The Alt-Right: Obituary For a Brand

We’re starting a bunch of shit tonight, y’all!

Greg Johnson has weighed in at Counter-Currents with his two cents on Hailgate:

“The great irony here is that I have published quite a bit about Hitler and National Socialism at Counter-Currents, whereas literally the only thing Nazi-like about Richard Spencer is his haircut. This is why everyone was so surprised, whether pleasantly or unpleasantly. When I first met Spencer in 2008, he was dating an Asian woman (something now public because of an article in Mother Jones). The only foreign regime he strongly identifies with is Putin’s Russia, which is valiantly battling against “Nazis” in Ukraine. As long as I have known him, Spencer has been chummy with Jews like Paul Gottfried. NPI, like American Renaissance, has always played patty-cake with certain Right-wing Jews. Before Spencer came on board, NPI had published Edward Rubenstein, Byron Roth, and Michael Hart. But, unlike American Renaissance, they published Kevin MacDonald as well. Spencer has continued in that vein, publishing additional books by Roth and Hart, plus Richard Lynn’s The Chosen People, and various essays and introductions by Paul Gottfried. Before long, Spencer will be back to business as usual, which means that most of Spencer’s new-found friends will simply go silent — or be back at this throat. …”

I mean, seriously … just stop right there. No one on this planet has spent more time pouring over, translating and publishing manuscripts from obscure esoteric fascists over the past six years than Counter-Currents. If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black, what is folks? What are they even arguing about?

I’m watching this and I don’t get it. From where I am standing, NPI, Trad Youth and Counter-Currents are all immersed in some degree of fashiness. Spencer & Co. all have that “fashy” haircut. Trad Youth is all into the Romanian Iron Guard and Golden Dawn. Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents spends all its time celebrating Wyndham Lewis, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey and any number of fascist intellectuals.

I’ve already said that what happened at the NPI conference was the culmination of its own fashiness. The Heil Heard Around The World was years in the making. They’ve eschewed a more mainstream aesthetic in favor of the edgy, fashy look. It just came back to bite them in the ass and now they are like I can’t believe this has happened!

I can’t be the only one who sees the humor in all this.

Note: I’m not fighting with anyone here. Just laughing at people squabbling over their own fashiness. Guys, if you really believe in that stuff, own it!

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  1. White Supremacist? No, pro-white.

    We must ask why the enemies are anti-whites.

    Also, we need to give up on Right vs Left.

    It’s really about OURS vs THEIRS.

    In Russian, ours is ‘nash’ (nah-sh), and theirs is ‘ikh’ (ik-hh).

    We are Nashis, and the enemy is Ikhies(or ickies).

    Time to speak of NASH versus IKH. No more right vs left.

    Our Right and Our Left versus Their Right and Their Left.

    Neo-Fascism is a fusion of our right and our left. It is for origins and roots but also growth and change. But the growth and change must serve what is OURS.

    Social-Nationalism is right + left. It is for the race, nation, and hierarchy but also for justice and basic rights for all within the nation.

    Also, opposing immigration and diversity is respecting OTHER races and cultures. We are saying they should defend their own homeland, respect their own ancestors, preserve their own culture & values, and keep their own identity.

    When non-whites come to the West, they lose their identity & culture and turn into globo-morons addicted to junk culture and rap garbage. And their daughters turn into worthless whores who ‘twerk’. Their identities and cultures are digested in the acid and bile of globalism controlled by Jews and homos.

    Also, the fact that all non-whites want to move to white nations is a sign of racial supremacism. The fact that they want to reject and depart from their own race & culture and instead live under/with white people implies that they find whites to be superior at everything. Diversity that favors emigration to white nations is premised on white superiority. So, we need to urge non-whites to reclaim their identit and pride and improve their own societies.

    US has become Amnesiarica. People come here for better material life by losing their racial identity and cultural memory.

    They need to stay home, and white people in America need to REGAIN their lost memories. Wake up from the opiate of PC and say no to the castor oil of Jewish manipulation of white conscience.


  2. I dont think the Alt-Right brand has been hurt. The half a dozen Roman salutes in DC will soon be forgotten. It is much to do about nothing.

    Meanwhile, the Right is growing. This little fuss is not going to slow it down.

    • Hair and fingernails will grow for a while after the body as a whole dies.

      It’s not just the Nazi stuff, what about the demon worship?

      In my private thoughts, I am sure God is punishing these people.

      • No, hair and fingernails do not grow after death. In fact, they cannot. Cell production and growth requires glucose, which requires oxygen.

        This is a commonly held myth. What does happen and is the basis for some reports of hair stubble and apparent nail growth observed on corpses is that the skin dehydrates and retracts, thus giving the appearance of some growth.

  3. Nobody cares about this. Most never even heard about it. The few who did are already forgetting it. Gatlinburg burning down is all that is all over my FaceBook feed and what everyone is talking about.

  4. “ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country.” —Donald Trump

  5. If your knees start quaking at the first “Nazi!” accusation, you don’t have any business being in a young movement like this. People who are unwilling to show the ideological fortitude to stand up for themselves against powers and people who want them dead are worse than useless.

