Europe Reacts To Trump’s Victory

Dugin in Russia:

The French establishment braces for the European Spring:

“HÉNIN-BEAUMONT, France — It was a moment of intense French patriotism on a sunny Friday, Armistice Day. A band blared “La Marseillaise,” the national anthem. Shouts of “Vive la France!” filled the chilly November air. And there, too, was Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, beaming.

Before Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory in the United States this week, Ms. Le Pen was considered a disruptive political force but far from a true threat to become president herself when France votes next spring. Not anymore.

Since Wednesday, French news outlets, along with Ms. Le Pen’s mainstream political rivals, have been repeating the same thing: It could happen here.

And Ms. Le Pen is not alone. From the Balkans to the Netherlands, politicians on the far right have greeted the election of Mr. Trump with unrestrained delight and as a radical reconfiguring of the political landscape — not just in the United States, but in Europe as well…”

Trump has already reached out to the Le Pens:

“Marion Maréchal-Le Pen — a rising star in France’s far-right National Front and the niece of the party’s leader, Marine Le Pen — wrote on Twitter on Saturday that representatives of President-elect Donald Trump had invited her to “work together.”

Le Pen, 26, became the youngest member of France’s Parliament in 2012. She was elected to represent Vaucluse, a region in southern France with heavy ties to the National Front, a party founded by her grandfather, the 88-year-old Jean-Marie Le Pen. He once referred to the Nazi concentration camps as a “detail of history.”

“I answer yes to the invitation of Stephen Bannon, CEO of @realDonaldTrump presidential campaign, to work together,” Marion Maréchal-Le Pen tweeted….”

Her tweet reflected a highly unusual phenomenon: an American president-elect seeking to forge relationships with ultranationalist and populist factions overseas that are often sharply critical of their countries’ governments. It also raised the question of whether Trump and his representatives have been reaching out to foreign populist parties before first reaching out to foreign heads of state. …”

We used to say that Hillary Clinton was the Angela Merkel of America. Now, we say that Angela Merkel is the Hillary Clinton of Europe:

“BERLIN — And then there was one.

Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, has emerged as the last powerful defender of Europe and the trans-Atlantic alliance after the election of Donald J. Trump. But after 11 years in power, she is tired, her associates say, and under siege seemingly from all directions.

She is under pressure from the same forces that elevated Mr. Trump in America, fueled Britain’s vote to exit the European Union and are now propelling the populist Marine Le Pen in France. At home, the hard-right Alternative for Germany party has scored a string of victories in state elections.

Ms. Merkel needs to fend off a resurgent Russia that is promoting its brand of illiberal democracy by backing right-wing parties throughout the Continent and fanning the flames of populism …”

The end of Merkel?

“Wolfgang Schäuble said outrage rather than the truth seemed to be more important when Donald Trump made statements during his campaign.

Speaking the day after the billionaire businessman won the US Presidential election, Mr Schäuble said everybody should be wary of an increase in populist forces across Europe.

He said: “Demagogic populism is not just a problem in America. …”

Angela Merkel is now the biggest volksverräter left standing in the Western world.

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    • Meanwhile former prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said: “The boundaries of reason disappeared with Brexit, the main lesson for France is that Le Pen can win.”

      Elections have consequences

      • Notice that they still don’t get it and cannot help themselves with their arrogance! “the boundaries of reason”?! The first rule of war is understand your enemy. They don’t understand us, thus they cannot win.

  1. Look at all the crazy anti-Trump protests.

    Subconsciously, I think the Proglodytes are really sore because they can’t believe a man like Donald Trump, with the help of ‘deplorable racists’, won the presidency as the champion of the Worker and World Peace.

    Hillary was supported by billionaires 20 to 1. She was Goldman Sachs Girl. She called for more New Cold Wars. She called for war in Syria. She was behind the mass murder in Libya and aiding, directly or indirectly, rebranded Alqaeda in Syria. She was the favorite of every crazy hawk in Pentagon.

    Trump beat her with positions normally associated with the Left.

    That is why they are sore. They just can’t admit it.

    I wonder if these morons will ever realize that globalism, mass scab-immigration, and homomania are all agendas pushed by globalist elites.

    Someone said ‘nationalism is socialism of fools’ but in fact, ‘socialism(the radical kind) is the nationalism of fools’.

    The Communist Empire tried to create a new identity of various ethnic groups based on ideology… and it all broke apart, and each people wanted their own nation.

    In fact, socialism(sane kind based on market economics) can only within a closed nation of shared identity and trust. This is why Swedish socialism once worked but is breaking apart as Sweden is filling up with Africans and Muslims.

    Social Nationalism is what works in Israel. Destroy nationalism and you destroy socialism too since the masses are too divided to unite against the elite class. That is why elites, esp minority elites, love diversity.

    When will the Proglodytes ever figure this out? Too brainwashed by PC.

    Social-Nationalism and National Humanism must be the wave of the future.


