White Nationalism, Explained

The New York Times has taken a crack at defining White Nationalism:

“A question has been posed in a puzzled whisper in many of the nation’s living rooms and newsrooms ever since Donald J. Trump’s triumph in this month’s presidential election: What, exactly, is white nationalism?

Self-proclaimed white nationalists have happily embraced Mr. Trump’s victory and, particularly, his choice of Stephen K. Bannon as chief strategist, as a win for their agenda. A barrage of groups that fight discrimination and hate speech have, in turn, criticized Mr. Bannon’s appointment, warning that his embrace of the “alt-right” movement was little more than an attempt to rebrand racism and white nationalism into something palatable enough for mass consumption.

And much of the rest of the country has been left to wonder what this unfamiliar term actually means. …”

I prefer my own explanation:

1.) White Racial Consciousness – In some form or another, you’ve been told throughout your life that White people are the cancer of history and you have received the message. You have become conscious of your whiteness. Maybe it was something you didn’t think much about before.

2.) Alienation and White Identity – The anti-White propaganda has backfired. Instead of instilling a sense of guilt in you, it has made you angry and alienated. This is where you diverge from SJWs. Because of your rebellious attitude, you develop a positive sense of White identity, not a negative one.

3.) Siege Mentality – The media has boasted that you are doomed to become a minority in your own country. They tell you that cishet White males are being overwhelmed by the rising tide of color and your job as a deracinated, guilt-ridden individualist is to step aside, check your privilege, and take a bow before before your moral superiors. “Social justice” requires it.

4.) Activism – At this point, you become alarmed by these demographic trends and your White racial consciousness and your positive sense of White identity turns you into an activist. You become a champion of something real – your own disparaged people, their interests and way of life – instead of an abstract ideology.

5.) Jews – In the process of coming to grips with this unfolding racial and cultural calamity, you begin to search for explanations. How did this happen? Where did we go wrong? At some point, you learn that Jews have played a central role as the guiding hand in bringing it about and that it is highly taboo to talk about it.

6.) Liberalism – If you are inclined to drill down even deeper, you eventually realize that the logic of the system itself, liberal democracy, is driving these unwelcome changes. “Liberty” and “equality” are destructive to the social order. The “free world” is plagued by -isms and -phobias which are constantly being generated, which rip apart the social fabric, weaken our culture and leave it vulnerable to outsiders.

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  1. Well said. Now I assume that the NYTs is going to be spreading the money around for paid interviews from the usual suspects to pontificate for hours upon hours to the delight of a libtard interviewer, so basically the same old crap as before.

    Maybe if you want to break the mold and you don’t need the bucks have them conduct an interview via email and post the questions so we can all help answer.

  2. Having been raised a Roman Catholic prior to Vatican II, I can tell you that the church then clearly pointed out that Christendom was a reality that we were to continue to build toward.

    Last Sunday in the liturgical calendar was called Christ the King Sunday. Observed more in a spiritual rather than real fashion by most liberal liturgical ‘synagogues of Satan’ today, it was not the case almost 100 years ago.

    I was taught that the mediaeval knights were our models and exemplars; even in democratic America. The entire history of the United States post 1965, post Kennedy assassination, post civil rights, has been a repudiation of that earlier reality.

    It’s time to restore the concept of Christendom once again. And if Europe does not want to follow, then America will lead.
    Donald Trump -for a new America. For a Christian America.
    For a white America.

    • Marxism’s takeover of the Catholic Church began with “election” of John XXIII and culminated with anti-pope Francis. Cultural Marxism left no institution untouched. Actually, commies were infiltrating the seminaries years before 1958.

      • The problems of the Roman Catholic Church started around the time that the Roman Emperor Constantine founded it.

        • The Romans brought the jews into Europe.

          They invaded then infected us.

          I was born and raised a Catholic but the Protestants were the liberators from Roman rule, plain and simple. Too bad the british ones allowed the jews and their lackeys to try to kill their own brothers.

          They’ve never stopped. And if we don’t get them to soon, it will finally end because there will be no more of us.

  3. “Siege Mentality”

    That’s exactly what it feels like living here in Southern California.

    • From the live broadcast: Is Spencer trying to marginalize or parody himself with his booze fueled Hitler salutes. Go easy on the booze sonny.

      • There was no plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews. The plan was to get them into work camps, slave labour camps if you will, and at the end of the war expel them to Israel, Uganda, Madagascar or the steppes of Russia.

        • The German lawyer who was imprisoned for defending Ernst Zundel,Stoltz,gave a speech in Switzerland after her release,2012,stating that fact of no evidence ,she was charged with a Swiss hate crime law,the (((judge)))? Sentenced her to 20 months in 2015 saying Hitler’s writings in Mein Kampf is all the evidence needed.

        • Then, the ‘no-plan’ aborted into a Wahnsee Konferenz plan, Fee, because most of them were killed before being exported.

          As to the title of that, of the numbers of that, it is of little consequence, because what were hundred of rural Eastern European Jewish towns, before 1939, were not by 1944; they, soon enough, were inhabited by their Catholick and Orthodox neighbours, and the original inhabitants no more to be seen – not in Eastern Europe, not in America, and not in Israel.

