The Alt-Right and White Supremacy

I woke up this morning to find this petition in my Inbox:

“The New York Times and other media are using the more acceptable sounding (and inaccurate) terms “alt right” for “white supremacist” and “nationalist” for “white nationalist” in its reporting. This is misleading and dangerous. It normalizes the extremist views taking hold in our country.

Its own reporting “Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trump’s Election With a Salute: ‘Heil Victory’” (NYT 11-20-16), describes the leader of the white supremacist movement, Richard B. Spencer, as having coined the phrase “alt right” and defining it as “a movement with white identity as its core idea.” Yet the very headline of the piece regurgitates this deceitful terminology!

It doesn’t matter your political party or for whom you voted. If you are against white supremacism and euphemisms to describe it, then this petition is for you. Please sign and share it far and wide if you are so inclined. We have to raise awareness!”

This latest virtue signaling campaign by liberals (nothing gives them that rush of fuzzy feels like a big self-righteous crusade against racism) comes on the heels of the Associated Press announcing that journalists shouldn’t even use the term “alt-right” without adding their own spin on the term:

“And on Monday, The Associated Press published its own usage guidance for the term, saying that journalists should not use the term without defining it because “it is not well known and the term may exist primarily as a public relations device to make its supporters’ actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience.”

The standards editor at NPR published a memo in mid-November titled “Guidance on References to the ‘Alt-Right,’” that encouraged an explanation of the term, and the progressive news site ThinkProgress said in a post last week that it would “no longer treat ‘alt-right’ as an accurate descriptor of either a movement or its members” because the term is used as a self-descriptor and obscures the group’s overt racism. …”

Henceforth, we promise we will only refer to the alt-right as really, scary people. They’re bad, bad, bad … evil, wicked, immoral, DANGEROUS PEOPLE! BEWARE! STAY AWAY! Sore after losing both the election and their legitimacy after being exposed as a bunch of frauds, every newsroom in America is now in no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA mode!

The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune are quoting me in an article with the scaremongering headline, “The ‘alt-right’ splinters as supporters and critics agree it was white supremacy all along”:

“When people start throwing Nazi salutes in public, it has a way of clarifying where everybody stands.

The loosely defined “alt-right” movement — made up of social-media-savvy white supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, misogynists and other fringe figures who supported Donald Trump’s election — has splintered in recent weeks as less hard-core supporters distance themselves from the term.

At the same time, critics and media outlets have moved to avoid using the phrase “alt-right,” saying it’s a deceptive new term for old far-right ideologies that have traditionally been shunned in American public life. …”

The Lügenpresse is going to lie. That’s what it does.

Can you EVEN BELIEVE that happened? We’ve got like a dozen -isms and -phobias right here that says Brad Griffin is a bad guy! We’ve hit him with xenophobia and Islamophobia and homophobia and racism and sexism and nativism and white supremacism and heterocentricity! He’s guilty of bigotry and white privilege and institutional racism and systemic racism … and he’s not even sorry!

Let’s address the charge of “white supremacy”:

1.) Number One, I believe that biological differences exist between and within races and between and within the sexes. I don’t believe in “equality.” I don’t know of any system of measurement known to man which has ever demonstrated the existence of “equality.” I believe in difference and inequality.

In other words, I believe that some people are short and others are tall for biological reasons. I believe that some people are better at math and others are better at sports. I simply don’t believe the liberal mantra that we’re all the same or we’re all human beings. Yes, I agree that we are all human beings, but nothing I have seen suggests to me that, say, everyone is a winner or everyone is equally smart and talented.

The Alt-Right holds these truths to be self-evident, that all men ARE NOT created equal, and that the interaction between biology and environment which we call evolution has created intractable differences between them which no amount of Jiminy Cricket “Wish Upon a Star” sentimentalism will ever change.

Is Heidi Beirich from the SPLC as beautiful as Ivanka Trump?

A politically correct person who lives in a coastal area and who writes for Buzzfeed or would say, yes, Heidi and Ivanka are equally beautiful. They would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An Alt-Right person would say, no, I’m sorry but that isn’t the case.

2.) Number Two, I am not embarrassed to say that the White race is one of the world’s most accomplished races in the arts and sciences. We’re one of the world’s top races in technology. Am I ashamed that we have contributed so much more to the world in these areas than the black races of Africa? No, I am not. I don’t believe in equality in the first place so I don’t believe our success is due to their failure.

3.) Number Three, I believe we should govern ourselves. I don’t have any desire to “oppress” anyone. I don’t like multiracial democracy because it generates perpetual strife and conflict. We can’t get anything done when we are forced by our circumstances to vote along racial lines. I’m tired of seeing Van Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jamelle Bouie on television. Why can’t we divorce these people?

4.) Number Four, I don’t really think in terms of “superiority.” I think it is true that Whites are biologically gifted, but what we do with that is ultimately determined by our culture. Right now, I don’t have many positive things to say about our degenerate culture. The White race that I know is beaten down and demoralized. I think it is more accurate to say we used to be great in the past, but we’re not in a great place right now. In fact, we’re probably at one of the lowest points in our history under liberalism.

The strongest argument against white supremacy is a trip to your local Wal-Mart. Do the people you see in Wal-Mart strike you as superior? I don’t think of them as superior. I think of them as my people. I identify with them, love them and care about them and want them to recover from one of the darkest periods in our history.

Look at the great civilizations of world history. There was a time when Egypt was superior, Greece was superior, Rome was superior, Spain was superior, France was superior, England was superior, America was superior. If you look at the Mayans, the Chinese, Angkor Wat, the Caliphate, the Mongol Empire and so on, you don’t see any inevitable march of upward historical progress. Instead, you see a rise followed by a long decline.

We’ve unquestionably been living through a long period of decline. We’ve become politically correct. We’ve deluded ourselves with the Enlightenment’s fantasy ideology of liberalism. We’ve become disconnected from our heritage and disinterested in the future of our people. Because we live in the present, we’re not superior by a long shot anymore, but we should aspire to be great again.

We’re not living up to our full potential. We need to slough off this funk we have been in since the 1960s.

