Ethnic Nationalism in America: Outside Dixie

From an OD reader:


I’m very familiar with the Alt-Right, White Nationalism, Southern Nationalism, etc. And from what I’ve seen, ethnic / regional nationalism tends to work better than racial nationalism. It draws a better crowd and is easier for the average ‘normie’ to grasp.

However, as far as I know there aren’t any ethnic nationalist movements in America outside of Dixie. For example, the ‘Northwest Front’ is essentially an internet based movement and it desires to create a White proposition nation (which is basically what America started as, and we can agree that ended poorly). I understand that the South is your main focus, but would you please consider writing an article describing how those of us in the rest of the country might go about creating our own ethnic / regional movements?

I believe that with the rise of #CalExit, that this might actually get a bit of traction.”

If you search the OD archives, you will find this an issue we started to explore in 2011 and expanded on in the years that followed. There was about a year there when we discussed little else but regional ethnic and cultural differences.

Anyway, the discussions we had here in the past were drawn from David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways In North America, Joel Garreau’s Nine Nations of North America, and Colin Woodard’s American Nations:


The Nine Nations of North America

I later found that The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Geography focused on the same theme of cultural geography in the South.

Of course, Dixie is only the most well known of the American Nations, and there are subregions within Dixie (Deep South, Greater Appalachia, New France/Acadia, Tidewater). Naturally, we have the strongest sense of national identity because of the War Between the States, Reconstruction, and the Jim Crow South.

How do you create your own regional ethnonationalist movement? Here in the South, all we are doing is embracing our own ethnic and cultural distinctiveness. We are embracing a real existing culture, not an abstract proposition nation. My advice would be to research the history of your region, learn how it was settled, how its unique culture came to exist, and focus on activities that stoke a national consciousness.

Behind the #Calexit movement, for example, is the underlying reality that The Left Coast/Ecotopia is experiencing a national awakening. Now that the Dixie coalition (Dixie + Far West + Midlands + The Foundry) is coming to power in Washington, the Yankeedom coalition (Yankeedom + El Norte + The Left Coast) has been cast out of power. They’re on the outside looking in through the window.

For most of the early 19th century, the South was “America” and New England was the deviant region. From War Between the States until the mid-20th century, New England and the Midwest were “America,” and the South was the black sheep region. The American Nations have always formed coalitions to jockey for power in Washington. All of American history is the eternal clash between rival White sub-nations.

In the 2016 election, The Midlands and The Foundry switched sides in the American Game of Thrones, joined forces with the Dixie Coalition (Dixie + Far West + Breadbasket/Heartland), and elected Trump as president. The pundits didn’t see it coming because they are generally morons who don’t understand the cleavages in White America. There are several White Americas, not one, and each has its own history and values.

If you live outside the South and want to create a regional ethnonationalist movement, just do what we do: start a blog or a podcast, create a Facebook group and Twitter account, create an organization, do your research, write a book, hold meetings, analyze history, politics, and current events, maybe even engage in activism.

Note: Don’t be deceived.

Trump isn’t going to “Make America Great Again.” Nothing has really changed. On the contrary, Trump will be incredibly polarizing and will likely accelerate America’s centrifugal tendencies. His presidency will sharpen national consciousness and the will to dominate in both the Acela Corridor and The Left Coast.

When Trump talks about Making America Great Again, he is thinking of the mid-20th century industrial North at the apogee of its power and influence in the aftermath of the Second World War. Those days are long gone. They are as gone as the Southern Cotton Kingdom. Wouldn’t it be interesting though to see Northern nostalgia and romanticism produce the Rust Belt’s Gone With The Wind?

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  1. Reportedly, Trump picked a Paul Ryan loyalist for Health and Human Services. Like DeVos, etc., that pick should go over just great in the midlands and foundry.

  2. First order of business is dealing with the jews, coloreds and wetbacks. Then we can talk about dividing up the US and Canada into a White North American confederation.

  3. Wouldn’t it be interesting though to see Northern nostalgia and romanticism produce the Rust Belt’s Gone With The Wind?

    I don’t think they could. In 1865, they became synonymous with America®. The South and West become colonies and largely forgotten. Northerners don’t really have any other identity. Their culture, their history, their food, what they think and believe are American®. Everything else outside of their region, to the extent that they even acknowledge it’s existence, is foreign and strange. America® is all that they are, and all that they have. Once that’s gone, so are they. As an aside, the West is probably marginally better.

