The Alt-Lite Isn’t Going Anywhere

Relax, you are worrying about nothing.

The Alt-Lite isn’t going anywhere. I explained why in two articles in August and September. The current dust up with them hasn’t fundamentally changed anything:

“Anyway, the growing divide between Movement Conservatism, the Tea Party and the Republican establishment, the racial discord of the Obama presidency, and the changing nature of the media combined to produce something new: elements of Movement Conservatism began to tap into our traditional audience.

I’m not sure exactly when or how it started (was it the flash mobs, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown?), but within the last five years or so, Drudge, Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, The Daily Caller, WorldNetDaily, UK Daily Mail and all these other tabloid and conservative sites adopted our narrative and began writing stories targeted at our audience. Suddenly, everything we used to write about was … just absorbed.

Personally, I think it was a kind of California Gold Rush of clicks that caused it. These conservative websites discovered that we had steadily built up a huge online audience with an insatiable appetite for racial news. They figured out that they could go full tabloid, throw out the red meat, and monetize it. In the end, it was their pursuit of those sweet lucrative clicks which led these conservatives to erode the taboos around “racism.”

Imagine for a moment what it looks like from our perspective: you write for a pro-White website like the Council of Conservative Citizens, Amren, or VDARE, you have been labeled and stigmatized as a “extremist,” “notorious racist” and a “member of a hate group,” and when you wake up in the morning and look for the subject to write about, say, a refugee rapist, you realize that it is semi-pointless because UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it. What is there left to do but link to the Breitbart story?

I mean … in a sense, I think it is great. From our perspective, it has been a poison pill for Conservatism, Inc. They’ve been throwing out those hunks of red meat for the base to generate those sweet clicks. They have fed the appetite of the “conservative base” by broadcasting our narrative. It has mutated as a result. It is not as interested in hearing about freedom and tax cuts as it used to be. Just look at the discussions you see on Free Republic these days. What exactly is objectionable about VDARE now?

All of this has led to the emergence and popularization of the “Alt-Lite.” It shouldn’t be confused with the Alt-Right because its origins are different. Whereas the Alt-Right evolved out of White Nationalism, the Alt-Lite is the spawn of the conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart and Daily Caller. These sites have been very selective in what they have picked up and placed in their cart at the Alt-Right shopping mall.

You will find themes like black crime, multiculturalism, terrorism, refugee resettlement, political correctness, illegal immigration, populism, nationalism, and protectionism. You won’t find explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race realism, ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on.

The Alt-Lite, which is the ideology of the typical Trump supporter who talks about cucks and globalists, is the new bridge between the Alt-Right and Movement Conservatism. We’re the father of this newborn baby. Movement Conservatism is its mother. Will the little fella grow up to take after its mother or father? That will be the story of the next few years. …”

Here’s why:

1.) Number One, it is important to understand how the Alt-Lite was born. It was created by conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart who are addicted to clicks and social media shares. These people are capitalists and marketers in search of an audience. They are driven by money and their target audience is only going to become more racialized in the years ahead. They will follow the online herd wherever it goes in search of clicks.

2.) Number Two, Donald Trump has been elected president, which ensures that the Alt-Lite isn’t going anywhere. This watered down version of nationalism and populism worked. Thus, it will continue to exist for political reasons to sustain Trump’s presidency which will reinforce the financial incentives of the clickbait websites.

3.) Number Three, the vast majority of people who are Alt-Lite – the ordinary Trump supporters who talk about cucks and globalists – don’t work for the clickbait websites. They’re not marketers like Paul Joseph Watson. They’re just responding to the red meat that Breitbart and Infowars are throwing out. These people are developing an appetite for that red meat and that only tends to go in one direction.

It is important to distinguish between the marketers and the moderates – the marketers are people like Milo, Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson who are promoting their brand. The moderates are their audience on social media. They are basically ordinary rightwing people who don’t have a coherent worldview and who are waking up to these issues. Maybe they have good instincts and hate SJWs and love pissing off leftists.