Note: I’m throwing this in here just to trigger any leftwing journalist who might be reading this blog. Plus, I also think it is pretty damn funny, and I hate political correctness.

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  1. The Associated Press published its own usage guidance for the term, saying that journalists should not use the term without defining it because…..

    Are they talking about clarifying the label ‘Alt-Right’ and the context in which it is used or are they suggesting that they clearly define the limits, boundaries and threshold for labeling someone a racist and supremacist? I seem to have misplaced my usage guidance pamphlet for proper use of the racist label.

    It’s getting close to Berserker Time.

  2. “White supremacist” is an anti-White hate slur used to intimidate and silence us. That’s what it is, that’s all it is and tell them so.

    • I consider the name to be a COMPLIMENT. It’s a tacit albeit seething, resentful, jealous admission that Whites are, overall, the BEST.

          • Alright, Mr. Jenkins. we have a respectful disagreement.

            I say this, because, to my way of thinking, it was all exposed already by the 1960s.

            If it were not so, The NC KKK would not have spoken so strongly about it, or others – spread up North, like the Yankee, linkt below, during that time.

            Could it be that you are regarding a lack of willingness to see, on the part of Gentile society, for a lack of exposure on the part of The Jews?

          • Well I think its a bit of both myself. Yes it was exposed in the 1960’s but not only was there a willingness NOT to see, there was effectively a media burial of it. This coincided with the conservative newspapers being shut down in the 1960s as cities became 1 newspaper towns.

            The Southern Klan didn’t understand the Jewish issue well at first, Rockwell noted this, but about 1960 or so they really came up to speed really fast. I think someone finally figured out all of these “Yankees” were mostly from NYC and had hook noses. The average Yankee was working in a factory in 1960 raising kids not galavanting around on buses.

            The infiltration of the John Birch Society, Murder of GL Rockwell in 1967 the COINTELPRO-White Hate Program by the FBI and countless other Government operations masterminded by the Jews helped to effectively silence the Klan and the other dissidents. The Klan took quite a bit of time to recover from the late 1960s, some say it never completely did.

          • Thank you for your very interesting, and, as always, very generous, reply, Mr. Jenkins.

            I see your points.

            Yes, The FBI program was successful beyond it’s wildest dreams; and, though the NC KKK is still fairly large, some will assert that it is still permeated by high level informants.

            As to other Klans, I do not know if it is so with them.

            I have often thought that those Klansmen who targetted negroes, and negro churches, all across The South, were confused about whom they ought really target.

            And, on that point, I concluded with a quote by the late great Sam Bowers…

            ‘I think that I probably would have joined more enthusiastically in
            hanging a White supreme court judge than I would be a negro rapist.
            I am really really more an enemy of White Washington than I am The Black Race…’

          • Sam Bowers was 100% Right. Southern Whites didn’t realize they were fighting a DIFFERENT WAR and a DIFFERENT ENEMY they fought with the SAME TACTICS they had used during Reconstruction. The thing in war is this, we always fight new wars with the tactics from the PREVIOUS WAR until we adjust.

            A good example being the War For Southern Independence, Stonewall Jackson understood Modern war and adjusted quickly to his needs to achieve his goals. General Lee was also good at adjustments however even Lee was still locked into Medieval Chivalry and wasn’t willing to take it to the NEXT LEVEL. Stonewall Jackson wanted to do EXACTLY WHAT SHERMAN LATER DID TO GEORGIA IN PENNSYLVANIA to end the war. This plan was proposed I believe in 1862 but it was voted down because both General Lee and President Davis were unwilling to make war upon civilians. Neither Davis nor Lee understood that the Rules of War that had stood since the Roman Catholic Church issued them in the Medieval Period were PASSE and that the new age of warfare would be against soldier and civilian alike. Jackson’s belief didn’t only come from Mahan, it came from Holy Scripture. Jackson understood like the Israelites against the Caananites, the enemies must be exterminated for their to be peace.

            The Yankees muddled around in Napoleonic Tactics until Grant and Sherman brought in more modern tactics which allowed them to win. Lee’s Honor was also his greatest weakness as he tried to treat all men with honor and respect. Lee misunderstood one basic point you cannot treat dishonorable men with honor or they will view it as weakness and destroy you. RE: The Union

          • Sam Bowers had the whole thing completely analysised and workt out.

            Unfortunately, there were already a high degree of scalawags (mentioned by Bowers in his later interviews) and those many who wanted nothing from life, other than to be left alone, in their pursuit of the perfect domestick home environment.

            This left Bowers with only a very small number of operatives.

            Yes, General Lee was still fighting Austerlitz and Jena-Auerstadt, and, as such, when circumstances favoured that (like at Chancelloresville) he triumphed brilliantly; yet, when things did not (grasping the pitched battled were an unsupportable strategy) he did not.

            Even as a kid, I could not fathom why he had never marcht right to New York City, and Then Boston, and burned them to the ground.

            Nothing hurts your typical Yankee more than diminishing his financial portfolio.

            That said, I do agree with your analysis of Lee and Davis, because it was precisely avoiding largely replaceable Northern armies, while demonstrating their impotence to prevent Southern raids, that would have augered much better for The Confederacy.

            Yes, you cannot conduct was honourably, and win, because war, in it essence, is dishonourable.

            Adding honour to a dishonourable soup is not recommendable for the product, sad to say.

          • Squishing ants with your thumb, on the counter top, does no good, for soon come their replacements.

            No, to get rid of them, you have to give them some poison to take back to their queen.

          • I wrote on the Scalawag issue awhile back and how if you look at it the greatest enemies have always been the Scalwags. From Lincoln and A Johnson to Woodrow Wilson Harry Truman Lyndon B Johnson Jimmy Carter Al Gore and Bill Clinton look at what damage they have wrought upon us.

          • I not only read that comment of yours, Mr. Jenkins – I memorized it; and, furthermore, have found a number of occasions, in local conversation, to use it!!!

            you for that wisdom, and God bless you and yours!

          • That’s great, Mr. Jenkins, and I thank you for all the deep insight your share with me.

            You have done a lot of Southern soul-searching, and I appreciate your mastery, and that you share that with me.