      • I wasn’t really talking about contributions. It’s probably more accurate to say cultures, rather than culture. The real Yankee contribution is the idea that there is a singular and monolithic American® culture. Which is really just their culture writ large and imposed over the South and West. And which they take for granted, not realising that New Mexicans and Alabamians are not like Michiganders or New Yorkers, etc., in a cultural sense. Subconsciously, for them, America© barely exists south of the Ohio river or west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. It’s reflected in the news media, sports and in television programming.

  4. First, I’d like to say that this was an excellent article and I enjoyed reading it. There’s quite a lot of good advice in it.

    Secondly, I’d go so far as to say that Trump won the election because Yankeedom is slowly dying. It’s literally heaving itself into smaller regions as we speak, and that is why Trump was able to win states in the Upper Midwest.

    The reason for this is that Old Stock Yankees have been replaced by newer migrants in much of what was once Greater New England. You’ll still see a few of them in positions of power (MN’s governor Mark Dayton is a good example), but their cultural dominance is fading. The younger generation in the Upper Midwest normally have just as much German or Norwegian blood as Puritan blood. Most of the local Whites are no longer real Yankees.

    For Southern Nationalists, I think it’d make sense to promote all of these regional nations. The more fractured Yankeedom becomes, the easier it will be for Dixie to rise again.

    The Yankee sub-nations are, IMO:

    1. Greater Jersey. There really is a distinctive culture in the Jersey shore and it has little in common with the one in Vermont or New Hampshire.

    2. Greater Germania (WI and MN).

    3. The Foundry (an area stretching from Chicago into much of the Rust Belt).

    • For Southern Nationalists, I think it’d make sense to promote all of these regional nations.

      It would, however, it doesn’t make sense from a Southern cultural standpoint. Not telling other people their business, or interfering, is a cardinal point or element of Southern culture. It’s considered rude, in some contexts, to even offer advice. Being rude or nosey is something you don’t ever want to be found guilty of, socially. Common Southern saying: “I’m not trying to tell you your business, but..,”
      Another thing, Politics in the South tend to be reactionary and defensive. Folks voted for Trump as a defensive reaction to Hillary. Trying to promote disunity in the North is an alien concept to most Southerners. Battleground Texas is an political organisation staffed by Ohioans and headquartered in Ohio. It’s purpose is to change Texas politics to a form that is pleasing to the Leftist element of the North. To Texans, and Southerns in general, such an organisation, that would travel into the North, is inconceivable. Besides, the Southerness of such a group(s), would make them instantly suspect in Northerner’s eyes. It’s a job for Copper Heads. Not Southern Nationalists.

  5. It’s obvious that Trump is not going to “Make America Great Again” I think most of us have known this from day 1 of his candidacy.

    Whenever I hear them talk about uniting the country i burst out laughing.

      • The Northeast would be especially difficult to do anything with. There are just too many White sub-groups from literally all over Europe with different histories, cultures, religions, etc…

        That being said, I wish them well, although things would be dicey in organization to say the least…

        • No one but possibly southerners and anglo-ish transplants have any real desire or ability to secede from the federal government.

          Any secessionist movement should countenance this reality and prepare to use various dimensions of force to achieve independence, passive aggression will be the most powerful. No other region is going to somehow help by taking responsibility for themselves.

    • Thank you. As a resident of the Far West for the last 25 years, I don’t see much hope at the present time for a local ethnonationalist movement here. The major metropolitan areas are rapidly becoming more liberal, the mountain resort communities have seen a large influx of wealthy liberals from both coasts, and most of the other Whites are thoroughly cucked, or live in all-white rural areas and have no racial awareness. I wish you Southrons well, I think you are the only ones who have a decent chance for success.

  6. Hunter’s locked into his nationalist framework for understanding racial politics, that’s why he recommends the construction of historical regional identities, replete with their origins myths, identification of periods of glory and decline, heroes and villains, etc. He can’t understand or doesn’t believe in any approach to racial politics outside this framework.

    But there is such a framework: the “racial class” approach, which dispenses with mythology and identifies white people as a class with interests of its own, and tells whites straight up that their interests are being trampled on by the anti-white system.

    Hunter once pooh-poohed this as a nationalism based on nothing more than shared grievances. But it’s not nationalism, it’s racialism. And as I recall, a politics based on shared grievances changed the entire trajectory of world history just over a hundred years ago. Or in our own time, just consider what black politics has achieved on the basis of shared grievances compared to what it’s achieved on the basis of nationalism.