  6. Nonsense. The Alt-Right brand took a hit–due to bad PR from jewish plants and/or young proles–but I have no doubt it will survive and continue to thrive.

    The panic and overreaction in some Alt-Right circles such as RamZPaul has been surprising, but hopefully they will settle down. If not, they are free to fuck off.

    The official response to the event from various quarters such as NPI itself, Ryan Landry, and Chateau Heartiste has been very sober. The consensus seems to be that mistakes were made, let’s learn from them, and let’s move on and keep going.

    I hope this episode is a lesson learned for Richard. As he said in a recent podcast:

    It’s important we don’t become LARPing Neo-Nazi doofuses.

    The fact we’ve spent 10 days discussing this incident should tell you it was a mistake.

    • Spencer appointed himself Alt-Right leader due to his defunct blog ‘alternative-right’ from 2008.

      Spencer has no banter or much strategic sense.

        • He appointed himself.

          NPI was Sam Francis. The Middle American Revolution finally started via Trump. Kate Steinle and anarcho-tyranny.

          NPI could have been a front organisation for the Alt-Right. Spencer will get no funding and his policy papers will get no hearing.

          • Spencer was leader by default. Also, because he had the Alternative-Right website, came up with the name (or is popularly believed to have done so), and is presentable and well-spoken. There’s no serious alternative.

            I knew NPI in pre-Spencer days. They had no organizer or spokesman until Spencer came along in 2011 or so. Spencer was (is) a good fit for them.

          • Why did the Alt-Right need a leader? It was very effective as a leaderless resistance.

            Spencer never got the jokes, memes and banter.

          • The MARS Revolution started. But no mention of Sam Francis.

            The part of Spencer’s speech that worked well was the Trump rally. MARS!

            NPI will get no funding now. Trump’s policy brain? Top kek.

  7. Elevate Greg Johnson now:

    we need a new front man to wipe away the Spencer+Enoch+Anglin era.

    The previous formula was much better: ordered liberty + the mantra against white genocide.

    I’m not sure about the New Right label: though we are on the right relative to the current order, what we are proposing is a government of racial unity, involving much of the political spectrum while minimizing the disruptions of the uncooperative extremes.

  8. At the next NPI conference, if there are people LARPing as Neo-Nazi doofuses, we should take them outside.

  9. The Alt Right brand has been hurt to this extent: the people disavowing Richard Spencer are showing weak character. The left does not play this game. To the extent that people on the right do, they show themselves to be disloyal and a weak horse.

    My point is not about national-socialism. It is about the practice of disavowing. I’m not saying “own it.” Why should you own it if that’s not what you think? I’m saying: don’t put on displays of weakness.

    • The Left NEVER “disavows” its members, even its actual criminal members. Spencer’s “crime” was offending cuckservatives and people who should be offended.

  10. All I have to say about this is – LOL!

    For one thing it was never any of these groups now fighting that created the alt-right. It was more 4chan, 8chan and the Stormer. These guys arguing played the smallest part in what happened over the last year but now seems to be the biggest whiners.

    I find them pathetic.

  11. Everybody’s going on, with little awareness that most of Trump’s voters never even heard of Spencer and considered the ‘Alt Right’ a figment of HRC’s paranoid imagination. So after Trump was elected the jewmedia throw Anglin’s and Spencer’s nazis around, not even dignified National Socialists, and people don’t get you’ve been set up.

    The jews control the mainstream media. Anything they promote serves them. Your only access to power over mainstream representation is by holding Trump accountable to at least some of his promises. Beyond that, you have the internet and what will increasingly be local politics where some change can be made.

    No one’s going to do the work for whites, certainly not the jewish oligopoly. But give up this notion that there will ever be authentic non-kosher pro-white mainstream news until more drastic measures are taken.

    • It got about. The primary memes during Iowa and New Hampshire were directly from 3 or 4 sources. Now, either the Alt-Right is ineffective/impotent whining white betas or it’s an extremely clever JIDF/FBI front for a Zionist agenda.

      It can’t be both at the same time.

      Or it was an extremely effective part of waking white people up to their imminent demographic destruction.

  12. One of the big problems with the Alt-Right is that many people assume whoever is the most ‘anti-Semitic’ could never be Jewish. That’s not how infiltration works.

    For example, here’s a clip of *super-anti-Semite* Mike Enoch slipping up and inadvertently admitting he’s Jewish:

    (Although his voice, the fact that Enoch is a name from the Torah, and the fact that he avoids showing pics of his face should tell you what you need to know).

    Does anyone here have a pic of Enoch’s real life face? I’d love to see it.

    • I don’t know him, and I like his work with TRS, but it’s frustrating to hear him make excuses for the LARPing antics at NPI.

      He dindu nuffin!

      He’s blaming any controversy on the feelings of uptight older people.

      The disconnect with some of these goys is amazing.

      Makes you wonder.

    • You don’t actually listen to TRS, do you? Now you are trying to Dox Enoch. Let’s see a pic of YOUR face.

      • 1. You really shouldn’t make so many assumptions. I have engaged in real life activism, and when I did so I always used my real name.

