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    • Creepy in a Ted Cruz & Rand Paul kind of way…Ron Paul and his freeze dried food commercials are getting kind of old too.

      • Alex Jones was a Rand Paul supporter until he realized his audience was overwhelmingly pro-Trump. And Ron Paul has turned out to be a con-man too, just like I always suspected he was.

        • I sometimes listen to his show, but I am always cautious not to consider it as anything else other than entertainment, certainly not as news.

        • Alex Jones thought that Rand Paul supporters would be a natural market for his Patented Dick Elixer, but then realized that they are asexual, so he switched to supporting Trump.

  1. Screen capture this shit too…


    It’s PJW, he was surfing the “militarized racist Police” narrative bullshit during Ferguson. He’s about as right wing as a Trotskyite in this article.

    This story he wrote had 3,000+ comments. He was fueling anti-cop sentiment 2 years ago, fam, as dramatically as Sean King.

    [“Joseph Carilho” suspiciously sounds like it’s his alter ego in the comments below hyping up the narrative of this story as well. buts that’s just me speculating, comments just lept out as odd]

  2. Daily Stormer was right to drop the hammer on Paul Joseph Watson. Enough of these stupid gimmicks designed only to grab clicks and divide the alt-right.

    • DS is controlled op. Anglin promotes Reagan and pushes young men into the Republican Party.

      He doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore.

    • Dear M.r Wolf, The Alt-Right IS already ‘divided’ into many factions, so what you mean by that is unclear.

      • The alt-right is not as divided as all that. Greg Johnson at Counter Currents thinks the alt-right is white nationalism. Andrew Anglin thinks the same. Both respect Kevin MacDonald and the gang at Occidental Observer. Kevin MacDonald is fine with a white nationalist understanding of “alt-right” and is amused and happy with what kids are achieving with memes these days. (He isn’t a national-socialist and thinks that’s a false path, but he’s not a tone-policer so there’s no conflict.) Kevin MacDonald respects David Duke, just as Andrew Anglin does. Everybody likes Red Ice. Bob Whitaker, Horus the Avenger and sundry BUGSers like to get on with their job, interfering with nobody, and they are generally respected by all. As far as I know, everybody likes and respects James Edwards, who in turn gets on with everybody. As far as I know, Hunter Wallace, a Southern ethnic nationalist, is fine with all of the above, and all of the above are fine with him. And on and on it goes.

        Over the last few years what we now call the alt-right has gotten bigger and much more consolidated. The trend is good.

        There are other factions, but there is a broad division between people who are real and people who are shills, selling books, selling clicks and so on.

        The real people generally get on or leave each other alone. You can like Millennial Woes or not like him, but two things are clear: he cares about the white race, and he is not into picking needless fights with other people who also care about the white race. That’s what we’re seeing more of, and that’s a good thing.

        The self-promoters like Mike Cernovich (selling a book), Vox Day (selling lots of books), Milo Yiannopoulos (selling himself) and so on are basically commercial products with expedient alliances for profit. They are usually dubiously white, or Jewish / clearly not white, and even when they are white they don’t stand by fellow whites under attack, as RamZPaul and Paul Joseph Watson just demonstrated regarding Richard Spencer. (Who I put in the “genuine” pile.) So there’s no need to worry about them not being cohesive, as weak and merely expedient loyalty is simply the default and inevitable state for that lot.

        Like the solar system, which is basically Jupiter plus debris, the alt-right is basically real pro-whites plus trash. And the trash is self-excommunicating. RamZPaul and Mike Cernovich have repudiated the alt-right, and Vox Day is trying to split it into a repudiated alt-white of his own invention and an approved alt-West, also of his own invention, which is in effect repudiation.

        As long as the people who are real continue to get along tolerably, give or take some old disagreements (such as between David Duke and Jared Taylor), the alt-right is not a house divided, and it can endure and triumph.

        • Dear Mr. Wolf,
          I thank you for you very thoughtful comment, here. This detailed analogy reminds me of Christianity – of which there are infinite denominations, many of which regarding the others as ‘not real’, if I may borrow your terms.
          At what point does disagreement make someone ‘unreal’?

          Well, I think you provided a good criteria, and I thank you for it.

          Have a good day!

