Whores of Babylon: Lena Dunham Thought Hillary Couldn’t Lose

Aside from Anthony Weiner, few people did more to elect Donald Trump and save the world than Lena Dunham:

“I woke up on Election Day like a bride: rosy, thrilled, a little controlling about just how MY perfect day would be spent. After working on the Clinton campaign for eighteen months, I was ready to celebrate, and sure that by nightfall I’d be knocking back glasses of champagne and creating a story to tell my unborn children. Maybe I’d even get close enough to Hillary Clinton to hug her, to whisper “Thank you.” I had dreamed about it every night for the last two weeks.

So on Tuesday — Jesus, it’s almost embarrassing to remember — I smugly selected a baby-blue sweater with a not-so-subtle pussy motif and headed to vote with my boyfriend, smiling at the elderly socialists on my block like it was Sesame Street. I packed my HRC 2016 memorabilia into a brown box with my I VOTED sticker smacked on top. I spent the afternoon phone-banking with friends, and it felt more like icing on the cake than urgent business. Because as horrifying as I found Donald Trump’s rhetoric, as hideous as I found his racism and xenophobia, as threatening to basic decency as I found his demagogue persona, I never truly believed he could win. …”

Lena Dunham is one of the primary reasons that Hillary Clinton didn’t become the first female president.

Hillary lost White women to Donald Trump by a narrow margin. These White women heard all of Hillary’s arguments about Trump degrading women. They didn’t fail to notice that she surrounded herself with the likes of Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Beyonce, JLo, Madonna, Pussy Riot, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our amazing White women, particularly, White working class evangelical women in rural areas in the South and Midwest. They resisted the siren song of Hillary Clinton and the Whores of Babylon. Never forget.

Note: You would not believe how much Sensual Pantsuit helped us in the final days of the campaign. It is so much funnier now!

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  1. Just like the Mormons who were solid for Trump.

    Recall what I have said about the Jews not being able to keep the “Coalition of the Ascending” under control.

    Look at how these fools are behaving now! Imagine what it is going to be when the deportations begin and the gibs stop under Trump!

    When they lash out and start attacking wall construction and deportation squads we MUST be ready to stand with the loyal officers if the government to crush them physically; and of course then take TOTAL control!

    • Utah went for Trump, despite the efforts of that weird space-alien asshole Evan McMullin and his jew handler Bill Kristol. Perhaps Mormons can be turned into good Americans after all.

      • They can and are being turned in to good Americans.

        And I worked very, very hard with my LDS Mormon friends who are all solid, nice folks that they could not go with the Hildabeast, homosexual extremists, Islamic terrorists, Muslim extremists, cultural marxists, BlackLiesMatter, cop killers.

        I was firm but fair even with some friends named “Romney”.

        The key with LDS Mormon and other “nice White” pussyfooter types is to be…

        Firm but fair.

        Treat them like you would misbehaving children that you love.

        • You know, Jack, Sane, whoever you are this week, I had already got to the point where I was ready to write you off and just skip any of your future writings. You’re all over the map. You used to write nothing but complimentary things about Mormons, then suddenly you were calling for persecution and, if I’m not mistaken, extermination of Mormons. I assumed that some nice Mormon girl had rejected you.

          Now, again suddenly, you’ve gone back to calling them “LDS Mormons” and “nice folks”.

          Do your friends know that you regard them with benign paternalism, as misbehaving children? Do you suppose they might be insulted if they did? Might they think your “firm but fair” characterisation of your role just a little presumptuous? Why should they defer to, or care about your judgment?

          • “Do your friends know that you regard them with benign paternalism, as misbehaving children? Do you suppose they might be insulted if they did? Might they think your “firm but fair” characterisation of your role just a little presumptuous?”

            I respond:

            Don’t really care if my LDS friends feel insulted. This week all is good.

            Western civilization has been restored.

            I sent “thank you notes” to my LDS Mormon friends thanking them that they didn’t take the Communist, LGBT, Islamic extremist, BlackLiesMatter, Godless feminists, Manless, Feminist side – plus we won.

            The last part is the key one.

            We won.

            LDS Mormons and most regular folks don’t like to lose.

            We won.

            It’s a great week to be alive and in the USA.

            USA, USA

    • As of 2011 only 30% of the children under the age of one were White in Texas. So what does Afterbirth do, read the obvious writing on the wall? No, of course not! He doubles down on dumb and endorses Texas nationalism. Afterbirth truly is a pathetically dumb fuck.

      • Really? You seem like an intelligent chap, but misinformed. Secession is off the table, at least on the right. Those organizations can play other rolls, such as campaigns for white civil rights, aka uprooting Political Correctness.

        PS School aged children can’t fight, this will be decided before they can take the field. They can come out of the shadows by returning to Mexico.

        • What is your precise ancestry, Afterbirth? I’d be willing to bet that a preponderance of it is British. Long on moralization and short on balls. Unlike us Midwestern Krauts. You see, our instincts ever beckon us to our Fatherland.

