Poor White People

Symone Sanders probably thought she was speaking “truth to power” on CNN, but she just summed up why her side lost the election and much, much more:

“On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” CNN Political Commentator and former National Press Secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Symone Sanders reacted to an apparent refence man who was beaten by a group of people while others chanted “Don’t vote Trump” by saying, “Oh my goodness, poor white people.”

During a discussion of post-election hate crimes, Sanders stated that Trump should put action behinds his words that people shouldn’t engage in hate crimes. She further criticized Trump for the “audacity of privileged white people to sit on television and question if hate crimes are happening, to just flippantly say, stop it, it’s not okay, and not put any action behind those words is appalling to me.” Trump supporter and former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie responded that Trump did say people shouldn’t commit hate crimes and asked where President Obama was during various riots in the country. Higbie added that no one should act violently and say racist things on either side. …”

Exhibit A for why appealing to the old -isms and -phobias don’t work anymore:

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  1. Stop it!

    Stop thinking this tool is pro-white.

    He was just a door opener, a berserker who scares and distracts the enemy.

    Nothing more.

  2. Do not fight with moslems and niggers. White liberal is the root of all evil. Get rid from liberals and there will be no diversity…( eupheism like sonderbehandlung, crime against humanity and will be sorted out in Nurenberg )

  3. So a white person who voted Trump gets beaten badly and has his car stolen and smug negress has no sympathy, then attempts to justify minority on white violence, which by my observations on the comments of “protestors” shows they believe the untrue Jew media spin of what Trump said, and not what Trump actually said. Blacks, like their Jew masters go with the “lie and deny til the bitter end” strategy. We’ll hopefully the bitter end of their BS is coming.

    • You can be sure all these “protests” are organized and don’t happen spontaneously. (((Soros))) funded provocateurs and (((MSM))) dog whistles bring the googles to the streets.

  4. So sick of being lectured by these black proxies who are nothing more than human shields for the real privileged (((whites))) who run this country. It’s so easy to hate these people but we have to remember who the real enemy is behind the curtain.

      • I hate them too, but my point is that they themselves are just the puppets and we can’t allow them to distract us from the ones holding the strings.

    • True. And Jews have about 6 million times more privilege than us Whites when judged by the same criteria (wealth, income, education attainment, per capita representation in certain industries, etc.) but we never here even one word about Jewish privilege. In fact, merely mentioning it is almost a hate crime. And so the Left is clearly not at all anti-privilege; it is simply anti-White.

  5. I want more of this all over the “news.” People need to see it. And Keith Ellison must be DNC Chair. Help him. Write and agitate.

  6. Gloating is ugly and nasty business. It is uncivil and insulting.

    But the MSM that demeaned Trump and his followers as crude and vulgar have been vile and vicious over the yrs.

    Who can forget their gloating in 2012?


    And it was a Tim-Wise style ugly vile gloating that insulted old folks and white folks.

    Yet, these lowlifes who act like this pontificate about civility and manners. Such total hypocrites.

    It’s like most thugs in politics are on the Proggy side but the project their neurosis onto the Right.

    I mean how many Hillary or Sanders rallies were cancelled due to Trump thugs?

    But in Chicago, an entire rally was shut down by thug behavior.

    And many of these Thugs have been paid for by likes of Soros. They act like the Nazi SA.

    Maybe Newsweek should run a 2016 cover of the Trump Conquest with heading:

    Democratic Party. Your Glue is Krazy, Kracked, and Klueless.

    And go sniff some more glue.


  7. That black whore is so stupid.

    If America is like a bus, more immigrants blacks get pushed to the back of the bus with more and more arrivals.

    If blacks wanna be Californized in all of America, okay!!

    Blacks used to be the #1 minority. Biggest and most important minority. But they are now #2 due to massive Hispanic immigration. And India says it wants to export 300 million Hindus to other nations.

    So, if we have total open borders and if all those Hindus wanna come to US, are blacks fine with that?

    Okay, they’ll just be squeezed further to the back of the bus.

    • That’s how deeply ingrained their anti-whitism is. The policies that black leaders support actually hurt blacks, but sticking it to whitey feels so good (and anyway is all they know) that they just can’t help themselves.

  8. MSM has repeated over and over that Trump is like a clown.

    Yes, he is in a way.

    But this is to be welcomed.

    In a perfect world, we would have serious and respectable presidential leaders ruling over a decent and normal moral people.