          • Stonewall Jackson was one of the Confederate Government’s toughest critics in private. He was very critical of the fact that Jews like Judah P Benjamin kept Jesus Christ out of the Confederate Constitution and supposedly said that without Jesus Christ the South would lose and he was also critical of the decision to fight a defensive by the books war.

            Stonewall wanted an all-out war as he read in the Book of Joshua, he rightly said that the only way to be rid of the Yankees was to kill them all as God told Joshua to do to the Caananites. Of course Stonewall was proven right.

            The odd part about many Southerners who bring up General Sherman and yell War Criminal we fought with honor they don’t even know that what Sherman did in Georgia was EXACTLY what Stonewall wanted to do with the North. The only difference was Lee and Davis refused to turn the Stonewall Brigade loose on the countryside and Lincoln turned Sherman loose, seeing that he had nothing to lose. Had Davis came to the realization in 1862 that Lincoln did in 1864, the South would have won a quick and total victory

          • Well, Mr. Jenkins, that comment of yours, as always, is penetrating. Moreover, it is fascinating, as, not having focuset on Confederate history, to such detail, out of my state, I am amazed to hear General Jackson’s opinions.

            Needless to say, I agree wholeheartedly, in ever respect, with General Jackson.

          • From In the Footsteps of Stonewall Jackson by Clint Johnson pg 57. {Not long after taking command of the Shenandoah Valley in Nov 1861 Jackson suggested marching north, burning Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the ground and cutting a path to Lake Erie to prove to the North it could be invaded just as easily as the North invaded the South at Manassas Jacksons bold plan fell on stunned ears. Southern politicians instead preferred a Defensive war and wait upon European help}

          • The reaction of our leaders shows that, at the deepest level, they were conflicted and uneasy about their war.

            This conflict, as you have well implied, is alive and well in our culture, today, though, mostly, it is sublimated.

            A fascinating comment of yours, and an amazing glimpse back into the time when two clear eyes roamed, in the Southern mental realm.

            I thank you for again enlightening me.

            Have a very blesst day, Mr. Jenkins!

          • You’re welcome. When I first began studying the history of the War of Northern Aggression, typically the Pro-Southern side falls back on the axioms of Yankee butchery, HOWEVER when it is shown that Stonewall Jackson privately saw warfare the same as Sherman and endorsed the same tactics to win the war, its a bit of a shock to most who don’t know the history.

            We have for too long allowed the Romantics and the women to cloud our vision of that period and when we throw all of their Romanticism away and see the brutality of the war and see that it was the inflexible devotion to Chivalry that in the end defeated the South it is quite sobering. The sad part was Stonewall saw the writing on the wall for the CSA if it didn’t win quick, but too many others saw him at the time as a reactionary, By 1865 they knew he was right,

            There is an apocryphal story that Jackson said the Confederacy was doomed if it didn’t adopt what Rev. Thornwell stated a loyalty oath to acknowledge the primacy of Jesus Christ. Of course we know the crowd (((Benjamin))) and his friends represented made sure that didnt happen

          • Thank you, Mr. Jenkins, for this continued course of enlightenment, mixt in with personal insight.

            Well, if push beyond the surface of what you have said, and even beyond what lies under that, we arrive at a conversation The South has been having for a very long time …

            Who are we, and what does that mean?

            And there is a part of us, like Stonewall, that is theocratick and autocratick.

            And there is another part of us that is Anglo-feudal and honour driven – like Davis and Lee.

            And there is another part of us that is secular and democratick – like Benjamin.

            These parts have always existed within us, though, when I was a child, the first two elements, in our blend, were considerably stronger than they are now.

            As you have mentioned, we came under strong influence (attack) about a hundred years ago, with the rise of liberal academies and, as well, mass communication technology.

            Then, in the 1940s, began the attack on our society, via the courts.

            At this point, it is quite clear that Benjamin’s direction, if we must use him as a symbol, is ascended; – though, I would add, that his complete dominance over our Southern cities it diminsht, at least in part, by the fact that our rural and small-town areas have accepted his ascension to a much less degree.

            In fact, I would say the same thing for The North, though, to a lesser degree.

            In fact, you can look at a blue/red election analysis map and see that the area where this elemental conversation we have been having is, now more than ever, sharply divided between built up areas and those not.

            Both sides have reacht the point where they do NOT wish to accept the envisaged structural paradigm of the other.

            Will Donald Trump harmonize that conversation, or will he only emphasize the gulf?

            To my mind, that is the central question of these coming years.

          • Even after the 1877 Redemption, the Southern States couldn’t quite get their act in harmony. This was how you had the State of Tennessee allowing the Communists to open the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle Tenn in 1932 where Rosa Parks and many of the Civil Rights agitators were trained. Although the State Attorneys Generals of Alabama, Georgia and others petitioned Tennessee to close it down, the state took no action till the early 1960s against the school when it finally was closed.

            This was an example of the problem. Everyone began after 1877 seeing everything as a local/state issue when in reality what affects one affects all. This left the South disunited and when the Civil Rights Mess came in the 1950s instead of all of the Old Confederacy speaking as ONE VOICE, it spoke as 13 seperate voices. There was the problem all along.

            Today we see things differently. A brutal Black on White Murder in Valdosta GA concerns me as much as one in West Texas or in Baltimore for that matter. We are beginning to see the ONE NATION again. THIS IS GOOD

          • A few more side notes :

            The biggest problem facing The South is that it has lost it’s ability to imagine itself as a whole, and as separate from ‘The United States’.

            This submissive ovine quality does not bode well for us, though, in fairness, The White rural South was not at all submissive in how it embracet The Trump Candidacy, and in how it supported it – despite the viciously coercive subterfuge placet against that embrasure.

            For me, that was the happiest sign about our community that I have seen in years – that we could, as a communal whole, re-evince a willingness to reject the world view of The New England Government Establishment – whether Republican, Hollywood, Academick, or Democrat.

            The last time I saw that was in 1980.

            So, the good news is this : if we can still think for ourselves, and take the Yankee system to the woodshed, in some form or manner, it means that there is a beating pulse – no matter how disheveled the patient might appear.

