RAMZPAUL vs. Richard Spencer

A big exchange here.

1.) First, I am not a National Socialist or a Neo-Nazi. In my experience, fascism strikes a chord with some people. It has never interested me all that much. I’m more interested in other topics.

2.) Second, this perennial debate over whether Neo-Nazis make us look bad has been going on forever. I’ve been around for 15 years now and it is the same debate. It will still be going on 15 years from now.

3.) Third, even if you were to condemn the Neo-Nazis, they aren’t going anywhere. They will set up their own websites and organizations. Daily Stormer, for example, is thriving.

4.) Fourth, I could condemn the Neo-Nazis, but what would I gain from it? I’ve learned from experience that it would just create a headache for me. It’s not going to impress anyone. I’m not going to become respectable because I have made a point to disavow someone. In the eyes of our enemies, I’m just as deplorable as any brownshirt. Those who have been reading this blog for years already know I am not a Neo-Nazi.

5.) Fifth, the Neo-Nazis are not having as big a negative impact as Ramzpaul assumes here. Daily Stormer didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. Andrew Anglin and his followers had nothing to do with the NPI conference. Former Grand Dragon David Duke didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. The usual scaremongering of screaming Neo-Nazi, KKK, racist, etc., etc., didn’t work this time.

6.) Sixth, it was hordes of trolls from places like 4chan and 8chan aggressively trolling journalists on Twitter that put the “alt-right” on the map. There is no denying that tactic worked.

7.) Finally, the Neo-Nazis have never been more aggressive online than they were in 2015-2016, and the Alt-Right just had its best year ever. I think reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated.

Note: It’s not my thing. That’s just my honest take on the matter. What’s predictably going to happen is that Ramzpaul is going to rile that crowd up without gaining anything from it.

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  1. The only thing “finished” is RAMZPAUL. I really don’t have anything against the guy but his constant whining is annoying . Go the fuck away and stop whining about how everything is bad for the movement. Jesus, just go join the conservatives and then you wont have to worry about anything offending your sensibilities anymore.

    The alt right dominated this year by being edgy, hardcore, radical, witty, and not giving 2 fucks. That is how it did it. It didnt do it by policing everyone and being gatekeeper cucks like RAMZPAUL wants to be.

    Anglin’s point is this – they are going to call you Nazis anyway so stop giving 2 fucks. I agree with it.

    • We need to get beyond would be gatekeepers and concentrate on what’s really at stake: The very survival of our race. The gravity of the situation cannot be overestimated. Let’s make allies wherever we can find them and to hell with the whiners.

      • Agreed, if we are serious and fearful, we purge the fools in a nano second. Not doing so is the “tell” that we aren’t truly serious or fearful.

        • Interesting, but when was the last time the Left had a purge of its most objectionable members? Our side still insists on respecting the feelings of our enemies. Our enemies have absolutely no respect for our feelings at all.

          Our enemies have declared war on our race, no mercy, no quarter. Most of our side is still unable to grasp that, even at this late date.

    • I agree the Left, Antifa, ADL are going to call you NAZIs anyway, but that doesn’t mean you/we have to act from a bad Hollywood Jewish script and act the role of NAZI bad guy, hater, loners, losers, anti American, give NAZI Fascist salutes shout how we want to bass 6 Million more Jews etc.

      It’s just not a good idea to act the way our enemies want us to act.

  2. I despise RAMZPAUL, but for once he got something right. Andrew Anglin is almost certainly some form of controlled op, and the promotion of him and the neo-nazis is not spontaneous or beneficial. The jews own the media. They brought the Alt Right into the mainstream view, shaping it to their will as they went along.

    ETA This isn’t to say that all things ‘nazi’-esque make ‘us’ look bad. It’s being a crank about both groups (non-whites and jews) at the same time that’s so radioactive, particularly in the manner Anglin does it. It’s also his and Spencer’s denigration of women that’s self-destructive, again almost certainly by design.

    • Lol. Sure thing. You sound like a Breitbart commenter. With added Faux-anti-Semitic sauce added.

    • All things Nazi make you look bad, period. Anyone who disagrees is a kool-aid drinking fool. The alt-right was dead as a fashionable term as soon as Neo-Nazis like Storm Front highjacked the term and began advertising themselves as “alt-right” when they aren’t, never were, and only starting saying so when the term became popular.

      “Second, this perennial debate over whether Neo-Nazis make us look bad has been going on forever.”

      How is this a debate? It is obvious to all normal, non-autistic people that it DOES make you look bad – REALLY BAD.

      “Third, even if you were to condemn the Neo-Nazis, they aren’t going anywhere. They will set up their own websites and organizations. Daily Stormer, for example, is thriving.”