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  7. Some more ready arguments: superstates are horrible, the US superstate was horrible all along but masked by the upside of economic freedom and federalism. As those declined the horror became more and more apparent.

    The post ww2 body count of US employees is in the millions, and im talking direct killings, not inderct stuff like poverty, disease, and chaos.

  8. Until we get free speech all of this is purely academic. We need to keep banging out BUGster memes if we are ever to get free speech.

    • ‘Gone with the wind’ for the liberal left? We had it. It was Edward Lear’s “all in the family” and Archie Bunker was Rhett Butler, and Edith was…God help us -Scarlet.

  9. If you think the partition of India was messy, then the partition of the USA makes India look like Iceland in comparison. The breakup of the USSR was largely peaceful because it still had natural nations to fall back on, it also was largely based on Russia being the core nation. The USA has no such core nation, and I have to state, no real nations that this article is trying to find.

  10. Elaine Chow is Trump’s choice for the department of Transportation. It’s another quota-filler, and an indirect slap at the whites who elected him because it shows sensitivity to the PC agenda which Trump campaigned against, and a longtime GOP establishment figure.

      • He’s giving too many jobs to establishment Republicans. This is bullshit. She will probably have a lot of influence over Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure spending bringing with her a conventional GOP perspective on the issues. Positioning a GOP loyalist in this role suggests Trump’s infrastructure spending will be accomplished through tax credits and other crony capitalist schemes rather than through direct government spending.

        • Whether what you say is correct, Lew, my own focus remains where it’s been from the virtual beginning of Trump’s ascendancy. It’s on, that is, the sealing of the Mexican border, the ejecting of illegals, and the exclusion of Muslims. If, as I’ve already said here, at Occidental Dissent, Trump achieves those three things, he’ll have been, in my view, a tremendous president.

    • The DOT is yet another ZOG bureaucracy that can and should be done away with. That’s why it can be headed by a token chink.

    • Intelligence Report
      By Lyric Wallwork Winik
      Published: July 1, 2007

      [In the News]

      How Safe Is Your Job?

      You could lose your job to a foreign worker — not because he’s cheaper
      but because he has better workplace skills and discipline. That?s the
      message Labor Secretary Elaine Chao hears from U.S. executives who are
      worried about America?s competitive future. While losses are low thus far
      — one study estimates that only 280,000 jobs in the service industry out
      of 115 million are outsourced each year — that could change. Beyond the
      cheaper cost of labor, U.S. employers say that many workers abroad simply have a better attitude toward work. “American employees must be punctual, dress appropriately and have good personal hygiene,” says Chao. “They need anger-management and conflict-resolution skills, and they have to be able to accept direction. Too many young people bristle when a supervisor asks them to do something.”

      As for our job future, Chao notes that most of the fastest-growing jobs
      today are in industries requiring advanced knowledge and skills and are
      “very high or high wage.” But critics say we?re not doing enough for
      those without a higher education. “Today, only 30% of the workforce has
      four years of college,” says Jared Bernstein of the Economic Policy
      Institute. “Instead of factory slots, there are slots for security guards
      and food-prep workers.”

  11. If a region is blue the chances of it someday joining an Ethno-State is out of the question. Many people propose Idaho, Washington, and Oregon as the foundation of a future Ethno-State but only Idaho votes consistently red and the Ethno-State of necessity will be the union of majority white and politically sane states. I do not consider liberalism or blue states as political sane. Thus a Heartland Republic is more likely. I would rather that name than the hideous “Republic of New America” We are already living in new America!

  12. The Union should be broken up into 12 smaller White republics, incorporating the territory of the Canadian provinces into their boundaries.

  13. You’ll find ethnic nationalism across America. However like the South it’s been kicked and stomped down by the establishment of the NWO and Washington D.C. You could say the original founding of America was focused on Colonies and State power structure instead of central government in Washington D.C. That alone could be described as ethnic and regional nationalism. WPWW !

  14. Seema Verma? They have a superior healthcare system in India? Right? Just don’t drink the water or breathe.

  15. And another one….A Goldman Sachs billionaire Jew will be the new Secretary of the Treasury. It’s looking more and more like Trump screwed us hard. Appointments are policy. All we need now is Romney.

  16. On the right side of the graphic below is a retweet Ann Coulter posted yesterday, November 28. It shows Trump in his modern office, which is high in Trump Tower, I’ll guess. As I saw it, I was reminded of his ancestry, of his grandfather’s having co-owned restaurant-hotels during the Klondike Gold Rush. In my imagination, those places, accurately or not, are like the dance hall in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” …

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