Virtually all of us were moderates at some stage in our awakening. I started out as a Pat Buchanan supporter. I still like Pat Buchanan. Every Alt-Lite moderate out there is a potential budding radical. In the long term, a clash between civic nationalism and ethnonationalism is a good thing for us.

Steve Bannon thinks that civic nationalism will triumph over ethnonationalism. He thinks that the “bad elements” (or some similar phrasing) will be “washed out” in the long term. He is sorely mistaken on that point. Conservatism will lose ground to civic nationalism. Civic nationalism will in turn lose ground to ethnonationalism.

Note: In one sense, I will say that we can learn a lot from the Alt-Lite. We need to learn how to monetize our own message so that we are the ones getting paid to do what we do and not the entryists who are trying to capitalize on our message. We need to be more attentive to clicks, retweets and shares and things like that. Can you learn how to do that by reading Gorilla Mindset?

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  1. I agree about the money thing. Make some money off the Shark Chum society is dropping into the churning water of the culture. This particular Germanic Death Cultist is sick of watching PJW and Jones take in millions of $ off this sea of degeneracy. The Daily Mail was just copy and pasting your act!

    • Jaw-dropping photos of the cast from Saved by the Bell…….10 celebrities who posed nude for Playboy…..You won’t believe who this fat, nerdy kid grew up to be! …..How you can retire at 35 by doing this every day…..

  2. Good write-up.

    Alt-Right = White Nationalist Daddy
    Momentum Conservatism = mommy
    Alt-Light = little baby gonna grow to up to be big strong White Nationalist

    *Alt-Cuck = snake in the grass; behead it with a garden shovel

    6 Gorillion Mindset: Fun & Profit Leaching Off the Alt-Right (Coming in 2017) (not kidding)

  3. There will always be fast-buck artists like BJ Twatson, Jew ex-wife Jones and Mike the Kike Cernovich around to glom off of the success of others. Their parasitism can be tolerated as long as they don’t try to lead the public astray with jewish lies.

  4. That was a great point about how we all start somewhere. If those Breitbart readers have some intellectual curiosity then it is a short leap into white identity and the alt-right. In fact, just staying interested in the subject matter will almost inevitably lead them down the path eventually.

    That is yet another reason it is so baffling that people are kvetching over the NPI conference. There is just no reason for the infighting and no reason to change anything at this point.

    • Any time the discredited Lügenpresse attacks us through their distribution infrastructure they are just building our ranks for free. At this point everyone assumes that when the Lügenpresse sells something as ‘bad’, it’s actually good, and vice versa. So they come give us a look, curious what Lügenpresse is lying about *this* time.

      Lügenpresse sends us huge surges of fresh traffic. 2-4% of those people end up sticking around over at Spencer’s place, or TRS, or here, or wherever floats their boat.

      That’s not even Aikido. That’s the enemy just shooting itself for you.

      The crybabies over in Alt-Cuck aren’t kvetching over the NPI conference. They’re kvetching over the fact that they don’t get to manage Alt-Right. Being in a position to control all that free traffic would be pretty beneficial if you had products to sell, users to acquire, and other media outlets you wanted to leverage yourself into using that traffic, don’t you think?


      And now the Texas A&M Aggies are going to fill Kyle Field in the name of White Nationalism… during football season.

      Early Christmas this year, fam!

        • Well then, I suppose you better call in air support from the Alt-Cuck hen house to have them publicly disavow me as someone who claims to be the leader of Alt-Right, but doesn’t even have good banter and uses memes leadenly!


    • Spencer had the traditional model of a magazine with an office in DC supported by donors. There is no chance of that now.

      Spencer made himself leader of something that he didn’t understand and undermined the red pill pipeline.

      • The only creatures who tried and are still trying to make Spencer a leader of anything other than Radix and NPI is you and your fellow schemers over in the Alt-Cuck hen house.

        Alt-Cuck is the intelligent but retarded sheep dog that is always trying to herd the humans because it doesn’t understand its place in the camp hierarchy.