      Good, let them. These losers have ruined the alt-right term. Let them pick something else to ruin. And by “thrive” you mean relatively. Relative to Joe Sixpack’s youtube channel, sure. But do they have the same influence as the NYT or Fox News? No. They turn off quite a bit of normal people.

        • The real alt-right did it before the term was destroyed…and they did it with wit, intelligence, and by trolling the establishment. By extension, the Jewish power structure was severely undermined, paving the way for Trump.

          Unfortunately, some yahoos think that giving Nazi salutes and contributing to Storm Front is a better way to do it. They are wrong. You’re just playing to an easily attacked caricature when you do that. Normal people hate it.

        • I’ve casually linked to Daily Stormer for various friends. Most enjoy it as Tabloid Trashiness. It reminds me the 1980s The Sun.

          • That’s disingenuous, Captain. The commenter who’s using the ID “Debate? What Debate?” is making sense.

          • I was in Barnes n Noble the other day. In the history section 1/8 of the books are about Hitler or the Nazis. Ordinary people are not turned off by this stuff.

          • That’s because of decades of programming and shaming. Most people don’t care about factual history at all.
            MY whole point about defending Hitler and the Boys in Brown is that when we denounce any of this – we are still held prisoner by Der ewige Jude. Whenever they start howling about “Muh Six Bajillion” oy vey! WE should say something along the lines of “So what? They obviously had it coming!”. When we give their lies, deceit and treachery one shred of credibility – we destroy ourselves.

          • Consuming these books is indicative of something that people struggle with in their own intellect and possibly their soul.

          • The writer Mickey Spillane, in response to his hostile East Coast Literary critics, said, “What these guys don’t understand is there are a lot more salted peanuts and beer consumed than there is caviar and champaign.”

          • DS is satire and ridicule of our worst enemies. Some of the articles and comments have me laughing so hard it hurts. It’s the same kind of brutal humor the left levels at us but Anglin reverses the direction. No wonder DS is so popular.

          • With whom, teenage social misfits? Do you really think his promotion of outright violence towards women is productive?

            When our birth rate can’t even replace the war babies (not even boomers) dying out?


          • In my fairly studied experience, the ‘working men’ are the least misogynist, at least when it comes to actual violence towards women. But that would be more solid blue collar middle class types, perhaps not ‘working class’ in the sense of lower working class.

          • Yeah, but it’s only the internet – very little gets done in the real world. I suggested to Anglin that he meet at a 95% White upscale tennis event in Middle Ohio and he was like

            “No I can’t leave my computer”.

            We need to be doing positive, good things in the real world.

            There are Trump type people in your local areas – go local.

        • “Nothing to see here, old news” isn’t a reasonable defense that most normal people will accept.

          “How so?”

          Normal people don’t want to be associated with anything Nazi. Storm Front could have the exclusive of the century on their front page and most white people would ignore it due to the source.

          • 1.) If this issue isn’t a dead horse, then nothing is. These people have always been around. The people who dislike them have always been around too. They’ve been the same debate for almost half of my life now!

            2.) 15 years ago, Stormfront was the only pro-White site around. That’s obviously changed. It went from being a small website to one of the biggest on the internet. I doubt most people who are pro-White even read Stormfront these days.

          • “If this issue isn’t a dead horse, then nothing is.”

            Associating yourself with Nazi symbology will never be a dead issue. Moral of the story: don’t do it.

            “15 years ago, Stormfront was the only pro-White site around. That’s obviously changed.”

            15 years ago, the internet was still fairly new: Youtube didn’t exist and Google wasn’t long from being a start up. Let’s not go too far in giving Stormfront credit when credit isn’t due.

          • I’m pointing out that associating yourselves with Nazis isn’t a good way to advance any of your/our interests. Nazis will always be hated; they have no natural constituency to defend them in the United States and there is no benefit to associating with them or any of their neo-Nazi spin offs.

            Normal people see Hitler worship and Nazi salutes as offensive and are immediately repulsed. Why embrace something that means nothing to most whites and serves only to defame real movements like the alt-right?

          • But White Nationalists do NOT associates ourselves with Nazis. Jews do that. They won’t let us stop. So I refuse to denounce Hitler. I denounce JEWS.

          • Anti-fascism is in the anglocelts’ cultural DNA. Fascism just doesn’t float among the very people most apt to take up ‘the cause.’ This is just common sense. Read Jim Webb’s Born Fighting.

          • Good. Don’t dance to the tune of the haters of Whites. They use “Nazis” as a standin for all Whites. It is all Whites that they hate.

          • It was commented on in an article several years back. They quoted a statistical study on it. Even Limbaugh quoted it.

          • Pretty much agree.

            Unless you are a White prisoner in a majority Black prison and the only White inmates who aren’t getting homo raped are open Aryan Brotherhood NAZIs then yeah, that’s the time to go Hitler.

          • Don’t dance to the tune of those who hate all Whites and who use terms like Nazi, etc. as their standins for all Whites to hide the fact that it is Whites they hate.

