#LyingPress Continues Meltdown Over Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon beat Hillary so bad he made it look easy:

“WASHINGTON — A fierce chorus of critics denounced President-elect Donald J. Trump on Monday for appointing Stephen K. Bannon, a nationalist media mogul, to a top White House position, even as President Obama described Mr. Trump as “pragmatic,” not ideological, and held out hope that he would rise to the challenge of the presidency.

Mr. Obama’s conciliatory remarks toward Mr. Trump disappointed supporters who had hoped that he would add his voice to the criticism of the president-elect for appointing Mr. Bannon. Civil rights groups, senior members of Mr. Obama’s Democratic Party, and some Republican strategists had assailed Mr. Trump, saying that Mr. Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News, would bring anti-Semitic, nationalist and racist views to the West Wing. …”

Easy peasy.

That’s unforgivable. Unfortunately for them, the days where they could throw a big tantrum and melt the spines of the cucks who used to be their opposition are over.

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  1. Look at how our trash media treated Trump while he was a candidate they thought had no chance of winning. Once he’s in there and doing things it will get even worse.

  2. This is actually good for those of us that oppose Trump. He’s already destroying his administration from the inside out.

  3. Moonlizards are fearful of trump cuz they don’t know what’s on his mind.Maybe a spock vulcan mind meld rest assure.

    MO put the new administration on notice.

  4. Jews are going to be bitching until they are blue in the face and nobody cares. This is great and very very funny.

  5. Trump’s support is in The Heartland not The Swamp. If the Jews want to make this their Waterloo, Trump can have 10 million people march on DC within a fortnight.

    He has the capability to be an astonishingly successful President even if he only does one thing: deport all those not legally entitled to be here.

    The benefit to wages, budgets, health care, education, social cohesion, and more will be astonishing; like a millstone removed from the neck of the American people.

    As an added benefit we might even see peace break out around the world (seriously, this may happen!)

    What did Mel say about the cause of all wars?

    • “…He has the capability to be an astonishingly successful President even
      if he only does one thing: deport all those not legally entitled to be

      So right. We need to measure progress by what we would have had with Hillary. By any means we will be better off.

  6. The goal of all the screaming and thuggery is to get Trump to cuck out. I hope it only hardens his resolve.

  7. The mainstream propaganda arm of the left is in full meltdown mode over this and it’s amazing. They even trotted out Egg McMuffin on CNN to point and sputter about Bannon. This was Trump’s first major win and he doesn’t even take office for another 5 weeks.

  8. The entire Nation has been infantilized and retrogressive to a pre-pubescence. Talk and lack of reason and evidence had never been tolerated before like today.

    MOST people on the “LEFT” never grow up and remain intellectually, spiritually, morally stunted and childish.

  9. I roll my eyes at all the “Bannon is an antisemite” junk. What bothers me are the Jews defending him with “He loves Jews, worships Israel” crap. How degrading.

  10. I imagine the shitlibs are in disarray right now, because no one is paying attention to their tantrums anymore. Their only option is to become even more shrill, but that will only result in them becoming even more irrelevant.

  11. On another Trump appoinent, having stayed up for Trumps victory speech, I was waiting for him to thank God (an ancient tradition).

    He didn’t. But he did calk Reince Priebus up for recognition, and Reince did thank God. Admirable -and necessary .

      • As Trump is supposedly a “baby Christian” (based on reports from June that were even carried in Huffington Post), he may not necessarily feel comfortable with ‘evangeli-speech,’ yet. But I still would rather have Donald Trump as president not saying ‘thank you Jesus,’ but acting as Jesus would want him to act, than George Bush up there, saying ‘God bless’ in his fake Texas accent….fake like everything else about him and his family. Damn the Bushes ….to hell.

  12. One big reason I’m working hard to get a day job is so I can escape the presence of CNN – it seems to still be on everywhere, every bar and lounge. It’s not stop lugenpress propaganda.

    The main focus yesterday was on “THE HORROR” of the Alt Right adviser Bannon, but also lots of “poison apple” advice who Trump should appoint to what cabinet position. The worst spin here is to try to get Rudy Guliani to be Secretary of State instead of Attorney General. Guliani needs to clean out the Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch BlackLivesMatter, police are all racists. Guliani needs to do for Chicago, Baltimore and thousands of Ferguson MOs what he so successfully did in his New York City.

    What does Guliani know or think about foreign policy? I think it was Neo Con, he certainly was Neo Con on immigration along with Bloomberg.

    The Lugenpress and deep state functionaries are looking to muck up the clear Trump agenda and keep their wealth and security.

    Trump and maybe Roger Ailes can start some new TV networks promoting Trump positions and just telling the truth.

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