        You guys did this to yourself by following insular and egotistic leadership. Your camp lacks the wisdom or maturity to lead us. Stop bleeding about it all over the true Alt-Right ecosystem.

        • Spencer appointed himself leader on the basis of a defunct blog from 2008 which had nothing to do with the term Alt-Right as it emerged in 2015.

          The man has no banter or strategic sense. Look at his media interviews with Roland Martin and Jamie Weinstein. He loses frame.

          Andrew Anglin and even teenager evalion were much more composed and on point in interviews.

          Spencer is a good dude. But a leader?

          • More allegations from Alt-Cuck. We’re shocked.

            As a gesture of your goodwill and genuine intent for the men in this discussion, please provide evidence in the form of links or jpgs of scanned documents that shows all of us dummies here just exactly when and where “Spencer appointed himself leader.”

            While we’re waiting for you to get back to us on that, I’ll confess that I don’t know if Spencer is a good dude or not.

            This isn’t about Spencer.

            It’s about not stabbing the movement in the back when you don’t get your way.

            Spencer is a great leader of Radix and NPI. His interests align with many of our own. So we generally support him. He’s young. Time will tell how far he is able to develop as a leader of more significant elements of our movement.

            Now, Robert, I’m going to try to reason with you here, and I think if you’re honest with yourself you’ll admit the truth in the following observation. At this point, the only thing any of us know for certain about the various leaders in the Alt-Right is that the leader of Alt-Cuck is a scheming, duplicitous, shifty character who exercises loyalty only to those he deems very close to him and never to the rest of us, and who dispatches minions such as yourself to do his dirty work.

            You deserve a leader who will treat you better than this, Robert.

          • Alt-Right = /pol + trs + mpc + ds.

            Alt-Cuck? If you mean Greg Johnsons criticism then I agree. Greg holds private forums where hostile media isn’t invited to film without the knowledge of inebriated participants.
            Trs pool parties are private.

            Cry more on the internet.

  5. I was never a moderate, tbh. I became involved with mainstream conservativism only because I thought we were on the same page when it came to race, immigration, and Nationalism. When it became apparent we weren’t, I moved on.

    • I’m a moderate *now*

      There is nothing immoderate about wanting the safety, opportunity and cultural uplift of a white nation.

  6. The positive part of the Alt-Lite was as a bridge to the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right was having a gravitational pull on the culture. Trolling pulled the culture rightward.

    Paul Kersey has said look at Cernovich and learn.

    You have repeatedly said isolation on the internet was the biggest problem. Alt-Lite was the start of red pilling for many people.

    The person who doesn’t get it is Spencer.

    • A “bridge” that publicly makes serious allegations about the destination to which it connects is a schizophrenic bridge of no use to us.

      Turn back Alt-Cuck Robert, this bridge is not sound!

  7. Look at the Dailystormer – Andrew Anglin has the perfect model to make insane cash (he even admitted he modeled it after infowars) but he has been shut down at the source. He has no way to collect money outside of snail mail and bitcoin which is not a mainstream payment method.

    The only way to monetize is to water down your message. Marketers and flim flam artists have no problem switching it up because they have no core. This is why we will always be at a disadvantage when it comes to $$$$.

      • Agreed. Dr. Pierce was good with $, ran things on a successful business type manner.

        AH talked about this issue/problem in Mein Kampf – saying to many nationalist, folkish organizations did not run things on a practical business like way.

        In contrast, AH sold Mein Kampf in a “for profit way” and used the earnings to buy a very nice, Mercedes convertible car – his personal car. I doubly AH could have got such a beautiful, sexy girl friend as Eva Braun if he didn’t have that great car.

        • Hate to break it to you but Hitler was propped up by industrialists and an Art Book publisher.