          • So, you don’t think that Hitler’s laws against miscegenation were good? You don’t think his efforts to increase the White birthrate were good? You don’t think his efforts to stop the destruction of Whites were good? Exactly what is it that you don’t like about Hitler and his policies? And, tell us how you define “normal people” and how you know that “Nazis will always be hated.” You seem to make a lot of assertions of supposed facts while offering no facts.

          • 1.) It’s a dead horse because literally no other issue has been debated more and on the same grounds and with the same arguments and with the same result. I got bored with it 10 years ago.

            2.) I was around when Stormfront was still a tiny website only a few months old. I created my own forum at the time.

            I’ve witnessed the growth of the movement and I got to say that this old debate, which hasn’t gone anywhere in 15 years, is just something that people argue about. It hasn’t had the impact that you think it has. The same people have always argued about it and will continue to argue about it until we go to our graves!

          • So don’t use the name or the symbols. It is the work of Goebbels that needs to be used. The absolute fact is Goebbels defeated the Jews and their media on their own turf.

            As far as “normal people,” always keep steadily in mind, Nothing succeeds like success. They can and do change on a dime. One of the best illustrations of this I have thus far saw in my life was the night Evander Holyfield whipped Mike Tyson. Going up to and into the ring, the crowd was extremely hostile to Holyfield. But when he had Tyson staggering, the crowd was chanting,” Hoooleeefielllld, Hoooleeefiellld, Hooolyfiellld!”

      • Screw the alt-right term. I prefer being called pro-White. It’s very simple, plain and unambiguous. Anti-Whites have been calling pro-Whites naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews forever, whether they’re dress up Nazis or not.

    • People can just be stupid, chaotic, dangerous, destructive fools. They don’t need to necessarily do it for a paycheck.

      The point is what do the rest of us do to advance our agenda?

  3. Never, ever punch to the Right. The Stormers move the Overton Window to the right and made what was once ‘far right’ look almost moderate. Remember there were plenty of pedophiles at Stonewall.

    • They didn’t do that. They are simply adopting the terminology of others who have for their own benefit. In the process, they’ll end up moving it back to the left.

    • When you get caught outside the Overton Window, it starts moving in the opposite direction.

      Naziism, and even fascism, are dead ends.

  4. “Fifth, the Neo-Nazis are not having as big a negative impact as Ramzpaul
    assumes here. Daily Stormer didn’t stop Trump from winning the election…The usual scaremongering of screaming Neo-Nazi, KKK, racist, etc., etc., didn’t work this time.”

    It did, actually. Trump lost the popular vote by over TWO MILLION and got just 58-59% of the white vote, about the same as Romney. Trump’s victory in the electoral college was an extraordinary miracle that wouldn’t have happened if the Democrats had nominated anyone other than the second most unpopular candidate in history, ahead of only Trump himself; and it still might not have happened even with Hillary – all she had to do was campaign more in the rust belt and she might have pulled it off.

    Trump’s victory was an unprecedented, once-in-the-lifetime of the republic, opportunity to defang the opposition through moving the Overton Window and making implicit white identity acceptable, among other necessary things (i.e. breaking up big businesses and corporations in the “high-low” democrat coalition). However, the alt-right term has now been destroyed by its unfortunate association with low IQ neo-Nazi losers, inching it back to the left. Trump is now considering a black guy for homeland security and is publicly denouncing you.

    • 1.) There is no proof that Neo-Nazis had anything to do with that. As far as I know, no one has even suggested it.

      2.) Trump lost the popular vote because of Hillary’s margin in California where he aggravated Hispanics.

      3.) Trump’s national populist pitch activated the White working class. It turned off the college educated White professionals in the suburbs. Again, that was due to Trump more than anything else. The main knock he had going against him was his temperament and experience with that crowd.

      4.) Trump’s performance all over the Rust Belt was due to his unique message.

      5.) In Pennsylvania, Hillary got a record turnout in Philadelphia. She improved on Obama in 2012.

      6.) There’s no proof the alt-right has been destroyed by the same crowd of Neo-Nazis who have always been around and who got more publicity in 2016 than ever before.

      7.) Trump won the election and now has a free hand to do whatever he wants. He also disavowed William Johnson, Jared Taylor and James Edwards during the campaign before any of this happened. To my knowledge, he hasn’t avowed ANYONE who is pro-White.

      • “2.) Trump lost the popular vote because of Hillary’s margin in California where he aggravated Hispanics.”

        Outside of California, the popular vote was very close, she won Virginia by 5 points, barely lost the rust belt, barely lost North Carolina, and had a respectable showing in Texas (Trump won by 9 compared with Romney’s 16%).

        “6.) There’s no proof the alt-right has been destroyed by the same crowd of Neo-Nazis who have always been around and who got more publicity in 2016 than ever before.”