    But we are not living in that kind of world. We are living in a Circus World.

    Just look at our culture. Tattoos and green hair are normal. There was a time when having such meant no hiring. Today, I go to places and see workers with green hair, piercings, and tattoos all over. And I see parents and kids with ugly tattoos.

    Donahue wasn’t highbrow but he did have some interesting discussions.

    That format turned into vapid gushery of Oprah, trashiness of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Springer who calls himself a ‘liberal’ has spread trash all around.

    In the 80s, People Court had a sober judge presiding over cases. He did it professionally.

    Over the yrs, the court TV shows have turned into personality cult circuses with jive ass clowns like, PMS queens, and dudes like Texas Joe.

    Parents and kids watch Family Guy and other filth together.

    Fathers and Mothers find nothing wrong with their sons immersing in video games and daughters dressing like skankass hookers.

    Bill Clinton should have resigned after disgracing himself but he remained, and every Liberal was saying ‘who cares what he did as long he presided over a successful dot.com economy?’ So, materialism is all that counts. Who cares when we are gonna be millionaires by investing in dot.com bubble?

    And what is the greatest spiritual theme of our age? Holy Homos!!!! Massive parades that glorify homos and trannies. And even fly sodomy flags in churches!!!

    Who can forget this iconic image? We are supposed to keep a straight face looking at such stuff.


    As if that wasn’t silly enough, we have Obama praising before the nation the ‘courage’ of a 65 yr old former Olympian who one day decided he is a woman with a wig and boob job.

    And Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus are healthy role models for kids. And how wonderful that kids get Slut Pride Culture from Disney Channel?

    And we have full-grown adults yammering about superhero comic book movies with some guy running around in a bat costume.

    Emma Sulkowicz the fraud is awarded with courage award by National Disorganization of Women.

    And Beyonce and Jay-Z are the favored guests in the White House.

    The biggest hit among the elites is some rap musical called Hamilton where Alexander be some jiving shucking homey who be wiggling his arse and rhyming foul nursery rhyme to save his face on the $10 bill.

    BLM perpetuated the myth that cops are main killers of all these innocent blacks.

    MSM makes it like Trump is Putin’s puppet and Russia is about to conquer the world.

    MSM says we are to regard Trump as gauche, vulgar, and stupid… but I suppose all the above-mentioned stuff is high-class, respectable, and dignified.

    Okay, the jig is up. We are living in a Circus Nation.

    Yes, Trump is a clown, but at least he has no pretenses. He plays it like a show cuz that’s what American Political and Media culture is. It is showbiz.

    Trump isn’t the only clown. They are all clowns. Obama, Clinton, Dubya, the presstitute journalists, so-called artists(who make junk for billionaires to bid on), partisan academics who cook up BS research, the results of which cannot be replicated. And the Pollsters did a Empress’s New Poll thing.

    I think what MSM feared so much was that Trump’s rise would expose all of them as clowns. After all, Trump could not have become president in a normal sober nation. The master clown became president because our nation is a clown show where Trump was considered half-decent for allowing Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner to go wee wee at Trump Towers. Yes, that is American Morality today. Trump can’t be all bad because a 65 yr old freak who thinks he’s a woman can go wee wee at Trump Tower.

    Now, who are most responsible for turning US into a circus nation? Who ran Hollywood, music industry, fashion industry, colleges, media, and etc? It wasn’t the 700 Club.

    So, I think the Trump phenom offers us an opportunity, a proposal.

    How about we require ALL politicians and ALL journalists and ALL academics to wear clown suits?

    Because such people dress properly and respectably, we have this false impression that they are serious people. We tend to judge people by their appearances.

    But clowns should really dress as clowns, and we would see them for what they are.

    And almost all politicians, journalists, academics, and elite folks are clowns.

    Consider these images:





    Wouldn’t we see such people for what they are if they dressed thus? We would no longer have any more pretenses about what they are.

    Now, even those in clown suits can do good work and redeem themselves. But clowns need to dress like clowns, and American culture, popular and political, has turned into a circus.

    DC ought to be called ClownTown.


  9. It is truly tragic how White people have permitted their minds to be
    brainwashed by the J-Tribe. The were lured into loving MONEY rather than
    God, and shiny baubles rather than their own people.

    They BOUGHT into DIEversity and they keep drinking it all in from the
    Glass Toilet and the movies from Hollyweird and the Universities, and so
    help me God, the CHURCHES of CHURCHIANITY, which is totally under the
    control of the J-Tribe.

