Fidel Castro Is Dead

“The Eastern variety imprisons, persecutes and mortifies the body but at least does not destroy hope. Its Western counterpart ends up creating happy robots. It is an air-conditioned hell. It kills the soul.” – Alain de Benoist

Fidel Castro is dead.

I see people celebrating all over Facebook and Twitter. I would also like to celebrate the death of the world’s longest surviving communist dictator, but I can’t get in the Cold War spirit. It’s not because I like Castro or Cuba under communism. It is because I hate what Florida has become.

Just 36 percent of Floridians were born in the state. Even that number is exaggerated because it counts as natives people whose parents recently immigrated to the state. Of all the states in the country, only Nevada has fewer native born residents. In the late 20th century, the native Florida Cracker was utterly overwhelmed by immigrants from all parts of United States and Latin America.

South Florida has become culturally alien to the rest of the South. There are twice as many Jews in Palm Beach County alone as there are in the entire state of Texas. Florida now hosts much of Puerto Rico in the Orlando area and there was a lot of speculation about whether Puerto Ricans would be Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon in the November election. There is also a large Haitian population in Miami.

Florida’s New South “Open For Business” motto and tax laws have played a major role in attracting the flood of transplants. The Villages is the largest retirement community in the world. Everywhere you go in Florida now you will find signs that the natives have been overwhelmed. Closer to home, the Redneck Rivera of my youth has been erased over the last 15 years as it has been transformed by expensive, high rise condos. That’s the way it is now all over the Panhandle from Panama City to Pensacola.

Shouldn’t we be hailing the progress that capitalism has brought to Florida? The Sunshine State has become in many ways what Cuba was before Castro: a playground for wealthy transplants and aliens. The political and economic power in Florida has been wrested from the hands of the people who are from Florida. When I look at Cubans putting around in their antique cars in Havana and compare it to what I see in Orlando, I can’t help but notice that Cubans have retained more of their national character.

It’s like comparing France or Germany under Western capitalism to Poland or Hungary under Soviet communism. I can’t help but ask myself: both of these are awful systems, but who got the worst of it when it was all over? Are both systems equally bad? Sure, we’ve got a Burger King off every other interstate exit in Florida and no one is being executed by the state, but we have lost something even more valuable.

Welcome to Florida, the unsettled, air-conditioned hell of anomie.

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  1. An essay on the DS is actually mourning the death of Castro. The conceit is that small group of Whites rules an island nation of Negroes, in the only way that works. Well “Castro” is a Jew name, for one thing, and Castro did not look White to me. The Kosher Castro regime rules exactly the way in which the Protocols spelled out. Think about it. And the Elders of Zionification of FL, and Western Europe proceeds apace.

    Trump is a stop gap, and nothing else. Jew Stein just got WI to agree to a “recount” of the vote.-even though the Clinton campaign itself sated there was nothing amiss. It’s all about the GOD DAMNED JEW, and nothing else.

      • I did. Jew Stein has to file in PA on Monday, to do a recount, or that’s that; Trump is WAY ahead by 70,000 votes. So I don’t know if they’ll bother. They should recount NH.

        • They know something we don’t, M’am. You can be sure that, if it did not serve their purposes, they would not do it.

          • Dear Miss Denise,

            As the whole dang New England Government is restrained NOT by any respect for it’s own law, but only by the appearance of propriety, I would not trouble your head much about thinking that ‘legal’ is going to have anything to do with a recount.

            I apologize for being grim or bellicose, M’am, but, any Southerner, of my lifetime, knows one thing : the law is used to beat up The Southern man, when it suits Pennsylvania Avenue, and to be skirted, ad hoc, the rest of the time, as it suits.

            Just look at all these ‘sanctuary cities’

            I mean, for me, I really need a sanctuary state, if not 15, from The New England Government!

            I hope you’ll take no offence, M’am, but, I believe strongly that The Northern Government is only going to get remotely right when it gets a repeated fist in the face.

            As do many Patriot militias, Klaverns, Confederate militias, our state League, and sundry other unnamed ventures,I work to make that fist, every dang day.

            ‘Illegal’, ‘climey’, ‘disrespectful’, ‘coercive’, ‘briberish’, ‘hypocritical’ ‘lacking in restraint’, are the watchwords of The New England Government; an organism that would usurp a flea, on the sly, if it ran out of other targets to do such to.

            Happy Sunday evening!

          • The South really screwed up in 1814 when New England held The Hartford Convention by not kicking them out of the Union, Had New England been the ones seceding instead of Dixie no one would have wanted them back. Sad it didnt shake out this way

          • All in all, Mr. Jenkins, The South prefers to be faithful and to be led, rather than to demand faith and lead.

            Now, before you go off on the deep end over this, this principle has it’s upside and downside – the up being that you can see why this makes us the last part of the 50 states, where so much fidelity to The Christian Faith yet evinces itself; and, to the down, why, at most historical junctures, Southerners have chosen to remain with Yankee-Doodle-Dandy.

            Now, as to why it is this way, I have not a clue.

            As to the sadness of misst opportunities, you cannot, as you well know, live long in this life without accumulating your share of them, and certainly no culture escapes this, either.

            Have a very happy Sunday!