        Wait for it. They just got more publicity than ever before and immediately used it to totally discredit themselves and smear the alt-right. That says something about the quality of people we’re dealing with.

        “5.) In Pennsylvania, Hillary got a record turnout in Philadelphia. She improved on Obama in 2012.”

        Trump won by just 70,638 votes despite a record turnout for him. His voters skew older and whiter. Trump could possibly run again in 2020 and lose by getting exactly the same number of votes in Pennsylvania as before.

        “4.) Trump’s performance all over the Rust Belt was due to his unique message.”

        Trade protectionism, not neo-Nazism. That’s something people should remember before pulling a Spencer.

        “1.) There is no proof that Neo-Nazis had anything to do with that. As far as I know, no one has even suggested it.”

        You pointed out elsewhere that neo-Nazis did a great job on Twitter trolling the loser journalists of the world. If they had such a great impact, why didn’t Trump’s share of the white vote substantially increase over Romney’s?

        As I said, Trump’s election was basically a miracle. The democrats ran one of the worst candidates in history and still just barely lost. This extraordinary circumstance should be taken advantage of. Instead, it is being ruined by low IQ morons.

        • Spencer didn’t “pull a Spencer” Paulie. You fellow Kikes, in the crowd, did that, in cahoots with the Kosher media.

        • 1.) If it were not for Hillary’s margin in California, Trump would have comfortably won the popular vote. He excited Hispanics against him in California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona where Sheriff Joe also went down. That was due to his campaign strategy of being tough on immigration.

          Trump lost Virginia solely because of NOVA – the headquarters of the Washington establishment – and his performance generally with college educated Whites over temperament and experience issues.

          He won landslide victories in Ohio and Iowa. There was a huge swing toward Trump over 2012 all over the Rust Belt. If it were not for Egg McMuffin, Trump would have won Minnesota.

          2.) It was all over MSNBC. Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow talked about it over and over again. They specifically brought up the Daily Stormer. They had Julia Ioffe, Jonathan Weisman and other victims of Neo-Nazi trolls on all the time.

          They had cucks like Ben Howe, Leon Wolf, Glenn Beck and Rick Wilson on all the time in their panels to talk about how awful the Neo-Nazis trolls were. In the end, it didn’t matter.

          3.) Hillary went so far as to give a speech denouncing the alt-right. She thought it was a clear winner. In the end, screaming Nazi and Klansman and racist didn’t work.

          4.) Mitt Romney didn’t come close to winning any of these Rust Belt states. Whites are far less racially polarized in the Rust Belt than in the Deep South, but Trump made huge gains there. He could do much better in 2020 because experience and temperament hurt him with college educated Whites.

          5.) In the end, Rust Belt voters unquestionably went for Trump over economics.

          6.) I haven’t seen a single pundit or analyst anywhere blame Neo-Nazis for Trump losing the popular vote. It simply hasn’t occurred to anyone.

          7.) You are confusing two separate issues: there is Trump’s electoral victory and the sudden emergence of the Alt-Right as a household name. The latter was definitely due to the trolling of journalists which began last summer.

          8.) I don’t think so. In my view, Trump executed a clever strategy that resonated in key regions of the country much better than mainstream conservatism. He is the first Republican presidential candidate in a generation to perform at that level in the Midwest.

          W. barely won Iowa and Ohio and it was the Supreme Court that made his president with a 537 vote lead in Florida in 2000.

          9.) This simply isn’t true. I sat here and watched night after night, Sunday morning after Sunday morning, and those people were paraded in public view and everyone was told that voting for Trump made them a Nazi. It didn’t work. It failed mainly because it was a negative message.

        • He proposed a Reich’s Flight Tax in reality. Very Nazi. His coalition is very Nazi-like. Rightwing working class and socially conservative middle class. That’s a toxic brew for the Hebrews.

    • To win the game he kicked niggers and beaners in the shins and lost the popular vote…and your gay point is?

  5. Yeah ok.

    I still think we have to draw the line somewhere .

    I m drawing the line well short of Chicago NAZI leader Frank Colin a homosexual pedofike rapist Jew.

    This creature did a lot of NAZI fascist salutes

    Do we really want to encourage this type to flock to our meetings?

  6. Brad, you should call Occidental Dissent the South’s #1 Republican News Source.

    This from Emperor Trump: “The first Asian Pacific American woman to be appointed to the President’s Cabinet, Secretary Chao was also a great Deputy Secretary of Transportation and has extensive experience in transportation.  She will help improve our country’s infrastructure and create more jobs.  This is wonderful news for the Asian Pacific American community,” said Chiling Tong, CEO of the International Leadership Foundation.

  7. The only people insisting that the alt-right is dead are the coattail-riders and hangers-on who just had their brand subversion rudely interrupted by a couple of ironic seig heils.