  2. If Trump and Alt Right have one thing in common, it is their attitude of “Die but don’t retreat”.

    When Germans invaded Russia, they expected easy victory of lazy cowards. But Russians began fighting back and didn’t retreat despite the losses. German animus remained but there was also growing German respect for the enemy. These deplorable subhumans were standing their ground.

    Another example. When the French were torturing Algerians, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote an essay about a book called The Question. In it, Sartre discussed the methods and meanings of torture. It was to dehumanize the enemies and destroy their souls. What the Nazis had done to the French Resistance, the French were doing to Algerians.

    Many Algerians folded under pain. Understandably so… which is why I don’t condemn John McCain’s ‘tokyo rose’ act. Pain is king.

    BUT, some Algerians didn’t give in. In not giving into torture and standing their ground despite the pain, torment, and humiliation, they demonstrated that they were stronger than the torturers.

    And the torturers couldn’t help feeling some degree of respect and even awe for their victims even if they hated what the victims stood for.

    I think there is something like this in the Establishment’s view of Trump and Alt Right. Trump is not Alt Right, but neither folds under pressure.

    This election was closest to media lynching and torture. It was trial by fire. But Trump didn’t flinch, didn’t bow, didn’t beg for mercy. He just fought on til he won. He overcame the torturers. MSM can’t help but feel a degree of awe over what he accomplished.

    And when MSM talks with Alt Right, there is the sense that these guys and gals will not retreat, backpeddle, apologize, plead mercy, etc. Alt Right people are willing to risk all to say what they have to say.

    We see this in Ramzpaul’s interview with NPR.

    Of course, this makes the MSM hate Alt Right even more… but there must be some degree of respect because Alt Right can take all the slings and arrows and not flinch. They are stronger than the MSM who burns witches at the stake. Stronger in will, resolve, and righteousness in not begging for mercy.

    In contrast, even though the Cucks are moderate and ‘acceptable’, they get NO respect from MSM cuz they are just wet noodle who will cave, bend, kneel, and wet their pants in fear of being called ‘wacist’.

    I mean who respects Rich Lowry who grovels before Al Sharpton and turns on his own side to win ‘acceptable’ doggy biscuits?

    Not giving into torture:


    BBC editor defends decision to air interview with Marine Le Pen on Andrew Marr Show amid furious row

    Outrage: Anger erupted at the decision to air an interview with National Front leader Marine Le Pen on the Andrew Marr Show on Remembrance Sunday

    The Evening Standard

    BBC executives have defended the decision to air an interview with French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Remembrance Sunday following an angry backlash on social media.

    Critics hit out at the corporation accusing it of giving a “platform for fascism” and branded the timing “inappropriate” after it emerged the National Front leader would appear during a pre-recorded interview.

    But the BBC has dismissed the outrage, claiming the controversial politician is a “serious contender” for the French presidency.

    Andrew Marr Show editor Rob Burley posted a series of tweets justifying why Ms Le Pen was chosen to be interviewed on the political programme.

    Among the reasons he stated was Donald Trump’s shock election win which he said made victory for Ms Le Pen a “possibility”.

    Ms Le Pen posted a series of tweets following Mr Trump’s stunning upset over Hillary Clinton which she described as “good news” for France.

    He wrote: “Marine Le Pen is a controversial booking. But she is a serious contender for the French Presidency whatever you think of her views.

    “Her party’s support – 6m in 2015 elections, 6m in the last Presidential Election and her ratings ahead of 2017 election significant. .

    “In French politics she is “normalised” by public support. We either treat her seriously or censor her.

    “The shocks to conventional wisdom of the Referendum result & Donald Trump’s election make her victory a possibility if it wasn’t already.”

    His intervention came amid a storm of angry tweets from social media users.

    Journalist Liam O’Hare wrote: “The BBC has invited a neo-fascist – Marine Le Pen – to be a guest on the Andrew Marr show this Sunday. Remembrance Sunday. Lest we forget?”

    Caroline Evans posted: “On Remembrance Sunday #Marr sees Marine Le Pen as an appropriate guest. BBC frequently allowing fascism to be an acceptable political view.”

    And Irene Klein tweeted: “I really admire your work, but giving fascists a platform is what brought us here in the first place. Please stop.”

  4. A victory for the EU: The Hungarian government tried and failed to pass a law allowing the government to ban migrants. The Commies, cucks and pro-EU Jobbik abstained, so the bill failed. In a referendum, 98.3% of voters rejected EU plans to force non-EU invaders on Hungary. The Commies, cucks and Jobbik kikes defied the will of the people.

  5. Neither Europe or America has yet ‘passed the Rubicon’, but by no means we should wait further to take drastic actions. I have no idea if ‘rahowa’ will happen. But shutting down the borders and deportations sounds at least like a possibility.

  6. I’m still giddy from the week’s events, tbh.

    I’m headed to the gym this morning, and I still have a couple of women pestering me to meet for lunch and come over, but all I want to do is hunt down some progs, SJWs, and Hillary supporters and get in their face.

    Met with some fellow deplorables at the Newport Beach pier yesterday to hunt down Hillary supporters and pick a fight. Not a target in sight!

    We are just getting started.

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