  8. There are also divisions between style and substance, questions of tattoos on body parts, behavior towards women. The SA in Weimar Germany was not acceptable to German conservative society including the Prussian Conservative military more for style over substance (SA leader Ernst Rohm led a sadistic homosexual socialist cult). It’s the same now with Alt Lite and Alt Right. Can the Alt Right hard core activists survive some function at Pat Robertson’s founded “Liberty University” (I don’t think I could make it through that, I now can’t make it through a full LDS Mormon sacrament meeting where the speakers drone on and on about nothing) Will you allow your daughter or sister to attend Alt Right functions, date or marry an Alt Right guy that likes to drink, fight has Nazi tattoos and do Fascist Nazi roman salutes and calls anybody with a stable system job “a sell out,” “cuckservative” and then the Alt Right guy is sending out homo porn videos of some white “male” getting raped by Black guys, only the Alt Right activist has substituted the White guy father’s face. Then there is the issue of simple or not so simple crime and punishment.

    Maybe the Alt Right activist has been in jail or prison a few times, some for total frame ups in self defense against Antifas, others – stuff like narcotics trafficking…. the Alt Right community might think it’s great that the activist led a White prison gang – but those in Alt Right respectable society disagree.

    OK, so it’s not just substance that fuels this Alt Right/Alt Right division. It’s style, behavior, lifestyle.

    Open anti Christian statements – even if it’s attacks on Southern Baptist Sell out Russell Moore or Liberation Theology Pope Francis – these attacks strongly turn off mainstream White Americans. Anti Christian, pro NAZI atheist/pagan stuff, this doesn’t sell well in the Bible Belt, it doesn’t….

    “Play in Peoria Illinois”.

    And the Christian Zionists are lurking to take back control.

    Yep, our divisions are mostly style over substance….

    (Plus I’m openly working to end White Southern support for SEC/NFL football – this has been a religion for White Southerners)

    • Sir, are you LDS? My God, man, after the open cucking that the Mormon leadership did, the entire state of Utah did, and the slander that Mitt Romney has been involved in, as well as your 1979 “decree” on blacks in the priesthood,” what is there left for you to stay in that cult for?

      • Yours are good points. I’ve been honest with local LDS Mormons – appreciate the good things they do – have good family values, they’re nice people – but I’m honest that I think LDS Mormons are cowards and traitors and that too many LDS Mormons are just boring and go along to get along.

        I keep some contact with local LDS Mormons because they are really the only mostly White, non Marxists, Non sexual degenerate nominally “Christian” church anywhere near me.

        My polling place went 97% for Hillary.

        But give me some credit, I was extremely strong with my LDS Mormon friends/contacts including a direct cousin of Mittens Romeny I told him I would punish/persecute the LDS Mormons if they delivered this election to Hillary Clinton.

        Some best guys on our side like CO Rep. Tom Tancredo were accusing the LDS Mormons of leading the immigration treason movement in the West.

        I note that Utah and Arizona went for Donald Trump and I take a lot of personal responsibility for this great win.

        I made up with my friend, the direct cousin of Mitt Romney – he has a beautiful all White family with now ten beautiful, healthy White grand children and…..

        He’s about to go on a LDS Mission to the Congo in Blackest Africa!

        He learned French in French Quebec and the LDS Church wants him to use this talent to “Save” convert all the Black people in the former Belgian Congo!

        I asked him why the LDS Mormon church couldn’t do anything for struggling folks in Kentucky or West Virginia like start an other BYU University in one of these states, but I just left it as a peace treaty and asked him not to adopt every single Black African he meets in the Congo and bring them back to Provo Utah.


        But, realistically wants my choice?

        There are no Odinist churches – and getting drunk with bikers with tats who hail Odin, that gets old.

        Peace brother – we won a great battle.

        Too many of our people will always be idiots. It’s up to us to try to limit the damages they do.

  9. We are the cutting edge of culture, and we are the culture of critique.

    Of course most people drifting into the alt-right are recovering conservatives and their mode is the usual “daily outrage” where the Left gets easy troll points against the poor contards.

    It really is easy to discredit the usual hysteria about “ists”, “isms” and “phobias”, and from there take the wheels to the culture vehicles.

    You can even discredit the alt-lite poofters such as Milo or Cerno, ask them which “isms” and “phobias” haunt their waking dreams.

