Somali Refugee Attacks Ohio State University

Now I don’t want to sound all racial and offend the Alt-Lite, but are Somalians really a part of our nation?

“A car rammed into a crowd at Ohio State University on Monday, and a knife-wielding attacker got out and cut people before being shot to death, authorities said. Nine people were reported injured.

The dead attacker was believed to be an Ohio State student — a Somali refugee who lived near campus, NBC News reported. It said he was a legal permanent resident of the U.S. …”

Sorry Steve Bannon, but I got to say it: ethnonationalism > civic nationalism. Khizr Khan asked if this Somali refugee has a place in Trump’s America. The Alt-Right’s answer is “no.” He has a homeland. It is called Somalia.

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    • Nigger by itself is bad enough but add Islam to Nigger, you just multiplied it by a million. You know that Dixie is now in the midst a Mosque building boom and who are the Arabs building them for? Its not more immigrants they are building them to convert the Niggers

      • First Mosque I ever knew of is the Islamic Mosque of Texoma. It was built in the early 80’s on FM 1417, between Sherman and Pottsboro, Texas. It’s still there and still active. When I first saw the little minaret, it surprised me.

        • I don’t know why many Southern Nationalists are not speaking on this Islamicization of the Southern Negro which is going on BTW its more a Northern Issue, Southern Negroes tend to be still Baptist/Pentecostal but it is growing. Yet few talk about it.

          Why do you think they built a gigantic Mosque in Middle Tennessee? To convert the Niggers. Obviously

          • He worked for McDonald Douglas in the Warehouse. They provided parts and technical support for the Saudi Air force. He had to deal with RSAF NCO’s a lot.

          • Yep plum forgot about the Military Industry in Texas everyone seems to forget about, dont quite know why. Everyone thinks oil immediately but forgets Textron Bell Helicopter ETC

          • People just plain forget that Texas is an industrial state. We have Cyrex and AMD. The T.V. series Halt and Catch Fire takes place in and around Dallas. From Sherman to Austin and Houston, is the Texas silicon valley.

          • No I knew it, just when you said Arab my mind just immediately jumped to oil. Texas has for better or worse been part of the Military Industrial Complex since WWII and has produced hawks no matter which party.

            The bizarre thing is this #MuhAmerica crap that began in Texas somewhere around the 1930s has helped to cause all of our present problems. These war industrialists and the Chamber of Commerce types have done more to attack and silence Southern Nationalists and Texas Nationalists for that matter than any outside group. Don’t ask me why and all the ins and outs of it because I don’t quite understand the historical dynamics nor the how and why.

            New research about Lyndon Baines Johnson has come forth that seems to put forth the idea that his family was Sephardic Jews who went from Spain to West Germany and from there to Maryland and eventually Texas. Johnson was part of a program that illegally smuggled in Jews to Texas ie The Texas Plan. This would go a long way to understanding why LBJ seemingly hated Whites and viruntley hated Southern Nationalism

  1. Sometime between I think Friday and the weekend it was decided that a package of Pharma bills would be voted on in the Senate this Wednesday. One is Congressman Tim Murphy’s Stasi ‘mental health’ bill, which is the Police Psych State’s way of getting around the 2nd Amendment.

    The democrats have probably threatened to torpedo it without some forced concessions, since they can’t afford to have their constituents face that it’s not guns who are killing blacks in inner cities, it’s black men. The democrats also want more funding for community centers and substance abuse issues instead of so-called ‘serious mental illness’ forced ‘treatment.’

    With a republican congress about to take over next year, the democrats might have become militarized against Murphy. It won’t be clear till Wednesday or Thursday exactly which compromises Tim Murphy and the other Pharma whores in Congress (Fred Upton, Cassidy, et al) gave into, but there won’t be many. Murphy is already heralding this as ‘just the beginning.’

    This timely cohencidence might help the medicine go down. A black man who took up a vehicle and knife in a fit of ‘serious mental illness’ isn’t a threat to gun control.

    Non-lemmings should look up Bukovski, the soviet dissident who survived the psych gulags. He was diagnosed with ‘sluggish schizophrenia’ for challenging the communist regime. He said in 2013 that Europe had a narrow window of time to save itself. I’d say here in the US we have about 2-3 years to turn this thing around.

    We can’t do it without fighting this stealth campaign by Murphy to disarm us and rob us of whatever freedoms we have left, specifically to due process.


      America’s Whites who voted for Trump made Trump win the election and that hurt the feelings of the precious Somali Muslim immigrant who so wanted to be a good law-abiding traditional conservative industrious productive American so this terrorist incident at Ohio State Univ. is really the fault of ALL of you White American Trump supporters who voted for Trump and made him win the election and that is like so rayciss you all hurt the Somali Muslim’s feelings and that is so wrong.

      The poor downtrodden Somali Muslim was always a very easy-going peace-loving soul who just wanted to do The Right Thing and my fellow Whites in America voted for Trump and made Trump win the election and that hurt his precious Somali Muslim feelings, this terrorist incident would not have happened if you White Americans didn’t vote for Trump in such large numbers he actually won the election, there was never any such thing as Islamic Jihad until the day Trump announced he was running for the presidency, and that’s an historical fact!! There was never any such thing in history as Islamic Jihad until your Trump showed up on the presidential campaign trail !!! We are so ashamed to be White Americans today ….. BAN AND DEPORT ALL WHITE AMERICAN TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!

