Trump’s Latest Picks: Elaine Chao, Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross

What do you think?

We’ve got Mitch McConnell’s Asian wife as Transportation Secretary who spent eight years in W.’s cabinet, a Goldman Sachs Jew as Treasury Secretary, a private equity billionaire for Commerce Secretary and a mainstream conservative for Health and Human Services Secretary. It’s not exactly a cast of outsiders!

Here’s the best possible spin on it:

1.) By picking Chao for Transportation Secretary, Trump is buttering up Mitch McConnell to pass his infrastructure bill. Sure, it is corrupt, but sometimes a little corruption greases the wheels in Washington and gets things done. He’s not going to get anything done without the cooperation of a highly polarized Congress.

2.) By picking Price for Health and Human Services, Trump is making good on his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s not really doing anything here that he said he wasn’t going to do. We might object to Trump’s healthcare policy on populist grounds, but he let conservatives have their way on the issue.

3.) I don’t know much about Mnuchin aside from the fact that he worked on the campaign as finance chairman. Trump never succeeded in raising much money from Wall Street or wealthy donors. Of course that could very rapidly change now that he has won the presidency. It is something to be concerned about.

4.) By picking Wilbur Ross, Trump is serious about his promises to renegotiate bad trade deals. I don’t know much about Ross, but from what I have heard he is on board with that and pretty good on the issue.

Anyway, these latest picks including Ben Carson, Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos are … underwhelming to say the least. The only positive thing I can say about these picks, which could just as easily be the Mitt Romney cabinet, is that there are no surprises and Trump doesn’t appear to be backing away from any of his campaign promises.

We don’t really care about most of these cabinet posts. The one we are really keeping an eye on is DHS. If Trump picks Kris Kobach for DHS, we will be satisfied.

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  1. I have no problem with Ross, Chao, or Price. After all, I haven’t heard much on the “alt right” approach to transportation or health care. I’m in the investment industry, I don’t have as much reflexive hostility to Wall Streeters as most alt righters

    That said, for GOD’S sake, why a Goldman guy?? After all that rhetoric in the campaign, as toxic as the Goldman name is among our base, the reasons to not do this are endless.

    There is no shortage of brilliant talent on Wall Street to work with Trump on his economic agenda. Why the hell does it have to be a former right hand man of Soros??

    • The Jewperson Munchkin is an old pal of Trump’s. He’s been rumored to be in the running for Treasury Secretary since Trump threw his hat in the ring. No surprise. Better than Jamie Dimon or some other shabbos goy or crypto.

      Chao is a real swamp dweller.

    • The Shekel Supply honcho can only be a yid. I think it’s in the Constitution somewhere.

      Apparently he was the money manager of Trump’s campaign.

      If Trump keeps a short lease on his appointees and they do his bidding I won’t complain too much.

      Stephen Miller did a great job writing speeches for Trump and speaking at his rallies.

      If they step out of line… to the ovens.

      • I think Trump has more jewish support than we are aware of. Carl Icahn, one of the biggest (((machers))) on Wailing Wall Street, openly supported him.

        • Even though the are not the majority, I’ve come across a fair number of conservative Jewish men and Jewish guys who really dislike the blacks. Jewish women on the other hand always seen to be leftists.

          • Everybody dislikes the blacks but most are too afraid or too hypocritical to publicly say so. Nothing worse than being tagged a “racist”, “Nazi”, et al.

  2. The only thing worse that Trump can do, besides picking that Total Jew for Shekel Supply, is appointing the Derek Black political disgraces, Mittens Rotteny to Secretary of State.

  3. Why are there no comments on the Derek Black piece? He is almost 30, and he’s not been abused, He is a Poster Rat for Why Spoiling Children Rotten is a BAD Idea.

  4. Okay, time for a little perspective: Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General of the United States, and the guy who ran Breitbart is the President’s chief strategist. If Kobach gets Homeland Security, this is literally a best-case scenario in contemporary American politics. I mean, what did we expect?

    We all said during the campaign that Trump wasn’t “one of us”, and this is still true. He’s a self-promoting narcissist who has only cared about one color throughout his life: Green. That’s who he is. What’s remarkable is that he somehow pulled off a clear-cut victory for the white man, and has now appointed figured in Sessions and Bannon (and hopefully Kobach) that may actually produce pro-White policy.

    I’m all for remembering our principles and not following Trump blindly, but if someone’s jumping off the ship at this point they never thought this through in the first place. Who was he going to appoint, David Duke?