          • That is what always bothered me about establishing the Confederacy, it was as if someone came in kicked you out of YOUR OWN HOUSE that YOU BUILT and you had to go down the road and build another one. In effect thats what the cabal in 1860 finally did was kick the South out of the very City and Nation that it built and steal it outright,

            Unfortunately the South had no good options at its disposal to right the situation within the Constitutional framework. It could not as the Knights of the Golden Circle wanted to do engulf Washington City in terror and begin direct assassinations of Congressmen and judges, for one thing that was dishonorable and for another illegal. That sort of all out warfare would have also driven honorable men like Lee and Jackson to Lincoln’s defense as the Southern men in the Federal Army couldn’t stomach the idea of a Pustch or a Coup.

            Secession which meant ceding the very nation that the South built over to the cabal and creating a new nation was the only option and it satisfied the Conservatives like Davis and Lee by being done within the legal framework. I think had they known in 1860 what life would have been like in 1870 after they lost the war, then every man would have joined in a Coup to rival that of Revolutionary France. However they had no way of knowing

    • Yeah, I like Anglin and Striker (who I believe wrote the article.) But he is wrong on a few points. For one thing Cuba is NOT majority negro. I know because I was married to a blond white Cuban who had Iberian grandparents and we went there many times. The negro population is somewhere in the 30% range. Less than my home state of Georgia. Even so, just like everywhere else, it is the negroes who cause the majority of social problems. There is a good response in the comments that talks about how Castro promoted Marxism within the U.S. and how Cultural Marxism lead to the very degeneracy Striker lauds as being absent in Cuba.

    • As the author of the article you’re having hysterics about, its notable that you don’t go into any of the details, just how Castro makes you “feel”.

      Basically, my premise is identical to Hunter Wallace’s . Cubans are more Cuban than America is American , which is why I refuse to join the cuckservatives in popping champagne over Castro’s death.

      • Maybe she should ‘take her medication,’ huh Eric?

        Or you could just slap her. Andrew Anglin even says so in today’s headline article.

        • I don’t know who DenisetheCelt is , but the fact that her argument mostly relies on unproven VeteransToday type of hearsay that Castro is Jewish says a lot.

          -Cuba is a majority negro nation with a lower crime rate than the US, and a much lower crime rate than demographically similar cities in the US.

          -Cuba supports traditional family against homos, much to the chagrin of US government trying to get them to normalize fags.

          -Cuba is fighting against American backed Jihadists in Syria on the side of Assad. They are part of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian anti-imperialist front.

          -Cuba drove out the jew mobsters that ran Havana under mulatto batista, which is why the US forced civic nationalist Castro into getting close to the USSR despite initial outreach to the US itself.

          • Don’t underestimate Liberation Theology, or as it might be called Roman Catholic compatible communism-socialism for Latino America and the 3rd World.

          • Castro was a Jew. And he didn’t drive out Jews – they all moved to Miami. Castro ruled Cuba as a Jewish Supremacist state. Do your research.

          • Dude, there is a certain element that believes literally everyone of any note is Jewish- literally. Even us, right now, doubting this “fact” is grounds for speculation that we are Jewish.

          • Worth noting that the reason CUBA has a lower crime rate is because criminals are executed there they dont waste time with trials and things like that. Easy to have low crime in a dictatorship.

            The USA’s support for Castro in 1956 or so was I believe about hitting the Jewish/Sicilian Mafia in their wallets

      • That’s due to the movement of people though. People don’t flock to undesirable countries. Capitalism (for industrious whites) creates desirable countries, then everybody else wants to move there. The answer is to not let them in. Our answer to immigration should not be to keep it shitty so everybody stays away.

      • I am not “having hysterics” – and you are missing my point. Castro is one a creature to be praised. He was a damned Jew. We need to See the Jew, and REMOVE the JEW.

    • For all his many faults Castro did stand up to the USSA, the Mob and to Zionist power. He sided with the PLO against Pigsrael and unlike our leaders he knew how to keep his blacks under control. And while Washington sent occupation troops and B-52s to other countries Cuba sent doctors, nurses and civil engineers. If Ike the Kike wasn’t so hostile towards Castro he (Castro) would not have formed such a strong alliance with Moscow.

      • Like I said, during his long life, Fidel did some good and some bad. At the end of the day, I would say that Cuba is better off than it was before the fall of the Batista Government, and expect the nation to totally collapse if they ever become a “Democracy.”

        Then get ready for waves of boat people that are going to make your heads spin.

        • Yup. The Hebes will flow back in, and send their Negro peasants to the JEWSA, so Whitey can pay for more low IQ Gibs.

      • Castro sent troops to Angola during one of that continent’s innumerable civil wars. I don’t know how many, I believe they engaged South African troops (pre-Apartheid, real South African.)

    • Castro is both a Spanish and Italian last name, so stop the Bigotry, it is unbecoming. You might have a gripe against Judaism per se (which is your right). but that thing about Castro = Jew name is totally insane.

  2. Politics have shifted in Cuba. We now have to wait and see if the Castro family will hold onto it, or be deposed. The Cuban people may not do anything, fear being a habit and a way of Life.

  3. I’m from Orlando and my family goes back several generations in Florida and came from Alabama before that. And yet I don’t even speak with a southern accent because most of the people I grew up around other than my immediate family were from somewhere else, and that was in the 70’s. It’s much worse now.

    • Don’t feel bad. Stonewall Jackson in movies, like “Gods & Generals” is portrayed as having a deep Southern voice, when in reality he probably had a high-pitched twang common even to this day in the Clarksburg – Fairmont area of West Virginia.

