Southern Nationalists Ponder What’s Next

Alt-Right. Alt-Lite. Alt-Cuck.

It seems like everything I write about these days is Alt-something. The New York Times had yet another big article out this morning on Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right. I saw it coming and predicted it would happen in my speech “The Present Moment: Southern Nationalism In The Age of Trump or Clinton.”

It is worth revisiting that article. It is holding up well.

Donald Trump Wins: America Is Taken Back

It is November 9th and Donald Trump has won the presidency.

– In the short term, a shockwave of terror courses through the Illegal-Alien American community. The left-leaning Northeast and West Coast is horrified and alienated from Middle America. Black America is outraged by the election of a candidate who they are convinced is a racist, Alt-Right white supremacist. The Left begins to freakout. For the next four years, we hear that the White House is adorned by a Deplorable-in-Chief backed by Neo-Nazis, Christian zealots, racists, white supremacists, and what have you.

– Mainstream Conservatism is crippled by Donald Trump’s election and loses its traditional power to police the Right. Without Mainstream Conservatism as a false opposition to guard its right flank, any number of “extremist ideas” begin to infiltrate the “mainstream” with Donald Trump’s every utterance.

– In the South, populism and nationalism will have triumphed, and you will see many more people self-identifying as such. These people won’t be ethnonationalists, but they will be much more persuadable than before. We will have more common ground with them and it will be easier to communicate and relate to each other.

– The media will say that the “Alt-Right” has triumphed. The Alt-Right will be framed as the new leftwing boogeyman … the real opposition on the Right. A great, self righteous crusade against Deplorable white supremacists and their white privilege will be begin with Donald Trump as its big fat target. Racial polarization will ensue.

– The Far Right as a whole, the Alt-Right or non-Mainstream Right, whatever you want to call it, will be much more visible than it was in the past. If Donald Trump wins the presidency, he will have won in spite of the reigning taboos, and all the various -isms and -phobias will be weakened by his victory. Undoubtedly, there will be less pressure from above and it will be easier for our sort to organize.

– If Trump wins, you will see key issues shift in our direction – our views will be much closer to the mainstream on immigration, free-trade, energy, political correctness, campaign finance, multiculturalism, refugee resettlement, black crime and a number of other things. Correspondingly, it will be easier to talk about these issues without the fear of punishment or social ostracism. It will be easier for people you know who are sympathetic to us to join and come out of the closet as activists.

– If Trump wins, the election will play out like a bigger version of the BREXIT vote in Europe. It is safe to say that it will galvanize the European nationalist and populist parties.

– If Trump wins, I predict he will follow through on his vow to “knock the crap out of ISIS,” but I can’t say what exactly the outcome will be.

– If Trump wins, it is safe to say there will be no humanitarian interventions in Europe along the lines of Bill Clinton bombing Serbia in the 1990s.

– Since 96 percent of Jewish donors, big donors in 9 out of 10 sectors of the American economy, a unified Wall Street and a nearly united donor class failed to stop Trump, who will have defeated them all with his Twitter account, it is safe to say that money will have much less influence over our politics.

– I’m not sure what will be the fate of the Trump Wall. It would have to go through Congress which in this scenario will likely be under Republican control. I do think there would be a mass exodus of illegal aliens. I do think millions of illegal aliens would be deported and fewer would come because immigration enforcement is largely at the discretion of the president.

– If Trump wins, it is safe to say there won’t be any action on gun control. It would never get through a presidential veto and the NRA is too important of an ally to alienate.

– If Trump wins, he has said he wants a national stop-and-frisk policy, which would set up an explosive confrontation with the radicals in the Black Lives Matter movement.

– A Trump victory would be a huge defeat for the SPLC, the Mainstream Media, and the conservative pundits who have led the charge against him. All three would be delegitimized and would likely to continue to lose legitimacy over the next four years as they amplify their hysterical, hypocritical attacks on the president.

– Given the feelings of Mexicans about The Orange One, I believe there could be a major confrontation with Mexico over the status of the illegal alien population.

– If Trump wins, I am not expecting any major changes to the Supreme Court. He would nominate someone acceptable to the Senate which would likely be controlled by Republicans.

– It is safe to say that a Trump victory will be interpreted by Middle America as the moment they succeeded in “Taking America Back.” By promising the world to his followers, Trump will have raised expectations like never before. They will soon find out that not even Donald Trump can “Make America Great Again.” The disillusionment and radicalization that will follow will be something to behold.

– If Trump wins, you are going to see a lot of talk among liberals about secession. Nothing will come of it, but support for secession is bound to rise no matter who wins.