          • George Wallace, although he campaigned with Old Glory and the Rebel Jack together, never could quite cross the Rubicon to where he would set fire to Old Glory on the Alabama Statehouse steps. Not since our gr-gr-gr grandfathers were on the earth were there men willing to burn Old Glory in the courthouse square and raise up the flag of freedom in its place. From 1865 it took until the Spanish American War in 1898 for Southern Whites to see Old Glory as anything but the oppressor, after 1898 they began to become attached to it. The last true resister to Old Glory was Vicksburg Miss, where they didnt celebrate July 4th until 1944. By then the conversion was complete.

            It is up to all of us to attempt to reverse 150 years of programming. This is one heck of a job but With God All Things are Possible

          • Well, yes, your right, Mr. Jenksins – in part because Governor Wallace had it in his eye since he was a youngun’ to be the head of the Yankee nation, but, also, because he was virtually alone.

            Please bear in mind that in our first two secessions (1775 and 1861) the Fireaters were many, and had a lot of friendly company amidst the many of our brethren.

            Yes, as to July 4th, I stoppt celebrating it, but, I am odd; for, around here, they’ve been celebrating it since a century ago.

            It’s a serious mistake to celebrate being a Whyte niggruh on The New England Government plantation, but, most don’t agree, so I’ll leave it at that.

            We’re working on that conditioning, right here in North Carolina, though, the work is just begun.

            You work on it from your end, and we’ll help Dr. Hill plant the seeds.

          • Exactly you are correct. Mr. Wallace unfortunately had very little support among his fellow Southern Democrats in 1968 most of whom for filthy lucre lined up behind LBJ and Hubert. Of course the Jewish dominated Northern Democratic Party wanted him dead, and eventually in 1972 almost got their wish.

            Had George Wallace came out in 1968 and yelled SECEDE FROM THE UNION they would have probably charged him with sedition and locked him up in the Federal Hospital as a lunatic like they did Ezra Pound after WW2. Unlike 1775 and 1860 friends are few and far between.

            I wasn’t exactly sure in the South when July 4th began to be celebrated again. I know for a period after the war, Decoration Day in the North wasn’t celebrated each state celebrated the Confederate Memorial Day at different times and I don’t believe it was until just prior to WWI that Thanksgiving became commonplace in the South

          • ‘Mr. Wallace unfortunately had very little support among his fellow Southern Democrats in 1968 most of whom for filthy lucre lined up behind LBJ and Hubert.’

            Yes, the best of those people, in that time were those like Sam Bower or Asa Carter, and those in the rural hinterlands who supported them.

            As I remember in North Carolina, and as Imperial Wizard Bowers later attested in his interviews, folks, even then, in big Southern cities had become so bourgeois that they were not much willing to stick their noses out for anything.

            People have become so completely taken over by the bourgeois life that it really is a religion for which they are prepared to sacrifice almost all other aspects of their life.

            This, and the burgeoning technology, when combined with tyrannical government overreach is quickly become a recipe for an disaster of Orwellian magnitude.

            These are scary times.

            Rampant individualism is a deadly thing.

          • Orwell and Huxley foresaw the shift and the control grid and people called their writings science fiction. Looks more like science fact to me.

            Money and safety has a way of turning warriors into comfortable settled folk doesn’t it?

          • Perfectly stated, Mr. Jenkins – it is science fact, not ‘fiction’.

            And, as to money and safety, nothing dulls a sharp edge more than comfort.

            That’s probably why old prize fighters would train for a fight by working on road crews and having absolutely no sex or booze, for weeks, sometimes, month in advance of the fight.

          • Last thing –

            More than anything, the internet played a huge role in helping the rural American man take this Benjamin system to the woodshed.

            And, if you want to know what I think that means, it is this :
            there is an awakening in this country, not just in the South, but, in the Plains’ States and bible-rust belt, and this awakening is complex and manifold.

            This awakening is not going away.

            In fact, I would predict that Benjamin, though at the peak of ascension, is now began a steady slip down the slope.

            Benjamin has overplayed his hand, ruthlessly, and now, his opponents having weathered his best aces, they (we) are now ready to play their cards.

            My deepest hunch is that God is not at all pleased with Benjamin, and that these events have his finger upon them.

            I am cautiously optimistick, because of this.

            What say ye?

          • When I used Benjamin i was referring to Judah P Benjamin the most powerful Jew in North America in that period. I believe he and a few others manuevered against the Christians to keep Christianity out of the Confederate Constitution but to succor the Christian Southerner allowed a mention of Almighty God to which most at the time said, GOOD ENOUGH. Rev. Thornwell and Stonewall knew good enough isn’t going to win the victory. Stonewall actually was a supporter of a Loyalty Oath that every Confederate Soldier would have to forswear to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Confederacy. Of course this didnt come to happen either. Obvious reasons,

            What is so interesting about the period ca 1860-1877 is the two approaches the Jews used.

            In the NORTH, the Jews used the Masonic Lodges and preferred to influence public opinion through the media. The Abolitionists saw the Jews as Christ Killers and even the worst of the Abolitionists didnt want the Jews around at least not publicly.

            In the SOUTH the Jew put himself out there as the fanatical Proslavery Man and even gave a begruding Me-Too like acceptance to Southern Christianity. His financial investments made it too difficult for the South to completely expel his influence, so as to not make the Southern White man angry, the Jew tried to be his best friend. Meanwhile he watched and waited for a chance to sink the knife. He of course would get his small digs in and concessions from the White Christians, one of which was keeping Jesus out of the political discourse

          • Okay, Mr Jenkins, there is finally something you don’;t know, so please don’t take offence that I’ll tell it to you.

            I knew Tarheel Jews, of the olde school, who loved The South and who were not feigning one bit, and who hated the Northern man as much as you, and who dearly loved the South.

            I know this is going to hit you like a sack of potatoes, but, it is what it is.

            The Jewish blood of The South has been destroyed by the Godless anti-Southern Marxist tripe manufactured by their Northern cousins.
            That said, the same tripe has turned my Anglo-Saxe Southron brethren into a league of do nothing sheep – so, let me conclude by saying that this is a very bad time, in the vintage of all cultural wines.

            Even the Negro race was much better in my childhood. MUCH much better.