  8. Are you pro-White or are you anti-White? The litmus test is whether or not you acknowledge White Genocide is going on and whether or not you condemn it. If you test positive on both questions I don’t care who you are. If you fail just one of the above you’re not a friend.

    • Yes, the BUGSers made the alt-right possible, but were then hijacked by disciples of Chaos.

      Now that these chaotic people have committed seppuku, can we get the old gang back together (ordered liberty + the Mantra Against White Genocide?).

      The only way I would accept fascism is if I was the dictator.

  9. I agree that the alt right didn’t derail Trump but I don’t think the alt right makes up anything near the majority of his base. The real truth is that it probably was Bernie or Bust that elected Trump, not the alt right. Whites in Northern States who usually vote 45% Democrat didn’t vote anywhere near that.

  10. People who directly associate themselves and the politicians they support with Adolf Hitler are acting like fools or agent-provocateurs. Period.

    Does that mean I care so much about Richard Spenser? No, because he doesn’t matter, and the “alt-right” label doesn’t matter.

    What matters is our political objectives, and the criteria for distinguishing those helping us and those hurting us should be whether or not they are helping us achieve our common objectives. Sometimes I wonder if we have any. There’s a reason wasp dominated America ended up as what we have now. There isn’t as much difference between some “white nationalists” and NPR listeners as you might think.

  11. Most rank & file Republicans that I’ve ever talked with, including minor office holders, are somewhat to the right of Adolf Hitler. If they know it or not? Seriously. LOL.

    Occidental Dissent: The South’s Number #1 Republican News Source.

  12. The Alt-Right was an ecosystem where the different players had their niches. Populists like Ramzpaul, the full on funny Daily Stormer and master trolls like Ricky Vaughan – who was explicit about the JQ but avoided being labeled neo-nazi.

    But Spencer tried to make himself the leader and face of the movement. While lacking the brains and especially the banter.

  13. You have mentioned that isolation and infighting on the internet was the Rights problem.

    Under the Alt-Right rubic via social media there was a breakout. Even PJW and Cernovich were useful in spreading memes. Who cares if their primary motive is financial – as long as people start taking the red pill.

    Spencer never really got the Alt-Right phenomenon. He has no banter.

  14. Barry Obama was good friends with a convicted left-wing terrorists who regrets not having been even more violent. For a quarter of a century he attended the Hate YT Church regularly.

    Pointing this out will get you called a NAZI. Never give the scum on the left an inch. Ever.

    • Whether one will be called a Nazi isn’t the point. What’s important is that one make clear whether one is, in fact, a Nazi, i.e., a person working toward and hoping for a Nazi-style state. If one is, in fact, a Nazi, then one should be prepared to say what a Nazi-style state is and why it is something to be pursued. If not, then one shouldn’t suggest otherwise.

      • We can handle disputes in our own way without having to answer to the progs. Never ever ever let them set the agenda. Point out their endless hypocrisy, tell them to stuff it and that we own them nothing.

      • Trying to convince anti-Whites you’re not a “Nazi” is like trying to convince them you’re not a “racist”. It puts you on the defensive, just where they want you because you accept their anti-White slurs. Try going with: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White or anti-Nazi is a code word for anti-White.

        • What you say is true, Bob, but as I say, convincing them is not my concern. My concern is that Spencer be clear: Does he advocate a Nazi-style state? If so, what does he mean by that?

          A day or two ago, as I was discussing this same subject at another alt-right website, I said that although I love “Mein Kampf,” including its extended passages about Jews, I’m not a Nazi. The response that that got from another commenter included, you won’t be surprised to hear, “lol.” My inner reaction to that was, “You can lol all you want. That I am of the view that Jews and whites shouldn’t be among each other doesn’t mean I want to live in a polity with concentration camps, gestapo, censorship, etc.”

          That, to say it again, is why I think Spencer caused a problem here: He raised a question, in effect, as to what he wants.

          • “My concern is that Spencer be clear: Does he advocate a Nazi-style state? If so, what does he mean by that?”

            Answering that question is retarded, when he doesn’t have the power to implement anything. He is so powerless he isn’t allowed to post on Twitter and Trump and everyone else fled when some Jews, Asians and Whites raised their arms in jest. You may as well seriously ask him if he plans to blot out the Sun.

            Meanwhile in the real world, BLM riots, burns down city centers, assassinates police and no one demands Hillary Clinton “disavow”.

          • To take the alt-right seriously at all is what’s retarded, since trying to build a pro-white “movement” before one has identified the behavior by which whites have put themselves in a jam is like building a house from the roof down, as one says. If one wants to pretend to take the alt-right seriously, the way one indulges a child with Down syndrome, then, as I’ve said, one should ask Richard Spencer to explain himself.

