Live Thread: Italian Referendum and Austrian Presidential Election

The Washington Post interviews Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy’s Northern League, who talks about Trump and who shares our hopes for improved foreign relations with Russia. Salvini met with Trump in April in Philadelphia:

“Q: How did Donald Trump’s victory affect the discussion in Italy?

A: Aside from my personal joy, that went to show that one can win against everyone, against the media, the economic system, the artists, the intellectuals, the singers and even against the lobbies within one’s own party. It’s a sign that the people can decide, that it can choose. This from a political perspective. Then there are concrete choices. Good relations with Russia are great news. Putting a stop to the [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] is great news. Defending American industry against the invasion of Chinese products. Renegotiating the role of NATO. And a similar approach on the issue of immigration. This is all great news.

Q: What kind of connections are you making with other right-wing parties elsewhere in Europe?

A: In Brussels we belong to a group that includes the [French anti-immigrant] National Front, [Austrian nationalist right-wing leader Heinz-Christian] Strache’s Freedom Party, [Dutch Euroskeptic Geert] Wilders’s Party for Freedom, the Romanians, the Poles, and we’re trying to form an alliance in order to change Europe. For instance, should Norbert Hofer win in Austria on Sunday, it would be more great news. …”

The New York Times interviews Norbert Hofer who talks about Trump and the prospect of improved foreign relations with Russia:

“Mr. Trump’s victory, Mr. Hofer said, has eroded any lingering inhibitions that Austrians may have had about openly supporting his candidacy, though that remained to be seen.

“With Trump’s victory, that barrier has loosened a bit,” Mr. Hofer said with evident satisfaction. …

But if Mr. Hofer has foes, he says, they are the misguided politicians who allow jihadists disguised as migrants into Austria and elsewhere in Europe, where his party’s leader sees “Islamification” underway.

In the interview, he repeatedly expressed hope that Mr. Trump’s victory will lead to relations’ being mended between the United States and Russia.

Sanctions against Moscow over its seizure of Crimea and meddling in Ukraine should be lifted, he said, “because they have not moved anything politically,” yet “have affected the economy and destroyed jobs.”

Vienna, a neutral meeting place for the Cold War superpowers, should once again host peace-seeking summits and foster economic cooperation with Russia, he said.

“If people and businesses work together economically, there is a greater understanding for the Russian and American and Austrian souls,” Mr. Hofer said.”

Who is the mastermind behind it all? The New York Times says it is Matt Heimbach. I’m not even joking. American foreign policy under Trump is a “dog whistle” to Trad Youth!

“As the founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, an American group that aims to preserve the privileged place of whiteness in Western civilization and fight “anti-Christian degeneracy,” Matthew Heimbach knows whom he envisions as the ideal ruler: the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin.

“Russia is our biggest inspiration,” Mr. Heimbach said. “I see President Putin as the leader of the free world.”

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump mystified many on the left and in the foreign policy establishment with his praise for Mr. Putin and his criticism of the Obama administration’s efforts to isolate and punish Russia for its actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. But what seemed inexplicable when Mr. Trump first expressed his admiration for the Russian leader seems, in retrospect, to have been a shrewd dog whistle to a small but highly motivated part of his base. …”

From home in Ohio last month, Mr. Heimbach described his visits to Europe as field trips that help him learn how to make the white nationalist movement in the United States a “real political force.” He also spoke about creating a broader, worldwide network, which he called, with a nod to Comintern, the old Communist International, “the Traditionalist International.”

In this, as in many things, Mr. Putin’s Russia, now the home of a new global alliance of far-right groups called the World National-Conservative Movement, was the template.

“Russia has already taken its place on the global stage by organizing national movements as counterparts to Atlanticist elites,” Mr. Heimbach said. “Intellectually, they’ve shown us how it works.”

Russians! Russians! Russians!

As much as I am flattered by the notion that Trump’s views on Russia are because of people like us, I seriously doubt that is the case. The Lügenpresse is cooking up another false narrative where everything Trump does is because of someone like Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer. It is probably more like Trump doesn’t get why we are so bent on antagonizing Russia when the Cold War ended over twenty years ago.

What a time to be alive. Let’s hope for the best as the results come in from Europe.

Note: Since leftists are so easily triggered these days by Putin and Russians, why not embrace it? I’ve always thought it was one of the most beautiful nationl anthems.

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  1. That the family is the core purpose of human life can be understood by physical and emotional facts.

    Why does anyone exist at all? Because someone had a job? Because someone read a book? Because someone played with a machine?

    No, it is because he or she has a father and mother.

    Now, a human life can be created by just any man and any woman having sex. The father can abandon the kid, and the mother can choose to be a ‘single mother’. Or she can just put the kid up for adoption. But, this is terrible. This is why we need sexual morality, and why having children must be associated with values and meaning and commitment.

    Anyway, every human life exists only because he or she has a father and mother. That is the central physical fact of life. If you are against the family, then you can only be against your own existence. And it makes no sense to be pro-sex and anti-family since you’re saying that fathers and mothers have no special responsibility to take care of their own kids. That is bad for everyone. Bad for the moral health of the parents, bad for the child’s future, and bad for society that must carry the financial burden and bear the social costs. Only sex within family culture will ensure that father and mother will form a bond to be responsible for the very life they create.