            But, don’t take it from me, take it from Mr. Griffin, whose brilliant article on Southern Jews he wrote on Selma, and which is catalogued in the 2014 year, here.

            That said, such a high degree of Jews are totally unreliable that, if I were the governor of my state, I would pass law prohibiting them from participating in politicks or banking, and, as well, disallow all those folks who immigrated here (few with me at the top) to not be able to vote until after having spent ten years, here.

            To run for office in North Carolina, none but those Southerners who could prove that they had spent the majority of their youth, in The South, could qualify.

            I would follow up with similar rules about professors in universities, and if they did not wish to go along, they would find themselves unfinancet and unlicencet.

          • The funny thing is while Judah P Benjamin served as Secretary of State, Jews weren’t allowed to vote in North Carolina under state law.

            The problem I have always had with Jews is that when they serve in a public capacity or can influence public policy, they will always end up twisting it to their ends. A good example being Reverend Thornwell’s proposal for the inclusion of Jesus Christ in the Confederate Constitution which was of course blocked by certain powers.

            Although the Southern Jews were not hostile toward Southern life, still as a group of people they will always try to find some accomodation for themselves. n the South the Jews were typically referred to as STORE JEWS or whatnot as they owned stores or cotton warehouses. They were in these positions relatively outside positions of power and had to go along to get along.

            John Chrysostom, the early Church theologin wrote about this very trend about how every time the Jew is given power he eventually will use it for his own ends. This has always been my opposition to Jews in public office or in any positions of authority. I

          • ‘The problem I have always had with Jews is that when they serve in a public capacity or can influence public policy, they will always end up twisting it to their ends’

            Jews know what is in their interest, and, as opposed to Southerners, who often seem to make an art and religion out of NOT knowing it, they get so tangled up in it, they develop a kind of spiritual myopia.

            It is why I think that any place that has Jews, such as North Carolina in the mid 19th century, is wise to keep them out of the political sphere.

          • You continue to amaze me, Mr. Jenkins; for, with the greatest of conceptual ease you go from analysis on developing scalwagdom in the 20th century, to the ashes of lost Stonewall Jackson suggestions, to having a firm grip on KKK history, to, now, just casually dropping in by John of Chrysostom, who, as you probably know, is a huge figure in my church – Eastern Orthodox, though, in the pantheon of Southern Protestant thought is rather obscure.

            To be sure, I think Chrysostom is speaking of Jews in diaspora, and not in Israel, and, as well, about political power, and not other sorts of power.

            To be clear, I know very moral Jewish men – from my daddy’s brother, who was a world-leading scientist, and who had a morbid dread of cheating and racketeering of any kind, and who completely broke the mould of his family, who were almost all businessmen-racketeers.

            I know others – such as a retired pharmacist or a rabbi, and all of these men had professional power and exercised it judiciously.

            If, on the other hand, you are talking of politicks, i do not have the credentials to confirm or deny John’s observation, as I know Jews personally, but, have not studied their worldwide historick culture to the extent of a Dr. Kevin McDonald or Dr. David Duke.

            In fact, those last two men know Jewish culture and history far beyond any Jew I have every known.

            I guess, in conclusion, I would say this : Jews seem to have a bit of mad scientist in them, and, as such, can make excellent contribution to science, medicine, entertainment, entrepenurialship, but, in the political financial realm their instincts often betray them – and others.

            I think a big problem, at this time in history is that the ups and downs of racial group behavior are taboo to consider, and, because of this, the problems Jews pose, culturally, when mixt with others, go unheeded.

            This was not such a problem in the past as it is today, in this society, because, in the past, segregation was the norm, and limits were put up in front of Jews, Negroes, and other minorities.

            After a long period of reassessment, I think the old systems of limited integration were more successful than that of total integration which, though it sounds great, has many many cancerous problems.

          • ‘In the South the Jews were typically referred to as STORE JEWS or
            whatnot as they owned stores or cotton warehouses. They were in these
            positions relatively outside positions of power and had to go along to
            get along.’

            Jews long ago found that, in order to cope successfully with being the world’s first globetrotters, and the various system of segregation they encountered, that being specialists in trade was vital to success.

            Thus, the Banker-Jews, or the ‘Store-Jews.’

            In fact, when I was a kid, most of the most impressive department stores, in large and small towns, in North Carolina were mostly Jewish owned, and or run.

            That was the result of millenia of diaspora experience.

          • Yes, Davis and Lee were fighting according to the code of honour, as concerned dueling rites – stand up and give your enemy a good shot at you, while you shoot at him.

            It’s the opposite of war where you emply every ruse to manouevre your opponent into giving you a good shot at hum, while presenting him, hopefully, nothing of you…

          • The Klan’s tactics worked well in the Old Southern Society where everyone had 14 children and entire communities lived in a system of interlocking clans as society was before WWII. In that society a code of silence what the Sicilian Mafia calls Omerta WORKS because everyone relies on everyone else.

            WORLD WAR II broke this society up as thousands of White Southerners moved North and West for work and the new society that slowly came about following the war valued modernity above tradition. Poor Whites moved to the cities where they wanted televisions, new cars and everything they saw on tv, Boys and girls wanted Rock n roll records and loyalty to tradition weakened. The Klan didn’t adjust well to this change and found itself by the late 1950’s in a society where the bulk of the people were no longer loyal to them. When the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham AL was bombed, then the churches suddenly turned against the Klan and the rest is history.

            The failure of the Klan after 1945 was that the Klan leadership did not realize that they were living in a REVOLUTIONARY TIME not a REACTIONARY TIME. The Klan was not founded as a Revolutionary Organization they were reactionaries established to maintain a status quo that by 1960 no longer existed. George Lincoln Rockwell wisely understood that to defeat Revolutionaries, you need to become a Revolutionary. Hitler understood this too. I believe Sam Bowers also understood this better than others did.

          • Yes, Mr. Jenkins, yours is a penetrating and sublimely good analysis.

            Northern consumerism has triumphed over The South, in a way that has broken us like no conquering army ever could.

            As to your analysis of the post WWII Klan, I do agree; but, I feel there are other pressing reasons that contributed to it’s failure, as well.

