Rachel Maddow’s Meltdown

Russians! It was the Russians who caused Hillary to lose!

So what? We love the Russian people. We want friendship, peace and cooperation with Russia. In fact, what is needed is a new Holy Alliance of Reaction against the liberal world order.

If the Russians hacked Hillary’s email server, their actions can only be compared to the Poles who saved Vienna. Russia’s actions might have saved Western civilization.

Note: The real enemy in Europe is volksverräter Angela Merkel, not Vladimir Putin.

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  1. We want friendship, peace and cooperation with Russia.

    That should have happened by 95′.
    NATO should have been replaced by a pan Occidental alliance against China.

    • They were too busy in the ’90s with the (((Wolfowitz))) doctrine of making sure no power arose again on the land mass of the former USSR which could ever challenge US supremacy, expanding NATO eastward in violation of the promise given to Gorbachev not to do so in exchange for the Soviet withdrawal, having (((Harvard economists))) and native (((oligarchs))) loot Russia, interfering in Russian elections to make sure that the drunken Yeltsin remained president, and bombing Serbia for 77 days and then dismembering it.

  2. It wasn’t the Russians or the current Russian head of state who hacked the spirit cooker’s e-mails and fed ’em to Assange. It was Kim Dotcom.

    As for Rachel Maddow melting down, well, that could be any day.

  3. They are unrepentant! Notice how they casually lie about foreign enemies? Russia stayed out of this election, there is no evidence to the contrary, and they lie, lie, lie nevertheless.

    Trump Putin May meeting may be the Tehran / Bretton Woods of this century! World peace and physical dismemberment of the satanic global cabal!

  4. The Democrats/left argument is that Donald Trump is not the legitimate president of the US. The left is accustomed to getting its way through threats, blackmail and intimidation. Right now they claim they want Trump and his supporters to unify the country, a unity they want on their terms. Trump should not cave.

    • That’s what all these “protests” are about, no doubt organized by the (((usual suspects))). The objective is to get Trump to walk back on his pro-White stands and there are signs he’s starting to weaken.

  5. (((They))) can’t stand a white, gentile that they can’t control and they were sure there wasn’t one that their money couldn’t buy.

  6. I fervently hope Trump will treat Russia as a friend and partner and not as an antagonist and enemy. We need White unity all over the globe like never before. We can no longer afford the luxury of slaughtering one another. I pray God that Trump keeps all the (((neocon))) rats out of his administration.

  7. Well the crazy woman should take her spot on that little watched (compared to FAUX News at least) tv show and explain to us Whites the rules of identity politics, I dare her or the SLPC to do the same.

  8. “Conservative” Jews on twitter are still kvetching about Trump, beating the war drums against Russia, wondering if they’ll be shoahed and pushing neocon warmongers for influential places in the Trump administration. Never stops.


    Too many people, of every persuasion, cannot take people for what they are, without ascribing them as shills for someone else.

    And, here again, is Ms. Maddow – unable to live with just Trump in her head – but, having to see that as The Evil Putin-Bogey Man.

    And, on another level – The Demonrats tried to cast Trump as a billionaire; and, when that did not work, she said he was Hitler; and when that did not work, they said he was a sociopathick groper; and when that did not work, was the last living remnant of The Reconstruction Era Klan; and, when that did not work : Trump was KGB spawn.

    And on and on they went, and go – unable to see Donald Trump – a brusque Manhatten businessman, who, likes the ladies, and believes in the concept of nationhood, free-market capitalism and in winning.

  10. And, yes – I agree with you, Sir – I Am thankful for Putin for helping the electorate to see what the situation is.

    Putin tried to make an alliance with us, since 1996, but, was so constantly rebufft, that, by 2008, he gave up.

    Maybe now, the idea will bear some fruit.

  11. Kike Lena Duncan:

    “It’s painful to know that white women, so unable to see the unity of female identity, so unable to look past their violent privilege, and so inoculated with hate for themselves, showed up to the polls for him. My voice was literally lost when I woke up, squeaky and raw, and I ached in the places that make me a woman, the places where I’ve been grabbed so carelessly, the places we are struggling to call our own.”

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