          • ‘Tis a good remark, Captain; and, if you are an expert on the late Medieval and Renaissance Jewish settlement of ‘the Pale Areas’, then I must bow to you, because, I don’t know to what extent the redneck rural Jews constructed their own villages, there, or purchaset them.

            Anyway, all the best to you!

          • Cry me a river.
            30 million Russian orthodox grandmother’s were killed by WW2, according to soltzynitsens (sp.) gulag archipelago.,They herded them out of town at night so the grandkids could not see it.
            10s if not hundreds of thousands of Christian villages were erased from the map in Russia and eastern Europe. before ,during and after the war.
            Reconstruction of Germany was looked over by jews made instant officers in the US military, giving credence to Hitler’s warning that America was a Jew controlled country.Not only that,those same Jew officers ran Africans in their reconstruction platoons,hell on earth,exactly like the international brigades in Spain.Better stated in these books.
            “Iron curtain over America” Beaty 1951
            Completely referenced.
            “Red domination in Spain” ministry of justice. 1946
            Most of those jews fled to England and the US by that time anyway.

          • Dear Timber, Thank you, though, I am aware of Jewish crimes, from many different sources.

            The offical Russian government statistick for dead in WWII is 20,000,000; so, perhaps, you are thinking of the official Russian figure for those lost to Soviet Repressions, during the Stalinist Era, which hovers around 30,000,000.

            That said, for me, one man’s crimes do not excuse another’s, nor do they numb me to them.

            I am just as ready to examine the crimes a people commit, as I am the crimes committed upon them.

            Though I prefer North Carolinians, and Southerners, in general, I still feel sorry for any person or people who get destroyed by governments, and or reprisals not directly connected to their individual acts.

            Have a nice day!

          • The same statistics that got innocent Germans killed at the Nuremburg trials for the Katyn massacre,no thank you.
            Good luck to you

          • Thank you, Timber. As to statisticks, I know they are problematick.

            Still, I tend to trust Russian statisticks more about Russian people than anybody else’s – particularly in light of the fact that, after The Soviet Union fell, the statisticks did not fall with them.

            Thank you for your thoughts.

          • They hid all the (((statistics))) well behind the iron curtain.That Jew yagoda who oversaw the deaths of 10 million orthodox Russians is a well guarded statistic.We must never forget.we need museums,and Russians 24 hours a day telling us of the horror.It should be a mandatory credit to get your HS diploma.
            What do you think.

            May unicorns fly around you always.

          • How much responsibility do Jews take for their fate, Mr Expert?? Has Jew conduct and/or Jew hatred of Christ and Christians EVER played a part in the mistreatment the Jews received??

          • Dear Fee,
            I have always regarded anti-semitism as mostly a response to Jewish mistreatment of others – not hatred for how The Good Lord made those with my daddy’s blood.

            As to how much responsible Jews, collectively, take for ‘their fate’ as you phrase it, I think far too little.

            Thank you for your questions. They were good ones.

            I think it’s a big problem for Jews – oft seeing themselves a reasonless victims.

          • I think Hitler was right to defend Germany from Rothschild, Fee.

            That said, his virtues were canceled out by throwing the German people to the wolves, in the last 2 years of the war – a time when, by his own admission to Traudl Junge in April 1945 he knew that the war could no longer be won; and during this time Germany lost more casualties than in all the war years, previous, and, as well, and they permanently lost Silesia, Pomerania, and The Sudetenlands – great cultures, now forever gone.

            My personal view is that Jews have a lot to offer any culture – from science and medicine to entertainment and jurisprudence, but, they ought be kept out of banking and politicks, which, the latter Vladimir Putin has wisely done.

          • The jews through the Americans to the wolves,Hitler tried to prevent that war,they call it the conspiracy of silence,all his pleas for peace went unreported while the papers world wide pumped out atrocity stories daily starting in 1933 when Hitler took power,while millions of Russians were being truly exterminated and FDR was making Stalin a trading partner,and both numbering their countrymen with social security and passport numbers.
            How about the Jew who reduced the draft age to 18,I can get her name If you want.Total communist footprint.

            Fluffy kitties and puppy dog licks upon Your face

          • I can’t get past the first sentence.

            You’re a jew, eh?

            Where the hell can an anglo go these days to escape your people? You have Israel, go to it. Get out of my people’s homelands.

          • Dear Lorax,
            I am however you perceive me to be; however, it is a far cry from how Jews or my fellow Tarheels perceive me, and, as well, how I perceive myself.

          • ‘Where the hell can an anglo go these days to escape your people? You have Israel, go to it. Get out of my people’s homelands.’

            If, Lorax, you’re hoping to be out of Jewish company, here, it’s not going to happen.

            Mr. Griffin is widely read by all sorts, not the least of which are Jews. Everyday scores and scores, if not hundreds of Jews read Occidental Dissent.

            Some, even, are steady comments, here, as a cursory look at the pages shows.

            Those who have frequented this page, for years, are aware of it, as are you now.

            As to leaving your people’s homelands, they are mine, too – both by blood, law, and love.

            I do, however agree with you that those who are Jews, in all the ways that is, ought to to Israel.

            Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the very same, about six months back.

      • Honestly if Andrew Anglin couldn’t screw up the election for us, we can pretty much say whatever we want now.

