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  1. Hilarious

    Anyway I heard the alt-right has been totally destroyed and the survivors sent to re-education camps

  2. Radicalism can arise from two things.

    One is excessive suppression/repression of something for too long. The other is excessive indulgence/appeasement.

    Consider the scene in DR. ZHIVAGO where the people are marching for bread and justice but get trampled down by Cossacks. Since peaceful means won’t work, only radical ones will do. (In 2016, the elites tried to use black thugs and progssacks to attack and intimidate Trump supporters.)

    In America, anything ‘white’, especially ‘white male’, has been trampled down for too long. Indeed, the ‘white working class’ became more threatening to the elites because the Workers have a long held moral credit as the toiling masses. Ironically, Proggism favored rich whites over working class whites. Rich whites have no moral credit since they were traditionally seen as the exploitative ‘bourgeois’. As such, they can easily be won over to proggism as a means of gaining moral credit(and ideological protection). In contrast, white working class has(or traditionally had) moral credit just for the fact that they belonged to the laboring class, the kind of people that the New Deal was about.

    White elites are morally insecure. They are too white, too rich, too privileged. They need to buy ‘indulgences’, and they acquire such by entering the church of prog-hood, esp through stuff like homomania, diversity, and etc. Also, doing so hardly hurts them economically. If anything, ‘diversity’ and ‘open borders’ can increase their riches since they no longer have to do business patriotically. They can do it globally by seeking out places with low wages and no regulations.

    White working classes used to be morally secure. They were the working folks. They were the people described in that poem about City of Broad Shoulders. And since they had moral credit, they didn’t need to suck up to the Progs, and if anything, progressive leaders/thinkers had to serve them.

    Also, they didn’t have the kind of money to buy ‘indulgences’. These white working class folks had to be destroyed, and they were destroyed by both New Proggism and free-trade-ism. In a few decades, their job base were completely wiped out in many communities.

    But the destruction wasn’t primarily economic but psychological and moral. With TV and other media filling their minds with pure cultural filth, these once proud working class folks turned to ass tattoos, piercings, and other ugliness. And their kids grew up on Jerry Springer and were instilled with ‘white guilt’ in school while their senses were jungle-feverized by MTV and the like.

    People blame White Death on job losses and economic factors, but that alone can’t explain it. After all, things were far more dire during the Great Depression, but most families stayed together. Even in Pottersville scenario in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, you don’t see girls with nose rings and guys with ass tattoos.

    Much of the White Death owes to cultural and moral decay. If mere economic downturns leads to such pathologies, we should see it everywhere in every nation. But it is not so. The current social disaster among many white masses is due to the decay of morals and lack of guidance from the elites who, as accused by Ross Douthat-Charles Murray-Rod Dreher, practice sober family methods for themselves and their kids but promote mass culture that can only be degrading and foul for the less intelligent, less educated, and less secure masses.

    Anyway, there were many legitimate white issues by race, class, and culture. But anything white was considered toxic. Whiteness could only be associated with evil privilege… but then, white privilege was okay if you were a proggy, so all the blame went to conservatives and working class whites.

    And since there was such suppression of legit white voices, things eventually got radicalized and led to Trump phenom and Alt Right. Trumpism isn’t radical, but it does have the feel of a political hurricane or earthquake. The big shake after the faults in the system had been suppressed and strained for too long. At least 8 on the richter scale. Maybe a 9 considering no one thought Trump could win.

    If we don’t want further radicalization of white consciousness, it must be allowed to air its interests and grievances. Sure, criticism is necessary, and white extremism should be condemned. But if the establishment line is that whites must shut up and just surrender to the Flood, there will be further radicalization. When something is overly suppressed, it can only become more radicalized out of rage of resentment.

    But there is another way something can become radicalized. It is through over-indulgence. If you over-indulge something, it goes out of whack. It becomes radicalized out of pride of arrogance.

    We saw this with Jewish Power. Now, Jews had legit concerns and interests. But Jews became the holy Holocaust people, and Jews and Israel were hailed to high heaven. Jews got so schmoozed and feted all over the place that they got to thinking that enough is never enough. They had to demand more and more and more and more. So, it’s not enough to purge the GOP of anti-semites. Even Paleocons must go. So must the ‘Arabists’. So must the populists. So must the nationalists. So must the ‘homophobes’. And so on. By the end, GOP had nothing but a bunch of cucky wucky plastic toy boys like Jeb and Rubio. Jews didn’t know where to stop. Everything had to be their way or the high way. And the very group that had been most involved in free speech and liberty became the leading force in PC and blacklisting people.

