Spelunker Reports PC Crumbling In His Workplace

What did I say?

“I had more modest goals than taking over the Republican Party or seizing the presidency (I never imagined the establishment was that weak or that vulnerable to a hostile takeover), but the same logic applies to the November election: our message is more visible than ever before, the reigning taboos have never been more vulnerable, and to borrow a line from the pro-amnesty crowd, we’re starting to see the Alt-Right “come out of the shadows.” It’s also all due to Trump’s presidential run.

I’ve already speculated that a Trump victory in the United States could set off a “European Spring” in 2017. The president has almost complete control over foreign policy and Trump has already shown a clear willingness to attack Angela Merkel in Germany. We’ve never really had any occasion to think through what a national populist foreign policy would look like but surely challenging and undermining the anti-White regimes in Western Europe – in the same way the neocons do now with Russia and the Middle East, but this time in reverse – would be at the top of our list.

What would America be like under a Trump presidency? How would it be different? It would be very different in one key respect: Trump would have won in spite of being called a racist, bigot, fascist, xenophobe, nativist, sexist, etc. He will have explicitly campaigned against political correctness and will have been rewarded by sailing to the White House. His followers will expect change on that front. He will have the bully pulpit of the presidency which commands national attention and he can say whatever he wants. Think about it: with a tweet, Donald Trump can set off a media firestorm and drive the news cycle for weeks.

LBJ changed history when he embraced the Civil Rights Movement and legitimized it from the top down. Lincoln, too, with abolition. Trump could do the same thing. Countless aspiring politicians will interpret a Trump victory against the forces of political correctness as a mandate to challenge it themselves to advance their own careers.

Here’s a scary thought for our leftist friends: if Trump wins, then it will mean the SPLC, the media, the subservient cuckservative establishment, all the experts and intellectuals, and the Democratic Party will have thrown everything they had at him – especially the race card – and lost to a popular revolt by White America. The powerful won’t look so powerful anymore to all those aggrieved people, will they?

If Trump punches through that and wins (he’s back on top by 2 in the latest LA Times poll), we might see the reigning taboos buckle and crumble without the usual pressure coming from the top down. Can you imagine a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of “racism” elicits only a “meh” and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize?

Don’t underestimate the power of the presidency to legitimize marginalized people and deviant movements. If Barack Obama can legitimize gay marriage and transsexuals, Donald Trump can legitimize the Alt-Right.”

From Spelunker:

“If he goes full-on authoritarian, they won’t mind because the oppression will be of the Left, but what of all of his grandiose promises? They voted for him because of all of his extreme rhetoric. They hate Muslims, Blacks, gays, Jews, basically anyone non-white and non-Christian. I am already seeing an extreme change in people at my work, they are saying things openly at work that would have been taboo and grounds for firing a year ago. This is not just associate level like myself, but management level as well. My work is a champion of diversity and inclusiveness too, it has been very heavily stressed. This morning, I found myself doing something I’ve never done before, writing an email to our CEO to step in and reiterate that hate speech and rhetoric of the like are unacceptable at work. These things are actually spelled out in our work rules, but the Trumpists are floating on cloud nine right now. I literally cannot speak out at work for fear of being ostracized or even worse attacked. That’s pretty scary, but this is just the beginning.”

There’s no more pharoah at the top of the liberal pyramid.

He’s gone now. He was overthrown. She was defeated and her priests were overthrown. This is a radically new situation. It’s a New World Order.

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  1. I would love to share similar personal anecdotes from the last few weeks into the last few days, but the point is made well already.

    The machinery of Political Correctness needs to be uprooted. This is the perfect job for the the Texas Nationalist Movement, The League of the South, Etc now that Partition is temporarily off the table.

    Red States are the best place to start and get to know your local representatives and try to get legislative actions going, especially DEFUNDING the commisars in large institutions and academia.

  2. Echoer David Frum two weeks ago:

    Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” The Atlantic senior editor r David Frum warned of “recriminations” aimed at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his supporters should Trump lose and “lose as big as he’s going to.”

    Frum was skeptical the movement Trump is leading would survive beyond the November election and said the new movement would be made out of opposition to the “Hillary Clinton administration.”

    When Donald, should he lose and should he lose as big as he’s going to, there is going to be a scorched earth period of recrimination and Donald Trump will be the target of the recriminations and the people around him will be the target of the recrimination,” Frum said. “And as we discover in the weeks and months after the election how much self-dealing there has been in the campaign, how badly the campaign was run, and how even before it was over how everyone was preparing their parachutes and their post-election strategies. There’s going to be a revulsion in the Republican Party against this crew. I don’t think they’re going to have the clout they imagined they’ll have.”

  3. It is fitting that this was Trump vs Clinton.

    The great irony is Trump played the role of the GOP’s Clinton(though against the media storm whereas Billy Boy rode the friendly waves).