  4. The Florida whose loss you’re mourning was built by Yankees, Mr. W., by the same capitalism you’re now indicting as its destroyer. Only a very-small, northern portion of the state was every really part of the South in anything other than a strict geographical sense …

    “In 1900, Florida was largely agricultural and frontier; most Floridians lived within 50 miles of the Georgia border. … The population explosion began with the great land boom of the 1920s as Florida went from an undiscovered frontier to a southern land speculator’s paradise.”

    The men of enterprise who carried America into the south of Florida were figures like George Merrick and Carl Fisher, like Henry Morrison Flagler who came before them—Yankees all. Only in consequence of their activity was there a migration into lower Florida of the “crackers” whose present swamping you lament. It was the Federal government—the hated Yankee tyranny–that helped those crackers stay there …

    “People from throughout the Southeast migrated to Florida during this time, creating a larger southern culture in the central part of the state, and expanding on the existing one in the northern region. Along with this, many developers invested in land in the southern part of the State in areas such as Miami, and Palm Beach attracting more people in the Southern States. When the Crash came in 1929, prices of houses plunged, but the sunshine remained. Hurt badly by the Great Depression and the land bust, Florida, along with many other States, kept afloat with federal relief money under the Roosevelt Administration.”

    The Yankee giveth, and the Yankee taketh away. The cracker is only along for the ride.

    • Southerners managed to expand from the eastern seaboard to Texas and beyond all on their own. That was before all of our economic, intellectual, and cultural capital was destroyed along with a very large chunk of our male population sometime in the mid 19th century. Can’t for the life of me remember by what or who, but for some reason I think I read somewhere (VERY recently) that these mysterious latter day Sea Peoples’ descendant’s would settle south Florida.

      • You acknowledge, then, that the South has no economic, intellectual, or cultural capital. Good. That’ll save a lot of arguments around here.

        • We have very little economic capital that is not controlled by globalists who do not identify as Southern, correct. We have far more intellectual capital than we have ever been given credit for, however, it unfortunately gets channeled into pursuits and worldviews that are at least unconcerned with the South and Southern identity and at worst hostile to it. This is done b still more of the mysterious latter day Sea People’s descendants who siezed control of our societal institutions. Culture requires identity. We have a rich folk culture that is mainly rural. Some might not like it but it is there, it is strong, and it is admirable. We have no high culture because…oh hell…you get it by now. So you got 1.5/3 good job.

          • No, Lee is going to be our Statue of Liberty. He’s going to be holding an AR 16 (cause we do everything better) in one hand and the other hand is going to be giving the middle finger to the north. The inscription is going to say “Fuck off, bitches.”

          • They’re also the one’s who didn’t bother to lift a finger during The War of 1812 and Mexican American War.

          • Yes—and about 50:1 if you only include white men who didn’t have their heads up their asses.

          • Fuck off and stop projecting. It wasn’t long ago you accused me of being an alcoholic. You sure do seem to bring up alcohol consumption a lot for some reason. Just sayin.

          • Actually, you’re incorrect about that, too, illiterate. In response to a comment in which you’d talked about what “we,” i.e., Southerners, would do, upon your successful secession from the U.S., I said that the only thing “you” would do is drink. Being illiterate, as I say, you were incapable of recognizing the elementary fact that my “you” was a plural, to which your “we” was antecedent—or maybe you were just a little bit defensive.

          • A normal person would be embarrassed to be exposed as a liar, but sicilians like other dindus probably don’t experience shame like normal whites do.
            As can be seen clearly in the screencaps below, the sicilian mulatto clearly implied that I had a drinking problem.

            It is no surprise that he doubled down on his claim above, and resorted to calling me illiterate (even though the entire convo is typed). I do not ascribe the same level of agency to mulattoes that I ascribe to whites.


          • And where is your original comment, the one, in which, as I just said, above, you used the word “we”? (Or maybe it was “Southerners.” Whatever it was, my “you” was an obvious reference to it, i.e., an obvious plural.)

          • If you want to share it, you can screencap it and post it. In the portion of the convo I posted, you clearly implied I, personally, had a drinking problem. Strangely, you also accuse me of being illiterate. I’m not sure very many people are going to believe you on that.

          • Where’s the original comment, you lying piece of filth? Where’s your original comment—the one I mentioned above, the one to which I was REPLYING, the one you’ve just now conveniently left out, after all the trouble you went to, to recover those comments? Now, having done me unfairly, you lying piece of Southern filth, you suggest that it’s my task to recover your original comment. Where’s the original comment?

          • “after all the trouble you went to”

            Dipshit, all you have to do is search your email to find the convo, screencap, and paste.

            But it really doesn’t matter that you did not accuse me of a drinking problem right before you accused me of a drinking problem, you still accused me of a drinking problem when you accused me of a drinking problem.

            The portion of the convo you refer to neither condemns, nor excuses you from accusing me of a drinking problem, but hey, you’re free to post it if you want to.

            Apparently, despite my effort to avoid ascribing too much agency to a sicilian mulatto, I still overestimated the agency of this particular sicilian mulatto.

          • I just told you how to quickly find and post it for yourself.

            Are you illiterate?

            Am I still expecting too much out of a sicilian mulatto?

            Like I said, you can waste a few seconds on it if you want to but the fact remains that you accused me (personally) of a drinking problem at the exact moment that you accused me of a drinking problem. It makes no difference to anyone that you did not accuse me of a drinking problem immediately before that point.

          • I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a quick question:

            I see you and Prez Davis bickering on here all the time. It seems (although I could be wrong) that you are not a fan of Southern Nationalism and instead fit into the White Nationalist camp.