    There is SOME positives, more and more Whites are waking up, but will it
    be big enough and STRONG enough to defeat the Christ-killers? Only time
    will tell, and perhaps God is going to permit the EVIL to FINALLY pay
    for their crimes.

  10. You’re cited in the top aryicle on CNN.com. Nice!

    Anyway, Trump cucked. He should have called all these alleged incidents out for the hoaxes that all of them almost certainly are.

    As for this googlette, hopefully she lives long enough to… severely regret her vile rhetoric here.

    • This is a month late, but I still believe the GOD EMPEROR is concealing his power level. See appointments. A (((couple))) were disappointing; but I still believe there is gonna be a hammer coming down on the first post-inaug chimpout.

        • Oh, I’m not. But I expected him to lose, so anything else is gravy at this point. I didn’t expect the (((globalists))) to even let us get THIS far. Whitey is stirring in his slumber, at least, and for the first time in my fifty years.

  11. Obama: “Syrian military committed to killing its people indiscriminately.”

    Just heard Obama in a live press conference:

    “We have made every effort to try to bring about a political resolution [in Syria]. John Kerry has spent an infinite amount of time trying to negotiate with Russians and Iranians. … We’re going to have to continue to try to pursue a political solution. I recognized that that has not worked. It is something that I continue to think about every day. Some formular for suffering to end. If you have a Syrian military that is committed to killing its people indiscriminately, and it is supported by Russia, and Iran actively supporting that regime, and we are supporting what has to be our number one national security priority.”

    No dissent from the presstitutes of course.

    • Of course not. The anti-White (((Neocons))) want an excuse to start WWIII and maybe keep Obama in due to “national emergency”. They’re bat shit crazy. Is it the Neanderthal DNA?

  12. A couple more of these chimpouts and Ivanka will be the first Empress after glorious leader ascends to Heaven.


    Black Lives Matter?! Mind over Matter? Blacks don’t matter; I don’t mind! That’s right! Since when did all y’all niggas start to assert your human rights? Are you really human? America’s founding fathers begged to differ! For example, Thomas Jefferson wondered where blacks fit in on a scale ranging from insects to angels. Clearly, blacks’re inferior creatures to whites because after all “the Blacks” were not human. Blacks are owned property, on the same level as farm animals! As such, your destiny is to labor and slave for whites and should stop being so riotous and self righteous.

    I, Susan Cordogan, came from a prominent English family that had come to the Promised Land. My family enjoyed owning and trading black slaves. We saved the lives of your ancestors, for if not for us, your ancestors would have frozen and starved to death in the dead Midwest winter. You niggas should thank we white folks for throwing you guys a bone! So stop yapping “Black Lives Matter” already, because clearly you do not matter! And that’s the truth.

    And I will not submit to this farcical BLM nonsense and I will not allow the death threats, the name calling, and the pack threat mentality stop me from telling the truth about y’all niggas.

    Despite everything, I will gladly take your money and plan your lil wedding because you sure need to make more colored babies to feed the system making sure that our white guardian angel police officers stay employed.

    Susan Cordogan, President
    Big City Bride Chicago IL

  14. The living hell of Adrian Jones’ last year on earth ended with his emaciated and battered 7-year-old body consumed by pigs.

    Kansas City Star



    On Monday, one of the adults who inflicted such horrific abuse on the Kansas City, Kan., boy was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

    Heather Jones, Adrian’s stepmother, also was sentenced Monday to five years and eight months in prison for two counts of child abuse.

    District Judge Mike Grosko followed the terms of the plea agreement and ordered the sentences to run consecutively.

    Jones, 30, pleaded guilty in Wyandotte County District Court last month to a charge of first-degree murder.

    The boy’s remains were found last year, and authorities said it appeared he had been fed to pigs on property rented by Jones and her husband in the 5200 block of North 99th Street.

    Heather Jones’ husband and Adrian’s father, 45-year-old Michael A. Jones, also is charged in the case and is awaiting trial.

    Chief Deputy District Attorney Sheryl Lidtke said Monday that it was the most heinous crime she has seen in her 27-year career as a prosecutor.

    “He was horribly abused, neglected and ultimately killed,” Lidtke said. “I’m sure his suffering was unbearable.”

    She said he was physically and emotionally abused, confined and “essentially starved to death.”

    • This is what they do to their own, albeit with the connivance of a mud shark in this case. This does not bother me half as much as when they are doing it to us.

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