    So, if one cherishes one’s own existence, one has to be for Family Culture.

    But aside from the physical fact, there is the emotional fact.

    If you were to ask your father about what is most important in his life, his answer has to be his wife and kids. I mean what else would a decent man say? That his car matters more to him? Or his stereo? Or his TV set? Or his computer? Or his movie collection? Or his book collection? Or his tool set? Or his boat? Or his snow mobile? His gun collection? Now, all those things are nice to have, but any man who cherishes such stuff over his wife and kids would be an idiot or sociopath. Even a nice big house comes nowhere near wife and kids. I mean if a man had to save his wife & kids or his house, what would he choose? Sacrifice his family for some material possession? Only a sociopath would do that.

    A man can lose a car and get a new car. A man can lose a house and get a new house. But his wife and kids are irreplaceable.

    Unfortunately, there are sociopathic or shallow men who will sacrifice the well-being of their wife and kids for material goods or their insipid jollies. Some will even kill near ones for material gain. They are despicable.

    Anyway, a true man would say his wife(and his kids) are the most important ‘things’ in his life. It can’t be anything else. Even if he has a great job, his wife and kids come first. There is something wrong with a man who abandons or even destroys his wife and kids because his job is more important to him. It’s no big deal to move from job to job, but it’s not okay to move from family to family. A man like Trump can afford to do so and provide for everyone, but such would be recipe for social hell for everyone else.

    Granted, divorces do happen, and man and woman can come to hate one another. But a man should always feel great bond and responsibility for his own kids. Fathers who lack this quality are scum.

    It’s like the story told by Gerald Ford. He tracked down his father, and the man pulled out $20 bucks, handed it to his son, and walked away.

    There was a time when such behavior on the part of the father would have been seen as low. No longer. After all, such ‘judgmentalism’ would condemn too many Negro men who never stick around. Also, a lot of white men and Hispanic men act the same. Also, with single motherhood being the New Norm, it is deemed perfectly okay for the guy to just walk away and let the woman be a ‘single mother’ like Murphy Brown. And he is to be lauded if he did a lesbian a favor by getting her pregnant so that she could either raise the kid single or with ‘two mommies’.

    But in a sane and moral world, a man and a woman should look for love and find someone they can settle down with. And a man should regard his wife more highly than anything else, and the woman should feel the same way about the man. And what they do in life should be considered in terms of “How is it good for the family?”

    As long as they are together, even if they lose everything(in a fire or earthquake) they can struggle together to make it again. And from such a bond comes the ideal environment for the kids, even in hard times. Even if the family loses everything, if the man and woman stick together and take care of the kid, the kid will grow up with proper values which are priceless.

    Our individualist-libertine values turned family itself into a place of competition where the man sees the woman as rival than partner. Instead of working together for the good of the family, the man thinks only in terms of my ‘career’. This is also the case in Japan(even in cases where they are married to housewives) where too many men don’t go home after work but hang with fellow buddies at bars and clubs late into the night. The fathers hardly talk with their wives and hardly know the kids who only know school work and shallow pop culture. No wonder Japan is turning into shi*. Fathers are really married to the corporation, and the kids are really raised by TV and education system geared to turn them into test-takers.

    In the West, it’s all about career, career, and career. And a lot of people think this is cool because the kind of jobs we see in movies tend to be privileged, special, and exciting. The fantasy of everyone having some super-cool job filled with interesting stuff. In fact, most jobs are drudgery, and this goes for white collar jobs too. Drone stuff, stuck-at-office stuff, paper-shuffling stuff, and etc. Any person who lives only for this ‘career’ is an idiot. Most jobs in manufacturing are drudgery. Most jobs in service are routine and dull. And most white collar jobs are few notches above clerk duty. So, where does the meaning of life come from? Family: spouse and kids. And family is important because culture, heritage, and identity can be passed through them. Imagine you’re Jewish and you wanna pass down your Jewish identity and heritage to your kids. You better create a family setting because if you just hump some single ho and refuse to play the role of father and hardly see your kids, they are gonna grow up into Pop Culture junkie morons.

    Also, family culture makes people aware of the fact that they are born, grow up, grow older, and die. Life has beginning, growth, middle, decline, and death. No one can escape this. And being part of a family makes one realize this through grandparents and relatives. But our individualist-consumer culture fixes our eyes and ears on the illusory fountain-of-youth of pop culture that doles out fantasy of everlasting fun. Even as people grow older, they still listen to pop music catered to teens. And they watch movies and read books meant for kids. Consider all the adults hooked on Harry Potter. And those silly comic book movies. And celebrity culture always produces a new batch of young nubile whores and dumb studs. And TV shows even women reaching middle age doing little else but acting ‘young’ and jumping in and out of bed as sluts and skanks. It creates the false illusion that life is all about ‘staying young forever’ than accepting maturity and aging and passing down the torch to your children. Many men and women don’t even have kids since they were too invested in fun. Or too invested in looking for fantasy ideal lover who is rare or doesn’t exist. And even those who did have kids never grew up. Fathers abandoned the kids, and women are single-mothers without culture who expose their kids to pop culture that urges them to get ugly tattoos and piercings.