    Clinton revitalized the Democratic Party by shaking off rust-belt blues of Big Labor. He went for the future of high-tech and finance. He went for the re-posh-ification of cities.

    He went after the big money donor class that was giving to GOP. Billy Boy read their minds. He knew Big Money was giving to GOP reluctantly cuz GOP is uncool and associated with ‘reaction’. They did so cuz GOP was more pro-business. But when it came to soft power of arts, culture, glitz, Hollywood, fashion, and etc. Dems totally ruled. If you wanted to have fun, it was Entertainment Inc than 700 Club. Also, Clinton sensed that Jews would dominate as the New Big Money, esp with fading of manufacturing and rise of high tech, information industry, and finance. Billy Boy knew that if Dems offered favored economic deals to the Money Class, they would all flock to his side.

    So, Billy Boy was like a snake that began to swallow the tail of the GOP snake. As the big money donor class got swallowed by the Dems, GOP had less room to maneuver. They offered even more tax cuts, but the rich got so rich and got so much more with the Democratic party(the cool factor and the moral advantage of ‘progressive’ politics associated with Martin Luther Bling) that they gave up on GOP. Sure, GOP could offer them few more points on tax cuts, but they would give up all the ‘cool’ and ‘progressive’ factor associated with Dems.

    Desperate, GOP went big for the Jewish vote, and I think this was why the GOP gentiles gave Neocons all they wanted for the Iraq War. Let Neocons triumph in the Middle East, have even Liberal Zionists be wowed and impressed by Neocon triumph, mastery, and victory. And then, Neocons would dominate Jewish politics, and Jews would come over to GOP. (After all, even New Republic had its Neocon corner.) But Iraq turned into disaster, and even neocons got embarrassed for being associated with George Dubya.

    GOP also went a long way to give Wall Street all it wanted, even more so than Clintons, and the housing bubble wrecked the economy. Jews gave up on GOP.

    So, GOP had nothing in the end. It had moral deficit(cuz it was associated with ‘reaction’ than ‘progress’), no cool factor, and fading donor class.

    So, the ONLY thing left was for the GOP to start swallowing the Democrat tail. And this is where Dems were somewhat vulnerable. In having embraced globalism, free trade, donor class, the warfare state, and Diversity(aka inclusion of the servant scab class from around the world), the Democrats began to lose the working class. And even blacks began to feel angry. Blacks turned out huge in 2008 and 2012 cuz of Obama the Negro.

    So, Trump was right to swallow the Democratic tail of vulnerability: white working class and blacks. It didn’t really work with blacks cuz not many blacks voted for him. But the fact that many chose not to vote at all goes to show their disenchantment. Mass immigration called by Clinton didn’t work with blacks.

    So, if Billy Boy swallowed the donor tail of GOP, Trump swallowed the working class tail of Democrats.

    Now, Clinton swallowed the richer nutrient cuz one oligarch can provide more funds than a million working class ‘losers’. In contrast, the ‘rabble’ that were once Democratic that was swallowed by Trump is low on talent, creativity, ingenuity, and wealth.

    Still, the disadvantage of Clinton’s strategy was to associate Dems with the winners, the sharks, the globo-oligarchs, the 1%. This led to challenge from Bernie who hurt Clinton. Even many on her side voted for Hillary as anti-Trump than pro-Hillary.

    And even though Trump got himself a basketful of ‘losers’, some moral credit has been won over to the GOP side. Sure, because the ‘deplorables’ are white, they are denounced as ‘white supremacist’, but the fact is Trump demonstrated that these forgotten whites have no privilege. And if anything, whites with all the privilege and connections voted for Hillary.

    That has to be played on over and over and over.

    Anyway, politics is Ouroborusian.

    Billy Boy Clinton dumped labor and went after donors.

    Trump attacked the donor class and went after labor.

    It has come full circle in the snake eating the other snake.




    • Good question. Was it in the article somewhere? Don’t remember. Had problems with computer and had to clear cache.

  4. Trump is being brought in to the folds of the establishment as we speak. It’s where he’s always wanted to be. An elite. If you think PC is dying, try being racist at work and see how long your job lasts. Clinton won the popular vote. Do you think they’re just going to let the right take over? You’ve been cucked.

    • Lulz. So far there’s not one Kike in the Cabinet pick, and all the political whores are romping around The TRUMPEN FUHRER like eager puppies, who live for pat on the head.

  5. I literally cannot speak out at work for fear of being ostracized or even worse attacked.

    Classic Jewish persecution complex. This kid’s FOS.

  6. It’s called freedom of speech, and it is our right. Get use to it faggots! If the kikes hadn’t set out to deceive and genocide us with a century of lies, this would not be happening. They have no one to blame but their slithering selves, and we have every right not to accept their bullshit! Their game is coming to an abrupt end. Time for truth, justice, and the American way. Roar!

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