– If Trump wins, the neocons will have been driven from power. It is a safe bet that our foreign policy will radically change as a result. There will be more realpolitik and much less tension with Russia. There will be no crusades to spread liberal democracy in the Middle East. I expect Trump will get along fine with the world’s dictators.

– If Trump wins, he will be seen as an illegitimate president – a racist elected with less than 50 percent of the vote. The fact that he won less than 50 percent of the vote will be used as a democratic rubber stamp to sanction the sort of chaos we have seen in Milwaukee and Charlotte. The country will inevitably become more polarized.

– If Trump wins, it will be a huge blow to political correctness, and I think you will see a rapid erosion of the dominant taboos. It seems that Trump finds a new way to roil the news cycle every day. There will be so much feigned outrage from the media that outrage itself will be a fatality of a Trump presidency.

– I think it safe to say that we can expect more mini-Trumps like Paul Nehlen to run for Congress. I think these mini-Trumps will have more success in the South. If nothing else happens, I expect our politics will become more colorful.

– If Trump wins, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be DOA. I’ve read that Trump might even have the power to unilaterally change our trade laws through executive actions under existing federal law.

– Immediately, we know a Trump presidency will have a positive impact on the coal industry and resource extraction industries in general due to an EPA that has been brought under control. Republicans won’t oppose him on this.

– If Trump wins, it will mean that a critical mass of Yankees have come to their senses, or at least decided that economics is temporarily more important to them than haranguing the South about racial issues. It has happened before at the end of Reconstruction. Yankee idealism has waxed and waned through history.

– If Trump wins, I expect he will have to face down some major fights with Paul Ryan in the House and Ted Cruz in the Senate, who will assuredly engage in virtue signaling against him as the champions of “True Conservatism.”

– Just by winning the presidency, we can expect that the American Empire would start to crumble overseas because Trump has made it clear he isn’t interested in preserving it. Many of our allies like Japan and Saudi Arabia start to go their own way.

– It is safe to say that a Trump victory will unleash a big polarizing fight on the Left. The progressives will say that Hillary couldn’t win because a centrist liberal was uninspiring to the Democratic base and to young voters in particular. The centrist liberals will blame the progressives for failing to unify behind Hillary. A carnival of liberals fighting leftists will ensue, but without Hillary at the top, I expect a much more radical, militant, anti-White version of the Left to emerge under a Trump presidency.

– If Trump wins, I predict there will be less fear and apathy on the Right, but fewer people will be as angry and alienated as they are now.

The typical American president keeps around 76 percent of his campaign promises. That’s what I am expecting from Donald Trump. Unlike many people, I do think he will try to enact his agenda and he will have the most success in areas where he doesn’t have to work with Congress. He won’t succeed in Making America Great Again because the cultural disintegration is far too advanced for any president to solve.

Without Hillary as his opponent, I think Trump will have a hard time getting reelected. It is easy to imagine an ascendant Left that has radicalized under Trump sweeping to victory in the 2020 election with a more popular champion. In such a scenario, secession would be far more likely than it is today when the would be secessionists are disgruntled leftists.”

So far, virtually everything I said above is coming true.

Over the past month, we have seen mass protests by snowflakes and buttercups screaming “Not My President,” the #Calexit temper tantrum movement, tensions ease with Russia, Trump reaching out to the world’s dictators in Egypt and Kazakhstan and authoritarians like Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and the SPLC and ADL’s demand that Trump rescind Steve Bannon’s appointment has fallen on deaf ears.

We’ve seen Trump continue to escalate his attacks on the Lügenpresse and lash out with politically incorrect tweets. We’ve seen his legitimacy questioned because he lost the popular vote. The Alt-Right has also become the new Tea Party boogeyman. He won because a critical mass of Rust Belt Yankees in rural areas came to their senses. I predicted it would mean “that economics is temporarily more important to them than haranguing the South about racial issues. It has happened before at the end of Reconstruction. Yankee idealism has waxed and waned through history.”

For Southern Nationalists, it is always 1861. It is way, way too early to peer into our long term future, but we might have just passed through another 1877 instead. I throw that out there only as a possibility because of the rhetoric of the 2016 election. Trump was adamant that if he lost it would be the last election. You can’t read The Flight 93 Election and not be struck by the parallels to the Redemption.

What if BREXIT and Trump’s victory is just the start of a global Redemption that is about to sweep across the Western world and overthrow the post-WW2 liberal world order? It’s an exciting possibility to think about. I’m not a believer because of all the cucky rhetoric about inclusion and winning minorities, but in the heat of the election when Trump’s back was against the wall it sure seemed like there was a greater awareness of the historical moment we are living in and what would happen if he failed.