    I mean WHAT KIND OF PARENTS raised kids like these?

    One thing for sure, decent and supportive parenting isn’t enough. Consider the Braddocks and Robinsons in THE GRADUATE. Braddocks raised Ben properly enough, sending him to good schools and all. And Robinsons seemed to have done okay with Elaine too.

    But even if Ben and Elaine are materially well off and well-educated, they have no center, no core value, because the ONLY CULTURE they know is genteel suburban materialism. There is no sense of ethnos, heritage, or culture.

    It is different with Michael Corleone who grew up under Vito Corleone who is about the family, culture, and values, even though he was exiled from Sicily at a young age.

    Material well-being is nice, but it offers no meaning in and of itself. It is like living in Ikea or Costco. I’m all for having nice material goods, but meaning comes from something else, but it seems so many Americans have lost that. And so have Europeans. No wonder they have no sense of anything. Even their notion of ‘western values’ is totally nuts. Apparently, ‘western values’ are all about allowing western races to be flooded by non-western-races in the hope that the newcomers will take to these ‘values’, such as ‘gay marriage’, rap music, and defining as one of 50 genders.

    If anything, the notion of ‘western values’ is dubious. After all, if ‘western values’ made the West such a success, why didn’t it happen with Byzantium? It preserved Christendom. And it safeguarded classical culture when Rome fell in the West. So, if ‘western values’ are so great, why was the history of Byzantium one of decline, stasis, and collapse? And if ‘western values’ are so great, why did some western nations achieve so much more than other ones? After all, not every European nation achieved greatness. And which Western Values when we speak of ‘western values’? Spain and Britain both had ‘western values’. Why did Spain keep slipping while Britain continue to rise? Christianity, Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, Anarchism, and etc are all ‘western values’. ‘Western values’ comprise Medivalism, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Great Awakening, the European Left, the European Right, Socialism, individualism, collectivism, realism, utopianism, etc. There are too many western ways and ideas to sum up into a single set of ‘western values’. One might say all those different schools of thought amount to pluralism as the key component of ‘western values’, but plenty of western societies through history had little use for pluralism and were very repressive. Also, pluralism isn’t necessarily a key to success. Indian civilization was pluralist with the fusion of all kinds of traditions and customs, but it stopped advancing at some point.

    So, if we want to understand the power of the West, it makes more sense to speak of Western Methods than Western Values. Which methods that developed in certain parts of the West led to the advantages that led to great revolutions and domination of the world? Were these methods related to certain key values? Also worth asking is, why did Western nations that rose so high and so fast soon embark on a rapid course of suicide and self-immolation? Maybe there is a very dark side to this Western thing as well.

    Anyway, the dying West should shut up about its ‘western values’. I mean why should the non-west adopt those ‘values’ that are leading to the destruction to the West? One thing for sure, the West didn’t rise to its glory by following the ‘western values’ of the Current Year. On its rise to world dominance, the leading European nations had certain Methods of thinking, solving problems, organizing systems, incentivizing activities, and directing social forces. Those Methods are the key. And those Methods back then were not about celebrating homo decadence and welcoming masses of foreign invasion. If the non-west wants to learn the best of the West, learn the methods that were key during the West’s rise to power, not the current ‘values’ that are leading the West to decadence and destruction.

    The current PC attacks the bad ole days, but the Methods of the bad ole days led to greatness and glory, whereas the Values of today are leading to degeneracy and demise. But we have idiots talking about ‘western values’ instead of ‘western methods’. Methods are concrete. Values are gooey and mushy, ever so fluid and at the mercy of the latest trends in bogus ‘social science’.

    Better to speak of Western Methods and, furthermore, Western Conditions. One of the conditions back then was all-white societies in Europe. Indeed, the great post-war boom after WWII happened when Europe was virtually all-white.

    But current PC makes us turn a blind eye to those Methods and Conditions and focuses on a wonky reinterpretation of ‘western values’, as if the glory of the West is due to worship of Diversity(when the West was saved by beating off Huns, Mongols, and Muslims) and homo decadence. In fact, despite the repressive aspects of Christianity, its one good impact on the West was its moral injunctions against excessive decadence and hedonism.

    People make jokes about FATHER KNOWS BEST and LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. Those are dismissed as relics of the bad ole 50s. So, what have we gotten in their stead? Father blows best? Father cucks best by having negro bull do mother? Father has best ass tattoo? Father let me get piercings all my face? Father listens to Miley Cyrus and watches Family Guy? Father took me to homo parade? Father says he wants to be a woman and wears a dress?

    Granted, the problem of FATHER KNOWS BEST and such shows was they had no sense of history and culture. They are all about nice pleasant life in the here and now as nuclear families keeping up with the Joneses. It is Braddock-ism of THE GRADUATE. And on that score, it was lacking in something essential. But what kind of alternatives do we have today? The bald headed loon on BREAKING BAD? The fat testicle-chinned blob of father FAMILY GUY? The degenerate on MARRIED WITH CHILDREN? We still so have clean-cut depictions of family life, but these are usually ‘gay families’ of the New Normal. Yeah, the only acceptable way to have a clean-cut traditional family is to have two ‘daddies’ bugger each other in the ass or two ‘mommies’ who stick cucumbers up each other poons.