        2. I’ve noticed that you seem bent on commenting on every one of my posts and implying unsavory things about me (you recently called me retarded – even though I’m the one who is smart enough to know that writing in all caps looks stupid – and, under my original account, you called me a Jew – without any evidence. Now you are implying that I’m a bad guy for wanting to ‘Dox’ a public figure who lives off of movement welfare aka donations).

        So what’s your problem, exactly? I only post common sense advice yet you constantly follow me around and pick fights. If you don’t have anything nice to say then you might as well leave me the hell alone.

        3. If Enoch is a public figure – such as a radio host – then I damn well want to know what he looks like. It’s not logical to defend and promote anonymous leaders, especially in a movement which has been heavily infiltrated.

        4. I just want to point out that your debate tactics center on first needling your opponent (writing in all caps, using personal insults, etc.) which is then followed up by calls to do stupid things (you told me to man up and say heil Hitler, you are now trying to get me to post a picture of my face, etc.).

        By all accounts, you are the one trying to get people to do stupid ‘self-ghettoizing’ things. Let that sink in for a moment.

    • Some of the biggest anti-Semites are Jews. Remember world famous chessmaster, Bobby Fischer? He used to rip on the Tribe something awful. I think all his anti-Jewish ranting was what got him into so much trouble with the law.

      There is a saying that “there is no trash like your own trash.” Look at how pro-Whites and anti-Whites are both Whites and loathe each other with the fire of a thousand suns. Look at the anti-Black rants of Tommy Sotomayor.. Yes, there are Jews who loathe Jewish antics even more than we do.

      I’m not unsympathetic to Donald Trump’s civic nationalism, but the forces pushing racial polarism are probably too strong to make this vision feasible unfortunately.

      • The reason why some of the biggest “anti-Semites” are Jews, is because the Jews…aren’t Semites at all!

        Moreover, using that as ( just one of a number of) façades to hide behind, they have always maintained-just like the blacks-that only they can judge their own. And therein lies there only claim to “chosen-ness.”

        It’s as Michael Hoffman said-they are the “self-chosenites.”

      • Hello Mr. Johnson, nice to see you here. I’ve seen good articles on Counter Currents in the past and I respect your work.

        Have you ever seen any proof that Enoch is what he says he is? He’s claimed in the past to have been raised Episcopalian which seems odd considering his ethnic claims (Serbs are normally Orthodox and Norwegians are primarily Lutheran). There also aren’t that many Norsemen / Serbs in the area of the U.S. he hails from. You can understand my skepticism of those who live off a movement but refuse to show their face.


  13. Thinking about that illustration, you’d also have to include a few double agents too. And a few phantoms.

  14. It’s funny that Spencer thought he could defend the Nazi theatrics as “exuberance,” as if media liberals would say, “Oh–you were just joking that you were Nazis. No harm then.”

    • > as if media liberals would say

      There’s been the most appalling aspect of this entire story: that anyone purportedly on the Right suddenly cared oh-so-very-much about what “media liberals would say,” rather than delighting in their dismay. THAT is how everyone and every faction of the Right should have reacted to this — either metaphorically or even literally flashing Roman salutes in the media’s faces, to a man.

  15. What many are missing about the recent split between the “new right” and the “alt right”, is that the puppet masters have the “alt right” by the strings thanks to the triumvirate of Spencer, Enoch and Anglin.

    Ever heard of Dylan Roof? Of Coursh!

    How how would it be for them to launch a Dylan Roof of the “alt right” steeped in all the “fashy” symbology and wearing a “Feel’s good man!” T-shirt and MAGA cap, this time committing an even greater atrocity?

    Last time they leveraged Roof for cultural genocide of the South.

    This time? The end of the free internet? Yeah, that looks pretty plausible.

    They just had a trial in England where the throw-away assassin who killed the MP to influence Brexit was convicted. He never said A WORD in his defense! Soon he may “die” in prison, never to be seen again!

    This isn’t hard, folks.

  16. I respect Greg. He’s penned some of the better pieces of Alt Right web writing this side of Kevin MacDonald. On balance, I probably agree with Greg ofter than with Spencer. However, this post reveals in him a level of pettiness and mendacity of which I never expected him capable.

    His entire cackling-with-glee article can be summed up in one line:

    “Donate to Counter Currents, not to Radix!”

    Pathetic. Bordering on traitorous.

      • > Spencer’s apologists

        In fact, I’m anything BUT that. Quite the opposite: I’ve mocked him mercilessly for his wrong-headed pan-European notions (“Let’s take over the EU” — delusional) and for various other things. I’ve agreed with you on pretty much every difference of opinion that you and Spencer have had before.

        But the one time Spencer does something really, really right (indeed, wonderful), and you see fit to join in with the cucks in denouncing him for it, turning what could have been a great moment of rallying and unifying, into petty division. Disappointing in the extreme.

          • Not “won over” in the least. Spencer is just as wrong now on all of the things that he was wrong about before.

            That. Doesn’t. Matter. This incident, this oh-so-timely shit test (to invoke a concept that deserves a much better term), and how people reacted to it, that is what is at issue.

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