What Now?

After a year of hard work, we got what we wanted: Donald Trump won the presidency.

It is an unbelievable result. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. I haven’t had much time to think through where we go from here, but as we move forward into 2017 a few obvious directions come to mind:

1.) Interest Group – We’ve got to organize and become an interest group. President Trump made all sorts of promises during the campaign and has to be held accountable. He ran on a strong nationalist message. He laid out a bold, strong national populist agenda. In doing so, he moved the Overton Window and created the grounds – pretty good grounds, considering where we were – on which he can be criticized in the future.

2.) Nationalism, Inc. – If we learned nothing else from this election, it is that we need to beef up our own institutions. We have some very potent ideas. We have a strong message that resonates with White people. Millions of White people now believe in our ideas, but until now we were missing the spark to ignite the explosion. We need to invest in creating our own institutions to compete in politics. We’ve got Breitbart, but its meteoric growth suggests there is an audience for a much stronger brew.

3.) Taboos – Hillary Clinton said shed going to show the world that love was going to trump hate. She ran against hate groups, the alt-right, Pepe … and she lost. Political correctness has never been more vulnerable to a challenge. If we break the Left’s stranglehold over our culture and its values, many more political victories will follow. We have a lot of taboo smashing to do and many snowflakes to melt.

4.) Organizing – I don’t know about you guys, but wouldn’t you like to leave behind this anonymous underground scene and start organizing and having meetups in the real world? I’ve been doing it for years now. We need President Donald Trump to open up the cultural space to where we can start organizing in the real world. That’s the most important thing he can do for us as president to reward us for our support. If this were possible, we could rapidly become a far stronger political force than we are now.

5.) Crackdown – It would be real nice to have the Justice Department crackdown on anti-White groups that engage in mob violence, harassment of our activists and violation of our civil rights. We need President Trump to cut off the federal government’s support for those groups. Maybe even have the FBI investigate them.

6.) More Trumps – By destroying the Washington establishment, President Trump has opened up political space for others to run for office on his platform. Obviously, we need more people like Paul Nehlen running for office in state and federal races. There are plenty of #NeverTrumpers out there like Linda Graham who are prime targets.

7.) European Spring – It is my understanding that Breitbart is expanding its operations into continental Europe. That’s wonderful news. We need to pivot to pushing forward the European Spring to bring other nationalists to power in Western Europe.


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  1. The most important thing we can do now is criticize Trump’s every move, downplay our pre-election involvement and enthusiasm, and say “I told you so” whenever Trump fails to do something our community wants.

    That’s the white way…

  2. What ideological attitude really prevails among the elites?


    Intellectism isn’t based on race since there are intellectuals and smart people among all races.

    But it is biological in the sense the elite institutions and industries tend to draw together people who are naturally smart and industrious. After all, industriousness alone won’t cut it.

    A person with 90 IQ can study all he or she wants. Aint gonna make it to MIT or Stanford.

    So, Liberal Elite Progs are into HBD but on mental grounds than racial origin.

    Now, since the Intellectist environment draws together smart people of all color, these folks may see themselves as beyond ‘atavistic’ biological view of people.

    But a community based on smart people is biological in that it pulls together the naturally brainy types of all races. Even with affirmative action, it favors smarter blacks over dumb blacks, smarter browns over dumb browns, etc.

    It is no less restrictivist than a race-ist organized community that determines who’s in or who’s out according to race. Only the rules of admission is different.

    Some might call it meritocratic, and it is to the extent that even smart people must make an effort to succeed. However, it’s not pure meritocracy since genes predetermine who can and cannot succeed. It’s not just about the means but the genes. It is largely deterministic. Meritocracy works only with those predestined by genes to be smart. Determeritistic.

    I think enough Progs will admit that, yes, they do gravitate to communities of smart and successful people. But they are not willing to admit to what extent this is biological. They may focus on values, effort, connections, or etc. that favored some people for entry… which is why NYT keeps on printing its umpteenth piece on some new theory to close the GAP.

    Now, it is true enough that some less smart people do get into the higher realm through intermarriage or legacy(like at Harvard that book in George W. Bush).

    At any rate, intellectist-organized society is no less discriminatory along brain power.