  5. Apart from Bannon, Sessions, and Flynn, pretty underwhelming so far. I have a feeling it’s about to get even worse. Hope I’m wrong. We’ll see.

    • They seem to get that Giuliani can’t fly, no matter how much Trump prizes loyalty. His uncles were mafia, his Police State was hated by all sorts of people and particularly blacks for some very justifiable reasons, he had GE put the antennae on the tops of only the Twin Towers which caused massive death toll among firefighters, he’s further tinged with 9/11 conspiracy realism and he’s basically the ‘insolent WOP’ Anglin called him in a moment of rare lucidity. Oh and he announced he was divorcing his wife, Donna Hanover, to the press before even telling her.

      • ETA Bannon is likely the brains behind the red light here. Trump is probably too stupid to realize he partially gets away with his NYC jewy guinea vulgarity because he looks aryan. Bannon is a very sneaky character and way more culturally astute in american nuance.

      • I lived and worked in NYC during the early years of his term, and he was certainly an improvement over Dinkins. I seem to remember he liked to dress in drag.

    • Trump was never enough; we rely on our enemies to make further mistakes.

      We can hope this happens re the wall and deportation.

      I am not unhappy with Trump gunning for a return to normalcy, make the normies feel that the murder of ICE agents and assassination of Wall construction crews are out-of-the-blue chaos, rather than the inevitable outflow of Trump’s chaotic campaign.

      He’s got 4 to 8 years, and by extension so does the white movement. We have so much to do, it’s kind of good that the HeilGate happened so quickly, so that we can do the necessary reorganization now.

  6. Why does (((Goldman Sachs))) own the Treasury Department? From Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump this miserable firm puts one of its own in the Treasury seat. This is the company which bribed Hillary in the amount of $675,000. This is the company which was on the brink of disaster because of its poor business practices and crummy “financial products” and lobbied (through its former CEO and Bush Treasury Secy) for massive taxpayer bailouts. This is the company which gave said taxpayer money to its employees as bonuses.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Is there no one else who can fill that seat except (((Goldman Sachs)))?* Do they threaten each president unless they get it? The story is that (((Goldman Sachs))) and Citi chose Obama’s entire cabinet. Didn’t Trump point out their ownership of Clinton? Why?!?

    I am sick of them and highly disappointed that they win again.

    *(Maybe it’s insurance against the government coming after their sorry asses.)

  7. It would be strange to see a cabinet without Giuliani and Christie after both bucked the GOPe early and campaigned so hard for Trump.

    I’d like to see Kobach at DHS and Rand Paul at State. No more warmongers.

    • Christie is probably in deep doo doo with the Bridgegate thing which is why he suddenly is off the cabinet. Interior is still open though? Could offer that. Energy is also open, someone who will stop the anti-fracking pinko madness of the Obanination and get the oil and gas flowing. Get Nuclear back again with development of the next generation of reactors that can’t melt down, and can recycle and reuse the reactor waste from the last 60 years.

  8. Trump will not get us to the Promised Land but he is pointing this country in the right direction, just like Germany was already on its way to recovery even before the Fuhrer came to power.

    • We need to widen and expand our Interstate Highway System, NOT SILLY LIBERAL TRAINS, quite a few interstate trunk routes are too crowded and need to be 3 lanes. Other routes need new interstates such as the midwest to Carolina route which is the wrong 2 sides of the triangle and can have at least 100 miles shaved off by a new Dayton to Charleston W VA interstate rewarding Ohio in the process. I80 needs a far southern bypass of Chicago as well though that would reward a solid blue and solid red state. Ever try to drive the I80 I90 I94 concurrence around southern Lake Michigan? Ungodly traffic.

      • HOV lanes and public mass transit are the most underused methods of travel, wasted money. Meanwhile, public monies and debt are used to feed BRA and the 3rd world invasion as the country’s infrastructure goes to hell.

        • These leftists are masochists, some of them have an anti-car website proclaiming “bicycles” to be the wave of the future. Bicycles??? Wave of the past in China. Ever try to get around on one in the winter? Large chunks of ice and snow on the roads and sidewalks ready to throw the bike off balance, and you right under a bus. Not to mention it’s cold, real cold up on a bike. These people on this site also live in places like Massachusetts and Ann Arbor Michigan so you can’t say it’s just some Sunbelt people who don’t know better. Good luck hauling anything larger than a pint of milk back from the store on a bicycle as well. And going out of town, even a day trip to a state park, forget it. Liberal Lunacy, not having a car makes you feel “trapped.”

