The New Yorker: The Alt-Right Hails Its Victorious God-Emperor

“Won’t it be great when Donald Trump becomes president because you wrote a fucking BuzzFeed article daring him to run? I mean, won’t that be fucking fantastic?” – Anonymous Cable News Host to McKay Coppins

Once again, this is the funniest thing that has ever happened in American politics in our lifetimes:

“I spent much of this fall listening, both online and in person, to the connoisseurs of ugliness who call themselves the alt-right. This is such a new category that no two people agree on precisely what it means or how many people fall within it. Some on the alt-right are committed white nationalists; others are committed neo-monarchists who refer to Donald Trump, buoyantly, as their “god-emperor”; others are chaos agents who are committed to nothing at all. One could argue that, together, these people’s social-media activism made it possible—made it conceivable—for Trump to be elected. On Wednesday, Charles Johnson, an alt-right troll who calls himself a journalist, was sitting on a Brooklyn-bound F train wearing a Make America Great Again hat. “You support a man who is racist, sexist, and homophobic,” a man standing next to him said, accurately. “We won—fuck off,” Johnson said, also accurately.

The alt-right is united less by ideology than by sensibility; a hallmark of that sensibility is a careful attunement to social norms, and a perverse delight in desecrating them. This is easy to do on the Internet, where anyone can say anything. Mike Cernovich, whom I profiled last month, became a prominent vessel of pro-Trump populism by saying unconscionable things on Twitter. “This election was a contest between P.C. culture and free-speech culture,” he told me the day after Trump’s victory. “Most people know what it’s like for some smug, élite asshole to tell them, ‘You can’t say that, it’s racist, it’s bad.’ Well, a vote for Trump meant, ‘Fuck you, you don’t get to tell me what to say.’ ” Cernovich, who grew up working-class in rural Illinois, visited his home town in February. He said, “My parents voted for Obama, but they told me, ‘If it’s Trump versus Hillary, we’ll go with him. He gets us. He talks like us.’ Since then, I never doubted that he’d be President.” …”

From the standpoint of the smug keepers of the liberal world order all across the Western world, Donald Trump’s conquest of Washington must feel like Alaric’s sack of Rome.

Note: Folks all over Middle America are laughing at this right now. Donald Trump is their new emperor. It all started at that White House Correspondents Dinner.

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  1. Seems like the dems demographic advantage isn’t all it was cracked up to be. I’m reading various figures, but it seems Trump got about 30% of the Hispanic vote nationally, and it was higher in certain key states like Florida and Arizona. Now there are rumors that the DNC may name black muslim congressman Keith Ellison chairman. That would make the DNC even more progressive, more black and muslim centric. That will do nothing but drive the white vote higher for Trump’s reelection.

    • The Democrats made a terrible mistake by nominating a white woman. The party of black Jews and Latinos should remember this lesson and always nominate one of their own to take on whitey.

      • I doubt we will see another white win the nomination for the dem party. I do think their unholy embrace of militant black liberation theology is going to doom them in the long run with all non-blacks, including Latinos and Asians.

    • So much for the liberals “reaching out” and “building bridges, not walls”. Let them become full-blown Red terrorists, they will only succeed in marginalizing themselves into oblivion.

    • Their current front runners for 2020 are the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren and the real negro former mayor of the cesspool of Newark, Corey Booker. Unless part of a dynasty (e. g. Clinton), no normal white guy (Sanders is a Jewish communist) can get through their primaries successfully. Assuming Trump can deliver, his re-election bid will feature pure identity politics. (I doubt that he wants 2 terms, but that’s another discussion.)

      • Warren will be 71 in four years. I’d be shocked if they followed up this defeat by running an even older white woman again. They don’t get the minorities out.

      • they will run cuomo, the newark nigge,r deblasio, and some congrees assholes they think stand out, maybe a celbrity

  2. The Western Roman Empire collapsed 60 years after Alaric sacked Rome. History moves a lot faster in modern times, we’ll all live to see neoliberal Rome collapse.

  3. The Right stole two key themes from the Left.

    Concern for American Workers and Anti-War peace movement. The Right must make a big deal of this.

    Incredibly, Hillary led a war party into the crazy zone. She even had traditionally anti-war progs chanting for new cold war over Russia. They cheered for the destroyer of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine that led to great miseries.

    Historians remember WWI as a terrible mistake.

    Reactionaries see the tragic fall of European dynasties.

    Nationalists see stupid entangling alliances that sucked everyone in.

    Socialists remarked how the left in every nation supported the war instead of opposing it and saving workers from the meat grinder.

    Race-ists see it as a tragedy of whites killing whites.

    Eugenicists saw an entire generation of bravest and brightest get wiped out, esp as so many elite officers died as well.

    Looking back, WWI was so unnecessary.