Here’s another possibility: it is another 1980 and Trump is Ronald Reagan and he’s going to “Make America Great Again.” Everyone will pat themselves on the back and hit the snooze button. It will be “Morning in America” for a few years. Underneath the surface though, changing racial and cultural demographics combined with conservative complacency and ineptitude will result in a missed opportunity. Maybe Trump passes another amnesty for illegal aliens bill or a large tax cut that pleases Big Business?

As Richard Spencer said in his video this afternoon, there is a real possibility that the Trump presidency will just be the last gasp of something. Maybe the Baby Boomers have finally succeeded in “Taking Back America.” What are they going to do with it now though? How does the Left respond to Trump’s America? Does it radicalize, regroup, and retake power in 2020 or 2024? I also envisioned that scenario in my speech.

What do we do in Trump’s America? Where do we go from here? It’s time to start thinking about it. We’re having a meeting about that soon.

Note: In the speech above, I warned about the consequences of embracing vanguardism and rejecting politics and sealing ourselves off from mainstream culture. I said for months that other groups without those isolationist inhibitions would reject that approach and take advantage of the developing situation with Trump. Now we are going to hear about Alt-This and Alt-That for years to come.

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  1. Your comparison to 1980 is probably the most accurate of your list of speculations. Trump’s white voting coalition will drift back to sleep in self-congratulation, while demographic tides continue to rise. The Democratic party is no better shape; it is engaged in a civil war between its old heads in Congress and its neo-progressive youth. Other than perhaps Tulsi Gabbard, there aren’t any rising stars within the political left.

    • I don’t think there will be any dozing back off. I think it far more probable that more hardcore will become acceptable. The opposition is doubling down too hard. This isn’t 1980. It isn’t even 2015. The opposition is a wolf that has lost its footing and normal people are sniffing its blood.

      • The Left is busy mainstreaming the Nation of Islam these days (Keith Ellison). So Sons of Yacub unite and fight the power.

        • Hoping Ellison double downs on Dem DWL’s, SWPL’s and Israel Firsters. It should be very entertaining.

    • Drift back seems to be biggest risk. We had it here in Eastern Europe. When USSR collapsed then everybody thought that communism is gone and relaxed and start buiding up their lives. Life went better also and anybody forgot that despite USSR is gone, commies are still there.

      So nationalism vanished and mr. Soros worked hard behind the scenes so afted decade young new commies came out under different names. We spend another decade to get nationalism back on the feet again. And I personally think that we succeeded only because of economic crash.

      And also because we have conscription down here so that most men have some sort of military experience and it,s very useful when is neccecary to organize something or attack and bully liberal.

    • No. The nignogs and mestizo are out for blood. They thought they had whitey on the rack and his wife gangraped. It’s going to be explosive.

  2. There is still the question of whether or not Trump has saved America or just postponed its collapse and breakup. He could be both America’s greatest President and its last.


      I have been shocked and appalled at how people think a billionaire is on ‘our side.’ He absolutely used white populism and will make some hollow symbolic gestures towards whites but that’s it. The rich will get richer while the white middle class continues to collapse. Already the House Republicans have pushed a Soviet-style bill which would eat into Medicare and Medicaid to fund Pharma CEO’s, upper middle class psychopaths aka psychiatrists, and the rest of the pharmaceutical/medical industrial class apparatus.

      This bill effectively eviscerates the Bill of Rights, particularly the right to due process. It erects a completely opaque all powerful government bureaucracy that can strip citizens of every Constitutional right based on the autocratic whim of state commissars.

      Poor whites are the first targets. People think these fires in Appalachia are a scourge. They are clearly not paying attention to what’s happening in Congress. Every poor and working class white person who has fallen prey to homelessness or drug addiction (or even alcohol – substance abuse is now a ‘mental disorder’) will be gobbled up by the system. White children will become subject to ‘mental health’ checks in schools which will be used to control parents and to justify gun confiscations. Etc. etc.

      Sinead McCarthy said recently ‘the gulags are here.’ But she was wrong, as most states (save the richest and most Pharma-controlled) had not yet become sponsors of these psych gulags. But they are about to officially become established with one last vote in the Senate and grant money flowing into states featuring some of the poorest white populations, which will pave the way for even more draconian laws to pass in state houses (Virginia and some other southern state lead the way while some northern Pharma-owned ones have de facto soviet systems).