  3. These guys have a long history as Anglin has shown in a very small sample here. They also have denying 9/11 under their belts which should go along great with normie pro-American conservative Trump supporters they are trying to clickbait into their “movement”

    It will be very easy for the edgelords to troll the shit out of them and their so-called “New Right.”

  4. I think people are being a bit unfair.

    I like a lot of Paul Joseph Watson’s work – this music video of his of the crying Hillary libs is excellent.

    His problem is one long time readers of OD are very familiar with:

    A Libertarian Constitutionalists true believer.

    Yeah these types are always going to get things like Ferguson MO wrong.

    That said, it’s a new reality now.

    Our side won.

    Let’s get a pretty gal on our side to date, mate/marry Paul Joseph Watson and get him and his clear talents to come over to our side.

  5. Infowars should be called Infomercials, because they are just about selling stuff and making a fast buck off their audience of gullible rubes.

    • I listen to excerpts of Jones’ show on YouTube. Some of it’s good. I’m still waiting for Hillary to succumb to her fatal illness.

      • Alex Jones is an excellent show, Mr. Owen; and he has done so very much, just as has Michael Savage, to awaken people, in the mainstream who, to the extent that they can be ‘awakened’, will never be ‘Alt-anything’.

        You know : I prefer the habit of finding what is good and constructive in folks, and celebrating that and using that, instead of radaring them for a few defects and then demonizing or discrediting them in my mind, or to my friends.

        • Jones is excellent. However, I don’t like it when the enemy use his few errors and inconsistencies against him.

          • Mr. Owen – whenever you are dealing with people who are unconstructive and antagonistick, there is nothing you can do about it.

            They will find something, just like they did with Trump – one inane thing after another, though, as he did not play along, it did not yield their intended results.

            In this I am reminded of going to a classical piano recital, and, in the midst of some death defying virtuoso show piece, by Franz Liszt, there are a few technical errors – over the course of 8 minutes.

            Some people are actually bothered by that. I let them be. I am not.

            There is NOTHING Alex Jones could ever do to placate The Left, except shut-up and ape their lies back to them.

            And he ain’t gonna do that!

            Have a good evening!

    • Spencer’s angry because the Freemasons rejected him. — “You won’t even let me onto the porch!? I’ll show you! You’ll see! I’ll go over to the Spartacus-Weishaupt Faction!”

    • How long you think until the Fat Man starts hustling reverse mortgages?

      Or is he already selling those as an add-on to his overpriced dick enhancement juice?

  6. At best we can see this as a rebalancing of the division of labor after the election, which was our common labor.

    The fascists – NPI, TRS and Daily Stormer – will continue to pitch their wares to the extremely disaffected in the dark corners of the internet.

    The Libertarian types – Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneaux – will try to hold their ground as the right most wing of the mainstream.

    A commenter on TRS said it best: “why can’t we just be normal white people who want a homeland?”


  7. I don’t know if it has anything to do with Watson, but even before this debacle with Spencer happened, someone on the reddit r/thedonald subreddit started a pro-Trump offshoot group on reddit called the “New Right.” Around the same time, a Twitter account claiming to be Ricky Vaughn annouced he was moving forward with the language the new right and encouraged his followers to drop the language alt right.

    • Vaughn is over at Gab now and he has been supporting Spencer.

      There was talk right after Trump won (before the last massive purge by twitter of the alt-right) that the alt-right should rename to the new right. It was started by Vaughn. He even took a poll of the idea before he was banned again.

      Watson saw that, picked it up along with his other clickbait cohorts like Cernovich and Stephan Molyneux and began running with it after NPI because they see another lucrative opportunity. Also by disassociating with the alt-right, “anti-semitism” and racism, it assures that twitter will not ban their accounts so they can continue their business enterprises.

    • Both PJW and Gavin McInnes are Political Correctness enforcers. They promote a West that any group but Muslims can migrate to.

      • Respectables will attack the side dishes but ignore or deny the White Genocide main menu. They are a bigger obstacle to White free speech than the left is.

  8. Inclusion vs Exclusion. Suppose we use China as an example. What should be done?

    Chinese should go with Exclusion. ‘Whitey, Blacky, and Hindu Exclusion Act’.

    Especially because there is a huge shortage of women due to one-child policy abortions.

    China needs every woman it has cuz so many men are bachelors.

    Also, the main reason for foreign men coming to China is for the Vagina.

    Chinese Policy should be ‘you no cum here’.