    But its smug ‘progressive’ people ignore that factor and pretend to be ‘inclusive’ because they speak feel-goody rhetoric about ‘doing more’ to make everyone succeed and because they are diverse by drawing in the best and brightest from all groups.

    But if all these smarties gravitate together, they will live in their own bubble and become disassociated with their own people except through theory of proggy talk.

    White elites become disassociated from white masses, now known as deplorables.

    Black elites become disassociated from black masses.

    Yellow elites become disassociated from yellow masses.

    Brown elites become disassociated from brown masses.

    Hindu elites become disassociated from Hindu masses.

    In this Coming Apart from the masses and Coming Together as an Elite(increasing interracial elite, like the Rubenstein-Chuas), they turn into a mestizo-mulatto-Chewish super-elite of high IQ-ness.

    Sure, these elites, esp the non-white ones, will spout the usual PC cliches about combating ‘white privilege’ in theory and lectures, but in their daily life, they will be sharing in’white privilege’ or globo-privilege like the one enjoyed Fareed Zakaria.


  3. Please, please no (((neocons))) in influential foreign policy or defense positions. I am sick of those disgusting, bloodthirsty, warmonger bastards using our guys and money for their tribal ends. No war with Russia. Cooperation based on mutual respect and consideration of each country’s interests. No support for any jihadist-terrorists, “moderate” or otherwise, even though Israel thinks ISIS is a strategic asset. Friendly relations with Bashar al-Assad. All of this seems possible with Trump.

    I don’t even mind Iran’s weapons programs. They have seen since 2003 what happens to countries Israel dislikes who lack that protection…

      • But the thing about guys like Steve King of Iowa is that they don’t support Israel because they love and worship Kikes. It’s just that they love the fact that Israel brutalizes Moslem filth.

        And therein lies my problem with a lot of the anti-Israel groups (BDS for example). They don’t hate Jews. They just want the Brown Palestinians to flood Europe and America like their goat-herding, rapist cousins. They just whine about Israel being “racist” because of their walls and segregation laws.

  4. One important point should be revenge. In Eastern Europe antiwhites are down or left the country because they know, they will be punished.

    But in the west….when human lost the job 10 years ago because somebody called him a raciss…when will be time, when this somebody will pay for its hate and pay compensation to human ???

    One must have organization should be victims of cultural marxism or political correctness or something similar. Like jews have ther holohoax clubs.

  5. Have people learned that the white working class is much less concerned with social control issues like gay marriage and abortion than they are with political and economic ones?

      • Yes. The cucks who whine only about social issues but push Globalism and Multiculturalism were broken in the Republican Primaries.

        The other issues (abortion, queers, defense of Christianity, etc…) should be able to mesh with Nationalism (that’s the natural course), but the Jews skewed everything a while back on that front.

        But things are slowly mending themselves on that front.

  6. Have to focus on the baby steps first. Trump needs to get a party united behind him so he can make good use of the republican congress. If he misplays his hand, he’ll just end up a lame duck like Obama and further discussion is rendered moot.
    Has to keep GOPe types from sabotaging him. Getting Ryan taken down as speaker of the house would be an excellent start if he can pull it off.

    • He needs to liquidate the near enemy. Ryan, Romney, Bushes.
      When he is sworn in chase down rioters.

      • Bushes – sent way out to Islamic countries as diplomats.

        Romneys – he can go back to politics in Massachusetts, he wasn’t bad there.

        Ryan – think just knocked down a few pegs for disloyalty, he can keep his Congressional seat, but no way Speaker of the House

  7. We need to push forward, in every moment. Take up for our Race. Say to Whites, EVERY DAY, we must take own side. Say it in 3D. Remind people, EVERY DAY, that Whites put Trump in office, period. When cucked Whites sate that other voted for him, flatly shut the down. You don’t have to be “mean” – you simply must FLATLY shut down any other “narrative” about non-Whites. We must deprogram Whites who reflexively defend The Other. It’s all about us. Non Whites who voted for Trump can be given credit and quarter – and can stay, in their own zones – but it’s all about Whites. Jews must GO. Expulsion 110 is way overdue

  8. It’s lucky for the insurgents that I am not POTUS. The streets would be cleansed in their blood. They MUST be purged. Sans merci.