      • Hitler is the elephant in the living room used to delegitimize any opposition to the culture of critique. Truth is the WW2 era is not really relevant to modern times as these movements and wars were fought by peoples hardened by the mass-murder that occurred just 25 years earlier during WW1. The lives and experiences of people alive back then must be taken into account to understand the brutality on both sides, and all the opportunistic ethnic score settling in other parts of Europe that occurred as various armies came through, and reared up again in the former Yugoslavia 45 years later. Current generations have not experienced any of the mass murder and violence that went on 100 years ago and the left is overly paranoid thinking a rightward swing in the Western World will devolve to such. Right now is a new era, and new things will happen that will teach a new unexpected lesson to all those who aren’t creative enough to understand you can’t predict the future. (If you could there wouldn’t be so many gamblers broke from sports betting.)

          • I’m assuming you’re a southerner. Your people will never achieve independence until you free your minds and bodies from the shackles the jews have forced you into.

            My people, the anglocelts of the north, were unable to do that and we lost our civilization. Don’t make the same mistake.

          • Probably a third or more of the Union Army was composed of Irish Roman Catholic and German Roman Catholic immigrants. Whole corps of them.

            The Jews are always problematic, but, the Roman Catholics need to get a clue. Bannon seems to have…

          • My ancestor was one of them. Except his family originally hailed from the French Canton of Switzerland. He could not afford to pay for a substitute or the money to the government to get out of fighting the Confederacy.

            You forget, sir, that these new immigrants were drafted into the Union army. They could only get out of it by paying a lot of money. This resulted in the New York City Draft Riots with Irish immigrants on the rampage:

            In March 1863, fuel was added to the fire in the form of a stricter
            federal draft law. All male citizens between twenty and thirty-five and
            all unmarried men between thirty-five and forty-five years of age were
            subject to military duty. The federal government entered all eligible
            men into a lottery. Those who could afford to hire a substitute or pay
            the government three hundred dollars might avoid enlistment. Blacks, who
            were not considered citizens, were exempt from the draft.

          • Pull your head out of your ass,Ireland and Germany was destroyed by these same devils with protestants,they were done with you tools.
            The civil war was a consummation of a homo marriage between the Jew And protestant,and unfortunately you became the ass bitch.
            It really was a battle for the determination of a Jew or Christian America,but you can’t complain if they reduced the Irish and German catholics to that station.The same as you destroying Germany when Hitler unified them all outside of that jewsus.

          • Excuse me, but, what are you talking about. Your Roman Catholic politicians, have their tongues so far up the Jews’ ass they come out in Rome. Haven’t You noticed Kaine, Biden, Durbin, Pelosi, Ryan, Jerry Brown, Patty Murray, or any of your Roman Catholic Cardinals…that’s just starters.

            As far as Hitler goes—he’s dead.

          • The Roman Catholic church is dead,Thanks to Hitler it lasted another 40 years or so in Spain.It is kept around by dark powers,like your”down by the river with shlomo”,if you’d quit tounguen jewsuses ass ,you might see that.
            Rino dino cino Its all BS.
            Good on you anyway.

          • Stop with the Jewing. Although what you said has some merit. Straight off the boat the migrants were offered a salary and uniform. Desperation for a crust of bread rather than religious fever was the determining factor there.

          • Yes I’ve read about them. This blog exhaustively looked at the composition of the Union and Confederate armies. I’ve looked at many oddities of the ACW in academic settings too.

          • There is a lot of truth in what you say, Lorax, but, it goes far beyond this one matter.

            Y’all, up yonder, are become a very scientifick, secular, forward looking and hypothetically oriented culture, whereas we, down here, are not.

            We are bound by mystery, tradition, nature, and the bible – and this explains why we have not been ‘overcome’, and why we won’t be – though, there certainly are problems; this owing principally to the Leftist hegemony of our institutions, and anti-White mind games of the Jewish-New England Government National ‘media’, that ‘overcame’ y’all.

          • I suspect that most Southerners are not really as jew-wise as they ought to be, they focus too much attention on the Yankees, the coloreds and the beaners.

        • There was no Holocaust. There was a rounding up of jews and forcing them into slave labor, but there was no mass extermination of them. Typhus and other diseases and overall living conditions along with some purposeful killings of communists took maybe 500,000 (the Red Cross said around 250,000 or something) but that was it.

          Europe has been crushed under the weight of this lie and it does need to be exposed as such for whites to gain their freedom from jewish tyranny.

          • It’s the only historical event for which it is a crime in many countries to disagree with the Jew approved narrative. Whether it happened or not it’s always used as a justification for White Genocide.

          • Truth never fears investigation. The fact that investigating it was outlawed should tell people something.

            All evidence wholly refutes any supposed ‘Holocaust.’ I urge people to explore this for themselves.

            Ry Dawson makes the best compilation of the refuting evidence, and Eric Hunt does some excellent work with his videos as well. Also check out Kyle Hunt’s film Hellstorm, about the mass rape of german women by the invading soviets, to study the real ‘holocaust’ of WWII. While you’re at it the movie about the Katyn massacres in Poland perpetrated by the soviets is also informative.

          • I don’t get it. I also don’t really consider myself Alt-Right. It’s too jewy and elitist and lots of it is just virtual anyway.