  10. As I was driving home, I was listening to Mark Levin and you could of knocked me over with a feather when I heard him say while talking about sanctuary cities, paraphrasing, “they are trying to change the demographics of this country, and they will call you a racist if you disagree.” I mean, this guy is Mr. Constitution himself, and a borderline never Trumper. The Overton Window is moving right.

    • yeah, but Neo Conservatives were also saying sensible things about Black crime in Commentary magazine in the 1980s, even saying some support for White minorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa – then we let them come in to National Review and throughout Conservative Inc – they took over, smeared and purged anyone who said an unkind word about mass 3rd world immigration or opposed the Neo Con wars against secular Arabs in Iraq.

      This J tribe of supposedly “seen the light” Conservatives will tell everyone what they want to hear from the NAACP, to LaRaza to the CAIR to us to convince us they’re 100% with us, then they take over and basically treat us like Ukrainian Christian peasants in the Holdomor

    • I’ll bet if you asked Levin if White Genocide is real he’d call you a “Nazi”, “anti-Semite”, “white supremacist”, “racist” “xenophobic hater” for asking.

  11. The Alt-Lite is a Jew protection racket. The Alt-Lite provides cover for Jews in exchange for money. They are whores.

  12. Astute observations Hunter. NRO style “conservatism” is dead so alt-lite has nothing but alt-right to feed off of. Good news.

  13. As I’ve said for years, the question that must be asked of any politician, what are you going to do for White Americans?





    ‘Mr. Flirt’ teaches new migrants how to approach women in Germany

    Euronews 28/11/2016

    Horst Wenzel, dubbed ‘Germany’s number one love expert’, has been volunteering his services to teach new migrants how to flirt and approach women.

    The 27-year-old, who makes his living teaching wealthy but shy German men, has recently decided to offer his advice to young Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Dortmund, most of them from war-torn Muslim countries.

    “Some German women are a bit racist towards us,” said this Syrian refugee. “They don’t know how refugees think or how they are living. Some people are getting the wrong idea.”

    Wenzel usually charges 1,400 euros for a private one-day class, or 4,000 euros for a group. According to him, flirting is a large part of the integration process and hopes that the migrants will “fall in love with Germany”.

    While a part of the population is said to be against this project as it is conducted in a country where Europe’s migrant influx is already having deep political and social consequences, some German women seem receptive to the idea.

    “Human touch, honesty, trust, that’s what matters,” insisted this local resident. “then I don’t care whether he is from Syria or not.”

    According to reports, last year alone, around 890,000 people applied for asylum, with hundreds of thousands more applying this year.

    Germany’s ‘Mr Flirt’ teaches refugees how to pick up women

    Kiersten Grieshaber
    Associated Press
    November 28, 2016

    DORTMUND, Germany (AP) — The subject was pickup lines, and Germany’s “Mr. Flirt” offered a few examples to his class of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. “I really love the scent of your perfume,” he suggested.

    “You have a beautiful voice.” He invited his students to take a stab.
    Essam Kadib al Ban, 20, raised his hand. “God created you only for me,” he said, then tried another: “I love you. Can I sleep over at your place?”

    Horst Wenzel winced, but caught himself quickly.

    “Don’t tell them you love them at least for the first three months of your relationship, or they’ll run away,” he explained patiently. “German women don’t like clinginess.”

    Wenzel, 27, makes his living teaching wealthy but uptight German men how to approach women. But this year, he decided to also volunteer his skills to help Germany [“to help Germany” – sic]as it struggles to integrate more than 1 million refugees [sic] who have arrived [sic] over the past two years, most of them from war-torn Muslim countries with vastly different relations between the sexes.

    “Finding a relationship is the best way to integrate, and that’s why I’m giving these classes,” Wenzel said.

    Last week, in downtown Dortmund, he offered his third installment of “How to fall in love in Germany,” taking 11 young men through the paces. The students conceded they had a lot to learn.

    Omar Mohammed, a shy, 24-year-old goldsmith from Syria with spiky black hair and almond-shaped eyes, said he’s attracted to German women, with their Nordic looks and punctuated accents. But they remain a mystery to him, and he has no idea how to approach them.