      Everyone is so obsessed with the presidential cult of personality they ignore that Congress is collapsing the freedoms upon which the Republic was founded.

      The gulags are here, folks. Learn from history and wake the hell up. Tyranny often installs itself through bureaucratic means. The more stealthy and indirect the attacks are, the less resistance they engender.

  3. “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of vanguardism,”

    Seriously, it “feels good man” as you quickly wrack up the alienated converts, but for each one of those low hanging fruit, you lose a dozen normal people.

    We should do the hard work to convert normal people, step by painful step. Why? Because the Enemy will push them to our point of view provided we are less frightening than them.

    Consider some of the ominous signs within the Trump administration: a recession here, a war there, and pretty soon the bloom will be off the rose. Spencer is coming to Texas A&M, even in God’s Own Country, he will be a pariah.

    I predict that we will regret getting away from Ordered Liberty + White Preservation in favor of “civic nationalism” and vanguardism.

    Elevate Greg Johnson Now!

    • As we saw in 2015 and 2016, if you completely cede engagement with both the political system and mainstream culture, other groups without those reservations will swoop in and capitalize. The Alt-Right has probably gotten over a billion dollars worth of free publicity.

      We could have put up thousands of billboards all over the South and it wouldn’t have scratched the surface of the publicity that the Alt-Right has gotten since the Hillary speech in August.

      So that’s the reality we are dealing with now. It is partially our own fault.

      • If Southern nationalism doesn’t dig in strong w internet/social media presence then it’s going to lose to some other group that does. Twitter trolling like the pan-altright has done has been worth millions if not billions. Also Daily Stormer (which incidentally facilitated twitter trolling) has been a huge boost to pan-altright. People can write thinkpieces til the cows com home, and that does serve a purpose because we need the foundation to be on solid ground, but when it comes to actually moving the needle culturally, a 110% shitlord site like DS is like a miracle worker. Open mockery and being a “cool kid” is an incredibly powerful weapon. Incredibly powerful. You have to make SN “cool” and mock your enemies til they are on verge of breakdown.

        Just look at the traffic DS gets compared to amren. And isn’t it peculiar that DS has actually been mentioned in Congress. I doubt amren has tho.

        I guess you see where I’m going: SN needs its own DS style site, and that site should probably not be officially affiliated with the League, even if it’s 100% run by League members. That way if something on the site backfires and ends up a pr disaster, the League can just disavow. Plus the content doesn’t have to match up perfectly w League doctrine. Also, the site admin can remain anonymous if he/they don’t get doxed.

        Very low cost, very high return potential.

        Edit: I just searched youtube for “daily stormer in congress” and got this:

        I then searched “american renaissance in congress” but got nothing but amren vids.

        When it comes to moving the needle DS has made a bigger mark in 3.5 yrs than amren has since 1980.

    • Greg Johnson is allegedly a Sodomite.Whether he is a Sodomite or not he is in his 40s and unmarried. We need vanguardism and uncompromising idealism because it’s not possible for us to gain independence electorally. We could convince the majority of Southerners to be secessionists but our states are full of minorities and snowbirds that will vote against it. Southerners need to be the vanguard of the greater white nationalist movement since the vanguard is what takes power. And in a position of power we don’t have to ask for independence. We have to give Southerners independence whether they like it or not. If yanks see us as having saved them that will make our secession a clean break.

  4. One of my biggest critiques of the Alt-Right (until now) was its disavowal of street politics and focus on publishing essays and trying to ‘change the culture’ from its lofty perch. I’m happy to say that recent events show us why an engaged, ‘hands-on’ approach is the more effective path.

    • You need organizations first. And finance. And methods how to protect those who attend.

      10 pathetic guys on the street corner with banners do not work. First antifa will beat them and later some human rights group screws their employers until those guys lose jobs.

      We did so, that one nazi found 3-4 other nazis in his neighborhood and then some nazis more distant.

      And in the beginning we kept it secret and cheap. My personal rule was that I don,t recruit nobody who I can,t reach less than 1 hour car drive. And so we grew.

    • Far more productive discrediting the establishment than being a blog intellectual full time hoping for 12 likes and hoping against hope that the Left awards a smart badge.

      If you ain’t trolling you ain’ trying

  5. I’ve thought about the mainstream vs. vanguard thing and I’ve concluded that I’m more like a vangaurdist, but with rhetoric that is aimed at advancing the entire working class, with plans to address racial issues later on. Without voting it doesn’t really matter who the largest population is.