  9. Three points.

    1. You can not fight without competence. Serving in the enemy army is shameful collaboration and nobody does it. The problem comes when freedom fighting starts, you don,t have nobody who know,s the art of war. Enemy provided training is also training. Some insiders are needed to take system down.

    2. Not all folk in the system are loyal servants. Some people go into the system for 2 purposes. First to get a good life and second is to learn how the system works and how to bring it down.

    3. Those good life guys are not ideolodical warriors. Lot of them are just demoralized crooks and ready tochange sides and serve anybody who is power.

    I was heavily mocked and lost a lot of friends when I went to Suvorov school at the age of 15. This is USSR military highschool. Barely two years later resistance broke loose and all my friends came back to ask, does the USSR army ready to use force and if this happens, what we must do not to end up like Hungary in 1956 and Czech in 1968.

    Give Donald some time. You can not take down global finance system with guys from trailer park. Some insiders are needed who are ready to change sides.

  10. Looks like he turned down Michael Savage on his offer to run the Health Department. Wish he’d bring that Kobach in as DHS. Wonder just exactly what he is supposed to get from letting Romney in to his cabinet instead of loyalists like Giuliani and Gingrich? Is the Republican Congress insisting on this compromise behind the scenes? Romney was the most prominent Judas in the Never Trump fiasco, why reward your enemies? Do hope he doesn’t let this new Health Secretary push the Paul Ryan Medicare agenda, that will lose you Florida and the other states he picked up in addition to screwing over most retirees. Keeping some popular things from Obama care like not denying pre-existing conditions also keeps the reason it has gotten so darn expensive. I’m for the pre-existing condition part of Obama care since I can’t get it due to Ulcerative Colitis but would really like to see the Canadian system with the Trillionairs like Soros, etc footing the bill for the nations health, though I doubt that will ever happen even if Trump still had that stance with all the other fish to fry. One main priority in this first term has to be a cleanup of the voter roles, a thorough audit of all the democrat fraud and non-citizen voting some of the Republicans governing Wisconsin want to use the Soros-Hillary-Jill Stein stunt to expose in Wisconsin. Stop these people from Voting and you might take Nevada, Colorado, Virginia back and NC & FL might not be so close anymore.

  11. No AIPAC funding and Trump still sells out. Seems that class position matters, unlike the alt right thinks.

    • He was always up front about being pro Israel. He has Jew in laws as well. He has rejected nation building. We’ll see.

    • Sessions knows just how bad so called “Legal Immigration” is to the US so hopefully if we get the right man at DHS that team can curb this overwhelming brown tide barrioizing America. Criminal Illegals first, then illegals who are a public charge, then legal immigrants who are a public charge (i.e. all these elderly Chinese coming over here to live out their golden years courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States. Most sponsors have to sign off on being responsible for their care, not the taxpayers, kick em out then put a lien on their sponsors Silicon Valley McMansions for the bill they owe America.) You can also look at citizenship fraud, who didn’t dot the i’s and cross the t’s on their application to nullify all these strange towheads, etc minted as “citizens” over the last 20 years. Then audit the voter rolls to see how many non-citizens are registered and casting ballots. Could be a real scandal to find out millions voted. Deportations could also start giving real numbers on the illegal alien menace, expose the 11 million lie, imagine if Americans found out the elites deliberately let in 40 million+ of these leeches.

  12. Ann Coulter

    ‘If Trump betrays voters on immigration, he can have as many rallies as he wants, but Americans will say, Been there, done that — you screwed us. He will never escape the stink of broken campaign promises.

    So unless Trump has another 60 million voters hiding someplace, the appointments he makes today — to State, Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, even the IRS — will determine whether he is remembered as America’s greatest president, or if the Trump name becomes a cautionary tale in American politics.

    At this precise moment — not after his inauguration, not in year two of his administration, but today, as he fills his Cabinet — Trump has to decide if he’s going to be like every other Republican and throw a brick or grab the ball and score.

    Whether he’s listening or not, his supporters are screaming: TRUMP! NOW! TAKE THE SHOT!!!’

  13. Secretary of State finalists all look terrible. But, maybe Guliani will work out better – he’s practical on crime things, hasn’t said insane things about the RUSSIANS ARE ARE #1 ENEMY like idiot Romney. Maybe he’ll listen to President Trump.

    I wish Romney would just be made ambassador to Great Britain at the Court of St. James – Joe Kennedys old post. It’s the prestige Ambassadorship. Current CIA chairman White guy is being interviewed on the BBC saying insane comments about Russia and Assad being the bad guys, the new Saddam Hussein.

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