          • Lol. The problem with the Brits is they ruled an empire and started the industrial revolution. They won’t drop classical liberalism and modernism until they’re extinct. Stiff upper lip; March off the cliff!

            And yea, I’m British-descended. I think actually all of that is changing somewhat.

            The later Germans who came to the US were generally left-wing btw.

    • Frankly, shutting down the gibs should only come after electoral fraud has been fully suppressed and the last illegal deported.

  2. ‘Hillary lost White women to Donald Trump by a narrow margin’

    I’m not so sure she lost them to Trump overall.

    If it is accurate we owe a debt to the women in the South and most agra states.

    in checking the CNN results the North East women voted in very high percentages for Hillary. California was 2-1 in her favor. In North Carolina and Wisconsin the females went for Hillary.

    Here’s a link to check each state:


      • Some Kike on the O’Reilly Factor was just doing the same thing.

        Funny how these rats rail against the “Democratic Process,” which is extremely flawed to be honest, when it goes against them.

      • Agreed. I also get wary when people use “Marxist”, though I do too sometimes.

        These people are just anti-white, anti-Christian, globalist, cosmopolitan. And the “capitalists” are no better than the Marxists.

        Anyway, ideology generally justifies power interests. What people really want is power. They’ll believe whatever gives them that. If cuck ideology helped Bill Gates run Microsoft, he was only too happy to embrace it. And blacks will embrace reparations, further affirmative action, etc. Whichever ideology serves them, they’ll take it up.

  3. Wait till the right learns how to discredit and disqualify instead of blubbering on in a defensive posture.

    Like Cernovich writes it’s the “hoaxing media” all it is produced junk propaganda, by junk people

  4. The fact that Hillary’s side decided to turn an adjective into a noun — the deplorables — goes to show the extent to which adjectology is a strategy of the Prog.

    When you don’t have facts(nouns) and numbers(stats on crime and racial differences) on your side, you only have adjectives left to toss around as epithets, warnings, and insults.

    So, entire truths and facts are ‘unacceptable’, ‘odious’, or ‘noxious’. Or they are ‘deplorable’.

    And heck, why not go all the way and turn an adjective into a noun since adjectives are all they have left .

    Not only are you deplorable, but you are A deplorable.

    Or say that reality is ‘discredited’. Why? Cuz they pulled that adjective out of the bag.


  5. Just to add to my post below about the gender disparities in the election.

    NH, MN, VA, NV, CO and NM were very tight races won by the Democrats.

    In all of those states the deciding factors were female voters.

    In NM, the females who had a 53-47% advantage over men in total numbers went for Hillary 54-36 and the men went for Trump only 44-42.

  6. Miley Virus, Sarah Silverkike and Lena Doughnut made disgusting fools of themselves by shilling for Cankles the way they did. With supporters like that who needs enemies?

    • Clinton stories abound in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and North Louisiana. That’s why hardly anybody here voted for her. Crossing paths with them gets you screwed over, fired, thrown into jail., or dead. The whores of Babylon got stump broke for Hillary. They oughta be glad that’s all that happened to them.

  7. Historical events end but they leave paradigms of how to think about the present and future.

    It’s like what the scatman says in THE SHINING.

    WWII ended in 1945, but WWII Mentality didn’t end. It tended to see ‘New Hitlers’ all over the world. Also, it led to the notion of Whiteness = Nazism = Cancer of History.

    It has cast a long shadow in media, academia, Hollywood, narrative, and etc.

    It was in the 2016 with ‘Deplorables’ as ‘new nazis’. Any whitey who is not on his knees apologizing for being white is a ‘Nazi’. Any whitey who is into white identity or interest is a ‘Nazi’.

    Cold War ended in 1989, but Cold War Mentality didn’t end. It looks for Grand Struggles between Good Guy and Evil Empire. It shaped the War on Terror and a desire by many for a ‘new cold war’ with Russia. Or China or Iran as the grand poobah of evil around the world.

    Same with Civil Rights Movement. It ended, more or less, by mid-6os with key gains in government and legislature. But Civil Rights Movement Mentality is still alive, so every racial paradigm invokes Emmit Till and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD when, in fact, the biggest and worst racial thugs in the US have been blacks for a long time now. BLM goes to show that blacks are blind to current reality cuz they still cling to Civil Rights Movement Mentality. Progs and blacks bitch about the bad ole 50s, but they are still stuck in that era cuz blacks really were unequal by law back then, therefore had a clearly compelling moral case.

    Event ends, but Event Mentality can be turned into a narrative-paradigm by which to see and judge present and future.

    It’s like Jesus died in a single event 2000 yrs ago, but His death came to define so much of Christian West history that came to see everything in terms of Struggle between Godliness and Evil, often presented in the form of pagans, heathens, Jews, and later Muslims… and even among Christians with each sect/denomination demonizing others.