            So why come here every single day and argue with these guys? I see zero benefit to this sort of fighting. Neither side is inclined to change their minds and all it does is soak up more energy that could have been dedicated to productive activism.

            Also, Instead of bickering, why not create your own organization that is dedicated specifically to representing Whites from the Philly / Jersey region? I’ve spent time in that part of America and it’s nothing like the rural South or Cowboy Country or uber-German Wisconsin, etc. It really is its own little world. And you are also clearly a clever man with a lot of energy. It sounds like a match-made in heaven.

            I know it sounds like a long shot, but just think about it. You could make quite a difference if you created a regional movement. After all, White Americans are far too divided for a nation-wide White Nationalist movement to ever really go mainstream. I’ve been involved in this movement for years, and I’ve learned much of this the hard way.

            If you want to help White Americans, the best option you have would be to forget about arguing with Southerners and instead focus on your own home.

            Again, I’m not trying to get in the middle of this argument or take sides. I’m just tired of logging on to this site and seeing you guys have the same type of arguments over and over again. There is absolutely nothing to gain from these debates.

          • Well, except for the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812 and The Mexican American War and the Indian wars on the Dixie Frontier.

    • Florida was lost in 1865. It’s hard to say or predict the course of events in history. But there’s really no telling how Florida would have developed in the CSA. Spanish settlement patterns might give a clue to the pre air-conditioning development of Florida. It stuck mostly to the coasts and aforementioned Georgia border. If I recall correctly, ACL and SCL railroads had a big part in the development of the Florida coasts, particularly Miami.

      • A different age, James, a different age. From left to right, the advertisements below are from 1902, 1910, and 1913. The Seaboard Air Line and the Atlantic Coast Line combined to form the Seaboard Coast Line in 1967, the year before the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central combined to form the Penn Central. A few years after that, of course, came the Federal government’s big move into the railroads, and layman I wouldn’t attempt to trace the names and ownership of those entities thereafter.

        The third line, on the right, was Henry Morrison Flagler’s creation, begun with earlier lines. Flagler, who’d been a principal of Standard Oil, is known as the father of Miami and Palm Beach, according to Wikipedia. He first went to Florida, Wikipedia says, because his wife had health problems. That was in 1878.

        Anyway—when white men walked the Earth …

        • Upon entering the South all colored passengers by law had to move to the last passenger car at the back of the train. And they did so without complaint.

    • In the days before air conditioning, large parts of the costal South, and Florida were uninhabitable for large parts of the year. Modern medicine and clean water & sewage played a part too.

      • Eastern North Carolina is very close to Florida’s heat – but, the people here, a century ago, had a of of techniques to cope with and diminish heat.

        One was the central blow space that was built into many homes.

        The other was surrounding homes with shade trees.

        Another was sitting out on the porch, socializing, until late hours, when the house had become passable.

        People also were more tolerant, because they were not in the habit of being able to micromanage their environments to such an extreme.

        And I may be missing some.

        • Air conditioning is what ruined the quality of life in Dixie, sir. Without it you wouldn’t have all those millions of Yankee carpetbaggers to deal with!

          • Thank you, Mr. Kleinfeld – I think you are right; though, I would add, there is something else at hand, and this I know first hand – many Yankees, in the middle of the 20th century were put of by Jim Crow, and would not resettle into any state with it – so, by not standing up for ourselves, in the 1960s – we got the double whammy – negroes gone wild and millions of Yankees fleeing the mess they had made up there – only, ironically, most of them, once in their new digs down here, want to reestablish it here!

            In this I am reminded of Josey Wales, when, passing out his instructions to the settlers, for a coming fight, said this : ‘when things get bad and it looks like you won’t win, that’s when you have to get plum mad-dog mean, because if you don’t and you give up – you’ll neither win nor live’

    • Southern Florida is gone, it’s now an extension of the Caribbean. Northern Florida is not, but Obama has been seeding non-Whites in the panhandle which I expect Trump will stop.

    • I have, in the last 18 months or so, begun to question capitalism. It was driving through E. Kentucky that got the ball rollin. Tell me, are you a laissez-faire kind of guy? Mixed economy Keynesian?

        • Interesting, thanks. I’m tryin to gather opinions on the subject when I can because, as I said, I just started questioning it fairly recently.

          • Just the (American) povery all over. Economy based on resource extraction and nothing else. Stripped bare by northern capitalists and then abandoned to meth and obesity. Trust me though, I know the unions played their part and the EPA doesn’t help.

          • I’ve always regarded capitalism as a moral and efficient economic system, but lately I’ve become more aware of how culturally corrosive it can be. The transition from a market economy to a market society is not a pretty sight.

  5. Castros revolution was an anti-Jew revolution. The Jews set up shop in Cuba through their familiar ways and had planned on making a fortune. Castro fought them, won, took their property by force, forced them to run for their lives and spit in their faces. All with an army of 17.

    Communism and socialism is only good when the stupid goyim are getting fleeced when it the Jews, it is not so great. Obama’s comments on Castro’s death are quite telling.

    • Castro was a good Roman Catholic boy, educated by the Christian Brothers in Cuba. So were most of his crew…ever heard of Liberation Theology?

        • I don’t know where you get this fantasy of me being a Jew. I’m a church going, Bible reading Protestant, from an old American family. Not some Ellis Islander. LOL.