    The Roman Empire and British Empire(and American Power) are good examples of how Inclusion can lead to the loss of the Power Mystique.

    When a great power projects itself internationally, the world is awed by the power of its identity and unity. When Roman soldiers were mostly Roman and invaded other areas, the local folks were impressed and intimidated by Roman Power and Roman folks. Indeed, they were synonymous. Roman power was seen as powerful cuz Romans were seen as powerful, and Romans were seen as powerful cuz Roman power was seen as powerful.

    Same with the British Empire. The British Military was mostly white even though it did also recruit locals like the Sikhs and other folks(though usually wisely segregated). Anyway, most locals and natives saw British Power as awesome cuz Brits were seen as awesome, and Brits were seen as awesome cuz British Power was seen as awesome. When identity and unity were the main factors of British Power, the British Empire was about white officials and white warriors of a great white power. So, the locals respected and feared white people and white power. They saw such as something special.

    But what happened when the Roman Empire got inclusive and diverse? At some point, Romans began to recruit non-Roman locals for the Roman army. Gradually, these non-Romans learned to fight the Roman way. And fighting alongside the Romans, they began to realize that Romans were just human and nothing special. Indeed, they even realized that some of them, the non-Romans, were stronger and tougher than Romans. So, the Roman Power mystique was lost in the eyes of these non-Roman locals recruited into the Roman military.

    With the inclusion of more and more non-Romans into the military, the Roman power expanded with more manpower, but the Roman Power Mystique began to fade. The non-Romans who fought in the Roman military came to see the Romans as just humans like any other. Once they realized this, they began to think that non-Romans could defeat the Romans if they organized the same way and used the same weapons.

    That was the Roman Paradox. More inclusion and diversity made Roman Power bigger and stronger… but it led to decline in the Roman Power Mystique. After all, if a non-Roman soldier could be trained to fight just as well or even better than the Roman soldiers, what was so special about being a Roman?

    So, even as Roman Empire grew and grew by taking on more local non-Roman soldiers, it lost more and more of its Roman mystique. If indeed the empire could be expanded and maintained by non-Roman soldiers in the Roman army, then there was nothing special about the Romans per se.

    So, inclusion and diversity leads to increase of power in manpower and numbers, but it leads to the loss of power mystique for the core population. By the time the Roman Empire had grown very big with the recruitment of lots of non-Romans, the Core Roman polity and demography lost its mystique and prestige. If barbarian Germans and foreign Syrians could be Roman soldiers for the empire, what was so special about the Core Roman Folks?

    And so, the empire began to crumble bit and bit and then totally collapsed. By the time the barbarians sacked Rome, there was no respect for the Roman folks.

    But if we turn back the clock to the days of the Roman Republic, all non-Romans were in total awe of the true Romans who’d conquered them with superior organization and strategy. The non-Romans were impressed with the Power Mystique which seemed to radiate from every Roman soldier. They thought only Romans could possess Roman power and greatness.

    We see the same thing with Europe and white folks. When Western Imperialism was about white soldiers conquering non-white lands, non-white folks were awed by white power. For them, white power was synonymous with white people, with white individuals. So, there was respect for white people as a whole. The natives saw white power as something unique and intrinsic to white folks with the guns and organization. So, there was fear, respect, and admiration.

    But once Europeans got inclusive and allowed non-Europeans into the Western military and power structure, non-Europeans gradually came to see white folks as nothing special. After all, smarter non-whites noticed that there are plenty of less intelligent whites. And they realized that they could perform many of the white tasks just as well or even better than the white folks could. And blacks soon realized that they could beat whites in sports and fighting skills.

    So, white people no longer seemed all that special to non-whites, and then White Power lost its mystique.

    This was especially dangerous with Jews and blacks who have decisive advantages over whites in key areas. Jews discovered that they could outsmart and outperform whites in business and intellectual endeavors. So, Jews soon lost respect for the White Power Mystique in elite fields. And Negroes soon realized that they could out-run, out-jump, out-fight, and out-hump whitey(even with whitey women), and they soon lost all respect for the white race. Blacks just came to see white women as jungle-fever ‘ho’s’ and came to see white guys as ‘slow white boy’ and ‘fa**oty-ass cuck boys’.

    The other races were less threatening to whites since Mexicans cannot beat whites in most endeavors. Same goes for Muslims. And even though diligent East Asians might outdo whites on tests and college admissions, their lack of spark and brilliance means taking a backseat to whites. Also, Asians were no athletic and sexual threat to whites.