            One I have mentioned : and that was mistargeting the negroes, instead of the agents of The New England Government.

            The War of Reconstruction was won by our side, in NC, because it was not just negroes who were targetted, but, the Northern Whites who came down here to run us over – from The Union Leagues, to The Freedman’s Bureau men, and to the many ‘FBI’ like agents the Grant Administration sent down to NC, and who wound up a permanent part of the landscape.

            The resistance in 1960s did not echo that correctly, and I have my suspicions why.

            It was a fatal flaw.

            Another problem is that the Klan has to often become a social club for non-consequential whiners.

            If Jewish hegemony bugs you, whining is not going to do a thing – as Rockwell stated.

          • I would say one of the reasons the Civil Rights War from 1954-1970 didn’t echo Reconstruction was that because of WW1 and WWII the South had developed a sort-of loyalty to Mom, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Old Glory.

            The average law-abiding Southerner in 1955 saw J. Edgar Hoover as a good man, who was in fact raised in and around Southrons in DC who appreciated the culture. What few remembered was that Hoover had viciously attacked the Louisiana Klan in 1924 and had Imperial Wizard Edward Young Clarke arrested on the Mann Act which broke the KKK in Louisiana for years.

            This sordid affair was 30 years in the past by 1954 and I seriously doubt most Southern Lawmen knew about the FBI’s duplicitious dealings. I believe they honestly believed Hoover had their best interests at heart and so they cooperated with the FBI only to discover too late the FBI was the ENEMY. Just what the brethren in Louisiana had discovered in 1924.

            As for attacking the Governmental Apparatuses directly in the late 1920s in Ohio a breakway Klan called THE BLACK LEGION was formed, led by KKK Nighthawks. The Nighthawks still wear the Black Legion Robe with skulls and crossbones. The Legion was the first group that began bombing homes and it was even believed they exeucted Malcolm X’s dad Earl Little in Lansing Michigan in 1931 they had previously warned them out of town via firebombing. The famous Father Charles Coughlin of Detroit famous for his Pro-Hitler viewpoints his Parish was also burned by the Black Legion.

            The Black Legion was brought down after the murder of WPA Official Charles Poole in 1936 and later many of them were sent to Prison. The FBI went after them pretty hard as well. They were dynamiting buildings when Dynamite Bob Chambliss was a young buck

            After The Black Legion was implicated and even linked to Nazi Germany the Klan had disavowed them, the KKK I believe didn’t want to be seen as at war with the system as the Legion was as they feared the government, They played it safe and lost

          • ‘I would say one of the reasons the Civil Rights War from 1954-1970
            didn’t echo Reconstruction was that because of WW1 and WWII the South
            had developed a sort-of loyalty to Mom, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Old

            Yes, Mr. Jenkins – two generations of mass communications, by 1970, have stuck enough poison in our veins that we could no longer recognize our own interests, or fight for them,

            They poisoned our heads, and now it is time to requite that.

          • I wasn’t alive during the 1950s and 60s my Daddy’s family was in the Mountains in Kentucky far from the front lines of the craziness that was going on elsewhere. I always wondered why it seemed the mass of Southern Whites from what I read of that period were so lulled to sleep that they didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

            When George Lincoln Rockwell spoke at Wake Forest some years after Desegregation and wrote about it in his book, he said he was shocked at how the lowlifes had worked the crowd into a frenzy against him. Later two native Southern kids came up and apologized to him. He said it came to him then that the South had been fighting the Race battle for so long that it had gotten tired and the younger generations were simply giving up.

          • KIGY…

            I grew up in the 60s and 70s.

            Having lived through it, and looking back, I can tell you why Southerners gave in.

            Having fought two World Wars with Yankees, and being confused by decades of mass media into thinking that those wars had been right, necessary, and unavoidable, Southerners were not willing to take it to the next step.

            They (we) had become Yankee-Doodle-Dandified that, it sublimated our real identity.

            During that time, Mr. Jenkins, we were daily bombarded with the same image, see link below, and that, along with other images, convincet your average southern that Jim Crow was bad, and ‘Civil Rights was good.

            And yes, Jim Crow was far from perfect, and yes, ‘Civil Rights’ had an appeal to the ear – not just negro, but, White, as well.

            Furthermore, Jim Crow could not be explained well, and visually demonstrated to benefit, on TV, and the NAACP knew that.

            They gradually woke up to the realization of stagecraft, and the power of making themselves victims on national TV.

            Furthermore, the 60s and 70s was an era unlike anything that you have seen in your lifetime. A queer wind was in the air, and it was one of reckless freedom, compulsive mindless rebellion, ‘free-love’, and all of that was conducive to nihilism and degeneracy.

            Mr. Jenkins, I just cannot tell you how many folks I have seen destroyed by that – either from drugs and or sexual abuse, or just plain vanity, self-absorption, and, as Mr. Griffin is fond to say, ‘rampant individualism.’

            Moreover, there was a war going on, and, unlike today (When The New England Government knows how to wage wars and keep the citizenry out of it and in the blue) in those days, the press actually reported the insanity, critisized the New England Government, and there was a draft – the latter forcing youngsters into something which, more and more was seen as insane.

            This conflict became, by 1967 the driving conflict in the country, and it took up that part of the soul of folks that is reserved for political dissent.

            Too, there was drugs, sex, and Rock-n-roll, and, let me tell you – American woman were so gorgeous and pleasing, in that era, that all most young men could think of was pursuing them – and the last thing they wanted to do was risk the possibility that they might be jailed or killt, fighting a government, and, thus, miss out on what lies in a woman – or serial women, for that matter.

            Then, too, consumerism had gotten a pretty good holt of folks, and most people had begun, (the consumer revolution had begun in the 1920s) to think of their lives, and the progress of it, as something you measured in a domestick criteria. Many people were far more concerned with getting a better house and a better car than anything else.

            People, also, began to drift away from church – much as you had, hithertofore, outline in you comment on the evolution of scalawags, who were born in the 1920s and who went to school in the 1940s.

            All in all, life had completely changed; and not only had folks lost their community identification, they had a consumerist attitude now in place, instead of honour.

            Let me, also, add that the Warren Supreme Court was filled full of justices that Imperial Wizard bowers rightly claimed he could have easily lyncht.