        • The last of that generation are passing away, too. That era is almost gone from conscious memory. Hitler,WWII and WWI are assuming legendary and almost mythical status. For people under thirty, Hitler is almost as remote, historically, as Napoleon or Caesar.

          • I don’t think this is right, Mr. Kleinfeld.


            Because The Holocaust is part of the creationist lore of The New England Government; and, in consideration that they are the flagship franchise of Lord Rothschild and deeply allied with secular Judaism, in general, I cannot see what motivation they would have for dismissing it.

            Of course, that’s only a hunch.

    • I would be too embarrassed to go out in public if I were that fat. It is especially bad when attending pro-White events, because fat slobs do not represent the image that we need to project.

  4. I would think Bannon’s ideas are similar to mine, in that the United States was founded by White nationalists, for the benefit of White American citizens. Bannon may not go that far publically, but, I’m sure that he or anyone else who has read American history realizes the facts.

    Brad, I got bumped off of Twitter, probably because of my anti-socialist-communist remarks. More than likely some socialist-communist employee of twitter didn’t find my comments amusing. Let’s not forget that hating White Americans, and White Protestants in particular, is part of the socialist-communist agenda and as we know most Roman Catholic politicians are in tune with that anti-White socialist-communist agenda. I’m sure Bannon a Roman Catholic must realize this too. He’s working for two Protestants.

    The disrespect shown to VP Mike Pence by the cast of Hamilton is a good example of the socialist-communist agenda trying to cloak its actions in race & sex. These diversity mongers hate White Americans whoever and whatever they maybe, and they see their hatred of White Americans as advancing their socialist-communist-marxist agenda.

    Did any of you notice where an Irish Roman Catholic Congressman from New York nearly pushed an LGBT anti-discrimination law for federal contractors through Congress. You can say Vatican II blah, blah, blah…but the Roman Catholic church has had a problem with homosexuality going back to the early middle ages when they started the practice of priestly celibacy. The whole idea of a “priest” is alien, pagan and middle eastern too.

    • ‘I would think Bannon’s ideas are similar to mine, in that the United
      States was founded by White nationalists, for the benefit of White
      American citizens’

      Yes, MasonDixon, though I would tweak it to reflect that those White Citizens were not to be ‘Americans’ as you think of it, but, to be different sovereign nations of culturally different and independent from each other Whites.

        • Yes, I agree, MasonDixon – hence, the notion of 13 sovereign states, reflects their secessionist suspicion on ‘unitarianism’ whether from a hypothetical Federal government or from a united church, like that in Rome.

          That said, unitarianism, in all it’s guises, is, today, at it’s pinnacle, and it is very problematick, as you well know.

          • The original constitution was of confederated states,it was changed in 1789,if I remember correctly , to consolidate power to the president in case England attacked They would have a leader of the army in place.

      • That’s what I was thinking, until out of the clear blue I was bumped off.

        Although, I had pissed off a number of thespians & homosexuals over my criticism of the cast of Hamilton, and defense of VP Pence.

  5. If the lying press wants a real show they need to interview Harold Covington, now there is a real sessecionist (FTR I really liked his series, he can write till he gets to score settling, that screws up his storytelling)

    One last thing while we are being herded along by the MSM a perfect trolling opportunity is being passed by. The lead actor for Hamilton is virulently anti-white and a bit of a rapist as he admits in his tweets. But we would rather debate who wears Hugo Boss fashion the best or some other stupid shit while an opportunity to destroy a little bit of the Left’s credibility sails away.

  6. In some form or another, you’ve been told throughout your life that White people are the cancer of history and you have received the message.

    My schooling was in the 70’s and 80’s. My Elementary school teachers were older Southern ladies who weren’t afraid to call a nigger a spade. Saying “nigger” was frowned upon because it was considered déclassé, not because it might hurt someone’s feelings. We didn’t have political correctness, and I’d never heard of it until 1993. In spite of Northern transplants and younger teachers, I don’t think they teach it much, even now. At least that’s the case outside of Dallas and other big cities.

    • I still remember (((Ms Katz))) in second grade going around to each and every white student with a black doll and telling each one of us that the black was superior because they had melanin and whites did not. I am shock and traumatize to this very day by the Jew hatred for us whites.

      • The only Jews I knew of ran pawn shops, furniture stores, jewelry stores (Joe Daiches) and wine and cheese shops(Siegel’s in Dallas.) There was one Jew in class, a kid from California. But none of my teachers or any elected officials were Jews. And for the most part, that was true of the rest of the South, as well. We had but a few black kids in any one class. They had to adapt to us, not the other way round. They all sat at their own table in the cafeteria, all the way through High Screwel. Had their own school dances, too. They didn’t like white music. The rich kids had their own proms as well. Class counted, so did race. Northern kids had to adapt to, and adopt, our Southern and Texan ways. Which was the only way. They had to like chicken fried steak day and Red Beans and Rice with pork chops day, and cornbread and yeast rolls the same as us.

        • I like that menu. I think I would make a good honorary Texan. I did live briefly in Houston, near ZZ Top’s old neighborhood, but that doesn’t count.