    Long ago, Jews became radicalized because they were overly suppressed(especially in Russia). But since the end of the Cold War, Jews got radicalized(in their supremacist ambitions) because they were over-indulged by all sides making offerings to them like they are gods. And this led to Jewish arrogance and supremacism. More and more and more for Israel. Destroy Russia too with New Cold War since Jews hate Russia. And etc. This is crazy.

    Same with homos. If, in the past, homos got radicalized cuz they were overly suppressed & persecuted, they went in the opposition direction when society(ruled by Jews) began to shower them with praise, honor, glory, and glitter. Once homos got a taste of such indulgence, they became more radicalized in their ambition. It was not enough to be tolerated and allowed to be homo. They made radical demands for ‘gay marriage’, festooning the whole nation(even churches) with homo flags, teaching young kids in schools about the wonder of homos, and etc. Homos even piggy-backed or hump-backed neo-globo-imperialism to plant homo victory flags in every nation.

    The radical homo attitude is now ‘appease me, bitch’. Whatever they want, we must deliver. And since homos lead the ‘gender studies’ departments and since we must appease homos at every turn, we must now make believe there are 50 genders. It’s like parody of radicalism or parodicalism. And look at feminists. Too much indulgence led to idiots like Emma Sulkowicz dragging a mattress around campus and that totally ludicrous UVA rape hoax that was pure fantasy. Radicalism has reached fantastical proportions because homo and feminist nasties have been indulged and pampered to point where they think they are the beacon of truth for everything… even when they lie and make stuff up.

    Same with Negroes. Once Negroes got radicalized because the white man showed them no respect and told them, “to the back of the bus, ni**er.”

    We can understand why blacks got so angry.

    But in recent yrs, all this radical BLM lunacy and ‘hate hoax’ circus are the result of over-indulgence and endless appeasement. Blacks have been so favored by the Narrative and Pop Culture that they think they are OWED dis here respeck, dat there money, and everything. They cook up bogus lies 24/7 and bitch about how US is ruled by ‘white supremacism’ cuz Negroes aint all millionaires. It’s ridiculous.

    Blacks now just worship theyselves. It’s like that idiot Charles Blow. When black-run Baltimore couldn’t find any grounds to indict the accused police officers(half of whom are black) for the death of Freddie Grey, the black fool Blow wrote that he was ‘incandescent’ with rage. You see, he be so radiant and holy that when he be pissed, he be incandescent with that shi*. Such preening self-regard over-indulged to radical lunacy.

    Now, it could be that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are especially predisposed to be this way. Jews have fierce intellect and pushy personality. So, they are more likely to air grievance when wronged and more likely to take advantage when indulged.

    Homos are flamboyant and narcissistic. So, they are more likely to throw tantrums when wronged and more likely to act queenie-meanie when indulged.

    Negroes are loud and brash. So, they are more likely holler and woller when wronged, and more likely to act like punkass rapper overlords when indulged. Just look at that idiot Kanye West who be thinking he the superest punk that ever done lived.

    Anyway, no people should be overly suppressed or overly indulged. Let white folks air their grievances and express their own interests. If they get too extreme, condemn them, but surely not every white interest is eeeeeevil. But in The Current Year, anything white is ‘toxic’ and to be suppressed. But anything Jewish, homo, or Negro is to be indulged to the hilt.

    So, white politics will grow more radical due to suppression, while Jewish/homo/Negro politics will grow more radical due to indulgence or appeasement.

    Indeed, National Socialism is a good example of the dangers of both excessive suppression and excessive appeasement. When the legit issues of Germans were suppressed for too long after WWI, it led to the radical rise of National Socialism.

    But then, things got radically worse when the democratic powers tried to appease this monster created by excessive suppression. The appeasements just made Hitler and his cohorts more arrogant and extreme.

    There is something better than suppression or indulgence. There is reasoned acceptance AND balanced criticism of all identities and interests.


  3. Update on the Gatlinburg inferno – Cobbly Knob was a failed transformer – but Chalet Village – most likely arson. The FBI is there, investigating. Chalet Village is where are the (((foreign tourists))) and their pet Orcs stay.

    DO NOT SEND MONEY to the Red Cross. There is a donation center in Cosby that is doing SUPERB work in organizing goods, services, and cash. Really totally professional and organized. There is a pet center, in the Fairgrounds in Sevierville, that is handling post/displaced pets. I’ve gotten word, on GOOD authority, that the Dollywood Foundation is doing good work in helping victims of the fire.

    • We will be hearing rumors about not-sees and white sooopreeemacists torching (((Chalet Village))). Who cares about Cobbly Knob? They have hillbilly “white privilege”.

  4. The REAL alt-right is about White Power. It’s not about “restoring American values”, Muh Bill of Rights or being naughty lil’ mischief makers. WHITE POWER.

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