    THE GODFATHER offered a meaningful vision of life because Vito Corleone had a sense of culture, family, and culture. Though not an educated man, he had good sense about his role as husband and father. And this is why Michael Corleone’s life is meaningful in the way that so many lives are not meaningful in modern movies. Michael also gains a deep sense of where he came from. Even as he becomes American, he doesn’t forget his roots.

    And DOCTOR ZHIVAGO. Even though Evgraf begins as a destructive radical, he comes to his senses somewhat and tries to reconnect his niece to the memory of his half-brother. He comes to realize the importance of family.

    Family isn’t everything, but it is the center from which all else begins to connect and matter. This is why ‘gay marriage’ is one of the most evil developments in the history of mankind. It turned family from a culturalization of nature into a lifestyle choice for decadents and deviants. It furthermore mocks the meaning of biology and morality with ludicrous notions of ‘two daddies’ and ‘two mommies’. The people who did this deserve condemnation for all eternity. Their decadent and degenerate vileness is beyond forgiveness. That this has been normalized in US and EU means so much of Western Greatness is now associated and smeared with this decadent notion of ‘western values’ where the greatest good is worshiping a homo’s penis inside the poopchute of another man. And we are supposed to honor this more if the penis happens to be black and the buttock white. Kong-dong-bung-ism is ‘western values’.

    That so many Americans offered no resistance to this rot goes to show how totally venal the modern world has become… and what a sinister force globalism really is.

    Yet, in a twisted way, the recent development makes perverse sense because civilization was only possible by reversing the sense of rightness. The rise of decadence is a revenge of nature managed by technology to do least harm while doling out the pleasure.

    After all, what is right by civilization is the reversal of what is right by nature. By nature, it is right to steal. Animals take from one another all the time. There are no rules but ‘gimme gimme’. If a bear can steal from another bear, it will. If wolves can steal from a bear, they will. If another pack of wolves can steal it, they will. And so on. And rape is right by nature. Horny males will hunt down and pork females. They feel heat and sexually conquer females. Or females in heat will beg for it. There’s no morality. What is right by nature is what comes naturally by instincts and drives. It is a kind of primal Nietzcheanism where the stronger does as it wants without compunction or reservation or ‘guilt’. Nature is about dominance. It is about satiating basic primal drives that lead to food and sex and continuation via offsprings.

    But in order to have civilization, all the things that were right by nature had to be reversed. So, taking stuff became ‘stealing’, a bad. So, humping out of heat became ‘rape’, a bad. So, killing for gain, so right in nature, became ‘murder’, a terrible thing.

    For civilization to work, humans had to be convinced that what is right by nature is wrong by culture. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. As humans evolved as social animals, they gradually developed the emotional qualities that became more receptive to notions of common good and proto-altruism than merely brazen self-interest. Indeed, these qualities can also be found in other social animals who sometimes suppress self-interest for team work and common good. Even so, animals have no moral code.

    In contrast, civilization codified laws and systems that emotionally convinced humans that it is WRONG to do and even feel certain things(or think certain ideas). The positive side of this was that it made for more stable and cooperative society. The negative side was that mankind has to suppress its natural instincts of virility and vitality. Even before the rise of Christianity, what Nietzsche condemned in Christian slave morality took place with civilization itself. Civilization cannot exist with everyone trying to be top dog. What is right by nature tells each human organism to do whatever to get ‘what is mine’. To ensure that such doesn’t happen, civilization must do something more than rule by fear to ensure people will behave. Such a civilization can only be like a prison full of criminals and killers who must be watched at all times. For civilization to work well, people must be convinced that it is WRONG to do certain things EVEN IF they could get away with it. And this was achieved not only by cultivation, education, and teaching of values but by eugenic processes. A civilization might harshly punish those who got out of line. The violators might be killed, exiled, or have their balls cut off. Over time, the wolfish types were weeded out more while the doggish types were spared to breed. So, humans, at least of some races, became more amenable to earnestly accepting civilizational ideals.

    This is why non-blacks take better to civilization than blacks do. Black hardly underwent this process since most of them evolved in non-civilization environments of chucking spears at hippos, running from hyenas, hollering at gorillas, and clubbing gophers for dinner. The wolfish blacks were not weeded out, so black genes tend to be wild. So, blacks are like natural-born-criminals. Even if you try to educate them and cultivate them, their inner souls feel like “gots to have me dat”. There are few brakes in the Negro mind. Fewer inhibitions, few introspective faculties. Negro be looking at something and be feeling, “gots to have me”. The wilder Negroes will just lunge for it cuz they got no patience. It’s like Michael Brown had to have himself some cigar, shoo. He gonna grab himself some, sheeeeiiit. But some Negroes are more jazzy than rappy, and they, like Obama and other dudes, be looking for some slick genteel way to get what they want. But even they are all about ‘gots to have me’. Jazziness is not about reflection and depth. It’s about being slick and fast and tricky to get what one wants. It is gibbonic. If Michael Brown or Mike Tyson are gorillian and just grab stuff, the Obamas of the world be gibbonic and do all sorts of tricky acrobatics to get their banana. But what Michael Brown and Obama have in common is they both lack conscience, introspection, and genuine reflection. It’s about ‘gots to have me’. Michael Brown wanted cigars and even tried to grab the gun of an officer. Obama pulled the biggest negro con ever by going for president. Like the slickster in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, he played white folks’ psychology like a jazz keyboard. He knew what buttons to push. And he had great help from Jews who owned the media and most top institutions and eased the way for him as The One and the messiah for white prog folks who, being post-christian, wanted a new religion, and it was Obama as messenger of hope and faith and holy homo ‘marriage’.