    • Interesting, Mr. Owen. My schooling was in the late 60s and 70s, and, I cannot recall my older lady elementary teachers use any term but ‘Black’; though, in Raleigh high society, at that time, certainly ‘coloured’, and ‘negro’ were more common references.

      • Mine said it in ways that you and I would know and understand, but not outsiders. Some of my teachers would put misbehaving black kids down in ways they didn’t fathom. But I understood that they were saying, in so many words, quit your TNB.

        • Thank you, Mr. Owen. It’s good to exchange with you, again.

          Although I grew up with negress nannies, and other sundry domesticks, it may be that you had quite a bit more experience with them, in school, than I.

          In my publick elementary school, we had a wee minority of them, and they, coming from a neighbourhood right next to ours, tended to act well.

          Furthermore, in those days, negroes were still scared of the spectre of the Tarheel KKK, and that fear helped them find the better parts of themselves.

          As a little boy I did not see that, then, but, I can look back, in my memory, and see it now.

          When 4th grade came, a Federal Court decision brought redistricting to out city, and then many rougher sort of negroes came from the other side of town.

          This was my first contact with ‘niggers’, as I came to think about it.

          After that year, my parents, as did those families who could afford it, moved me to an all-White very strict and academically tough Christian school where it was my privilege to continue my development, unperturbed.

          Talk to you, later!

  7. A simpler explanation is how we thought before this culture of critique was brought down upon us two generations ago. The simple, logical way of running things and public policy in our own interests first.

    I grew up 30 years ago with just a small handful of minorities in my High School, I had no issues with them. But I do not want to be a minority in my own country and let these people have political power over me. Their sudden presence in these vast numbers is the most audacious act of voter fraud by the democratic party yet, scab voters brought in by corruption. Trump needs to thin the heard.

    • This is a good point.

      If a Brit went to live in India or Kenya, a Frenchman in Indochina or Algeria or an American in Belize or Costa Rica , he’s self consciously chosen to live among the heathen–As a minority.
      With all the inherent dangers associated.
      That’s not a choice you should even have to make in your own nation.

  8. Classical Liberalism has transmogrified into Anti White Cultural Marxism. The JEW pogrom of planned, deliberate, ruthless destruction of Western Civilization. Whitey world. It all boils down to the machination of the Enemy of Mankind, Der ewige Jude. YES IT DOES. And “racism”? To be a Jew is to BE an innate, monomaniacal racist. Judaism is a “religion” BASED on self-worship of one’s own racial group, and absolutely deranged hatred of Humans, revolving around the brutal exploitation of same.

    • All of our enemies don’t wear yamakas but the ones that do will stand out the most and serve as perfect scapegoats when the day of reckoning comes.

      • There was an opinion piece, in WAPO, yesterday, done by a Rabbi, re: Jews must resist Trump. I’ll try to dig it up and post the link later. The Anti White agenda of Jewry is up front and center these days.

    • ‘Classical Liberalism has transmogrified into Anti White Cultural
      Marxism. The JEW pogrom of planned, deliberate, ruthless destruction of
      Western Civilization.’

      Yes, M’am, I think it began that, in the Northeast, about a century back.

      I have always that that was why Congress closed down immigration in the 1920s – for fear of the type of person proliferating here – you know, the Emma Goldman type.

      That said, it workt only temporarily, because, by the mid 1960s, as you well know, The Southern White Man’s Party (The Democrat) has been largely usurpt by these sorts, who, joining with a plethora of ‘highly educated’ anti White and very anti-Southron New Englanders, passt the new immigration law, and minority racial quotas, spearheaded by New York Jew, Jacob Javits, and New England Yankee, Edward Kennedy.

      • When Americans demanded the end of all the immigration in 1924,they started funneling the jews to Mexico,within 10 years they had taken over Mexico.All the best homes,farms and ranches went to the (((people))) outlined in the communist constitution .

        • Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Timber.

          Being that I speak Spanish well, and that I live in an area which has long had many Mexican migrant agricultural workers, I am very familiar with them and their culture, though, they have never spoken about Jews, in the towns and villages, of their native country.

          Though I am aware of Leon Trotsky’s flight to Latin America, I have not studied about Jewish migration, thither.

          In fact, though my daddy’s folks were Jewish, which, resultantly, gives me a thousand times more real life contact with Jewish people, than, perhaps, the commenters, here, I have not made such a study of certain Jewish subjects, as some, such as yourself, have, here.

          On the subject of Jewish crimes, recent Jewish migrations, and Jewish interactions with individual peoples in Christendom, I think there are some very expert people, here, and you may be one of them.

          It may be that I am lacking in this regard because I don’t find Jews and Judaism particularly fascinating.

          Generally speaking, I am more interested in my own culture (Southern) and in that of Russia, England, France, Germany, and in Europe, in general.

          I am particularly interested in art, fashion, architectural, and military history, of Western Christendom.

          So, thank you for the information.

          • Thank you, Mr. Timber. While I appreciate the recommendation, the subject is not of great interest to me.

            Yet, now that I know how well read and informed you are, I will relish your comments, just as I do those others, here, who have a lot to offer.

            Have a good night!