    “It’s hard to meet a girl when you don’t speak the language well and can’t really talk to them,” he said. “There are a lot of differences, not only the culture and religion — we just don’t have this total freedom at home.”

    Still, he said, “I’d love to marry a German woman and live with her. She could help me with the language, and she knows the place and the laws much better than I do.”

    Some German women were receptive to the idea. Jasmin Olbrich, having a quick lunch of French fries at a food truck outside the educational center, said she liked the Middle Eastern looks and complained that German men “drink too much beer, watch way too much soccer and are just so white!

    But across Germany, hostility to asylum seekers has been on the rise since groups of foreigners — mostly young men from northern Africa — robbed and groped dozens of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Most of the hostility targets young male asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who make up the majority of the migrants reshaping Germany. Last year alone, 890,000 people applied for asylum, with hundreds of thousands more applying this year.

    Violent crimes against migrants and arson attacks on asylum shelters and mosques have increased in frequency, and refugees say they have experienced discrimination and abuse since the Cologne attacks. The anti-foreigner sentiment is reshaping German politics as well, with the populist Alternative for Germany party surging as it campaigns against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to welcome the migrants.

    The flirting class, participants said, offered a way to get beyond the adversity.

    “We are really benefiting from the class,” Kadib al Ban said. “The teacher is telling us how German women think, how to talk to them … and understand their traditions.”

    Wenzel usually charges 1,400 euros ($1,500) for a private one-day class, or 4,000 euros for a group.The tall blond is an authority in Germany when it comes to the art of seduction, giving flirting advice on TV and radio. He says a half-million Germans follow his “flirt university” blog on how to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. For the migrants, Wenzel is volunteering his time in occasional classes across the country.

    “A lot of the guys are absolute beginners when it comes to flirting, dating and sex,” he said.

    The class got off to a rocky start. The migrants, unsure what to expect, sat with their coats on and their arms crossed, eyeing their cheerful coach suspiciously.

    Wenzel chatted about pick-up lines, paying compliments and original ideas for first dates. Impress and entertain the girls, Wenzel advised. Invite them to the theater, rock climbing, a concert, or take them on a trip to London or Amsterdam. That last piece of advice would probably work better for Wenzel’s regular clientele of rich Germans; asylum seekers aren’t allowed to leave the city they’re registered in, and don’t have the money to travel in any case.

    Then he moved on to sex.

    “Men and women have sex all the time — on the first, second or third date, that’s normal.” Wenzel said. “It’s not a big deal in Germany.”

    The men in the room giggled, but snapped to attention.

    When Wenzel moved onto the differences between male and female orgasms and how to arouse a woman, they fell silent again. Several men blushed and others looked down at the floor in embarrassment.

    One of the students became indignant, whispering in Arabic to his neighbor: “But having sex before marriage is a sin; it’s haram!”

    But there were moments of realization as well.

    Asked how to impress a German woman, one student suggested getting ripped at the gym. Wenzel countered that most women don’t go for the body-builder type. Another suggested picking up a date in a Ferrari. Wenzel said that would attract women interested only in money. The students readily agreed, perhaps because most were thin and quite aways from being able to afford a sports car.

    When class let out, most of the men said they’d learned a lot and were eager to put their new skills to use.

    But Kadib al Ban, the perky Syrian with the flowery pick-up lines, remained somewhat unconvinced.

    “I’d happily have a German girlfriend,” he said. “But when I get married, I want to have a girl from my country who shares my culture and my traditions.”
    Bassem Mroue contributed from Beirut

    • Brown hordes can’t impregnate German girls fast enough but White Genocide is a Nazi conspiracy theory.

      Horst gets rich enabling White Genocide but I’m supposed to feel guilty about ovens, gas, lampshades and soap.

  15. The Alternative Right has expanded the base of the old Paleoconservative wing of the Republican Party. However the Trump administration is filled with a bunch of Neocons who’ll make sure nothing gets done for the American People. WPWW !

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