    100 yrs later, in this 21st century, we faced similar dangers. After the Cold War, there can be peace and mutual understanding around the world. But globalism led by US elites seeks domination all over(with homo fruitsade as proxy), and it seeks to punish or crush any potential rival.

    Risky policy with Russia(and China) can lead to needless wars that mean nothing to MOST Americans. US already sullied its name with all these disasters in the Middle East & North Africa.

    There were alarming parallels between then and now.

    The crazy alliances that makes war more likely. NATO was originally defensive to protect Western Europe. Now, it’s mainly offensive to provoke Russia. If nations like Georgia and Ukraine are allowed to join, things get nervier over there.

    And the crazy alliance of US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Arab Emirates that made the Syrian War possible only forced Russia and Iran’s greater role in that conflict which is a total humanitarian catastrophe.

    The Left traditionally led the anti-war movement, but there was no protest against the destruction of Libya, the wrecking of Syria, and the dangerous provocations in Ukraine.

    Eerily, the so-called Left, like the socialists on the eve of WWI carried away with patriotism, supported Hillary was a war-mongering saber-rattling witch threatening new wars and confrontations. (Jill Stein was a minority voice on the Left.) Shockingly, the vilification of Russia is more extreme now than during the Cold War. Why? Tribal animus of the 2%.

    Maybe Hillary was just throwing some meat at her donors. Maybe as president, she would have been more sensible. But her sociopathic responses to US policy in the Middle East suggests she can really be a cold-blooded psycho. Gaddafi was no angel, and maybe there was some poetic justice to his gruesome end, but laugh about it? But Hillary also snickered about her defense of a child rapist.

    Anyway, with Hillary as president, it could have been WWI Redux.

    Unlike WWII that really was instigated by mad dog Hitler, WWI could have easily been avoided by all sides if all they talked more and balked less.

    Thanks to Trump. We avoided that tragic repeat of history.

    As a side note, Pat Robertson got some flak over a book in which he blamed Illuminati and Jewish bankers for the machinations that led to WWI. I don’t how true his ideas are, and I don’t trust him on history.

    But an honest look at post-cold-war US foreign policy cannot ignore the strong Jewish component in the lies, aggressions, war crimes, and the brinkmanships. In government, finance, media, etc.

    Trump has to be lauded as the Peace Candidate.

    In a way, this is why the Left is most embarrassed. Their themes passed to the Right cuz Hillary got too close to Wall Street and War State.

    The morally creditable Anti-War mantle fell onto the lap of the Right.

    No Wars for Globalists should be the motto.

    Justin Raimondo of Anti-War and the American Conservative Magazine deserve credit for creating this space on the Right.

    Hillary: Let’s send even our daughters to war.

    Peace Right: Let’s not even send our sons.


    • Good points. In the Eastern Europe liberals remembering great sucess of putting whites to kill each other in both world wars and flirting already idea that liberalism must abandon multiculturalism and transform itself into “real nationalism” .

      In practice it means that people like Tim Wise will find and train new “real nationalists” and after 10 years cool young politicans come out with theory that real patriots must fight against other whites.

      We see this already in Ukraine.

        • As much I want, there are no reason for congratulation yet. Yes, I,m happy too with brave uprising of Great American People but we don,t know yet, is this first step to victory or first step to disaster.

          Now is very risky time and chanche to go strait to hell is very big. Our enemy is not dead yet, it is alive and nobody knows how strong.

          Few days after Hitler invasion to USSR it looked also like victory. Red Army looked finished but 10 days after deadly blow came infamous Stalin radio speech in 3 july 1941 and this was doomsday for white nationalism for now 75 years.

          Did any of the brave American soldiers knew in 1945 that they will be multiculted ???

    • “Unlike WWII that really was instigated by mad dog Hitler, WWI could have easily been avoided by all sides if all they talked more and balked less.”

      Take your Jew-scripted propaganda, and shove it.

  4. Did anyone else see the smack down delivered by one of our comrades in New York to the msnbc drone and a sister boy protestor on behalf of our glorious President Trump?

  5. American Right needs to side with Palestinians.

    We need to say to all Cucks.

    “De-program yourself from kneejerk servility to Zion.”

    The Entire Jewish Global Power Network tried to Palestinianize the white race. Not only in the US but in the ancient homelands of Europe.

    99% of Jewish-controlled institutions pushed the ‘refugee’ crisis on Europe.

    Israelis come to Greece to welcome ‘refugees’ headed to Europe. Incredible!

    Hillary, their whore, promised her masters to finish off White America.

    NYT and entire Ivy League power structure condemn Hungary for trying to preserve itself.

    Despite all this, the Right still favors Israel over Palestinians?

    Remember, we didn’t start this hostility. American Right supported Israel and became pro-Jewish.