          • I can’t speak for Richard Spencer, but from what I’ve read he wants a state where Whites can thrive. Is that a Nazi state (your term)? Please tell us what you mean by a Nazi state–give us a definition.

          • Right, but I would add this. If people call you a racist or a Nazi, don’t deny the label, but ask for a definition of what they mean–a definiton that has elements, and then, if you wish, you can answer to the elements of the defintion. For example.
            White hater: “You’re a racist.” Me: “What is your definition of racist?” White hater “Someone who hates people of other races.” Me: I don’t hate anyone so by your own definition I can’t be a racist.

          • I do the same things sometimes. However, when I’m interviewed by reporters or in situations where I can’t respond to retorts, I do ask for a defintion of the term “racist.” How do you describe “racist” as you tell people that’s what you are? And, are you sure your definition is the same one they have in mind?

        • Yup, and I’ve been doing just that for some time, because you’re right. The White haters try to hide their hatred for all things White by using words like Nazi or racist or White Supremacist, but these are just standin words for hatred of Whites and Whiteness.

  15. Something like this happened with the Tea Party. It started off as a Ron Paul creation. As soon as it became popular, it was hijacked by Sarah Palin and morphed into something wholly different. It subsequently had its moment in the sun before fizzling out. I fear the same has just happened to the alt-right.

    The real alt-right was never Storm Front, which now falsely advertises to the world that it’s the “number one alt-right site on the internet.” They and others took a popular movement and morphed it into something that fit with their preexisting ideology just like Sarah Palin did with the Tea Party. In the process, they ruined it for everyone else.

    The real alt-right was funny, smart, well-versed in areas of history, genetics and politics, was racially aware, implicitly white, more likely to be secular, more willing to be skeptical of free trade/globalism, willing to challenge and mock the narrative, not neoconservative or paper worshiping constitutionalist utopians, against mass immigration (illegal AND legal), and willing to admit – and back up with facts – myriad inconvenient truths: racial differences in test performance are partly genetic, Jews are very successful and intelligent, Jews are at the heart of a lot of what’s bad in popular culture (all without demanding gas chambers or giving Nazi salutes), racial differences in crime stats are real, etc.

    They did (and still do) a great job of challenging and dissecting the narrative that we are told to believe. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was years ago to finally find a community of smart people who didn’t virtue signal on racial or political issues but simply told the truth in often long-winded but well-written prose…while being able to have a conversation on any number of sophisticated subjects (geopolitics, television shows, Hollywood politics, etc.). Try getting any of that at Breitbart or the Free Republic.

    When I think of the real alt-right, I think of people like Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, and many others. These people aren’t Storm Front material, despite being controversial, and Storm Front isn’t alt-right.

  16. Remember: there have been dozens of Jewish ‘neo-Nazis’ and they always fit the same pattern:

    1. They infiltrate a movement.
    2. They shift it towards ‘Hollywood Nazism’ (which is a heavily warped caricature of historical National Socialism).
    3. They succeed in ‘ghettoizing’ the movement.

    So my 2 cents is that – instead of acting like a caricature – you should learn from what Hitler actually did: He didn’t dress up in a Confederate uniform and shout ‘Heil Robert E. Lee!’ He instead created a movement which was, at the time, very modern and which spoke to the German people about issues that mattered to them. He constantly attacked the criminal Treaty of Versailles, the crimes of Germany’s Jewish elite, etc. These were issues which ethnic Germans in the 30s cared about.

    So what’s our Treaty of Versailles? What makes White Americans mad?

    Those are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

    Also, if you are an actual National-Socialist then learn from Hitler and wear a modern business suit.


    One of the biggest misconceptions about NS Germany is that Hitler always wore his party fatigues. He didn’t. The party uniform was restricted for NS events. While campaigning for office, Hitler almost always wore a suit. Once the war started he and Goering often wore military uniforms to signify their dual role as politicians and military leaders.

    • The problem isn’t what Hitler or Robert E Lee actually DID- it’s the FACT that you can’t get away from Hitler if you TRY. FYI – the Kikes have been beating up on Dixie for decades. The South is literally burning, now. Does wearing business suits protect you from White Genocide?

      • The problem isn’t what Hitler or Robert E Lee actually DID- it’s the FACT that you can’t get away from Hitler if you TRY.

        This makes zero sense to me. If Hitler and Robert E. Lee both did something (dress professionally) which helped them to win support from the masses, then by god we should think about copying that aspect of their behavior.

        As for not being able to ‘get away from Hitler,’ that is true. We have to deal with him. But that doesn’t mean we need to exist in a 40s time-warp. I’ve personally found that the best way to respond to people who call me a Nazi is to say, ‘Stop name-calling and shifting the argument. Debate my facts.’

        Normally that ends the debate as most liberals don’t know how to respond to someone who responds that way.

        Does wearing business suits protect you from White Genocide?