    • There’s nothing more unattractive and miserable than listening to Linder read aloud. I take that back, listening to Jim Giles read aloud would actually be worse.

  2. Somalis aren’t Americans in any way, shape or form, no matter what sort of card or status the government grants them, and the same is true for all illegal aliens and most legal immigrants.

  3. Oh but we shouldn’t block muslims coming in from known terror cell regions or bother to monitor their recruitment or calls to action while here. That might be discrimination Mr. Trump you meany. Instead just let them shoot and stab Americans and eventually they will get tired of killing the infidels and learn to love. Maybe they just need better job opportunities.

  4. True Qur’anic Muslims are peaceful and peaceable… modern day Muslims (as well as most modern day Christians) are hypocrites or just ignorant of their own religious traditions. Needless to say… American Ethno-nationalism needs to continue being promoted and developed. This country is NOT a melting pot, it is a European-white country that was intended to lead the world, not be imperialist conquest, but by devotion to higher principles of conduct.

  5. Dylann Roof is going to represent himself in his media circus of a trial. If someone reading this knows him personally, tell him to clear the South of any wrong doing and tell the world that it was the crooked msm who are suppressing black on white crime that made him snap as he stated in his manifesto and demand that all the Confederate Flags and monuments that have been removed be restored…

    • Dylann Roof killed the dumb Nigger soldiers which was of no consequence. I wish I could have told him who the PUPPET MASTERS of those idiotic Negroes really are. Tell him to look for the Star of David and then he would know who was behind it all. Had Dylann understood the Jews better, its possible the entire mess could have had a quite different outcome

        • I am not quite sure about Dylann, I dont think we will ever know the true story I have read the Manifesto so called that is and I dont believe he wrote it at all. It is said he idolized Charlie Manson but I did find the photos of him in the green sunglasses shirtless with his pistol and its obvious to me he was a fan of NATURAL BORN KILLERS as Mickey Knox had a similar pair in the flick

  6. Reports coming out Trump is ready to cuck on Kobach. Trump interviewed that black Sheriff from Milwaukee David Clarke for DHS.

    • I’m more interested in Jill Stein’s Recount initiative that will look at Philly and Pennsylvania. Your particular Rotten Borough. Can’t be good for dems.

  7. One could be a nationalist and differentiate between the descendants of Blacks who have been here since Slavery and Somalians. in other words Louis Farrakhan is American, this guy isn’t. That’s a position that blocks off immigration but still includes some Blacks.

  8. The second terrorist attack in Columbus Ohio in 10 months. First one was Feb 11th at the Nazareth Deli a business owned by a Christian Arab from Israeli that was attacked by a West African Nigger Moslem Mohamed Barry and this one by a Somali East African Moslem Nigger.

  9. Sorry Steve Bannon, but I got to say it: ethnonationalism > civic nationalism. Khizr Khan asked if this Somali refugee has a place in Trump’s America.

    The article you linked to with Bannon being Cuckified is a perfect example of why you can never trust a man or woman who isn’t explicitly racial. If they do not say they are pro-White, then they are NOT pro-White. They’ll sacrifice your voice to make themselves look better and advance their career, and they will gladly throw you to the wolves once enough pressure is applied to them.

    A Steve Bannon stuffing his face and chumming it up at Trump Tower would not be of the same mindset as a Steve Bannon who actually had to live with the blunt force diversity and racial realities that normal, regular people have to wake up to every day. The poor bastard heard the Trump BS for so long that he started to believe that Multiculturalism and a multiracial utopia are attainable if you just talk about how American we all are. He totally forgot that it was all a Globalist invention and a propaganda tool to keep nations and people from having a strong ethnic identity. A strong national identity is the antithesis for entities that want to be able to easily shape you and your views into consumer cattle that act without thinking or questioning. Look how much harder it is for outsiders to influence nations like N. Korea or China or Japan or even Israel. Strong Nationalism in the form of ethnic/racial identity will always be greater than some silly notion of civic nationalism that relies heavily on hollow platitudes and regurgitated mantras about equality and tolerance.

    I guess I could tolerate allowing my wife, children, neighbors and extended family to be raped and murdered in the name of diversity, but I choose not to tolerate that kind of depravity and self-inflicted trauma and suicide. I guess I could say that black communities and Muslims are equal to White communities and Christians, but I know that’s the furthest thing from the truth, so I just don’t say it or pretend to believe it. We still have a choice, right Mr. Bannon?

    I hope the Left attacks Bannon even more now.

  10. You sure Steve Bannon really thinks that purely civic nationalist line or is he making a tactical calculation and pushing the Overton window as far as he can get away with? That’s what the left obviously believes, they don’t think the Trump entourage is entirely truthful with just how they think about these things sacred to the liberal project to give America a non-white majority, why else are they so hysterical about Trump?

  11. Civic nationalism is globalism through the back door. We need our own ethnostates and failure to get them is not an option. The only practical thing I can do is continuing to put out BUGster memes on Twitter and elsewhere.

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