    It is the Jews who’ve been unrelenting in their demand that all white nations be Palestinianized thru endless invasions.

    In saying NO to Invasivism, we need to side with Palestinians, the first people to be Palestinianized.

    2016 was a year when most of the Jewish Powers that be (even in the GOP) denounced any supporter of Trump as deplorable subhuman nazi and etc.

    This level of dehumanization was surpassed only by Nazis and commies.

    And if Trump had lost, the powers of Zion would have their boots over your face in the mud(like in Spielberg’s Lincoln) and gloating over your demise.

    The Right didn’t ask for this fight with Jews. They waged it on the Right.

    Right must side with Palestinians.

    Zion can never be trusted.

    How they really feel:


  6. Strange how none of these reporters ever thinks to sit down and conduct a legitimate interview with any “alt right” figures, they just go by whatever MILO or the SPLC tells them. Fags.

    • I don’t know the artist but it is a painting of Napoleon crossing the Alps. The campaign of 1796 or 1800 in Italy.

  7. Now that Trump won and got in, partly with help from shock troops or shock trolls of the Alt Right, will he do a NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES?

    We must never trust him. Rohm trusted MY FRIEND HITLER and look what happened to him.

    We need to be realistic and subtle in adding pressure him.

    If we push too hard and fast for ‘radical’ stuff, he will be forced to push back and purge all remnants of Alt Right in order to work with Establishment that holds all the levers of power in media, finance, and government.


    • I trust Trump. He wouldn’t have taken 17 months of abuse for his issues if he weren’t serious about them. His immigration advisors, for example, are hardcore. I only worry a bit about the foreign policy team.

      • The staged protests are an attempt at intimidation. I do see a connection between the protest pressure and Trumps cabinet picks. I don’t like Woolsey but he may be part of a game.

        • Woolsey was on a local talk program here in Wi days before the election. He endorsed Trump. Said Hillary was a security risk because of e-mails and believed she could be bought by foreign interests.

          • Woolsey tried to jump-start the Iraq war by going on TV and making up an absurd conspiracy theory that Saddam Hussein had worked with Iran to pull off 9/11.

            Woolsey – the least effective CIA director in history – has declared his 100% loyalty to “the Jewish people” and says it’s wonderful that people think he’s Jewish and says he “heads up the Presbyterian wing of the Jewish Institution for National Security Affairs.”

            He’s the worst of the worst neo-con – along with Bolton. If he gets anything other than a nominal, do-nothing post, it’s a very, very bad sign.

          • At the risk of saying

            “It’s different this time”

            It’s different this time.

            Bush was an illegitimate victor in the 2000 debacle.

            Trump is secure and he favors nationalism.

          • I thought Pollard gave secrets about our nuclear sub deployments to Israel which then traded this info to the USSR for more Jewish refuseniks.
            He should have been executed and relations cut.

      • He needs to get comfortable before he starts implementing policy. Its been less that a week. I’d say he will be rolling full speed by May or June.

      • Had he just wanted to pad his ego with the presidency he wouldn’t have pissed off the Jews so much with populist rhetoric, he’d have gone Slick Willy style.

    • This would be an error on par with Putin not vetoing the no fly zone against Libya.

      Trust Satanists? Curry favor with them? That won’t end well.

    • The Brownshirts have not even come into being yet. Let the Soros protesters(the communist) harm Trumps people in the streets when Trump is president. Then let us see what Trump does. Brownshirts came into being to protect counter communist demonstrators from physical attacks in the streets. Will Trump defend his people in the streets?? Stay tuned.

  8. Anarchists are like Prog Trash.

    Most progs are not anarchists. They are too bobo haute status-conscious.

    Once yuppie-ism took off in the 80s and Clinton presided over the rise of new rich Libs in revived cities, status became very very important. Not just how you dressed but what coffee you drank and what store you shopped and what political views you held.

    And with more status-obsessed Asians competing for college and job spots, status became everything.

    So much of proggy attitudes is about status. It’s not just ideology of PC where C stands for correctness, cravenness, cowardice, etc.

    It’s about posturing, a fashion show of the New Respectable. Having the correct attitude is like wearing the right kind of shoes. It would be so gauche to be otherwise. Part of the contempt for working class America is they lack the Style. They are not Starbucks Vanilla Vente people.

    But I think this status is taking a beating with excessive decadence.

    When homos took the front seat of proggism, their sense of decor, design, and fanfare made it seem ‘cooler’ and ‘hipper’.

    But elevating homos gave an opening for every ugly, dorky, squiggly, yucky, and gross freak, degenerate, gorgon, creepazoid, and loonybin to demand the same respect.

    When homos with smarts, style, and sensibility rubbed shoulders with the rich and powerful who sought proggy cred, it was win-win for both sides.

