Annudah Shoah: Alexander Van der Bellen Ad

Norbert Hofer is sporting the cheeky shit-eating grin:

“Polls show that Norbert Hofer, a far-right Austrian politician who once declared that “Islam has no place in Austria,” is within a hair’s breadth of winning the country’s presidential election on Sunday. As fear rises among many Austrians, a video made by Hofer’s opponent, the Green Party’s Alexander Van der Bellen, has gone viral — getting more than 3 million views on Facebook in under a week.

It’s a simple video. In it, an 89-year-old woman, identified only as Gertrude, talks in front of the camera about how Hofer’s rise reminds her of the rise of the Nazis in her youth.

“This is probably going to be my last election,” Gertrude says. “It’s not the first time something like this has happened … I am afraid of that. …”

I like him already.

Hofer could be our beachhead in Europe. He wants to keep the Muslims out of Österreich. Meanwhile, Granny Gertrude here sounds like a fossil out of the Middle Ages. The world moves on. History moves on. Austria has to move into the future.

Merkel and her ilk are the past. Obama will also be gone next year. All this crying and being cucked and walking around on eggshells is really tiresome. It is 2016.

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  1. This bullshit by the left would hold water if German birth rates were running above replacement rates. The Germans are actually going extinct. The data is in. They are not going to fight wars of expansion ever again.

  2. The attack won’t work. Why? Hofer has assiduously avoided anything that hearkens back to the Third Reich.

    Had he flirted with Third Reich rehabilitation, the attack would ring true.

    Is there a lesson there?

  3. O/T – do what you can to help TN! I have been to Gatlinburg many times. My cohort just told me that a waitress she knows was one of the people that died. Her house was engulfed; she was found in her bed w/ her pets. This happened around 3AM – she apparently couldn’t get out.
    Be CAREFUL about donating to organized charities lie the Red Cross. They are already screwing with the distribution of funds…give what you can.

      • Dolly LOVES little Brown Mestizos. She does NOTHING for her own White family, My cohort is traveling to the Gatlinburg region, today, to deliver supplies and comfort to one of those relatives, who lives right in the region. This wonderful lady and her family were spared the flames. They are going to see who they can aid today, with direct supplies for babies and pets. They won’t get into Gatlinburg, because, to be blunt, the authorities are still looking for bodies. Many businesses are gone. Burnt to cinders. The brilliant aquarium is still intact. Insanely brave and BEAUTIFUL souls fought the fire through the night, hosing down everything they could hose down, to protect this genius of White Man engineering.
        I will report back. when I hear from her. She told me about local businesses who are helping their own kind. THAT is who I will send direct cash to.

    • DS and TRS have been promoting a GoFundme account called “Appalachian Lives Matter”. May want to donate there.

  4. Hofer is a Protestant, in a Roman Catholic country. I bet the Pope is thrilled, and you can be sure the Roman Catholic Church will pull out all of the stops to beat Hofer.

    Brad, I’ve read that Gert Wilders in Holland is within a point or two?

    • It is a shame that the label protestant and Catholic still define us,the same BS that led to our doom for centuries.There is nothing divine about it.

      • I’m not sure it defines whites anywhere outside the South, Timber. Maybe I’m simply uninformed, or naïve; but in the white world, which, in my view, does not include the South, it seems to have been brought to an end by William Penn, Philadelphia’s founder. Only in the South, as I say, does it linger on—with vigor, anyway—as other things linger on. When I first encountered it here, at Occidental Dissent, I was a little bit surprised.

        • Hello J,I am surrounded by Christian Zionist and protestant churches in the area of washington that I am in,this place is predominately white.
          Most of the western inland empire is Mormon.
          It does define a lot of people.
          I just get mad when I hear that label,the king of Austria was the last Catholic king,WW1 was the end of a 300 year war on European statecraft.Your rank is what defined you then,not some pussy ass name of some pussy ass religion.

          • Hmm. You’re probably right then, Timber. Evidently, I am, in fact, uninformed or naïve, as I said I might be. Such a waste of white energy …

          • No, I meant the division among whites was a waste of their energy. I guess your second reply (“Yes sir”) means that what I said became clear to you.

          • Got it.

            You’re right about the paragraph break. Sometimes, I find myself trying to squeeze out paragraph breaks, to keep an internet comment shorter. Of course, that never works: Squeezing them out just confuses things.

          • On that note I would like to bring Matt Hale to your attention.Matt Hale was targeted by the (((powers))) for promoting the race based creativity religion.He was set up and has done 13 years of solitary confinement,he is now in the process of forcing the state to recognize the creativity religion, the Muslims have religious rights in prison even Satan worshippers are recognized by the state.He should of been in court by now,even the ADL is going to be called at the trial,but they keep transferring him and trumping up charges on him to postpone his court date,which,if he wins,the white man becomes Divine,recognized by the state.It is such a big deal.
            All we are is creativity,the best of white energy.

            Free matt hale dot net

          • Thanks for that info re Matt Hale, Timber. When I was first using the internet, around 1997-99, Hale and what was then called the World Church of the Creator were a presence on it. That was around the time I typed the word “Aryan” into one of the early search engines and was unsure I’d get any hits at all. Just now, after I read your comment, I found a freematthale website, at a dot net. It was quite up to date, with posts from September, October, and November. I found, too, a site with a 2015 interview …

        • When I was growing up in Sherman, Mr B., there seemed to be more Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians, than Baptists. Even some Pentecostals and Mennonites. Very few of the “holly roller types.” It wasn’t what people would stereotypically expect.