  9. I’m not even sure it’s even that complicated.
    Blacks were caricatured with the mammy, uncle, sambo, picaninny, etc. and Blacks properly resented it. It isn’t called Black Nationalism, but should be – Farrakahn’s Nation of Islam?
    Whites have now become Simon Legree, Torquemada, Hitler, etc. and have a stereotype of “privilege” when they were sharecroppers or worked in factories. Nationalism? Everyone other than whites seems to be aware and very concerned about the white race – Hamilton’s no whites need apply casting call. Gulliver has noticed the lilliputians.

    • Sharecropping was as close as a communist collective as they could get at the time..The populist revolt demanded a fort Knox of grain with a government loan until they could get the higher winter price for the grain,as it was,Pilsbury bought all the grain at pennies on the dollar,in collusion with the railroad and his many silos.
      Donnelly,a leader of the populist revolt and future congressman wrote futuristic dystopian books,one being “caesers column” 1890 very anti Semitic.
      Read from the book”The populist revolt” Hicks
      I came up with share cropping is similar to a communist collective.

  10. This is more of a path to how some people may become white nationalists.

    I would define it as a white person’s racial consciosness and preferring the survival, proliferation and/or welfare of his own race over others.

    • I support Washington, Oregon, and California in their attempt to secede and form the new nation of Pacifica! Northern California has wanted to secede from Southern California for decades and form a new state called Jefferson. Now is the time.

      • And I do, too, Mr. Jagger.

        The time for Federalism is grown short, as Red States’ and ‘Blue States’ have, with some ‘Battleground States being exceptions, irreconcileable differences.

        There cannot be a compromise between Christian baset culture and that of secularism,

        There cannot be a compromise between those states that are anti-racist and those states which are not, or, in other terms, those states which are dedicated to becoming majority minority communities, and those states which want to remain primarily White.

        Secessionism is the only peaceable and constructive way to show respect for ‘diversity’.

      • I say we let those hippie fags secede for the time being. We can always forcibly reincorporate them into the Empire later on, provided we eliminate their Marxist commissars, greasers and other such riff-raff.

      • Yes, Mr. Griffin – the vociferous self-confidence and haughty self-resolve has been largely knockt out of our culture, for reasons that, on the whole, though some are obvious, elude me.

        The Far West, however, still has those qualities that I would attach to being young.

        Maybe that is what is wrong with The South, these days : we are old.

        Sometimes the best gifts come from your most embittered enemies, though, the enemy of all is The New England Government.

        Mr. Trump will do good things, but, he cannot fix it.

        It’s fixless.

    • I am all for CA leaving the union. It will severely cripple the left wing agenda. However, CA must consider some things first.

      1. The areas of CA other than the major population centers on the
      coast vote Republican. There has already been an effort in northern
      California to separate and form their own state. California has the
      right to leave the union on the principle of self determination. By the same principle, these areas also have that right. They must be given the opportunity to remain in the union and would most likely do so. Therefore, the new nation of CA will not have much land.

      2.The newly formed nation will own all of the state’s $400 billion debt.
      They will also assume a fair share of the federal debt.

      3. The state is experiencing a major drought and does not have enough water to sustain its population. Much of its water comes from other states and the parts of the state that will remain in the US. The newly formed
      nation will be charged premium prices for this water. Premium prices
      will also be charged for any energy resources and agriculture that they
      will need from the US.

      4. Since one of the motivations for secession is immigration policy, presumably the newly formed nation will have no problem accepting illegal immigrants who are deported from the US.

      5. The US will have a vital interest in protecting its coastline on the Pacific ocean. Since the US will be the far superior military power, the newly formed nation will have no choice but to accept our Navy patrolling their coastline.

      6. If the newly formed state succeeds as a small high-tech nation then great. The US will have a valuable trading partner and source of revenue. However, if they were to fail then we will extend the wall around CA and their
      citizens will be prohibited from entering US territory.

      • Thank you for your well-informed and very thoughtful comment, Mr. Glacierstorm.

        First, let me confirm to you that any secession, not just that of California, would entail the same kind of headaches that would be involved with moving a manufacturing shoppe, long establisht, somewhither else.

        One thing I wish to add, which may have occurred to you, though, you did not mention it, and that is this : ultimately, many rural Whites are going wind up leaving their native California and resettling in either Plains’ States of Dixie; and that prompts me to this : I believe in the mystical bonds of blood and soil – though not just in the obvious ways we think of them, but in more mysterious ways.

        I suspect that, though, sometimes a group winds up on a soil, it is not the destiny of the two to be married longterm. Jews in Eastern Europe may be an example of this, as will be not only rural Californian Whites, but, the same for Oregon and Washington States.

        Back to California – the soil and vegetation of that land (and I did live it in – central and south) reminds me of Mexico – both the people, the culture, and as an extension of the land.

        Furthermore, the air there feels Hispanick – and it felt that way to me, even in areas where there were almost no Hispanick – the northeastern central parts excepting, where a lot of White Rednecks live.

        I believe that, ultimately, though you and I will be long dead, California will once again integrate with Mexico, not in the informal way you see it going on, now, but, in the total way.

        At that time, those English speaking native Leftists, spread throughout the major cities, will become the second significant minority with which the Mexican Government has had to deal – the first being the indigenous Indians, down there.

        These thoughts have long traveled with me, decades before I had a single Southern secessionist thought.