          Like your Pope said, “Communists are the real Christians”. Oh, and by the way, Castro and his crew were also educated by the Jesuits, not just the Christian Brothers.

          • I’m not sure what you are referring to…one of my old pals wanted to build a wall around West Virginia to keep people out. This was almost 50 years ago.

          • Some, Mason/Dixon, will take you for a Jew, if you ever suggest that all the world’s evil can be tracet back to more than one destination.

            I have come to think of it as National Socialist Political Correctness, though, admittedly, there may be a better term.

          • That’s why White Americans have gotten beaten so soundly politically—the failure to realize there is a multi-pronged attack against us. Namely, Jews, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Marxist-socialist-communists.

            This really is nothing new, author, journalist, historian, US Senator Tom Watson pointed all of this out early in the last century.

            Some will say look what Catholics are doing in Poland, but, Poland is not the United States.

          • You are absolutely right, Krafty.

            Many people re so complacent that they either moan and do nothing else, or adopt the one-bogey man theory, and do thousands of hours of extensive research to substantiate that.

            In science ‘reductionism’ is, other than the purposeful falsification of data, the gravest danger, at hand – and it applies here.

            As to Poland – I have extensive acquaintanceship with that country’s people, and they are much as we uset to be – highly religious, (in the oldest sense) racist, (in the best sense) self-assured, believing in right and wrong, and intolerant of being talkt out of their values.

            For many other reasons, their culture is healthy, but, for that, I leave you this brief video, which details it better than I have time for…

          • That’s nice, but, what’s the Roman Catholic Church doing for White Americans in the United States—except pushing diversity and multi-culturalism. Including the Polish Cardinals in the United States?

          • The difference, Krafty, between the Polish Catholick Church – still nationalist – and the American is vast – the latter being, as you imply, Marxist.

            My wife is Roman Catholick, but, on account of this turn of the church, in recent decades, neither she nor I prefer to attend their services – either going to Russian Orthodox or a local country church – Freewill Baptist in the wildwood.

          • What else would you call “Liberation Theology”? Or the fact that we got 30-40 million or more Roman Catholics squatting in the United States.

          • Unfortunately, Krafty – the inconvenient truth of today’s society is that we are sick at many levels – White, Black, Catholick, Protestant, Jew, teacher, student, political class, etc, etc…

            We understand that things were far from perfect in 1950, but, some of the disturbing trends, way back when, have been amplified, while much of what was good has been largely diminsht, and many bad things that did not exist have come into being – such as a rampant and extreme immaturity among youth.

            No, Sir – if I were governor of my state. I would move the voting age up to 30 – in addition to prohibiting a non-Southerner from running for office, banning Jews from participation in banking and politicks, and requiring that new immigrants live, and work, in our state, for 10 years, before they cast a ballot.

            Voting is too cheap, these days, and it’s impact too grave.

          • I agree with you that the political aspect of The Roman Catholick Chruch is very negative, these days in this country – particularly, in NC, working with the New England Government to distribute Arabs, secretly, in our midst, against our will.

            However, I draw your attention to the fact that what the church has to offer is mostly non-political, and that has not changed.

          • And let me add this, too – there is no need to give special distinction to The Roman Catholick Church, as the Protestant denominations are gone straight to hell – Episcopalians and Lutherans with their openly gay bishops, promoting more of the same, Methodists become fulltime nigger-lovers, and Southern Baptists actively encouraging race-mixing and trampling on the Confederate flag.

            No, it’s all very problematick, and just like you in your conversation with Fee over Jews, I feel that to overly focus one group is to miss the point.

  6. As a fourth generation Floridian, I approve this message. My cousin works the beach in Panama City. He started in 03, the same year I matriculated at FSU. Since then high rises have indeed exploded the same way the non-White population exploded in Tallahassee. Sad.

    I’m in Nevada right now and there are a lot of brown people around. Another sad.

    Btw, I’m on the last leg of a road trip to visit every state in the lower 48. From Miami to Maine to Ohio down to Mississippi to California to Washington state to North Dakota to West Virginia there are Burger Kings and Mc Donalds at almost every stop not to mention the ubiquitous Walmart. Fucking Walmarts, man. Everywhere. Right next to the Mc Donalds, sometimes housed in the Walmart itself. Subway too. Everywhere. Even in the smallest towns these businesses exist from Vermont to TINY towns Death Valley. It’s depressing.

    • The homogenization of culture is real. Spend sometime exploring this massive country of ours and it becomes apparent.

      On a positive note: there is unparalleled beauty to enjoy from coast to coast in the US, from the rocky coasts of Maine and Big Sur to the Great Lakes to the wide open spaces of Wyoming to Pikes Peak to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to desert cacti in the South West to the farmlands in the Deep South to the natural springs in the Florida panhandle to the volcanos in the Pacific Northwest. It’s amazing.

      • That’s capitalism for you. The fact that so many on the alt-right still defend it as an unqualified good shows how naive they are about how economics affects culture.

        • I’m not sure it’s capitalism. The homogenization seems to have come in the wake of the 1960s, of the quasi-nationalization, via the Great Society etc., of much of the economy. Before that, there was enough capital on the loose to allow neighborhood stores to thrive; to enable gas stations to pay persons to pump gas for you and wipe your windows; to allow candy companies to make candy bars that actually smelled like chocolate, because that’s what they were made of. It’s been a long time since we’ve had capitalism in this country.

