Alt-Right Celebrates Nancy Pelosi’s Victory

I was genuinely worried that Rep. Tim Ryan was going to beat Nancy Pelosi in his House leadership challenge. Fortunately, Nancy Pelosi was successful in crushing him and this likely dooms any chance of a comeback for the foreseeable future:

“WASHINGTON — Representative Nancy Pelosi of California beat back a challenge Wednesday from a fellow Democrat who said the party had lost its connection to the American working class, quashing increasingly anxious calls for a change in the House leadership she has directed for 14 years.

Her victory over Representative Tim Ryan, a 43-year-old congressman from a blue-collar district anchored in Youngstown, Ohio, ensures that the party will be led in the next Congress by the established “coastal” Democrats who have increasingly defined it — Ms. Pelosi, 76, who represents San Francisco, and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, 66, who has held various leadership posts since 2005. The vote for Ms. Pelosi was 134 to 63. …”

My sense from watching him on television was that Tim Ryan had the right pitch for the Dems and was a threat. I’ve been keeping an eye on him.

Nancy Pelosi, however, isn’t a threat to us. She is easy to caricature as a shrill, out-of-touch, San Francisco coastal liberal. I preferred Pelosi to Ryan in the House for the same reason that I preferred Hillary to Bernie. Pelosi and Hillary are much easier to beat because they are unable to connect with Middle America.

Since Pelosi has been in charge of the House, Blue Dog Democrats have gone extinct in the South. They’ve been exterminated from Congress down to the state level. Here in Alabama, Democrats are the black party and Republicans are the White party. We’ve still got a bunch of cucks in charge of the Republican Party, but the White working class is now so concentrated in one party that they are vulnerable to Trump-like challengers.

I predict that is going to be the wave of the future … Trump-like national populists running for office against “true conservatives” all over the South. There are far too many working class Whites in the Republican Party now for it to remain a suburban party. There will be more Paul Nehlens running in 2018 in much more favorable districts. Can you wrap your mind around Governor Roy Moore?

Over on the Dem side, the White Midwestern Democrat epitomized by Rep. Tim Ryan has a target on his back. They’re the new Blue Dogs and the same process which has already transformed the politics of states like Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri is creeping across the Mason-Dixon line.

President-Elect Donald Trump is a reflection of the underlying changes in the demographic composition of the Republican Party. Watch for it to rip across the states now. That’s one reason why I haven’t soured on politics. I always saw Trump as a bulldozer who would clear the path for more interesting figures to emerge.

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  1. Pathetic. Pelosi is a Zionist Jew and in this congressional race it was Zionist Jew v. Zionist non-Jew… hardly worth being glad for the victory of one over another. To claim that the ‘Alt-right celebrates her victory’ is quite a deplorable subterfuge. Who the F@$# are you to make such a claim, Hunter Wallace?! Please, stop towing the line for the enemies of humanity.

    • If you were going to fight a battle. And you could pick which general would lead the enemy’s army. Wouldn’t you pick the incompetent one?

      • They did the picking for us, LOL. Never interfere with your enemy whenever he’s doing something to hurt himself.

    • What sort of weight is HW towing on that line? Is it too heavy to lift? Excruciating misuse of words in English is the downfall of so-called intellectual commenters, and all too frequent. Do you even understand what “toe the line” means?

    • Pelosi IS a Demon Kike Jew. You are correct about that. But you’ve missed every other point Hunter made. Go away and think about it til you understand.

      • Boy, if Hunter said just that, that she’s a “Demon Kike Jew”, I would have some respect and he would garner some vote of legitimacy. But as it stands, without that qualifier (aside from his commentary support troop, i.e., you), he’s just another alt-right shill for Israel continued illegal existance (the poor Jews deserve a nationalist homeland, too, crap)… in the spirit of Pelosi.

  2. Yes for decades contards wrote essays pleading with their liberal superiors to please be reasonable.

    Now the alt-right dares the libtards to double down because we just don’t care about them, at all.

