Illegal Aliens Give Up Trying To Cross The Border After Trump Wins

In my Arkansas speech, I predicted

“It is November 9th and Donald Trump has won the presidency.

– In the short term, a shockwave of terror courses through the Illegal-Alien American community. The left-leaning Northeast and West Coast is horrified and alienated from Middle America. Black America is outraged by the election of a candidate who they are convinced is a racist, Alt-Right white supremacist. The Left begins to freakout. For the next four years, we hear that the White House is adorned by a Deplorable-in-Chief backed by Neo-Nazis, Christian zealots, racists, white supremacists, and what have you. …”

Donald Trump is a Blonde Beast of a president!

“When would-be immigrants Bernardino and Samuel got word in Mexico of the election of Donald Trump, they immediately gave up their plans to cross illegally into the United States.

The rhetoric that originally fueled the billionaire populist’s rise to power was built around his ambitious promises to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US and to build a ‘big, beautiful, powerful wall’ along the border with Mexico.

Now, with the New York Republican’s stunning victory Tuesday, fear and uncertainty are surging among undocumented immigrants. …

‘The truth I never imagined is that the blond man might win,’ Samuel said at Padre Chava’s breakfast hall, a soup kitchen in downtown Tijuana that provides food and clothing for more than 1,000 immigrants every day.”

You might not want to come here.

Haven’t you heard the news? We’re practically Nazi Germany now. We’re like seriously anti-Latino, a very racist and xenophobic country, and we hate immigrants. Go to Justin Trudeau’s Canada … they will take you there. LOL.

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  1. Just think how easy it would be for the oligarchs to wreck the economy and then blame Trump and populism. Smoot Hawley has been a free trade talking point for the better part of a century now.

  2. HEIL HITLER This NAZI GERMANY!!!! STAY OUT. I am the Oven Mistress. I will bake Beans as well as knishes.

  3. I remember when Obozo the negro clown was gloating after his 2008 win and stated that “elections have consequences”.

    They certainly do.

  4. Some people comment about how close the race was, but just think… Trump got the worst media coverage ever and was outspent by gazillions. Hillary raised over a billion and threw everything at him. He was also opposed by many in his party, and some of them were supporting Hillary and very vocally.

    The fact that he won means that, had the race been covered fairly, he would have won much bigger.

    Imagine if someone had to start the race half field behind and just barely won.

    We have to take into account the rigging that the winner had to overcome.

    So, this is a big big win. Hillary had wind on her back whereas Trump was running against the wind.

    It is an invisible landslide.Trump ran against both parties and won.

    Democratic Party spent more money than ever, with all the help of media and institutions.

    Many in GOP went over to Hillary camp, sabotaged Trump, released damning videos(pu**ygate), or sat on the sidelines or the on the fence.

    He still won.

    So, this is a big big win considering the odds he had to overcome.

    Hopefully, nevertrumpers will come home in 2020, and cucks will grow some balls by then as the neocons won’t be manipulating them to much.

    Trumpean should become an adjective. Herculean Political Will and Feat.

      • I’d like to see it as a tourist attraction are well, in some areas.
        Trump has a flair for nice design and he is a builder as well.
        For the higher traffic areas we’d need a dead zone where land mines would be placed and motion sensing claymores.

        The Army units in Germany should be redeployed to the border with very laxed rules of engagement.

  5. I imagine that some self-deportation has already started.

    The (((media))) will promote big demos and riots. This will not be quiet.

    There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Crying children will be a permanent fixture of network (((news))) broadcasts.

    It will be wonderful.

  6. This reminds me of a fascinating quote “about the routing of the alien Hagarenes (non-Christian/non-European) from the ‘city of God.’ ”

    I’ll have to find it and post it here later.

  7. Hunter, Afterbirth and I had an interesting dialog going. How come you choose to delete that shit? I mean what, people with IQs above 135 shouldn’t bother engaging here? If so, this blog should just grab it’s ankles and acknowledge Jewish overlordship right now.

    PS. I do not respond to emails sent my way as a result of blogging. I am not interested in attaining pen pals.

  8. Let me propose an idea which may appear to be too far-fetched now: if Trump thinks strategically and if he wants either the second term or one of his children to become a President in the future, he absolutely must stop the demographic transformation of your country.

    During the campaign he expressed a very clear understanding that demographics is destiny and that this could be the last chance of GOP for presidency. And indeed there are signs of it here as he pulled all of his adult children into his team. This appears to me to have clear implications – if they succeed, they will be given the only true reward for a White Man – a more difficult and important job. I would really pay attention to Ivanka – see, if she does not fail and if she has ambitions, she might just become in future someone along the lines of Marion or marine Le Pen.

    If I am not wrong about his egotistic ambitions to keep the power within the family, then we can be greatly relieved – the Wall will be built! It would be still another lesson as of how a self-interest of a decent man creates immense public good.

    • Another dynastic family isn’t such a good idea tbh.

      Probably inevitable in the late Republic but let his presidency run its course and do some other stuff you kids. Too many of them are married to Jews for me to feel comfortable about a Trump dynasty.

      Let it be a singularity.

      • It is really not about whether a dynasty is good or bad. It is about the benefits for the American people Presidential actions along such lines can bring. If Trump wants one of his children to succeed in the same way, he MUST stop and reverse the demographic displacement, as simple as that.

  9. They come here to live off of us and breed us out of existence. Just stopping the gravy train is cheaper than building a wall. It’s just as strong a disincentive for them to stay out.

  10. He’s already backpedaling. It doesn’t look like his immigration policy will be any different than Obama, who deported 2 million people. A major police state that deports children and people simply working probably won’t happen.


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