            The whole court was, indeed, utterly lynchable, and rightly so – for they did just as much, if not more, damage than had Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman, a century earlier.

            That, Mr. Jenkins, is pretty much how it happened, in a nutshell.

          • ‘The average law-abiding Southerner in 1955 saw J. Edgar Hoover as a good
            man, who was in fact raised in and around Southrons in DC who
            appreciated the culture. What few remembered was that Hoover had
            viciously attacked the Louisiana Klan in 1924 and had Imperial Wizard
            Edward Young Clarke arrested on the Mann Act which broke the KKK in
            Louisiana for years.’

            It’s just another example of Southerners being too willing to trust foreigners – which was why I had a bit of soul-searching to do, before I could support Trump.

            What decided it for me was that our people were so for him, and, on that count alone, I could not find it in my heart of hearts to oppose that.

            A North Carolinian may raise objections, some, even, firmly and lastingly, but, in the end, he must side with his people – wherever they go – even if he thinks it to be wrong.

            I am a North Carolinian – right or wrong,

          • Have you ever read the allegation that J Edgar Hoover was in fact a High Yellow? The District of Columbia never truly had an antimiscgenation law and high yellows from Virginia and Maryland often fled there after being freed. There is some evidence from the US Census that Hoover could have very well been of Negro Blood

          • Well, whatever Hoover was, he was an enemy to the Southern People – not dissimilar to Lincoln.

            As to ‘high yeller’, I ain’t got a clue what that means!

          • ‘As for attacking the Governmental Apparatuses directly in the late 1920s
            in Ohio a breakway Klan called THE BLACK LEGION was formed, led by KKK
            Nighthawks. The Nighthawks still wear the Black Legion Robe with skulls
            and crossbones. The Legion was the first group that began bombing homes
            and it was even believed they exeucted Malcolm X’s dad Earl Little in
            Lansing Michigan in 1931 they had previously warned them out of town via
            firebombing. The famous Father Charles Coughlin of Detroit famous for
            his Pro-Hitler viewpoints his Parish was also burned by the Black

            Thank you for that. I did not know that.

            That said, I continued to take issue with my friends in The Klan, who admire Dylan Roof and who dream of bombing Black churches.

            I believe that to attack civilians, particularly in churches, is to court God’s wrath, and, furthermore, it does not get at the root of the problem, which is The New England Government.

            Nothing negroes do, in The South, has any lasting impact, in and of themselves. All their strength is derived from The Northerner.

          • ‘Klan had disavowed them, the KKK I believe didn’t want to be seen as at
            war with the system as the Legion was as they feared the government,
            They played it safe and lost’

            Yes, you are right : they ‘played it safe … and lost’.

    • To call them the establishment would be an understatement, for they see us as something only to be crushed. They have many words for us, but we have just one word for them: anti-White.

  3. They would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An Alt-Right person would say, no, I’m sorry but that isn’t the case.

    Technically, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the truth is that probably 99.999% of the human population would be more physically attracted to Ivanka than Hoggy Heidi. I don’t know how intoxicated the 0.001% of people that chose Heidi would have to be to have chosen her, but I do know that you might wanna skip the paramedics and go ahead and call a coroner.

  4. Try a letter to the Chicago Tribune Editor. The Chi Trib published mine 25 years ago when they blamed my/D Duke’s organization the NAAWP – National Association for the Advancement of White people for some White student protests, harassment of Blacks in Iowa saying the youths were.

    “NAAWP Supporters”.

    My letter stated that much as we sympathized with working class White Americans adversely effected by misguided social engineering projects, the youths involved were not NAAWP members. To say that teenage youths who read some NAAWP literature were NAAWP supporters is to say that people who read the Chicago Tribune and commit crimes are Chicago Tribune Supporters.

    I then listed the 6 or 7 very legitimate issues the NAAWP promoted.

    I got some calls, I was on local Wisconsin TV a few times.

    Maybe Brad can do the same.

    Contact higher Trib editors by name.

    I’ll try to write something.

  5. Eventually all whites will come to understand this name calling is just a part of the Jew race war against whites. Then the ticking tomb bomb sitting in the Jews lap will go off.

  6. We all know its about crime and danger. I’ve known European people who immigrated or worked in the US for a few years and every single one of them figured out the danger of black people within months.

    • It takes a nigger to make a “racist.” Their physical appearance simply indicates probable trouble. Like the sight of a scorpion, rattlesnake or tornado.

  7. I agree with nearly all of this article, because its based on a dispassionate view of reality – combined – with genuine humanism.

    To wit,

    1) there is a biological reality.
    2) how we react to that reality is the real choice
    3) if you want this movement to triumph in the battle over how it is defined, you have to “punch right”. Its not what the dishonest media says about us, it the judgment of our real target audience that matters – they showed in this election that they can ” break the conditioning” and ignore or even reverse it.

    If they see us being cute about various reprehensible words and deeds, they will conclude that we are not to be trusted. Let’s gain our peoples’ trust.

    • To wit,

      You want to “market” your “brand” based on the enemy’s LIES (“various reprehensible words and deeds”) that got us here in the first place, to the Great White Genome that’s in the process of reclaiming its power and glory…

      …in order to “gain our peoples’ trust”!

      Behold this snake in the grass sent here from the Alt-Cuck hen house!


      The White man has had enough of your trickery and pretty lies. He is ready to hear the cold hard truth, because the Great White Genome is UNIQUE in its relationship with TRUTH. Which is why this snake wants us to lie to Our People.

      Tell you what, sport.

      You keep pleasuring yourself with your fantasies of what a brilliant branding strategist you are.

      We’ll keep spreading the truth to Our People.

      Now crawl back to your master and tell him you failed again.

  8. In the Europe there are problem with “hate speech” Now the new definition is that “hate speech is speech hated by liberals”

  9. You don’t believe that everyone is a winner? I guess by extension you don’t believe that everyone is a loser. The Gambler would disagree, my friend.

  10. Brad Griffin is not a bad guy at all, he just needs to get a little more hardcore when it comes to dealing with the jews, the queers and the coloreds.