          • Having never given attention to that term, “command economy,” I can’t really say how it’s used by persons who favor it; but properly used, I would say, it wouldn’t apply at all to the military, which is an aspect of governance. It would apply to arrangements in which the government commands donation, direct or indirect. By donation, I mean the giving of wealth from one private party to another, either more-or-less directly, in this context, via, say, welfare payments, or indirectly, via funding of entities prepared to provide a good or service to a private party. The so-called public schools, for instance, would be a “command economy,” because the government commands the support of teachers and staff who are prepared to provide a service, i.e., instruction, to private parties. The postal service, in which the government commands the support of couriers prepared to carry letters and parcels between private parties would be a command economy. (In addition, the U.S. Postal Service has a monopoly on the carrying of certain kinds of mail.) Britain’s National Health Service or America’s Medicaid would be command economies, in which the government commands the support of persons prepared to provide medical care to private parties.

          • It’s based on an anecdote about a visiting Soviet attaché who came to the US. “I know how your military works now, was mystery, this Pentagon, see it is like 5 year plan now.”

            William Lind often uses the story in his lectures and talks.

      • Sometimes I think that the Multinational Corporations benefitted from the Restaurant Desegregation in Dixie because as it put Mom and Pops under, McDonalds raced in to fill the void and they didnt care who they served. I remember SAINT AUGUSTINE FL had a surviving Woolworths lunch counter in 1989 I ate there

  7. Could we transfer the US’s 40,000,000 Dindu to Florida and transfer all the whites out? What say you?

  8. Being from the Midwest, I know a lot of “snow birds” who summer in Arizona and Florida. Mostly retired, public sector workers, who basically worked their entirely life harping about people “paying their fair share” and the need for “public servants”, who the moment they get their public pensions set up their residency in states with no income taxes. It’s kind of a double whammy, because they live into their nineties sucking the local tax revenue dry, while reinvesting less in the community that supports them. But it could be worse: Florida and Arizona could be getting their SJW/hipster , progressive, blow hard kids. But they mostly leave for places like Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

  9. Apologies for the off topic (but actually dead center on topic) post:

    Mr Glenn Greenwald exposes the “Fake News” conspiracy.

    As I have said before, this could be the Waterloo of the Enemy, an overreach from which they never recover. It would be nice if the anti-globalist right could shake off its post-election fog and get to work on this battle (rather than infighting).

    As the old saying goes about wrasslin’ with a pig, you both get covered in mud, but the pig likes it. By picking a fight with the Alternative Media, they offer a project that can reunite the anti-globalist right after the common labor of the election.

    As always: 14 is great, 88 is not.

  10. I pretty much shrugged my shoulders at the news. The country will probably be looted now, welcome to globalism now go die

  11. Castro, Che Guevara, the whole lot of them, all the way back to Lenin, came from upper middle class/wealthy backgrounds. Castro got an expensive legal education, payed for by his wealthy father.
    Poor people don’t make revolutions because they’re to busy trying make a living.

  12. Under Communism there was no faggotry, feminism, or degeneracy. There also wasn’t free speech and you had only one party to vote for. But they did get health care and an education paid for by the state. In America we have to scramble and fight like wild animals to get health care and an education for our children. But we at least get iPhones, football, McDonald’s, and porn. Tough choice.

      • The thing is that Strasserite National Socialism was different from Hitlerarian national socialism. Hitler kind of preached his own ideas as national socialism, but was never really called out on it, because there was a lot of mistrust of Jews at the time.

  13. It’s a pity Desi Arnaz isn’t here now. I’ll bet he could whip up a heck of a conga number to celebrate Fidel’s assuming room temperature!

  14. For all of the timeless bitching about Castro being a dictator, so were the guys that ran Cuba before him, but they were a lot closer to the American mob, so that made it okay, or something.

    • Much anti-communism has been—and is—like that: It’s expressed as opposition to horrors such as work camps, not as opposition to the communism itself.

    • I just argued with a person about the communist manifesto,he showed me a letter from Marx to Lincoln,I did know Lincoln implemented planks of the manifesto,he was called the American Bolshevic
      1.Formed National bank and creation of the bank monopoly
      2.Started the first IRS system
      3.Started federal control of education.
      You should check this out.
      On this website:Northwestern localist “are you part of the cult of Lincoln”
      I did not know that Lincoln had commentary with Marx.
      Makes perfect sense to me now.

      • Extremely interesting information, Timber, of which I’d not been aware. At are both Marx’s letter, to Lincoln, and the reply of America’s representative Charles Francis Adams, Sr., to whom Marx’s letter had been presented. The following photograph is of Adams …

      • Extremely interesting information, Timber, of which I’d not been aware. At are both Marx’s letter, to Lincoln, and the reply of America’s representative Charles Francis Adams, Sr., to whom Marx’s letter had been presented. The following photograph is of Adams …

      • Extremely interesting information, Timber, of which I’d not been aware. At are both Marx’s letter, to Lincoln, and the reply of America’s representative Charles Francis Adams, Sr., to whom Marx’s letter had been presented. The following photograph is of Adams …

        • You really were not aware that Marx had a political crush on Lincoln? I’m pretty sure OD has covered this topic. Lincoln refused to write back too!

          • If Occidental Dissent has covered this topic, I don’t remember it; but then again, I might not have been following Occidental Dissent closely as far back as you have been. Now that you’ve raised the question, I’m wondering whether I ever heard of this correspondence and simply had no memory of my hearing of it, when I was just now addressing Timber. Not sure. If there’s any other connection between Marx and Lincoln, I don’t know of it.