    Sadly, the chance of civilizing blacks is now impossible, and this goes for both US and EU. Even if whites had the moral advantage over blacks, it would be difficult to civilize blacks because blacks have yet to go through a weeding process that favors the doggish over the wolfish. Suppose for the next 500 yrs, we only allowed the mild Negroes to mate while forbidding wilder aggressives ones from mating. Over time, Negroes might become milder and kinder, more amenable to what is right by civilization. But blacks are still FOJ or Fresh Out of the Jungle. If anything, black evolution favored the wolfies over the doggies. Black women who best shook ass and tits were favored, and black guys who best danced, chucked spears, beat bongo drums, talked shi*, and slung their dongs were favored.

    Given this reality, it is difficult for whites to civilize blacks.

    Even so, if whites had moral advantage over blacks, the latter might make a bit more effort. Consider the past when whites did indeed have a moral advantage over blacks. Back then, white message to blacks were, “Look, imperialism and slavery weren’t very nice on our part, but you blacks are jungle savages who were acting like naked apes in the dark continent forever. We took your black ass out of the wilderness and placed you in civilization. I know your ugabuga ways make you wanna holler and act crazy, BUT that is NOT Okay in our civilization of higher values and principles. Indeed, if we white folks acted like you Negroes, we wouldn’t even have civilization. We’d be chucking spears at hippos in jungles too. So, make an effort not to act too apeish and wild and crazy.”

    • Now, a Negro hearing such talk might have been offended, but he would have also thought, “You know, dat white man be some punkass mofo, but maybe he right. After all, my ancestors in Africa run around naked, got no technology, be living next to monkeys and rhinos, and don’t even have decent knife to cut watermelon with.”

      So, at the very least, the Negro might feel that he has to be a credit to his race and prove his worth.

      Even with such pressure, it was difficult to civilize blacks because guys with the genetics of Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, and others are difficult to tame. All the more so since they are stronger than white man and can strike out and whup everybody. This is why so many teachers are scared half to death of black students.

      Anyway, if it was very difficult to civilize Negroes even when white man had the moral advantage over the Negro, imagine the difficulty of civilizing them when black folks have been handed the moral upperhand. Actually, blacks have been made holy via the MLK cult and Mandela myth. As such, secular whites and even Evangelical cucks look upon blacks as some holy race.

      This means it is now IMPOSSIBLE to solve the black problem that will just get worse and worse and worse. The race that is most problematic, difficult, aggressive, insane, pathological, murderous, rapacious, rape-driven, and vicious has been placed on the altar to sit judgement on everyone else by calling them ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’.

      With whites stuck in the position of moral inferiority and weakness, it means they can never criticize black behavior no matter how bad it gets. And in 2015, it got totally rotten with BLM lunacy and even ghastly murders of cops. But MSM always justifies or excuses black foulness. And even Donald Trump never criticized black foulness. Hillary was egging them on. It is no wonder that some Democrats secretly think immigration is the only solution to the black problem. As much as they blather about holy blacks and MLK, their enthusiasm for Diversity via immigration — mainly from Asia and Latin America — seems to imply an unspoken policy of ANYONE BUT BLACK. But, unfortunately, a good number of immigrants also come from Africa that is exploding in population.

      Of course, EU may be messed up even more as black Africans can easily reach the EU where the policy is “we take in all negroes who make it to sea.”

      EU also has instituted a policy of moral inferiority to blacks. For whatever reason — imperialism, holocaust, racism, etc — , white Europeans see themselves as moral inferiors to blacks and Muslims. So, whites have no right to judge those people or criticize them, and those who do will be dragged off to prison for ‘hate speech’.

      These conditions will lead to major disaster. Tons of blacks entering is different from, say, tons of Asians entering. Too many Asians will also alter and destroy white Europe, but all Asians can easily be brought to civilized behavior since Asian genes evolved to be amenable to the civilizational process.

      In contrast, black genes are anti-civilizational since they evolved in jungles and steppes of Africa filled with angry elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalos, gorillas, and hippos who hate Negroes more than the most ‘racist’ redneck ever did.

      Too Many Asians will mean a different civilization in Europe. Too Many Africans will mean end of civilization.