        No, but it’s the best damn way to present yourself when you are claiming to represent a movement.

        After all, if a politician looks sloppy, the masses won’t take him seriously. That’s why it’s important to dress well. Having a powerful / sexy / dashing image is key to winning in politics.

        • I encountered a few Bernie organizers in my travels last year. I found that calling myself
          A Fascist worked like a charm to unravel these rat faced little bastards.

          • Who do you think exists in a 40’s Time Warp?

            I don’t know, maybe the groups who insist on saying ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Sieg Heil’ as opposed to creating their own unique, modern slogans.

            Again, the ironic thing is that if they actually studied Hitler’s party then they would know that copying the imagery of past movements is not how you win a political struggle.

          • Perhaps, it is time to shine the light of truth on Hitler and what he was really about, which was to save White people–starting with Germans–one of our many White tribes. Had Germany won WWII we would not now be facing White genocide.

      • I think it’s a useful tactic at times. I would say something like business casual is good enough unless you’re speaking at a major conference. Our enemies are looking for iconic photos to demonize us with, and wearing a T shirt + tattooed arms sure makes it easy for them.

      • If you don’t believe in dressing up as a Nazi (((they))) will dress you up as one just the same. Anti-Nazi is a code word for anti-White.

    • “So what’s our Treaty of Versailles? What makes White Americans mad?”

      Agreed and very well said.

      My view is that 9/11/01 is our “Treaty of Versailles” those for or against us are clearly seen on how they see/saw 9/11/01.

      Our side focuses on mass 3rd world/Muslim immigration – just keep this sh** out.

      The other side makes all kinds of excuses, that it either didn’t happen, was inside job done by White CIA, or else we deserved it because we’re racists and try to steal 3rd world people’s oil, or we’re not sensitive to Muslim people.

      Or the Jewish Neo Conservatives, Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists spin 9/11/01 in to intrigues for more Neo Consevative wars against secular Arabs or restarting the Cold War against the Russians because the Russians are racists and Putin reminds them of Hitler.

      I always pretty much win the argument when I note that I predicted the 9/11/01 slaughter of our people in our country because the invading Muslims did it once before in 1993 when they bombed the World Trade Center.

      Populist parties in Switzerland, Austria, Holland are either #1 or #2 because they make opposing the Muslim migrant invasion the #1 issue, they finesse the Jewish issues – lump them in with traitors, Green party, idiots etc.

  17. Why are certain people so focused on denouncing Da KNAAAZEEEZ, and yet are refusing to acknowledge the Jewish subversion of the NPI conference?

  18. It’s important to understand that the media just doesn’t have the influence they once did. The “alt-right” ran circles around the traditional media during the election, mocking the “racist” name calling with memes.

  19. I appreciate that cooler heads are prevailing now that we are 10 days out from the conference, a good sign.

    Ultimately, though, the leaders of the white movement will have to bite the bullet and round on and destroy the kooks. The longer the delay, the greater the cost. In order to be crystal clear, I’m talking about a purge and quarantine.

  20. Is it just me misunderstanding something, or is there someone on this thread creating two opposing and contradictory positions in the same breath ?

    1 ) One the one hand they are saying that the seig helling at the NPI conference was obviously a low down, sneaky set up to defame the Alt-Right by a bunch of inflitrators, or Jewish agent provocateurs to allow the Lugenpresse to link Spencer and the Alt-Right to Nazism, and by this they must be implying that the less of it the better for us from a public relations / strategy perspective, and that at future events this nees to be avoided.

    2 ) And at the same time they are attacking anyone here who agrees with them as
    ” cucks ” .

    Can they have it both ways ? Just asking.

  21. People can have different views, it has been a very successful year.

    But as the Boy Scouts say:

    Be prepared.

    Be prepared for serious harassment, infiltration, Left, DNC, ADL, SPLC, Antifa dirty tricks.

    O’Keef did document how the DNC was paying lower sorts to attend Trump rallies and provoke violence – all that money and attention will turn on the Alt Right.

    Some helpful advice:

    Do some housekeeping.

    Clean up your computer – but Nazi history images on a thumb drive.
    Do not keep any porn images – most porn is free.
    Do not stockpile racist or anti Jewish or anti really anything propaganda
    Do not stockpile guns, only keep guns that are legal, practical for some use (target practice, hunting, skeet shooting, legitimate self defense). Guns are legal in the United States, buy your guns legally instead of someone’s car trunk – you don’t know where that gun has been.
    Have a legitimate job, school, hobbies, friends who are normal and can vouch that you don’t fit the profile of a bad, hateful, racist, loner.
    If someone suggests illegal, violent acts like invading the US Holocaust museum and murdering minimum wage Black security guards say:

    “No” walk away and expel such member from your associations.

    Live a healthy, sane, positive life that includes effective activism – look for local Trump like talent in your area.