          • You know he did,I always New of the love affair the jews had with Father Abraham,but I didn’t realize he communicated with Marx,I always said sharecropping was just like a communist collective ,there is no doubt about it now.
            He had to of written back,he probably took orders from Marx.

          • The odd thing about the Jews is that most Jews in the USA supported the Confederacy or remained silent during the war, it wasn’t until late in the war when it became obvious the Union would win did they rush to support the Union. REMEMBER JEWS ARE ALWAYS DEMOCRAT

            The Jews did support the Radical Republicans following the war up till about 1876 when they began returning to the Democrats, as the Republicans began advocating Immigration Restrictions and their stance on High Tariffs meant the Jews wouldn’t be able to subvert the economy. After 1872 the Jews were the muscle first behind the Liberal Republican movement, then the various Democratic movements. The Jews briefly returned to the Republicans to defeat William Jennings Bryan, but after Wilson remained Democrat to today

      • Lincoln changed the Federal banking laws BUT there was no Federal Reserve until 1913, so the National Bank was being phased in piece at a time,

        Both the UNION and the CONFEDERACY had to practice forms of Income Taxation as they had no exports, the Confederacy literally confiscated wealth at gunpoint at certain times because IT HAD NO CHOICE. The CSA relied entirely on Cotton and agricultural sales and without them, it had to soak its population for whatever it needed. The North ended up doing the same thing, but the Income Tax was revoked in 1872. When the Income Tax came back in 1894 it was part of the WILSON-GORMAN TARIFF which was the product of TWO SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS. William L Wilson of Wast Virginia and Senator Arthur P Gorman of Maryland, It was struck down in 1895 as Unconstitutional and remained so until the Rockefeller/Warburg/Rothschild cabal got the 16th Amendment passed.

        I assume by Federal Control of Education they meant the Land Grant Colleges right? I will have to read some more as I thought American Elementary/ Secondary schools were all but free of Federal interference until the 1940s.

        • I left the name of a site above to read more about it,I have trouble putting links on with this cheap phone.
          I read “bury my heart at wounded knee” and it made the claim that the treasury Secretary of Lincoln,Chase,resigned due to his disgust of the profiteers prolonging the civil war.I haven’t been able to back That up with other sources other then all the munition factories in the north and the immediate westward advance of the union army after the war of northern aggression.
          I believe it was the start of war profiteering in America.

  15. I’ve lived in heavily Jewish areas and met many kinds of Jews. In my estimation, Castro is/was most definitely NOT a Jew. His speeches lack the otherwordly power of a Trotsky or even some of the early theorists of Zionism.

  16. This may be bad for them. This may lead to full on, hard core hyper-americanization and complete loss of national character. For their sake, and ours, I hope not.

  17. I believe it is “liberal democracy” that is the root cause of much of the social decay. There seemed to be no problem with capitalism maintaining our way of life until the mid-1960s. In my own opinion our problems started when “liberal democracy” became the new religion and cult of the west. The problem is not just one of capitalism, but of governance.

    If you really looked at Cuba, you would see that it hasn’t been any better for the whites there. The white population has shrunk considerably since Castro took power, race mixing has exploded, the birth rate has plunged, and the government has pursued aggressive leftist and “anti-racism” policies. The end result is pretty much the same as what we have in America.

    • Say you had too much to drink, blacked out and woke up the next day in another country, in another part of the world. How would you know if it was a rich or a poor country? The first thing you would look at, is the color of the skin of the people living there. If they had white skin, you would assume it was a first world country. If their skin was brown, you would assume it was third world, since all brown countries are poor.

      Up until the mid-1960s America was undeniably a white country. In the mid 1960s a law was passed with the intent to turn America into a non-white country and it has been on a downward path ever since. All brown countries are poor.

  18. In the graphic below, the upper section is the opening of Chapter II of Frederick Jackson Turner’s “The Frontier in American History.” Screen-capped below that is a comment that was posted late yesterday, November 27, at Radix Journal. The latter put me in mind of the former: White neighborhoods’ destruction, as reported in comments posted at Radix Journal, Occidental Dissent, and so on, is beginning to feel as if it has no frontier. Actually, it’s felt that way for some time.

    During the presidential primary season, I saw here, at Occidental Dissent, one or two comments to the effect that whites in locales that have not yet been racially diversified were not in a position to understand Trump. What I’m wondering is just how many undiversified places remain. At the moment, I would say there’s probably a conspicuous difference between Philadelphia, which is my own point of reference, and its suburbs–but I’m not sure how great that difference is at this point.

    The Radix Journal commenter, as you’ll see, makes a point about the spiritual effect of the destruction of the neighborhoods of one’s past. Within the past year, maybe, I posted a similar comment somewhere, I think—maybe here at Occidental Dissent.

    Well—here’s the graphic …

    • I’m from the Philadelphia area too, and there is a huge difference between Philly and the rural areas of western Pennsylvania. I just got back from the western part of the state. The architecture, streets, and demographics of some of those towns reminded me of the town in the movie Stand By Me. Looked exactly like it.

      I also noticed that the culture was much more original. Of course they too have McDs, but there were also a lot of small restaurants and stores. Outside the towns was farmland and greenery. One thing I noticed was the poverty there was more obvious than anything I’ve seen in the suburbs or even the inner-cities. A lot of the homes and mobile homes were really dilapidated and looked like shacks from the hwy and roads.

