outside the Window to drag it right or left. Dr Duke has tried to do both and it just doesn’t work. One may perhaps leave political life and then shift his focus to working outside the Window, but it would be very hard to do it the other way around. I think Dr Duke’s future work should be in podcasting, youtubing, blogging, tweeting, etc.

  8. There isn’t any coherent “conservatism” now. Just cuckservatism and the alt-right. (RINOs aren’t and never were, but merely used the brand on their facade).

  9. Note that this Sam Francis conversation with Pat Buchanan took place in the fall of 1991. This means that even a quarter of a century ago, Sam thought that conservatism was obsolete. And, as it turns out, in retrospect, Sam’s sense of timing was spot on, because just a few months later, the Soviet Union officially ceased to exist, thereby fulfilling official conservatism’s last big agenda item, and thereby making it obsolete.

    • Good observation, I had not linked it to the Soviet downfall. It was indeed the end of the raison d’être for the neo-cons.

      Also coincidentally, Trump’s victory was announced on November 9th, which is not only the day the Berlin Wall fell but also the anniversary of the 18th of Brumaire coup by Napoleon… it could be the beginning of something great.

  10. The duplicitous and backstabbing nature of conservatism (as described in an earlier comment) comes mainly from the jewishness and from the closeted nature of conservatives. They manipulate and are oh so manipulatable.

  11. “Conservative” as a word-concept is finished for a generation. We are Restorative Constitutionalists. We need to command the language, memes, and narratives, as Andrew Breitbart perceived and said so many times.

    Oppose the Lefturds use of “reform” for every destructive change in law or legislation. Call it for what it is…………”DEFORM”.

    We need to sharpen up, learn how to talk, stop taking verbal abuse, loaded questions, and passively taking loaded questions from Leftist Filth “Media swine.

    This site is my daily MUST GO TO. Keep up the splendid work.

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