SPLC: We’re Facing a New Reality

The SPLC is facing a very new reality … a president who isn’t afraid to tell them to get lost, who won’t tow their PC line, and who isn’t shackled by a cucked rightwing:

“Today, we’re facing a new reality – a president-elect who has denigrated people because of their race, their religion, their ethnicity, their gender, and more.

Our mission is to hold Donald Trump to what he is saying now – that he will be a president for all Americans and that he will work to bind the wounds of division, wounds that his own words have caused. …”

President-Elect Donald Trump owes the SPLC and the #LyingPress nothing but his contempt. We’re going to have a lot more to say about this in the months and years ahead. In the near term, our focus will shift to spreading the national populist revolution to Europe. The European Spring is coming in 2017!

Note: Hillary Clinton dived in the polls after she gave her vaunted Alt-Right speech. The people have spoken and concluded WE’RE NOT Stronger Together.

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  1. “I-will-leave-the-US-if-Donald-Trump-wins” is so very ‘racist’.

    All these famous people, even non-whites and blacks, choose nations even whiter than the US as favored destinations.

    They always favor Canada over Mexico or Latin America.

    They always favor New Zealand and Australia over India or China.

    They always favor Europe over Africa and Middle East.

    Even Jews say they will move to some white gentile nation than to Israel.

    That is so ‘racist’, I say!! Why do they all reject non-white majority nations? Don’t they like Diversity?

    They say they hate Trump cuz he threatens to slow down the browning of America, but their idea of protest is to move to nations far less brown than America.

    Talk about Cogno-Disso or Cognisso, aka cognitive dissonance.

    Move to Congo, Pakistan, or Bolivia.


    • None of the Democrats protested and rioted and went ape-sh*t when Hillary stole so many of the Democratic primaries from Bernie Sanders. It’s okay for Hillary to steal elections, but it’s not okay for Trump to win an election fair and square. He actually won with a larger share of the popular vote than the MSM is telling us. The Democrats switched alot of Trump votes to Hillary votes via the Soros-owned-and-controlled Diebold computers. Soros being Hillary’s BOSS and MASTER. We’ll never know by what percentage Trump won.

      Anyway, these ritores didn’t riot when Hillary stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. I don’t care for Sanders, but By Right, he should have been the Democratic candidate to run for The Presidency.

  2. Trump’s son said that Duke deserves a bullet in the head and you’re declaring victory? You’ve been cucked.

    • Exactly. It would have been so much better had Hillary won and the Democrats took control of both houses as well.

      It would also have been so much better had the Confederacy had aircraft, cruise missiles and modern body armour.

  3. Trump should cease and punish all governmental agencies working with the SPLC and like groups.

    Tear down the wall of Political Correctness!

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