      But what is EU doing? It is teaching white kids that Negroes are perfect angels, indeed the moral superiors of whites. White kids from a young age ware made to worship MLK, Mandela, and Obama. So, there is a quasi-spiritual worship of the craziest and most savage race on earth. But then, this savagery is also a turn-on. And this makes EU and US so schizo. On the one hand, the holy Negro is the higher spiritual figure, like those Morgan Freeman characters in Hollywood movies. But the Negro is also sought for his savage athleticism, wild colorfulness, the pounding round butt, and long dong.

      On the one hand, the Negro is the angel from whom whites needs to seek redemption. On the other hand, the Negro is the wild jungle liberator of white folks who’d been repressed by the tyranny of civilization. Negro is redeemer of soul and liberator of senses. The Negro has the mournful look and soulful bellowing voice about how he done have a dream, but he can also whup everyone, outrun everyone, dance faster, and hump longer. Don’t progs see any contradiction in this? How can morally superior spiritual Negroes also be wild and crazy jungle Negroes of sports and rap? If Negroes are to be admired for their cool thuggery and jungle animal lust, just what is so high-and-mighty about Negro ethics and morality? It’s all just a crazy prog fantasy.

      And we are seeing the result of this delusion in US and EU. Negroes are destroying more and more and more. And blacks in Africa keep breeding like rabbits, and more and more white wombs now produce black babies. This spells the doom of white civilization, but whites are brainwashed by PC and see themselves as moral inferiors of holy blacks when, in fact, blacks are the craziest bunch of natural lunatics the world has ever seen.

      White people think that because they had power over blacks and exploited them — yes, whites did — , that makes white evil and blacks noble.

      But there is problem in the logic. Suppose there is a decent Amish community. Its folks are mostly nice. Suppose there is a wild bandit tribe that goes around robbing and raising hell. Suppose this wild bandit tribe raids other wild bandit tribes and carries off prisoners to be sold as slaves.

      Now, it’s obvious that the Amish are saner and better than the wild bandit folks.

      But suppose Amish come upon lots of land and need manpower. They get a bit greedy and decide to buy slaves from the wild bandit tribe. So, the wild bandit tribe offers to sell as slaves their captives who themselves are members of other wild bandit tribes. These slaves, being of bandit lineage, are naturally wild.

      Anyway, the Amish buy and use these wild bandit folks as slaves. Since the slaves have wild nature, the Amish must be tough with them and even whip em once awhile. Unless a clear message is sent to these wild fellers, they get out of hand and act nuts.

      Suppose Amish eventually figure that slavery is wrong and emancipate the wild bandit folks. And the Amish try to civilize them. But the Amish discover it is difficult since the wild bandit folks are naturally predisposed to holler too much like Toshiro Mifune in SEVEN SAMURAI.

      Still, the Amish try and get some results because the Moral Narrative favors the Amish. While the narrative addresses the wrongness of slavery, it say the wild bandit folks are of barbarian origin and need to be strictly controlled because, otherwise, they will start acting crazy. The narrative favors the Amish as the civilizational mentors of the wild bandit folks.

      Also, suppose wild bandit folks are stronger than Amish, therefore dangerous.

      But suppose time passes, and Jews enter the Amish world and take over the narrative and change it. Jews say there are no racial differences between Amish and wild bandit folks. In other words, the Amish notion that wild bandit folks need to be supervised and elevated is just a ‘racist’ lie devised to maintain Amish supremacism over wild bandit folks who are racially no different from the Amish. So, the Amish must not only feel bad about slavery but about the whole notion of how the wild bandit folks need to make greater effort at civilization since they are more predisposed to be wild and crazy. According to the new narrative, the Amish were NEVER civilizational mentors of the wild bandit folks but mere exploiters, oppressors, and haters.

      So, the wild bandit folks gain the moral advantage. They feel they have nothing to learn from Amish anymore. Since they are morally so high and mighty whereas Amish are guilty of everything, they blame Amish for all their problems. And since their natural predisposition is to be savage, wild, and crazy, they have no means of self-criticism or introspection to realize that maybe the Amish aren’t all bad and they themselves are all good. And since they are stronger than the Amish, they begin to whup Amish butt all over the place. That, as we know, would be the beginning of the end.

      Isn’t that like the problem that White America has with blacks?

      Thankfully, the black population of the US is less than 15%, but even that is high enough to cause so many problems all over. And with more coming from Africa, there’s bound to be more troubles down the line, especially as all Negroes are told in the US that they are moral superiors, whereas whites, as moral inferiors, have no right to judge blacks over anything.

      As for all the black Africans moving to Europe where the young generation worship Mandela and Bob Marley and Seal and Kanye West and Lumumba and Long Dong Silver, how will that turn out? It’s gonna be hellish downfall. The Muslim problem in Europe is child’s play compared to the true hell that will come with the massive arrivals of black Africans who are FOJ or Fresh out of the Jungle.

      Anyway, if civilization was made possible by reversing what is right by nature, post-civilization now operates by reversing what is right by civilization, at least in some areas.

      Civilization had to decree as wrong what is right by nature. In nature, taking is right. All animals will take from other animals. There are no rules. The only ‘right’ in nature is what comes naturally. So, if a big bear can take a kill from a cougar, it will. And there is nothing the cougar can do about it.

      While civilization also had wars and pillaging, and etc, especially against enemies, those within the same civilization had to play the same rules. A kind of honor-among-thieves. Otherwise, civilization couldn’t develop and progress.