  11. ‘If you are inclined to drill down even deeper, you eventually realize
    that the logic of the system itself, liberal democracy, is driving these
    unwelcome changes.’

    The New England Government in Washington D.C.

      • Very true, MasonDixon. you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        The aggressive pious-ism of the Puritan witch-hunting culture of the 17th century, is precisely the psychick gestalt which haunts the New England ‘American’ Government of today.

        They only see others through their own eyes, and when others do not measure up to them, they must be blockaded, stigmatized, attackt, usurpt, boycotted, demonized, pemalized, subjugated, and destroyed.

        he secular New England and Jewish cultures are the perfect allies for Satan, today.

        Until their hold is broken, the world will continue to experience great unnecessary suffering, because, though there are good people in each of those two cultures, the overall community impression, left by the twain, is an utter lack of respect for others.

  12. 7.Biological Determinism: in 2010 it was shown that non blacks have 2% Neanderthal DNA, pacific islanders have on average 10% denisovan DNA. Blacks have as yet unspecified hominid DNA, likely erectus.

    Race was no longer a social costruct , race is real.

    8. Racial antecedents of culture and politics: the social correlation of “race is real” is that culture exists as an epiphenomena of biology; much like a mist over a lake is derived from the lake below.

    Liberty has only a very existed under the tutelage of white arms. Likewise Universality is also a white thing: for other races, what is right for them is right, with no capability to understand or be troubled by concepts such as Right Universal (arta).

    Thus whites cannot count on bring treated as well if we bevome a minority, in fact, we can expect no mercy.

    9. Arta can unite Christians, pagans and naturalists under a central organizing principle. In fact the trouble we have had is that we were (((convinced))) that whites should do pennance for the sins of past generations. No more. Universalism, it turns out ironically, is just for whites.

  13. Inauguration Update! I think I have chosen a hotel. I’m going to book a room at The Mansion on O Street. It’s a lovely little hostel. Quaint and comfy. HAHAHA!!! (Check the rates).

  14. Hillary almost won and got more popular votes because US is an Invasion-Democracy or Dispossession-Democracy. She nearly won because of foreign-invasive votes.

    The Voting Power of historic white Americans have been reduced by massive infusion of People of Color invaders from around the world.

    Just think. Imagine if 20 million Chinese or Hindus entered Poland and voted for the globalist party against Polish nationalist party. Suppose the globalist party wins and promises to bring in 20 million Chinese or Hindus.

    What kind of democracy would that be?

    A democracy that works against the Will of its native population is no true democracy.

    As all elections are national, politicians should serve the native folks. If nationalism is so horrible, then the entire world should be made to vote in US elections. Why not globalize all elections if Americanism is a universal ideal and should be offered to all?

    Why not turn national identity and citizenship into something like ‘friends’ on facebook?

    Once nations surrendered to globalism, politicians take money from globo-donors and work against national folks and national power.

    Worse, the elites, radicals, and cucks use media and academia to fill the minds of native folks with the notion that Invasivism is good for their nation because ‘Diversity’ is an unconditonal good.

    If US were a nativist democracy than an invasivist one, someone like Hillary wouldn’t have had a chance to begin with.

    The fact that Merkel may win again despite her invasivist policies goes to show that elite power has manipulated media and academic power to turn even the native masses against their own interests.

    Thomas Frank asked “What’s the matter with Kansas” and posited a theory as to why Conservative masses vote against their own economic interests. He argued that Conservative masses have been manipulated emotionally and culturally to favor Wall Street that works against their material interests.

    But someone should ask, “What’s the matter with Sweden?” or What’s the matter with white folks?

    Why do they work against their own racial identity and interests? Who filled their hearts and minds with self-hate and self-loathing of the very notion of white identity, white power, and white unity?

    That is the more important question as life is more meaningful centered around identity and culture than around money and consumption.

    What man of true worth would give up his wife and kids and culture in exchange for money?

    Ask a decent man what is most important in his life, and he will say, his wife and the kids with his wife. Only a trashy moron would say the most important thing in his life is his car, his house, his record collection, his movie collection, and etc. Now, those are nice things to have, but they cannot be the center of life.

    If we take Americanist materialism to its logical limit, it turns into this:

    “But most of all, he loved his Cadillac Seville”. (When I saw this in the theater, whole bunch of Negroes were going wild and cackling like hyenas cuz their culture has become so debased.)

    Also, if you lose your car, you can buy another one. Cars are made to be interchangeable. But if you lose your spouse, he or she is not replaceable by just another person. If you lose your kids, they are gone forever. You can’t just buy new kids and feel attachment to them as with clothes or videogames. It’s like the sense of loss the father played by Tom Cruise feels in MINORITY REPORT.

    It’s like what Michael says in the opening of THE GODFATHER III. He says children are the most precious thing. When he dies, all the money and stuff he owns will not care for him and will just pass to other people. But his children will remember him and tell of him to their children, Michael’s grandchildren. (If III is deeply flawed in one area, it is going easy on Kay. The silly wasp ho killed Michael’s kid in II. Aborted the poor kid out of ‘racist’ hatred against Sicilians whose line ‘must all end’ according to her silly head.)