    Still, when whites lost the Power Mystique in being outdone by Jews and blacks, they lost the respect of the entire world. When whites had maintained a World of their Own and protected whiteness & white power at the top echelons of ideas, athletics, business, and sex, they were respected by the entire world. But when they lost to Jews and blacks, even non-Jewish and non-black folks all around the world came to see whites as nothing special and vulnerable. After all, if whites are so great, why do blacks routinely kick their ass and why do white women go with Negro men? And if whites are so great, why do they all kiss the ass of AIPAC and cuck out to Israel?

    So, the ENTIRE world came to see the White World as a beached whale to gorge on.

    So, if a people want to maintain the Power Mystique, they need to keep things exclusive.

    After all, all great Japanese heroes of Japanese history were Japanese. The top warriors were Japanese since Japan was all Japanese. Consider Miyamoto Musashi. And all sumo wrestlers were Japanese.

    But suppose Japan had allowed bigger whites and Negroes into the nation centuries ago. Then, the top warriors and athletes would have been non-Japanese, and there would have been no Japanese Power Mystique. Japanese would have been beaten by whites and blacks in warfare & sports and beaten by Jews in business and intellect.

    After Japan allowed a bunch of big Hawaiians and Mongolians into Sumo, there is no more Japanese Power Mystique in the sport. Even though everyone knew long ago that non-Japanese could beat Japanese in sumo cuz they are bigger and stronger, the exclusiveness of the sport kept its Power Mystique entirely Japanese. But that has been lost.

    This is why China needs to keep it all Chinese in China.


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    • ETA Maybe it should be noted, however, that Richard Spencer (whom I deeply dislike) has accomplished pushing the Overton Window. It seems an odd shift for him and I don’t know that he did ‘it’ purposely with the nazi salute, but the effect does seem to force white advocacy into the mainstream and begin to define ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable.’ I’m not telling any astute person anything new, but check out the comments.

      How the jews attempt to spin and control this will be interesting. How do they really mollify whites at this point, without torpedoing their whole agenda? Be on the lookout for hollow symbolic ‘victories.’

      Murphy’s Stasi State bill will likely pass next week so that’s probably the answer. Oblique but totalitarian repression will quell revolt against hollow virtual signaling.

      • Spencer has not pushed the overton window. He got caught outside of it and paid the price.

        Very similar to Trump and the muslim ban and ban kebab. Even in victory the greatagain website talks about regional bans and careful vetting; exactly what trump should have said in the first place.

        Those on the alt right wishing to saw the branch between themselves and the “new right” will find them selves plummeting to the earth, as the alt right is truly out on a limb.

        The alt right is and always will be a dead end, a suicide mission to “save the white race”, but neither the true journey or the true destination.

        PS where did the devilry of “never apologize” come from? Oh yes, the devil’s pit of the pick up artist. There is a reason Christianity lasted 2000 years and the Third Reich less than 20. Wisdom is in short supply on the alt right.

        • Well, after writing that comment I realized maybe the purpose the jewish media had in promoting Spencer’s speech with its nazi salute was to justify coming repression of the far right, or radical pro-white is a better word.

          • Renegade Reporting or Sinead McCarthy has just tweeted a photo of Spencer posing with his wife and Laura Bush.

            Someone on OD wondered why Spencer doesn’t have people frisked for cameras even though that would have to be everyone’s cell phone, which might seem draconian.

            Who knows…maybe the jews video-bombing was allowed purposely. It’s totally reasonable to suspect Spencer of being controlled op if you study him. Having jews sabotage and then exposing them allows Spencer to pull this stunt off but retain his ‘legit’ creds.

            The huge fat guy in the orange shirt certainly had uncanny timing as well as edgy fashion sense. What kind of major fatty wears bright orange and then gets up in front of everyone during the keynote speech?

          • There are a lot of shape shifters about. Kikesucker “Paul ‘Blacks Run America’ Kersey” now goes on Spencer and Right Stuff podcasts to act hard and attack what he call the Alt-Lite, but he defends kikery, praises kikes (except “a, uh, few, uh, uh, uh, left wing Jews”), and blames kike subversion on “degenerate Caucasian gentile elites”.


          • Long before alt-right anti-Whites censored, slandered or threatened pro-Whites, even someone as low key as Jared Taylor, who specifically advocate for our race.