  11. Japanese-’Americans’ who fought for Uncle Sam as a bunch of uncle tom dogs. They fought for the very government that threw their families into camps.

    What person would fight for a nation that has his mother in a camp?

    (Non-Japanese Americans had every reason to fight in WWII because, for them, it was about Japan attacking the US. But given the treatment doled out to Japanese in America, those Japanese who served were pathetic. One does not serve a government that throws your family into an internment camp.)

    This tradition is very much alive in the US.

    Think of that worthless Khan the gold-star dad as the shill for Hillary monster.

    Here is this rotten bitch whose wars have destroyed scores of Muslim lives, yet Khan idiot was proud of his Muslim son’s participation in the War against the Muslim World.

    Yes, Muslims are nutty, and I don’t want them in the West, but many many more Muslims have been killed by vile Zionist-controlled western foreign policy than other way around. Any Muslim who serves in the US military is a traitor to his people. Any Muslim who is grateful for the ‘invite’ is ignoring the horror of the ‘invade’.

    But even the Japanese and Muslim uncle toms are NOTHING compared to the white gentile uncle toms who worship, serve, fight, kill, and die for the very people who are most hellbent on their destruction.

    Jewish globalist elites want the West to be flooded by non-whites, want white women to have black babies, want white boys to be cucked, want white kids to grow up with homo-worship, and want white folks to praise Jewish nationalism(Zionism) while spitting on white identity. And any white who says NO to this is derided as the ‘far right’.

    Yet, all those idiot uncle tom whites are willing to kill for Zion and sing praises to Jews while their own nations are being destroyed by white death, mass immigration-invasion, and PC. they want to fight and die for the likes of NYT and Tim Wise(who is invited to high schools across America to fill white kids with self-hate and non-white kids with hatred toward whites.)


  12. White supremacy is like Islamo-fascism; these terms are invented to be pejorative, and imposed on people who don’t identify with them. The Muslims identified as Islamo-fascists follow Muhammed PBUH and not Mussolini. The Alt Right people being called white supremacists don’t want to dominate other races but to separate from them.

  13. We’re all living in Absurdistan,…. Absurdistan……Absurdistan.

    The Bonfire of the Absurditiies;

    A ” White Supremacist ” is any White person who rejects the following as total White-ophobic absurdities.

    1 ) That there exists some human right called the ” inalienable human right for all non-Europeans to become the future dominant, electoral, cultural, political, demographic majority in all White countries, ” and only White countries.

    2 ) That after White Liberal progressives and Jewish owned media and activists have spent the last 50 years 24 /7 reminding non-Whites that Whites are the world’s historical villain and the cause of all their failures and social disfunctions, that non-Whites, once they become the majority would never see this as a hunting license and a ” pay back time ” against Whites at the nearest opportunity.

    3 ) That the European race is just a recently invented and meaningless optical illusion and sociological fraud that was invented by evil White racists , unless spoken of as the cause of all the world’s ills in which case
    the White race suddenly becomes a very real and concrete biological entity.

    4 ) That the European race is nothing more meaningful of significant than a skin colour.

    5 ) That non-Whites are intrinsically more noble, heroic and virtuous than Whites, on account of their non-White otherness

    6 ) That all White countries have this problem, and this problem is White people.

    7 ) That a 100 % White country could never work because it would be an economic failure, technologically backwards, culturally impoverished and plagued by racism and off course ” White supremacism. ”

    8 That in violation of common sense, all the wisdom of centuries, all the lessons of history and human experience , that a multi-tribal multi-ancestral, multi-historical, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-racial society is far more cohesive, stable , peaceful and high trust, and less conflict prone than its mono ancestral, historical, racial equivalent.

    9 That all White people in all White countries are under a moral obligation to become the first people to allow themselves to be hoodwinked and guilt tripped by an army of moral swindlers, into becoming the first civilization and race in human history to gleefully collaborate in handing over their lands, identities ,social capital , and children’s heritage without so much as a whimper of resistance.

    10 ) That the more physical proximity that a White person has to a non-White person, the more intellectually sophisticated, modern and virtuous he becomes.

    11 ) That the continued existence of the White race as the dominant majority in their own homelands is the last major road block to further social progress and the coming of the uniform, non-diverse, borderless,, de-nationalised, de-ethnicised, de-racialised, MacWorld shopping mall., rainbow nation, Brotherhood of Man when we all bleed into the Great Messianic. End of Days Oneness

    12 )That once any neighbourhood reaches critical mass diversity, there is any fucking difference whatsoever between the White flight migratory patterns of your standard White ” anti-racist ” Liberal progressive or a member of the K.K.K .

  14. Haters of Whites pretend to attack White Supemacists and Neo-Nazis but they’re really just using those terms as stand-ins to attack ALL Whites who have any pride or love for our own kind. Don’t fall for it and don’t jump on their bandwagons. Avoid criticizing any pro-Whites. If you don’t like some pro-Whites or their positions and you can’t say anything nice about them, just don’t say anything.

  15. I am white man with a daughter who is half black and I have to say that the biggest racist I continuously encounter and am discriminated against for being white are blacks, brown skinned people and the absolute worse are muslims. Why(?), you say. Because they overly, openly and positively hate whites, Europeans and blame us for everything. Even the one’s who are making a great living, living high on the hog hate us. My daughter who is half white doesn’t like whites either but still gets discriminated against by blacks for being to light skin. The worse people of all are apologetic self hating whites who have drank the crack laced Kool Aid of propaganda from these racist dark skinned, anti-christian, anti-white majorities. There is a war against all whites. They blame us, accuse us, sue us, rape us, have the government steals our property for them, sends us to war for them and kill us. If this is hate speech then I hate liars and propagandists and those who twist reality to suit they perverse self interests. It is very unfortunate that we don’t like in a color blind world with no religion and that the weak rule the strong that the hateful have managed to turn us into the haters. We must now all protect ourselves if not by gun then by massive on going litigation. We must pick these big fights just like blacks did against whites in the 1960’s and like muslims are doing against us today. They call it “Law Fare” (War Fare) a legal tactic that is currently used against Christian and whites in general like carpet bombing companies, institutions and individuals. Very tragic for the rest of us.

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