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  1. “It’s the same thing Hitler did…”

    Around 10:35

    Goyim I…

    The Fat Man can’t help himself.

  2. lol

    That is the big problem for Jones and PJW wanting to “lead” a movement for shekels – they have a past that goes back over a decade and it ain’t pretty. Most of the Trump supporters who are big on infowars have no idea about it.

    I was talking to a Trump supporter last night on twitter and he thought that PJW was always for Trump from day 1. He was going on about all their great “sources” and all this. I linked him that video of PJW claiming that Trump was a Illuminati plant. The guy said “Oh shit I had no idea! I thought he was always for Trump!”

      • They’ve only dropped their chemtrail and random conspiracy crap in the last year or so.

        Before that, you’d see this sort of idiocy on a daily basis.

        • Remember the Terry Schiavo controversy around ten years ago? She was the fat girl who kept making herself throw up until she went into a coma and was declared clinically dead, so her husband wanted to take her off life support and get it over with. Jones did everything he could to stir up the shit on that story, claiming that Schiavo was begging for food and water in the nursing home, even though that would have been literally impossible, since her brain had dissolved into liquid. I pretty much stopped listening to that ignorant, obnoxious asshole after that.

    • I stopped watching Alex Jones videos a very long time ago. In fact, I never watched an Alex Jones video all the way through, for the same reason I don’t watch TV news and haven’t watched TV news for a very long time : I don’t like to be shouted at and screamed at when I hear the news. I just want the news.

      If a newscaster is shouting and talking real loud and sometimes screaming and very dramatic and very theatrical then it’s NOT news, it’s not real, it’s show business. The talking heads on the TV news talk real loud and shout and sometimes scream and get very dramatic, so does Alex Jones. I just don’t trust newscasters who feel they have to shout and yell and sometimes scream and get so overly dramatic when delivering the news. One can hardly think with all the shouting and yelling and sometimes screaming.

      The Gatekeepers on the Left are very easy to spot, Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky, MoveOn and A.N.S.W.E.R. and that crowd. Its the GateKeepers for The Right who are more difficult to pin-down.

      More about the GateKeepers for The Right :


      I highly recommend everyone read UNION JACK. Jones claims to be a “Christian”. UNION JACK is about the “Christian” GateKeepers for The Right.

  3. This kind of stuff was his cash cow for years. He only recently involved himself in reality due in a large part to Anglin’s assault and ridicule.

  4. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a book written by a Hollywood Jew. When you see sick things either visually, artistically, architecturally,or socially, think of the mind that created it and just how strange and different they are from you and me.

    • The word Zombie derives from a particular Negro in Haiti called Jean Zombi. A black who killed and ate French women and children during the Haitian Revolution.

      Everything whites and (((whites))) have done to popularize the genre of The Zombie always tries to sublimate and transmogrify the Negritude of the zombie. Class, Caste, Nation, consumerism, Science, MIC, Armageddon, Religion, it’s all done to cover up black cannibals.

      I can’t think why they’d want to obscure that reality. Can you?

    • Considering that they’re of Middle Eastern/Arabain Peninsula origin, its not surprising that they’re strange and different. The idea that they and their religion and culture are building blocks of Western Civilisation, is a malignant fraud.

  5. Don’t worry, we can all go be refugees in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

    War by Jane Teller

    Endorsed by Amnesty International


    Imagine if war broke out – not in Iraq or Afghanistan, somewhere far far away, but here, in our country.

    In War, Janne Teller embarks on a thought-provoking experiment: by simply turning the current crisis on its head, she reveals what it is like to flee your home country, to be exiled, and to fight for survival in a foreign country.

    In this illustrated short story, Europe has fallen apart and the only place at peace within reach is the Middle East. You follow a normal British family as they flee to the Middle East and see what they go through as refugees, through the eyes of their fourteen-year-old son.

    Originally published in Denmark in 2001, War has become more and more relevant and thought-provoking in the intervening years. In addition to the striking format and illustrations, what makes this book so special is that Janne Teller adapts the story for each country in which it is published.

    • Yes, Teller is a yid name. Hey jewbitch, there are large parts of the Middle East that are at peace. They could easily accommodate this refugee stream (half of whom are probably bogus). No need for them to go to Europe.

  6. Alex Jones:

    “I’m like a chimpanzee, in a tree, jumping up and down, warning other chimpanzees when I see a big cat coming through the woods, I’m the weirdo, because I’m sitting in a tree going OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH AAH!!!!!?”

  7. What none of you realize is that Vlad The Impaler nuked America almost 17 years ago, and then the Chinese invaded and enslaved everyone, then the UN turned us into digital ghosts.


    Alex Jones, New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day 2000:

    ATMs failed all across Europe, large amounts of explosives found in France, wars started all over the world, Putin the Demon slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Chechens, Russian helicopters shot down, tanks blown to bits, massive Grad unguided rocket attacks are launched from the city of Chechnya, Pennsylvania nuclear plant shut down, store shelves in Texas empty, no water, no gasoline, in Minneapolis and Texas shortwave radio gone, 4 more nuclear plants shut down, D.C. set up a $50M command bunker hooked into FEMA and they can take over all shortwave and all AM and FM stations and all television and other broadcasts, police and military nationwide on high alert, military on the streets, trains of military equipment moving into Austin, Robert Mueller Airport used as a concentration camp, Vladimir Putin is a demon, 6 to 7 nuclear reactors down Globalist Forces are gearing up to clamp down on America, Russians deploy Topol-M “first strike” missiles across Russia, Yeltsin threats to nuke US, Russia deploys missiles and submarines against US, Vladimir Putin has coup, has “taken the codes off” Russia’s nuclear arsenal, America hit with a nuclear first-strike and annihilated, Pennsylvania Electric Company (PECO), Limerick Generating Station shut down [presumably because of Y2K-related problems, caller says Bo Gritz said that Russia blames US for blackouts, currencies around the world plunge, gas stations across America out of gas, more uclear power plants shut down, US military is “running around” with the police and the FBI saying terrorism is imminent, takeover is beginning, “they” have activated a powerful, cold war radar system at the North Pole, military traffic is everywhere, alerts for Russian ICBM attacks, Fresno blacked out, internet down [break for Survivalist Commercial], “America is under siege right now”, Egyptian run on the banks, Martial Law signs posted on Highway 65 in Arkansas, Fort Hood has long lines of trains with flat cars loaded with APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) and LAVs (Light Armored Vehicles) and flat bed trailers and large cattle cars, power plant in Michigan prepared to shut down when “given the order”, get your supply of potassium iodide in case of a Russian nuclear attack, Russia and China threaten to nuke US, Russians have been building the biggest bunker ever known to man, IT’s designated nuclear fallout shelters are parking garages so “they” can move in later to pull out all the rotten skeletons after “they” emerge from “their” shelters, Russians deployed their Topol-M “first strike” missiles 2 1/2 weeks before, top general in charge of the Russian missiles systems has been threatening to nuke US, power plant blown up in Oregon, “Clinton has pulled it”, local Austin news showed barbed wired fences inside the Robert Mueller Airport facility with “shackles on the ground, concreted into the ground” like a slave galley, New Zealand power outages, Vladimir Putin threatens to nuke, power is off in 8 different areas across the country, a lot of cable systems aren’t working, satellites are down, seismic “minor fault” struck two nuclear power plants in Japan, anybody near a nuclear power plant should pack up and go someplace else, store shelves are bare in Austin, gas is running out, they’re announcing on the news that, “if you’re bad they’re going to put you in a … they’re going to bolt you to a pipe coming out of the ground at the airport (Robert Mueller Airport) in some cold hangar”, “The military is serving search warrants now in 77 Texas counties”, “We got nuclear power plants shutting down.” “The Russians are threatening to nuke us RIGHT NOW, “Well, they got the Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and LAVs (Light Armored Vehicles) loading on the flat cars out of Fort Hood”, there are currently nuclear missiles being launched, ABC News just had a special news bulletin about a military general standing in front of Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker announced 5 nuclear missiles have been launched, general refused to say what kind of missiles, where they were coming from or where they were going, just like when the special operations training that was conducted with the Russians in South TX when they burned buildings and laying siege to towns, Jones’ co-host: “You elect me to president and I will nuke them first, I’ll push the button as soon as i take the oath, i’m opening up that football and start launching, man”, Russians have been threatening to nuke us, they reserve the first strike right to hit us for no reason and Clinton said he will absorb the first strike by the Russians, co-host hopes one of those 5 incoming nuclear missiles is headed towards Clinton, television networks went to a commercial break after announcing 5 nuclear missiles have been launched, NORAD commander was on the news saying “Space Command” is now running everything, anything and everything on the flight line at Selfridge Air National Guard Base was put into the air and was constantly in the air, “The Russians are not the only ones we need to be concerned about … we should worry about the Chinese too, we also need to be worried about Germany, “we’re calmly sitting here knowing nuclear missiles could be about to rain down!”, Vladimir Putin is the Fuhrer, etc.

    • Alex Jones won’t be happy until the jews raze the Al Asqa mosque in Jerusalem and rebuild Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount, the dream of Freemason’s for centuries, if not longer. Alex Jones who’s supposedly “deeply” “deeply” “opposed” to the NWO is a devoted devout religious follower of those who want to rebuild Solomon’s Temple ; Solomon’s Temple, the very symbol of the New World Order Jones is supposedly “deeply’ “deeply” “opposed” to, the very Solomon’s Temple which is to serve as the Central Temple of the New World Order Globalist Government, Jones dreams of the day the New World Order gang rebuild their New World Order Solomon’s Temple. Yeah sure, he’s “deeply” “deeply” “opposed” to the NWO, that’s why he ardently , devotedly, religiously, wants to Rebuild Solomon’s Temple, The Central Temple of the New World Order One World Government Ruled out of Jerusalem.

  8. I think it’s highly possible that there are people who implant these sort of ideas in the public domain on purpose. I mean it’s not strictly a random shilling for clicks. Not that there’s also not a lot of that going on too.

    Have you noticed a huge push for aliens lately? Scientist have found variable stars that seem to have some structure blocking them. The interference is it’s like a partial Dyson sphere or or a ring of habitation that surrounds a whole star. They’re also overloading on the 9th planet. Nirumbu or whatever.

    The people that make up this stuff I believe are psychopaths who love to get everyone worked up on some nonsense. Now NASA has tested and proved that you can have a device that doesn’t expel anything but still has thrust(I do believe these work). It only needs electricity to work. Let’s call it an “inertia” drive as it pushes against the inertia of the universe. There’s several mechanical devices that seem to do the same. Dean drives, Laithwaite Gyroscopes, lagiewka bumpers, inerter or J-Damper(a kind of copy of lagiewka) and rail guns all show this type of
    inertia drive”. The point is if you see an anti-gravity craft land on the White house lawn and some GMOed humans jump out don’t believe a damn word of it. It just the Spaths putting us on.

  9. The goal is to wipe out the White Race, Alex, not “humanity”. Alex is a purveyor of disinformation and misinformation. He talks up every globalist conspiracy theory and never a peep about White Genocide.

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