            The only excuse anti-Whites need is that you’re pro-White. Our job is to discredit them and using pro-White memes is the best way.

        • Trump did say a lot of things that he probably should have said more diplomatically. However, part of the fanatical support he had was because he was “a madman” who said what others didn’t dare to. I think if he had been more careful, then he wouldn’t be president now.

        • “Never apologize” isn’t an absolute statement. Although you know that and are just bearing false witness. “Never apologize” in the context it is used politically means never affirm the claimed moral authority of your reprobate enemy.

          Presumably your personal Christian piety does not require you to go confess your sins at your nearest J-School.

  9. “Trump has no chance of defeating Hillary” should be enough to discredit PJW as any kind of savvy prognosticator or opinion maker.

    • Is this the alt-right shoring up its own base? Why? Why not attack the enemy, or do something productive? There are several projects that are worth attention, not least of which is attacking political correctness.Recent events have strengthened political correctness.

      By the way, it isn’t just PJW, many notables have had enough of the chaos that is the alt right. The “names” in the alt right want the foot soldiers to lash out in fury, but why should the foot soldiers follow?

      • Libertarianism should be a warning here.

        We saw a lot of people jump on the libertarian bandwagon during the Ron Paul campaigns. They completely subverted it from the inside and turned it into SJW left-libertarianism.

      • Much of our success has been from attacking cuckservatives because they are the weakest link in the Leftist zeitgeist. I don’t know if this victory can be reproduced on the newest arrivals at the cuckshed but I’m assuming that is the thinking motivating much of the rank and file to the extent that they are thinking tactically.

        Personally I think we’ll just jack PJW’s audience by being edgier-than-thou and we’ll just make him our bitch no matter what he wants to report on. These labels don’t really matter in the long run. The market isn’t for people who label themselves as an alternative to cuckservatism, it’s for people who are an actual alternative to it.

  10. The cultural marxists are going to go all in “anti-white” now. The Washington Post is leading the way. The result will be more attacks on whites, (as if we haven’t had our own “White Emmett Till” a hundred times over: Brittney Watts, Jessica Chambers, Amanda Blackburn and lastly, Jonathan Foster just to name a few).
    The bad is whites will continue to be butchered, tortured and raped by blacks with a complicit Media that ignores the atrocities. Could a possible solution to being ignored be to protest the Media? Instead of marching, gather at the Television studios. Ask why they are ignoring black on white atrocities. Of course this is a non-violent approach. Only when the Media experience negative consequences for their actions will they begin to change IMO. The good is that if the Media will change and cover the atrocities, then public opinion will begin to change.

    • You are correct about pickets surround the TV stations. The idiots in the Pro-life movement can find people to picket Planned Parenthood 24/7…the media are the more immediate source of the actual Culture of Death than the clinics anyway.

  11. At a certain point, when everyone becomes a ‘plant’, ‘puppet’, or ‘shill’ for someone else, one realizes that ‘sophistication’ has become paranoia, false witness, compulsive suspicion, rampant insecurity, and a total lack of faithfulness in any human, or any human endeavour, that the supposed person,who ‘sees through it all’, does not intimately know, and of whom they do not entirely approve.

    I know folks on The Left and The Right suffering from this state of mind, and I can find nothing recommendable about their plight.

    The only cure for this is The Holy Ghost, and, I note, all of the people I know who suffer from this state of mind, are not host to him.

      • You’re right, Mr. Blood – it’s counter-productive, in the worst way.

        It is a matter of principle of mine to extend absolute faith and loyalty to those around me, and, most especially to my Confederate colleagues.

        Now and then, one will be disappointed, but, it will pale to all the good that this attitude has on any group.

        The Lord asks us to be faithful, but, The Devil wants us not to be.

        You must make your choice carefully.

        Thank you for the reinforcement.

        • I’m probably too terse; I don’t think the people you describe could build a high-trust world. You are right, and it’s sad. Rootless people have a hard time creating something rooted.

          • No, Mr. Blood – not ‘terse’, at all. No, it (And they seek a “high-trust” White world) was brutal in the most genteel of ways, because your pithy statement is so revealing.

            ‘Rootless people have a hard time creating something rooted.’

            And that, too, is another brilliantly pithy concoction.

            The cat chasing the tail it will never catch – it’s own…

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