    Expect to be lied about and slandered from many sides, including supposedly supportive pro Trump sides.

    Have some healthy fun out there.

    I always recommend male lead and female follow partner dancer.

    If you get known as a nice, good partner dancer – you’ll always have female attention and you are less likely to be smeared and slandered as a

    Hateful, loner, psycho Nazi.

      • Please do not promote lying, pro Jewish propaganda about innocent Jews being slaughtered in ovens.

        The 6 Million gassed Jewish Holocaust is a pro Jewish fairy tale designed to make White Americans and White Europeans feel guilty and give up on life.

        OD is a pro Southern pro White blog, we do not promote the hatred and defamations of White European people including White Germans and White Eastern Europeans.


        It’s like our people are reading from a bad Hollywood, anti White Jew script.

        • You have no sense of humour at all. I’d tell you to spend more time on DS – but you get curb-stomped every time you peek in the forum.
          I HEART HITLER!!!!!

  22. I don’t buy much of the standard WWII, Nazi or holocaust narrative, but I also see no reason to drag it into American politics. National Socialism was not an American movement. I have no problem with revisionism and setting the historical record straight, but fighting Jewish power is best done by putting Jews on the defensive for their own very real aggressions, racism, tribalism, corruption, anti-Americanism, etc., which has taken place in America, and much of it well after the holocaust.

    Most Americans are never going to warm up to Hitler, no matter how much they distrust or dislike Jewish power. Few Americans are going to resist Jews, or anyone else, for Hitler’s sake, but they might resist for their own sake, or for the sake of their own children, families and loved-ones.

    If your enemy is Jewish, take the anti-Semitism weapon from him, and concentrate on what he is doing to others, which should be very easy. There is a reason that so many anti-Jewish hate crimes are hoaxes perpetrated by Jews. Don’t give them the ammo they are so starved for.

    • Agreed and well said.

      That’s what we do here at OD – not obsess about Jews or anyone else, not try to refight World War II from the losing side.

      Instead we do note open, hateful, anti White, Anti American actions and statements by the likes of the new Liberation Theology Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis, Southern Baptist (not) Russell Moore and we sadly note the near universal F immigration grades of American Jewish elected officials.

      Jewish domination, intimidation of Hollywood should be noted and terrible anti White movies like “D’Jango Unchained”, “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer”, “Birth of a Nation” (The Black rapist version) should be noted and opposed.

  23. Why hold a conference in deep deep enemy territory where the DC politicians and the press skedaddle at dusk to their enclave.

    • It shows courage – like the remnant of Minis Tirith led by Aragorn and Gandalf marching to Mordor to the Black Gate.

    • It’s our country and we can hold meetings where we want, when we want, as we want. We shouldn’t give up an inch to the haters of Whites–and, that’s what they are are–even it they hide and pretend their White hatred is hatred of political or social views. No. They hate Whites but accept docile, neurotic Whites who are self-haters.

  24. In these two latest videos Ramzpaul explains why he has dropped his support for the Alt-Right “label” after Richard Spencer failed to disavow the movement’s “Nazi” element following the NPI Conference, where some attendees gave “sieg heils” when Spencer raised his glass and declared loudly, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory!

    RAMZPAUL Alt-Right RIP and Sieg Heils — TRANSCRIPTS
    Although Ramzpaul makes many good points on some side issues I think he’s making a mountain out of a molehill out of this whole incident by declaring the Alt-Right’s “brand” toxic because of it.

    More seriously though, is Ramzpaul’s belief that the website, “The Daily Stormer” which has recently claimed to be Alt-Right, is in fact fake opposition, funded by the ADL.

    But then in that case, what about Amren, which Ramzpaul does support, and its leader, Jared Taylor, who attended the conference and is openly pro-jew? The very people whose organizations are behind our on-going destruction! Is Amren also fake opposition, funded by the ADL, Ramzpaul? — KATANA

  25. “Hmmmm. Hitler loved lobster. Hitler was a Nazi. You were seen going into a sea food restaurant that serves lobster. You must be a Nazi. Extremists eating lobster are giving the movement a bad name. It is time to disavow all lobster eaters. And if you don’t disavow them, I’ll take my sissy self out of the movement and say you are poop heads.” Such is the silliness of the attacks on those who are truly trying to stop White genocide (whether they call what they are doing by that name or by something else).

  26. Have you noticed that Jews want people to believe that if one is against Zionism or against policies in Israel that this is the same as being anti-Semitic? I’ll bet that the same Jews who do this will try to deny that their attacks on Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK, White Nationalists are really just disguised attacks on all Whites and on Whiteness itself. Avoid the psychological trap, Whitey, of dancing to their tune by not agreeing with their condemnation of the Nazis, et al.–they’re just using these terms to hide their hatred of all Whites.

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