  9. Do not forget a big part of what got us here: meme and shit post. President Trump needs us more than ever.

  10. Without a doubt the most important step to take now is to organize, organize, organize. Stop sitting back and waiting for Trump to let us down, because he will at some point. Better to use him and his success as a testament to what can be accomplished when having to fight against a stacked deck than to rely on him to always make decisions that we Nationalists and Racialists will find acceptable.

    Finding talented individuals and giving them proper roles is something that every successful movement has to do in order to succeed. This only comes from a core group of individuals who are determined to organize when others are sitting on their ass and complaining. I’ve seen pro-White people that are good craftsmen and tradesmen. I’ve seen pro-White people who are good artists and savvy when it comes to technology. I’ve seen pro-White people that I think would be great analysts and researchers. I’ve seen pro-White people that I know would make excellent writers and speakers. I’ve seen pro-White people that I’m positive would be good managers, motivators and coordinators. But I’ve never seen an attempt by any organization to put these people into a cohesive unit. The synergy has never been there.

    Where does the organization start?

    • Identifying a successor is the most important thing.

      Second tier of new leadership is needed…

  11. Andrew Anglin has the right idea with his Stormer Book Club. There’s also the Houston Goylers, courtesy of the goys at The Right Stuff. IRL meet-ups are becoming all the rage! And it seems that most of the people who participate are the kind of people you’d actually want to associate with, no head-cases, whack jobs, LARPers, snitches or fat, weird, anti-social types.

    • an idea Mr Anglin floated today is quite important; a lawsuit against FacebergGoogleTwitterPaypal for tortious interference in whites’ ability to not only conduct business, but exercise their first amendment rights.

      If Christians have to bake cakes for gays, Jews have to do business with Nazis.

  12. Of the 7 points, all good ones, #5 is most likely to yield a “profit” in terms of energy in energy out. Once whites’ civil right are restored, it’s all over; not just now, but forever.

    Take the shackles off, take the gag out of our mouths and we won’t just win (we already are), we will dominate!

  13. This is really a great and timely article. I would only add that #5 (legislative hitting back at antiwhites) could probably be downplayed to invest those resources into a double portion of #2 (Southern nationalist media outreach).

    We need an explicitly Southern nationalist media outlet, comparable to TRS. TRS (management, not the commenters) has been very nice to southern Nationalist so far but that alliance will be inherently fragile. We cannot count on TRS as a means to get our message out, as it may become watered down into panwhite nationalism, or they could just give us the boot completely.

    Furthermore, the more prowhite outlets we have, the harder it is for our enemies to take us down. We must be like the multiheaded Hydra. There may be differences in ideology, but TRS, Daily Stormer, and a future SN outlet would be natural allies in the fight against progressivism.

    I am referring to a media outlet that puts out lots of multimedia content, more than one man and his blog could ever do alone.

  14. He must have his Attorney General (I vote for Trey Gowdy) appoint a special prosecutor to investigate HRC and the Clinton Foundation like he promised.
    He must get control of the borders.
    He must rework free trade deals and not be afraid to impose tariffs.
    He must go after these nations funding ISIS an Al Qaeda.
    If he does this it will not save America but it will delay its final collapse by a few decades. If he does none of the red state anger turns into red state secession.

  15. I think we’ll have an interesting series of events to watch. Both of us voted Trump. you did more so out of building a movement, I did more out of disgust for what Clinton did in Libya. If Trump works out the alt right will benefit. If Trump on the other hand burns people, arguments can be made that capitalist politicians can’t fix things. Then the hard, class based, left will benefit (not the liberal left).

  16. What now?…

    Let’s take a giant step back.

    Our side as nominal political control of 75% of the territory of the United States. We obviously don’t have cultural control – don’t own a single Hollywood movie studio – Hell even Fox looks like we’re going to lose it.

    But all the pussyfooter, cuckservatives and the Israeli PM are kissing Trump’s ring.

    Let’s step back.

    Fly the American flag for a bit.

    Deport the worst illegal alien criminals.

    Put away your uniforms of open racist #*$*@.

    You/we are just Trump supporters – regular working stiffs.

    Let’s enjoy the win.

  17. I don’t know about smashing the Washington establishment. Look who is being considered for cabinent positions! We need to speak up so trump brings in people from outside the beltway!

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