      In time, honor-among-thieves wasn’t enough for complex civilization. Such system was, after all, just a mutual pact among thieves committed to stealing… like the hoodlums in RESERVOIR DOGS. They didn’t believe stealing was wrong; they just didn’t steal from one another for mutual benefit and mutual fear. They had no higher principle.

      In contrast, complex civilization needs people who really believe it is wrong to steal even if they could get away with it. So, what is right by civilization is the opposite of what is right by nature. So, in a way, civilization is a kind of necessary perversion of nature. Its morality is kind of ‘slave morality’. It chains the virile and vital animal in us. The fact that so many people love gangster movies, rappers, thug heroes, barbarian king stories, rough sports, and pirates of romance novels goes to show that, on some level, they all feel stifled by civilization’s morality that forbade freedom to our nature. Something in us wants to root for Randall McMurphy who just goes for whatever he wants.

      Still, the reason why civilization had to suppress what is right by nature was obvious: if natural forces were allowed to run free, civilization fell apart, and all would be lost.

      At some point, however, Western mankind discovered that excessive suppression of nature actually held back civilizational progress. It prevented people from being adventurous and take risks. It also led to stagnant corruption whereupon those with the power cynically invoked morality and honor to suppress any voices as vices when, in fact, those voices needed to be heard and offered necessary criticism and possibilities.

      The West came upon a compromise whereby natural energies would be released on condition that they be sublimated toward higher goals, enterprises, and expressions. So, something like the Renaissance and later Enlightenment happened. There was more freedom for individuals, but the expressions and endeavors had to reach high, seek deeper meaning, serve the glory of God, expand the power of the domain by new discoveries in science or new voyages for land and resources. Homo artists could be creative, but they had to serve God or higher beauty than fantasize about massive orgies with leather dildos up their ass. If Robert Mapplethorpe had lived during the Renaissance, maybe he would have been Caravaggio.

      Still, the tension between civilization and nature was not an easy one.

      But then, after WWII, there was prolonged time of peace and prosperity with vast advances in technology, medicine, and everything else. For one thing, civilizations no longer needed to fear being overrun by barbarians. In the past, even the greatest civilizations could be conquered by barbarians such as Huns, Mongols, Vikings, Germanic barbarians, Berbers, and etc. But there was no such danger in modern times.

      Or vast numbers of people could be wiped out plagues and epidemics. Modern societies lost all such fears. Modern society could only be conquered by other modern societies.

      Also, with new means of transportation and boom in housing, so many people could own homes and live safely. Also, technology rid society of the negative consequences of wild natural behavior. Prior to such technology, wild natural behavior was checked either by social sanctions/punishment or by nature’s revenge. If a woman fooled around, she would get pregnant and would have to take care of the kid. And the guy who got the girl pregnant might be forced into shotgun marriage. Also, there were sexual diseases for those who fooled around recklessly. So many died of syphilis.

      But modern society came up with all sorts of medicines and means to prevent pregnancy and disease even when people acted wildly natural like animals. Now, people could have sex like super-rabbits and never get pregnant or die of disease.

      Also, vast expansion of material goods and opportunities meant that everyone had a second chance. When educational material had been scarce, many couldn’t go to college. So, when someone had a chance to go to school, he had to make sure to do it right cuz there might not be a second chance. His wilder nature told him to bum off, party, skip studies, and take it easy. But that would mean failure and no second chance. But with vast expanse of educational opportunities, one could mess up totally in high school but then be given another chance in community colleges.

      In the past, will to work mattered a lot. It determined whether one lived or died. If one didn’t work on the farm and didn’t produce enough food, it could mean a lean winter and starvation. So, even though the human nature wanted to slack off, take it easy(like the grasshopper vs the ant), and goof off, one had to follow what was right by civilization that what was right by nature since work culture is key to civilization. An animal that lives by what is right by nature is content to just take from other animals. In contrast, the human organism must do what is right by civilization and work to produce enough food for the long term even if he would prefer to take it easy.

      But mass food production by modern agriculture and market economics produced more food than could be consumed by Americans. Food became cheap, even for the poor. And the government provided free food to tens of millions of folks. That meant one could live like grasshoppers or wild apes and still have enough to eat, even to the point of having pot bellies and fat asses.

      In the past, violating the rules of civilization by doing what is right by nature meant the fall of civilization and the return of barbarism, even the reversion to savagery.

      But modern world made it possible to indulge in wild natural pleasures and still maintain civilization. Also, civilization created medicine and other means to reverse the negative effects of wild natural behavior. Also, indulgence in wild pleasures could boost economic production since vice industries could offer all sorts of pleasures in food, sex, entertainment, thrills, drugs, and etc.

      If a woman acted like a whore in the past, she might die of disease or end up pregnant and have to be a mother. Today, a modern woman can have sex with 100s of men a year and not be pregnant or die of disease. She could have antibiotics for VD. She could use the pill to prevent pregnancy. And even if she gets pregnant, she could use abortion to kill the kid.