    I think the Trump Movement did somewhat subvert the WWII mentality and the Cold War mentality. Through him, white people did assert themselves and their interests despite the WWII-mentality vilification of them as Nazis who are following New Hitler. They no longer cared about the Crying Nazi Wolf.

    Also, Trump’s call for more cautious foreign policy and peace with Russia weakened the Cold War Mentality. And if US and Russia can learn to get along, Cold War mentality may be buried for good. Those with Cold War Mentality claim that US had no choice but to fight ‘new enemies’. But Trumpian view is that it has been America that has been looking for and making new enemies since end of Cold War in the interests of globo-elites.

    And if Trump can weaken NATO and make EU protect itself, it will really be something new.

    NATO and US presence in Asia are still legacy of WWII mentality and Cold War mentality. Even though those events are now history and things have changed so much, those mentalities have kept our mind frozen in fixed paradigms.


    As for victimology, maybe the homo-tranny-gender-fluid movement was a blessing in disguise. It make me sick in the stomach, but it subverted Victimology from within.

    Victimology gained moral gravitas because of the real horrors of WWII. Who can deny Nazi evil? And in the US, who can deny that blacks had been slaves and been denied legal equality for long time?

    So, when victimology dealt with victims of Nazis, victims of Communism(that killed millions) — anti-communist victimology has legs in Eastern Europe — , victims of racial discrimination, and etc, it had a compelling moral case.

    But when the main victimological flag became the homo flag, things just got silly. We were supposed to believe homos who aren’t allowed to get ‘married’ are there on par with Holocaust victims, Gulag victims, victims of war and imperialism, blacks denied the right to vote, and etc.

    And when trannies got into the act, victimhood turned into “Some guy who can’t use the lady’s room is a VICTIM!!!!” Victimology, by espousing homos and trannies, monty-pythoned itself without knowing it.

    Also, as the definition of ‘rape’ became fluid, just about any spoiled brat could declare herself a ‘rape victim’. So, Emma ‘fuc* me in the butt’ Sulkowicz became a victim. Lena Dunham claimed she was raped or maybe she was not, but whatever. And there was the UVA case. Maybe Jackie did sort of get raped cuz she has a wild fantasy.

    With 90% of Victimology now taken up with college student with green, pink, or purple hair shrieking about how they are triggered unless their ever fluid ‘genders’ are recognized, it has turned into a Trigglypuff-like joke.

  8. Blacks eventually came to own the N-word and make it cool. ‘Nigga!!’

    I think Trumpeans did the same with the D-word.

    Deplorable became cool and ‘baaaad’.

    Maybe they should take it one step further and call themselves Deplords.
    Sounds better than ‘shi*lords’.


  9. Trump effect.

    Jewess immigrant form Ukraine has tantrum.

    Julie SmolyanskyVerified account
    Hey stockholders, if you are a rape apologist, sexist, racist, demagogue, bigot, feel free to no longer own shares.

    will p @wildbilljp123
    @JulieSmolyansky I’m sure your stockholders would just LOVE to hear that.??

    9:21 PM – 10 Nov 2016


  10. What Trump should do.

    To score moral credit and to shame the other side, Trump should hold a gala for all the Trump Martyrs who were beaten, attacked, abused, pelted, belted, and bloodied. They were victims of the worst Political Hate Crime in a long time. They had to go up against the progots and maggots of Bull Connors style brutality. But these people didn’t buckle and showed real guts in their support of him… unlike the cucks who always got on their knees and kissed the asses of the likes of Sharpton and Tim Wise and others.

    At this gala, videos should be played of people knocked down, hit with rocks and eggs, pulled out of cars, etc.

    Trump needs to show that the other side owns thuggery. Smugs and Thugs.

    Or he should at least invite the Trump Martyrs to the Inauguration and give them priority seating.

    Be sure to invite this kid.


    Someone should make a compilation video of all the anti-Trump violence and thug rhetoric and make it an immortal part of youtube lore.

    In some parts of US, it took real courage to support Trump. People had to brave not only verbal abuse but physical attack and even professional destruction.


  11. Seth Meyers Destroys Donald Trump @ White House Correspondents Dinner 5/1/2011

    Look at the expression on Trump’s face. You can see the wheels turning. ‘We’ll see who gets the last laugh, you bastards!”

    Watch from 1:47-4:25.

  12. Watching Washington Week.

    Two possibly three kikes spinning the drubbing whitey just doled out. Lerner, Jacobs…snide ugly cunts.

    These vampires!

  13. Hillary experienced a “partial-birth abortion”. The Democrats were in the process of giving birth to the 45th President when the white women on the night of the election swung the election to Trump and aborted Hillary…Hillary reportedly has had several abortions..she got what she deserved…justice was served…

  14. The things that turn average white women off from Clinton have nothing to do with celebrity endorsements or who she hangs around with. This isn’t as much of a paradigm shift as you would like it to be. He’s already backpedaling on key issues like Obamacare, the wall, and deportation. Stop and frisk was deemed unconstitutional. He’ll be reeled in by his party or fail. He’s going in blind.

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