President Trump, Liberate The Afrikaner

As I have said for a year now, I’m normally anti-war, but in this case, I support an aggressive foreign policy:

“DAKAR, Senegal — The leader of a neo-Nazi movement hoping to carve out a whites-only republic in South Africa sent Donald Trump an enthusiastic message of support and congratulations, a member of the organization tells BuzzFeed News.

“On behalf of tens of thousands of members of the AWB, as a white resistance movement against suppression of white people in South Africa, we want to congratulate you,” wrote Steyn von Ronge, who leads the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, or AWB. “Thank you for your … support of the white nation in South Africa. We wish you all the best for the future, and you can rely on our support,” the message ended. …

?“Regarding South Africa, we are really hoping that Trump will do something to save us from being simply wiped out after almost 400 years in our country,” Roodt told BuzzFeed News by email. He said this included helping out against the “many” black politicians in South Africa who hoped to “perhaps even herd us into concentration camps.””

The time has come to correct the greatest injustice in Africa.

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    • Split it into thirds. The Boers are a people unto their own, and deserve to preserve their language, religion, and culture.

      • What are you saying..? Whites need to stand together..!!
        Have you been such such a huge CUNT your whole fucking life if is it only recently you fucking coward…?

    • The part that I find wrong about this country. Self determination is a human right under the constitution and yet, when you call for it, you are a racist. How does that work?

          • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Jenkins.

            As a Tarheel I am heartily sick of ‘rectifying the world’.

            The accumulating debt just from the Iraqi War is staggering – and once you whip some butt, you cannot go away!

            No, Sir : I do NOT want to fight over the security wars of Boer Afrikaners anymore than I wish to do the same for Israel, South Korea, or Saudi Arabia.

            That was one big reason why I voted for Mr. Trump – to get the Yankee government out of this ‘we are the police of this world’ mode.

            I know it’s painful, but, at what point do we stop cleaning up Yankee Government messes?

            The Anglo-American-Israel trinity of The Rothschild Godhead has made, for the last century, The Middle East a volatile hellhole – and now they are here with us.

            We have towns falling down in North Carolina.

            We could put the time, effort, and money here.

            North Carolina first, Dixie first, is what I say.

            Have a great Saturday!

          • All I wish to do is lean on the SA Negro government and allow the Boers to claim refugee status maybe we can send them to Montana or something

  1. I’ve said the same thing about the Afrikaner twice today on daily Stormer. Great minds must think alike Activity some point and can you imagine how wonderful a group of people these would make is it Americans? Industrious Pius strong healthy? Oh my God the perfect immigrant!

  2. Actually a fair division would be an Afrikaner state, a Bantu state, a Zulu state, and a colored/English/Jew state.

    • Your wrong..!!
      Afrikaners and coloureds should be together, as coloureds are there offspring..!!!
      You should know this..!! Surely..?

      • The colored are not on the Afrikaner’s side and I believe at this point the Afrikaner have learned their lesson in regards to miscegenation. And I bet some colored are English/Bantu hybrids.

  3. Use them to ethnically cleanse non white areas in otherwise white states.

    I think Georgia and Russia both offered these people free land for skilled farmers.

  4. I dream of sending an Alt-Right Expeditionary Force to help defend our kith and kin in South Africa.

    We’ve been here before.

    Battle of Blood River II ?

  5. I seemed to recall an Afrikaner professor who made a proposal to carve an Ethno-State out of South Africa as opposed to one man-one vote-one time scenario- which he warned would spell incremental extinction of Afrikaners in South Africa. They should have went with his policy.

  6. The part that I find wrong about this country. Self determination is a human right, protected under the constitution of South Africa and yet, when you call for independence, you are a racist, Hitler loving, land thieving, black oppressing monster. How does that work or even make any sense?

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