    But once homomania idolized ‘the new normal’, every fat pug-ugly 50-gendered hagula with green hair, piercings, and tattoo thought he, she, or it now owned the world and demanded RESPECT.

    So, colleges got taken over by Twigglypuffs of the world.

    Proggism is looking uglier by the day.

    The great irony is that the sneering progs who look down on ‘white trash’ have become uglier and grosser than a hillbilly with tattoos.

    Just look at Lena Dunham.


    • This guy is the best political cartoonist working today. What a shame cucked PC culture denies him to so many who’d appreciate him.

  9. Funny one about defeated anti-Trumper Kelly Ayotte:

    Source on transition team passes on quote from Trump on Ayotte: “Mr. Trump has zero interest in having her in the Cabinet or anywhere else”
    4:32 PM – 12 Nov 2016 from Brooklyn, NY

  10. Have to laugh at the name of the plaza.

    Cornell Students Hold “Cry-in” on Ho Plaza

    The description on the Facebook event page read the following:

    ‘Join us as we hold each other, cry, and hug. We need to show that we are still here, we are not erased, and we matter.

    Today we cry, but tomorrow we’ll fight against bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism, ableism, sexual assualt, restrictive immigration policies, etc etc.

    The weapon we have is love (and activism, and rallies, and protests, and local/state elections, civil disobedience, and etc etc). We fight for and with each other.’

  11. These Proglodytes who are burning down Portland and Seattle are a funny bunch.

    They say they claim to care for the down-and-out and the have-less.

    Okay, then why don’t they go to where the poor folks(black, white, brown, etc) live and try to uplift them with medicine, knowledge, sermons, inspiration, organization, business, and etc?

    Instead, they are parasites who hang around the richest and most gentrified communities. Since they are too stupid and lazy to succeed like the smart and ambitious bobo Libs, they get sore and burn things down and act like louts in fits of mob violence.

    But their mob thuggery is supposed justified on grounds that it’s against ‘racism’.

    I think Christian missionary types are fools, but they really do go where the poor folks are and try to help and uplift them.

    These Proglodytes are such total phonies.

    This is where Alt Right people must be different. Alt Rightists must be hard, disciplined, sober, and concerned about people who need inspiration, guidance, and help.

    Alt Right agents must be like the Alec Guinness character in Doctor Zhivago. No, we are not communists, but we need that kind of organization, that kind of seriousness, that kind of focus.


  12. I think they were so convinced Hillary would win that these riots we’re seeing several days later were delayed because of this, they’d have been organized to have gone down Tuesday night had they anticipated this in advance.

    Did anyone notice the strange music keyed as Trump walked off the stage at 2am after his acceptance speech after Hillary called? It was the bittersweet Mick Jagger tune “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” which is hardly a victory tune and seemed more likely to be choreographed for a defeat speech. Did someone key the wrong set of music? Or were they all prepared for a goodbye I’m moving on speech?

    Podesta’s defiant little rant had me so fearful the ghetto’s in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee were about to drop a whole bunch of stuffed fake ballot boxes and steal this election. I think Hillary considered that option way too risky and if it failed all the Clinton crimes would surely be prosecuted.

    • Outrageous. Is the author a relative?

      “Yes, Trump, we called you scum and did everything we could to wreck you politically and personally, but now YOU need to make up with US and hire our people.”

      These people are the worst.

    • If Hillary won they’d be telling all of us to pound sand. First cardinal rule of politics: Reward your friends and punish your enemies, especially if they’re backstabbing traitors. Please DJT, we don’t need any “reaching out” to these bastards. Kick them out and keep them out!

    • Trump should authorize a black op to torpedo (literally) their National Review Cruise and take out the entire line-up of ‘Conservative All-stars.’

  13. This is probably being walked back as I write, but check out this comment from a white dem rep in Boston:

    “U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch says it’s time for the Democratic Party to “get back to its roots” and refocus on speaking about the issues facing white, blue-collar workers now that the Republican Party has seized control of the White House and retained both the House and Senate.

    “This is a rebuilding year, I think we have to look at the results and where our weaknesses are,” an introspective Lynch told the Herald yesterday, three days after President-elect Donald Trump cruised to a surprise victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    “We are very, very progressive and sometimes we overlook that there are people in this country who struggle who happen to be white,” Lynch said. “They are going to work every day and they haven’t had a raise in a long, long time, but the Democrats don’t talk much about them.””

  14. This is a surprising victory, but not a paradigm shift. Most of the people that voted for Trump in the Rust Belt are no different than Reagan Democrats if they’re weren’t actual Reagan Dems back in the 80’s. When the Dems win next, you’ll be saying that the sky is falling and it will be the same blue collar whites in the midwest that change their votes back to Dem.
    We saw the same shock at Reagan winning since he was an actor. On the other hand, he had some political experience, unlike Trump.

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