    Because if you ain’t trolling you probably are a contard and need to be sterilized.

  3. The Democrat Party doubles down and goes with the the crazed old woman from California Nancy “It’s Affordable” Pelosi.

  4. The Demonrats have apparently learned nothing from the election, they are going to remain the party of aging 1960s and 1970s era liberals who only answer to the (((Donor Class))). Fine, to hell with them.

  5. “I always saw Trump as a bulldozer who would clear the path for more interesting figures to emerge.”

    Heck yes. Also good to note: Trump’s message was very similar to Dave Brat (v Eric Cantor), and not coincidentally as Stephen Miller was a key part of both campaign teams.

    Point being Trump wasn’t the first to win with the populist message and it doesn’t take a billionaire media mastermind to beat an establishment figure.

  6. I thought the headline was going to be “Alt right celebrates nanci Pelosi’s death”. I was let down a little bit.I despise that demon,have you seen the Jewish ex governor of Hawaii,she looked just like the fonz,this Abercrombie governor now in Hawaii was also mentored by Marshall,communist card carrying pornographer,who I believe is Obamas father.
    You do know the Yankees stole the plantations here in paradise after the American civil war.
    Aloha oi

  7. C’mon. We all know Pelosi was going to stay on and that Tim Ryan had no chance.

    Because he’s a stale pale male, no diversity Pokemon points, rock bottom of the progressivetard stack.

    Seriously, there were rumblings of “sexism” out of the blue team’s and left’s media that he even dared to mount this challenge.

    Remember, in the blue team, social justice > winning.

  8. Roy Moore came to my law school in Alabama to speak. He was quite impressive. Having him as governor would be a finger in the eye of Libtards nation wide.

  9. “I predict that is going to be the wave of the future … Trump-like national populists running for office against ‘true conservatives’ all over the South.”

    Trump = the Beatles. Ted Cruz = Frank Sinatra, Jr.

  10. The cucks, McCain and Graham, are planning to gut 9/11 Bill to Immunize Foreign Governments Funding Terrorists.

    In a Senate floor speech today, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham announced that they are offering an amendment to strip a key element of the recently passed Justice Against Sponsors of Terror Act (JASTA) that clarifies U.S. law for civil claims against foreign governments for funding terrorism.

    JASTA was passed in the Senate in May with no objections, and passed the House of Representatives unanimously in September. President Obama promptly vetoed the bill. The Senate and House successfully voted to override the veto and the bill became law.

    McCain and Graham specifically said they want to strip the “discretionary state function” provision from JASTA that creates liability for foreign governments funding terrorist groups.

    According to Hill sources familiar with the McCain/Graham amendment, their intention is to immunize countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have funded Sunni terrorist groups in Syria — the Syrian “rebel” effort that both McCain and Graham have publicly supported since 2011

  11. The Democratic Party isn’t looking for much in terms of change. Why? The Democrats realize elections are back and forth. The Democrats will be back in office in 4 – 8 years as usual. The American People don’t have much of an attention span when it comes to politics. Not much on results. Maybe things will be different in the GOP. However the Neoconservatives have major roles in the Trump administration. Don’t see much going on for the American People. WPWW !

  12. Hunter, the problem is that, while Trump can change the demographics of the Republican Party, he can only limit (but not reverse) the damage being done demographically at the national level. If you deport all illegals, and keep new ones out, you still have a non-white fertility bomb on your hands with legal non-whites here. Unless you agree with mainstream conservatives that Hispanics can be converted to Republicans, the white working class enthusiasm for populists can only secure thinner and thinner electoral college squeakers for right-wing populists at the national level. It’s a temporary solution (unless there’s a white baby boom, which Paul Kersey has speculated might happen in the wake of Trump’s victory).

    I think fomenting secessionist sentiment in California is a good idea. The biggest of many big problems would disappear.

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