    And family has deeper connection with culture, memory, and history. It’s like what Michael feels when he returns to Sicily and takes in the sights and sounds of his pa’s homeland.

    The tragedy of Sicily was that Sicilian folks got to killing one another. The tragedy of white folks in the present is PC has made the Big White Family hate one another.

    While American Indians were doomed cuz of lack of numbers and technology, they were also disadvantaged because their tribalism divided them and made it impossible for them to form a united front against white invaders. PC is said to be anti-tribalist, but its effect on whites have been neo-tribalist based on rabid ideological venom that says whites are no good and must welcome their own demographic and genetic doom and demise.

    America is a great nation filled with opportunities, but its downside was the “Take me to America, GI” syndrome. Its promise of better material life blinded so many people to the deeper worth and value of their own heritage and culture.

    But we can also understand why so many wanted to come to America and leave the past behind. To a lot of immigrants, their homelands were about oppression, exploitation, cruelty, tyranny, corruption, and etc. They wanted to try to luck in the US. But once they were in America, they begin to feel something for the old homeland because despite America’s advantages, its main culture was still in-the-making and always changing and uncertain and sometimes trashy & shallow(as Pop Culture increasingly crowded out all else) and radical & conformist(as ideology gained an ever bigger foothold in moral life of the nation).

    This nostalgia was felt more strongly by gentiles than by Jews. A Polish-American still sees Poland as his homeland. But Jews from Poland saw it as just another gentile way-station(associated with bitter memories) before they arrived in the Promised Land of America. So, even though there are Jews from various European nations, they don’t feel the kind of connection that gentiles do. If Jews felt any hankering for their homeland, it was the ancestral land of Israel which Jews can claim as their true homeland for historical reasons. Jews love the Promise of America, but they are always on edge because US is 98% goyim. Jews feel America is their empire and property than their home. They have nightmares about Real Estate developer Trump sending them an eviction notice.

    Even though blacks, Muslims, and even Mexicans are less caring about Jews than whites are — if anything, whites are exceedingly philosemitic in America — , Jews side with the non-colored because whites are more numerous and have more power(and more potential to hurt Jews IF they were to turn anti-Jewish). But this had led to strange politics. The rise in ‘antisemitism’ among whites is largely due to Jewish hostility. I can sense this myself. Most of my life, nearly all white gentiles I knew were virulently pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, and Jews could do no wrong. If I said a half-sympathetic thing about Palestinians or Arafat, they should scream, “Arafat’s a terrorist!!!!” and give me dirty looks. That is why pro-Jewish they were. But we are sensing more skepticism and even anger among whites when it comes to Jewish power. There is the viral power of the internet but also the realization that too many Jews feel like Tim Wise whose anti-white hatred is near-Nazi like.

    Anyway, Hillary came close to winning because of ‘naturalized’ invasivist foreign votes and because so many white minds have been colonized by the GLOB virus.

    I mean what is the point of national elections if invasivism replaces nativism? Imagine if 50 million Chinese were allowed to enter Russia, be ‘naturalized’ and vote. The Chinese will vote for measures that will eventually turn Russia more Chinese with more Chinese immigration.


  15. Trump disavows the alt-right at the New York Times. Says Bannon is not the alt-right or white nationalist and wouldn’t hire him if he was.

    Trump is doing everything exactly right, as are we. The (((media))) has attacked Bannon and Trump ineffectually and is turning its guns on us.

    Trump successfully pushed the Overton window to the right to the Alt-Light with no repercussions.

    Attacking us only makes us stronger: double error!

    Trumps numbers continue to rise, the Wall will be built, deportations will begin, and the Coalition of the Ascending will riot, handing us even more freedom of movement!

    I know what they could do that I am afraid of and what they need to do to bring it about, but I am not inclined to share it, for obvious reasons. Every mistake they can make they are making.

  16. Canada’s Bobo-The-Clown Red Rag

    The Canadian Red and Blue Ensigns were historically significant, and were more aesthetically pleasing than the clownish corporate logo/flag used now.







    Even when the national flag was changed to remove references to Canadian (Christian, Irish, English, Scottish, British, French, European, White) heritage, it should at least have had a blue field (blue bands) with a red pale (the maple leaf on white centre), but any Conservative blue was rejected, leaving the current all-Liberal red rag.

    George Stanley, the current clown-flag’s designer, 23 March 1964:

    “Any new flag must avoid the use of national or racial symbols that are of a divisive nature. It would be clearly inadvisable to create a flag that carried either a Union Jack or a fleur-de-lis.”

    The Bobo-The-Clown Liberal Red Rag:


    One nation under one leaf!

    However, this is the colour of autumnal maple:


    Ironically, besides opposing Canada’s historical cultural identity, Stanley also opposed the identity-free multikulti garbage-state that he himself helped bring about.

    Back in 1938, Stanley opposed all immigration (especially of Kikes) while any Canadians were unemployed.

    George Stanley, 29 December 1938, to the federal Conservative leader, Robert James Manion, in support of a speech Manion had recently given (opposing any immigration “so long as any Canadian remained unemployed”):

    “I find it difficult to sympathize with those who shed tears over the fate of Jews in Europe and who raised funds for the assistance of foreign refugees while they ignore the distress on their own doorstep. … Charity begins at home.”

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