      • You know, mobile homes were outlawed in most places,they were beneath the dignity of an American to live in,and they were not that attractive.To get around the laws the industry put on a propaganda campaign and had desi and Lucy haul the “long long long trailer”around the country in a Hollywood movie ,after that they had them register them at the motor vehicle dept. and get a license plate and they became mobile homes,and the laws were bypassed .

        • I’ve seen fairly nice mobile homes around the I-95 corridor near the beaches and even out towards the suburbs.

          The ones I saw in western PA were falling apart and looked like shacks. Even a lot of the homes in that area weren’t that well maintained. It reminds me of the some of the dilapidated row homes we have in Philadelphia and Chester.

      • If I’ve read your paragraph correctly, you’re saying the really dilapidated homes and mobile homes were in the areas outside the towns—in the areas of farmland and greenery, that is. I wonder whether that sort of poverty was in those areas, in that part of the state, in, say, the 1950s and ’60s, or even in the ’70s and ’80s.

        I’m guessing you’re talking about white poverty. Sometimes, I get the feeling northeast Philadelphia, where I’m located, is not only becoming racially diversified but is also becoming “Appalachianized,” if only very slightly. Western Pennsylvania is, of course, part of Appalachia, but I wonder whether it’s becoming like Southern Appalachia, maybe through migration from the South.

        A quarter of a century or so ago, it must have been, a friend of mine expressed the view that a rural type had become conspicuous, here in northeast Philadelphia. If I’m recalling this correctly, he made the remark after he’d been overseas for a bit of time. He was back on a visit, and the change had struck him. I, who hadn’t been away, could not see it; but in recent years, his remark has returned to my mind, when, for instance, I’m in a supermarket in this neighborhood. I can’t say I’ve seen the “John Deere” caps he cited, as signifiers of the change, but I feel as if I’m seeing something or other.

        • There is a certain culture that seems to embrace being unkempt, obese, and uncivilized. I grew up in the city and attended inner-city schools, so I’m not judging as someone who is privileged and doesn’t understand being poor, because I certainly do and was poor, even homeless for periods of time as a kid.

          Still, I have always been a bit annoyed by people who can’t brush their hair or wear clothing that fits them. I always tried to dress my best, and honestly it’s cheaper wearing a basic dress shirt then wearing $200 Nikes and baggy pants.

          My dad was poor. He grew up in an orphanage in Brooklyn. My mom was also poor and grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They always dressed as though they were somebody, even though they weren’t. People back in the day, regardless of their social status always tried to present themselves as respectable people, good manners, and dress. Nowadays people really don’t care about how they appear or their habits.

      • I hadn’t doubted your description, but thanks for that link, with the numbers in it.

        I was struck that about 15% of the school system’s population was unaccounted for in that report. The Hispanics were 30%, the blacks and whites about 55%, almost evenly split. I wonder who makes up the remaining 15%. “[N]early 18 percent of students are native speakers of one of 77 foreign languages ….” Seventy-seven.

  19. Justin “Fidelovich” Trudeau, Regina, August 12, 2015:

    “We’re proposing a strong and real plan, one that invests in the middle class so that we can grow the economy not from the top down the way Mr. Harper wants to, but from the heart outwards. That’s what Canada has always done well with.”

  20. Florida. My family used to go to Sanibel and Captiva off Fort Myers for many years in the ’70s-’80s. It was a really low-key place. I wonder if it’s changed? My colleagues who’ve visited Miami in recent years have good things to say about it, mostly revolving around the food and women. Wouldn’t want to live there though.

  21. Agreed and as always very well said.

    I detested South Florida way back in the mud 1980s when we did Spring break with my Vanderbilt buddies. The place was alien.

    The Cuban Merriel Boat Lift was a huge red pill for me.

    What kind of Conservative Americans welcomed Cuba opening up it s prisons and insane asylums to dump them on the USA?

    I proposed doing the same to Cuba or Mexico. Not the first time I got called a NAZI.

    I also noted the role of the Jewish community in this s and how somehow turning back the Cuban boats of criminals and psychos was the same as rejecting Jewish refugees from NAZI Germany .

  22. Was just now struck by a similarity between statements of Tom Wolfe and Hilaire Belloc. Wolfe is being quoted in a New York Times piece touching on “Back to Blood,” his Miami novel that would be published in 2012. Belloc is writing in “The Jews,” his book of 1922.

    Wolfe (in a written statement, 2008): “Two years ago when I got the idea of doing a book on immigration, people would say, ‘Oh, that’s fascinating,’ and then they would go to sleep standing up like a horse. Since then the subject has become a little more exciting, and in Miami it’s not only exciting, it’s red hot.”

    Belloc (on his page 295): “What has been the effect of this great influx of Jews into New York, this turning of New York into a city a third Jewish under our eyes and in so short a space of time? As we all know, the effect has been the uprising, in that once indifferent atmosphere, of such a feeling against the Jews as would appal us did we see it in the Old World. It is red hot.”

    At is the New York Times article, which is dated January 3, 2008. The Belloc book is easily reached via Google Books.

  23. Ah Florida, a sunny place for shady people. I would like to forget I lived there for 3 years, but alas I did. I’m now in the deep south where you don’t need a permit to paint your house.

    Hunter, Florida is shit. Everyone there is on something. Lots of scammers, jews, tattooed freaks, prostitutes, Haitian demons, etc…..It’s something out of a Star Wars bar scene nightmare.

    The Northern part is pretty decent, but South FL? If a giant solar flare or tsunami took it out, I’d be one happy person.

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