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The slowdown on the site has been driving me crazy for a week now. I’ve found and fixed the technical problem. Sorry about that. Shit happens. It has been dealt with.

Note: I’ve got several things I have been wanting to write about. I had to take care of that issue first.

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  1. Software updates cause loads of problems. Companies need whole slews of software engineers keeping tabs on various updates of all these OS and other applications out there to make sure they can send an update to make theirs work. Lots of apps are done by 3rd rate Chinese companies who can’t keep up with these nor make their product compatible with all the various OS, software, or routers out there. I avoided upgrading my Macbook from Snow Leopard which it came with but the browser slowdown and obsolescence made me finally have to upgrade and it took 4 damn hours to do and I had to re enter a bunch of stuff. Real pain in the butt, technology is not “easy” to use like they say, that’s why lots of people end up getting fleeced by their ISP and cable providers to “rent” cheap routers and modems etc. that earn them 10,000% profit margins over a several year period.

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