          • That’s very informative, James, that that’s how things were in what was a mid-sized town, I’ll guess. Maybe you’ve sensed that some of the stereotypes are things with which I personally have become familiar only across years, as I’ve been visiting this website, Occidental Dissent. If someone had asked me, say, ten years ago whether I’d expect a mid-sized Texas town to have had Catholics in it, my answer would have been—well, come to think of it, I’m not now sure what my answer would have been. Maybe I would have said something like, “Not many, but I don’t really know.”

            Oddly, a family story of which I learned a dozen years ago involves some of these stereotypes, though I myself was sufficiently unfamiliar with them that I was not powerfully struck by that fact when the story was told to me. It seems a young uncle of mine, on my mother’s side, was briefly married to a Texas girl right after World War II. Without getting into the details—only some of which I know, anyway—I’ll say this apparently caused a lot of tension in the girl’s family, because my uncle was Catholic. From his sister, my elder aunt, I once got the impression it had caused tension, too, in my grandparents’ family, here in Philadelphia, but I couldn’t tell how accurately my aunt had read the events at the time of their occurrence.

            From my uncle’s wife whom I knew—his only wife ever, as far as I’d known, until I heard the story of the Texas girl—I learned that he would never pass through Texas, on the travels that she and he made in America. Evidently, the experience had been very bitter.

            On the right, in the graphic below, is the Google Maps view of Kenneth Copeland Airport, owned and operated, I gather, by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. When my uncle was mustered out of the Marines, right after the war, that was Eagle Mountain Lake Marine Corps Air Station, which is on the graphic’s left side. The girl he married had been a singer, I gather, in a USO canteen there.

            Maybe you saw the 1942 labor-movement newspaper that I recently posted here, the one with a reference to my maternal grandfather’s union activity, in the ’30s and ’40s. That same grandfather of mine had had to sign to permit my young uncle’s enlistment in the Marines. My uncle had gone to the Pacific and then, as I say, to Texas, in both of which, as it turns out, he saw the struggles of humans.

            In a government office of one or another of the many counties of Texas, there’s probably a record of that ill-fated marriage, but my uncle was dead decades before I heard of it. I know only the first name of my Texan aunt.

            PS At is the very-informative webpage from which I obtained the captioned photograph of the old Marine Corps Air Station.


          • Thanks for the maps. There are all kinds of airfields scattered all over Texas. Some of them have become municipal airports. Some are owned by crop dusters.

            Sherman is a fairly middle class factory town. Except for a flour mill, some grain elevators and a cotton gin, it’s not tied to agriculture as much as it once was.

          • Interesting. I often find myself using the term “town” for what are probably modest-sized cities. I’m not sure what the distinction is at this point, but I see Wikipedia describes Sherman as a city, which is probably how it’s classed in Texas law. Even so, the motto, according to Wikipedia, is “Classic town. Broad horizon.” That’s probably how I’m picturing it.

      • Only, the Protestants will roll back the colored/Moslem invasion of Europe. Look at Germany where the CDU-CSU the Roman Catholic party of Angela Merkel has done so much damage.

        Much is made of one siege of Vienna, but, let’s not forget that John George the Protestant Elector of Saxony led a Protestant Army South to lift the siege, while being threatened by Roman Catholic France.

        Btw, Orban in Hungary is a Protestant.

        Let’s face it the Italians and the Spanish are miscegenated, and they want the same for the rest of Europe.

    • Does being a Cat-lick in Austria still mean anything? What about that old issue regarding the Tyrol? Does that have to be looked at again?

  5. If I had to present a single passage that represents what I have found repulsive in liberal rhetoric for about forty-five years (since, say, my college days), the following would do:

    “What happened in Europe is straightforward: An unprecedented wave of nonwhite, heavily Muslim immigration made many European whites uneasy. Le Pen, Haider, Fortuyn, and the rest developed a mode of politics designed to weaponize this backlash — to take inchoate anti-immigrant sentiment and turn it into votes through heated nationalist and anti-Islam rhetoric.”

    That’s from “White Riot,” a Vox article that’s linked in the Vox article that Mr. W. linked in the present blog entry. The liberal suggestion, as usual, is that anti-liberal politicians act in bad faith. Never do those politicians have views or beliefs; rather, they “turn” something or other “into votes.”

  6. Despite what Mr. Owen from Texas believes I still say Austria should be absorbed into the Greater German Reich. And the state/kingdom of Prussia needs to be restored. Furthermore, I nominate Buonocoursi to be the King of Naples.

    • One reason I do not take the cries of victimhood from Poland and Bohemia seriously is that they do not give back the Prussian territories that were ethnically cleansed and given to them by Stalin.

  7. Putin is a mole. Putin was a corrupt or/and sexual deviant KGB agent in Germany when he was recruited by Western intelligence agencies. A lot of agents were recruited at the same time. For instance, Germany’s Merkel. She is also a patsy and a mole, her current orders are to destroy Germany and to genocide German people. The “handlers” of Merkel and Putin successfully created and maintained for years an image of “wise statesmen” for both Putin and Merkel. And only recently, both moles, Merkel and Putin, were “activated” by their “handlers” to take a suicidal plunge, to sabotage their countries and the world into chaos and genocide.

    • Bringing up Hitler and Mussolini only works because the stupid masses do not know the history. Hitler, an Austrian Jew named Shekel-Grubber or “Shekel collector” was an agent of German police. He developed talent of public speeches when he was attending the gathering of the Worker Socialist Nationalist blah blah party, or the future Nazi party. Ref: Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope”. Hitler later or from the start was also supported by the “London Politburo” or the shadow power behind the puppet politicians. The cabinet was against Anschluss of Austria, against other wars, the German army was not ready for a war. But Hitler pulled it off because encouraged by UK’s prime minister and other shills from the same Globalist faction.
      Mussolini’s party was at one point majority Jewish. Mussolini resisted Hitler’s antisemitism for a very long time.
      My blog:

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