  6. I’ve thought about the mainstream vs. vanguard thing and I’ve concluded that I’m more like a vangaurdist, but with rhetoric that is aimed at advancing the entire working class (through centralized tactics, not mass movement), with plans to address racial issues later on. Without voting it doesn’t really matter who the largest population is.

    I do support voting to show that electoral politics will never truly work and to knock off certain people (like Clinton).

    • To me voting is like nominating a ceo of all the American corporations. It may make allow you to dodge some bullets, but it’s not at all a rebellion against the infrastructure.

      • A different President is like Steve Wozniak leading Apple instead of Steve Jobs leading Apple. Neither scenario represents a defection away from Apple. Republicans and Democrats compete for leadership over the same system. A revolutionary getting in would be like someone who convinces people to buy watches instead of computers. They compete not over the market, but they lead people away from the market.

  7. I’ve thought about the mainstream vs. vanguard thing and I’ve concluded that I’m more like a vangaurdist, but with rhetoric that is aimed at advancing the entire working class (through centralized tactics, not mass movement), with plans to address racial issues later on. Without voting it doesn’t really matter who the largest population is (so whether Whites are a majority or minority is irrelevant, since i’d strip voting rights)

    I do support voting to show that electoral politics will never truly work and to knock off certain people (like Clinton).

    From my view the main problem isn’t vanguardism, it’s making direct appeals to racial issues, instead of appealing to people’s alienation and anger (across racial lines) and then tying it to the Government. The enemy of Whites isn’t non-Whites, the enemy of Whites is Democracy.

  8. If Trump wins, you are going to see a lot of talk among liberals about secession.

    These are people who closely identify with, and see themselves as the Union/Federal Government. To think otherwise on their part, is a major mental disconnect.

  9. He won because a critical mass of Rust Belt Yankees in rural areas came to their senses.

    I pointed this out in the comments section at HuffPo, to people who were blaming the South and West for Trump’s election. I was ignored. Nobody argued against me.

  10. Southern Nationalism ought to work with the Texas Nationalist Movement. They’d be more than happy to help. SN need to get legislation passed in the various state legislatures, as TNM have in Texas. I still think it’s going to be Texas which can lead the way.

    • Some time ago, somebody figured out the cost of resettling them in Africa. It came out to a pittance compared to what they cost us every day.

    • Sure they can come back. But they will get sterilized and put to work in labor camps (the new plantations).

      I would say the same for Mexicans. We don’t need a border wall, just a sign. Any that are discovered go straight to life in the labor camps. Offer a $100/head bounty for live spics delivered to camps, no permit required to hunt.

  11. Zionist aren’t done with the Middle East yet. Only Trump could go to Iran. And he probably will take us to war with Iran before it is over. He has been telegraphing his intentions all along. Jews play 4d chess, and Trump is just a pawn.

  12. @Mr Griffin…

    ‘I warned about the consequences of embracing vanguardism and rejecting
    politics and sealing ourselves off from mainstream culture.’

    Yes, Sir – absolutely. ‘Vanguardism’ and ‘sealing ourselves off-ism’ are merely cultural suicide with an attractive air about them.

    More of Satan’s tricks – luring us against our own interests, from within our own heads, to destroy us.

    A lot of people don’t know about Satan – even quite a few bright ones, and they think that in just carefully studying, and decrying, Jewish evil, they will be protected, and society be saved.

    Satan, however, is much more clever than that, and has a way of franchising into every head.

    No, we must not retreat in comforting abstractions…

  13. The Confederate States of America is still under the occupation of the Yankee Empire. We can work inside the American political system and get a few results. However we’ll never have Freedom and Security for the Southern People unless we’re living in a Free South. The Yankee establishment will never respect our Southern Heritage & Culture. That’s common knowledge from years of American history. However we must fight the battles on each battlefield. That includes working inside the American political system when possible for our interests. WPWW !

  14. Has anyone with the League considered sponsoring an ad banner on Amren or Daily Stormer? DS is 100% dependent upon donations because his ads got shoahed along with his paypal account, so he may really appreciate getting the revenue, and I bet it would drive a lot of targeted traffic to the League website.

      • The biggest problem I see is that the League may be too focussed on being ideologically pure, and refuse to associate with a nazi site. I think that would be a big mistake. DS and League are both prowhite, wise to JQ, propatriarchy. Andrew appears to be proChristian also, but I haven’t seen him go into detail about it. Given the current climate that’s enough overlap to make us good allies if you ask me. DS gets a lot of traffic from young men, so if only 10% are Southerners it should help recruit. Also, it would be a good endorsement to perhaps forge future alliances.

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