      And no matter how lazy and worthless you are, you don’t have to worry about starving in the US or EU. Indeed, the state will provide you with free housing, clothes, food, and etc even if you choose to be a wild crazy lunatic.

      Since everyone loves pleasure and since everyone can have pleasure without the dire consequences of the fall of civilization, we’ve undergone a new revolution in morality.

      Going from nature to civilization meant reversing what is right by nature into what is right by civilization. Mankind gained from civilization but has to sacrifice much of what was natural. Life in civilization became more secure but less fun. More ant-like but less grasshopper-like.

      But in with the rise of plenty and security in the late modern era, mankind can indulge in lots of pleasure. They can be ‘natural’ once again but without the ‘revenge of nature’.

      One could fuc* like rabbits without breeding like rabbits. One could live like a grasshopper without freezing like a grasshopper.

      So, traditional morality and traditional normality are seen as suspect. They are seen as antiquated systems of behavior that are no longer relevant in the Age of Leisure.

      Indeed, the main reason for why people work so hard is for more leisure, not to raise a family. And since people are so addicted to fun, they don’t want to say NO to anyone’s else’s fun, no matter how ridiculous it may be. So, if it’s fun for homos to celebrate homo-ness and get ‘married’, who is to say NO to such fun?

      Steven Pinker seems to believe that traditional morality, though once useful in the transition from nature to civilization, now stands in the way of the New Way where we can have a balance of Social Order(according to science and technology) and Pleasure(that give full release to all our natural fetishes and drives).

      But is this ‘return to nature’ a return to real nature? Doesn’t real nature have consequences? That is how nature balances itself. It’s like there is hubris and nemesis. It’s like what Merlin says. Everything has its opposites.

      But we now pretend that we can do whatever, and there won’t be a reckoning since we are protected from it by all these safety nets. We feel that we can indulge in natural pleasures without worry since our science/technology will do the balancing act.

      So, we can hump like animals and have fun but be spared from dire effects by pills, gadgets, and procedures.

      The current economic theory offers the same assurances. After the Great Depression, the government supposedly placed a bunch of safety nets and cushions so that something like that can’t happen ever again. In 2008, this was tested with the biggest financial earthquake since 1929. We were told the system weathered the stress and survived. The system can save whatever is Too Big to Fail. We need not worry. So, whatever crisis results from the Return of Nature — greed, lust, hedonism, gluttony, megalomania, etc — , we need not worry because the System is powerful and secure enough to weather and correct any problem and restore the balance and ‘make american great again’. After all, even the HIV horror was contained in the long run with new drugs, and there is now even talk of a total cure for HIV.. which means homos can return to mass-ass-humping and need not worry since science will find a fix for whatever problem that comes along.

      So, on the one hand, the more science and technology advances, the more we become like animals. Gross and indulgent in our appetites for pleasure. It’s a strange paradox. With better science and technology, we can totally indulge in animal pleasures — like in BRAVE NEW WORLD and SLEEPER — without fear of the breakdown of the system… like what happened to decadent Rome that crumbled and reverted to barbarianism.

      The more we advance scientifically, the more apelike we become. It’s fitting that Michio Kaku talks of time travel but also of the value of rap, an apelike music. It is fitting that the most educated Liberal elites are into cuck culture of having their women do apelike Negroes. Intellectual obsessed with being ‘more evolved’ but having their women have sex with the less evolved. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY GOT IT WRONG. The Star Child should be the Star Ape.

      Indeed, consider the rising swinger culture. There was a time when such would have led to all sorts of diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But now, there is no such anxiety. Also, these people have come up with sophisticated systems of screening to ensure that they can enjoy the animal pleasure without sacrificing their bourgeois comfort. It’s all been professionalized and systemized.

      But can this really go on? Will the system finally break? I think it will. Such decadence and indulgence means the West lost the moral resolve to say NO. Even though the West cannot be invaded by barbarians on horseback as in ancient and medieval times, the West has lost the moral compass and resolve to realize what is most central to its existence and survival. So, even though it has the material and military means to defend itself from invaders, it lacks moral courage since its concept of ‘western values’ has been corrupted by globalism. EU cannot stop the Soft Invasion of ‘refugees’ who tug at Western heartstrings. ‘Western Values’ are now all about hedonism + virtue-signaling; and Western people, whose only meaning comes from shallow pleasures, feel that they have NO RIGHT to say NO to newcomers who also want to share in the Pleasures. A decadent people who have it so easy lack the resolve to say NO to anyone else. And people who had it easy and inherited this ease don’t really feel they own it; they lack the hunger. It’s like those who worked to make their fortune cling to what they got, but those who grew up rich don’t value the real worth of what they have. They take it for granted and even feel ‘guilty’ that they got it so easy.

      The young people who grew up in the West after WWII inherited a lot of good times from their parents, and they take it for granted. They don’t see the true value of it since they didn’t have to struggle for it. Since they were guaranteed everything by parents or society, they think this is a universal right that cannot be denied to anyone. They don’t see the good things in their nation as the product of their ancestors’ struggle.

      Also, they were raised with PC as replacement for Christianity, and PC teaches them that it’s great to indulge in Negro culture and since Negroes are so cool, they must allow tons of African Negroes into their nations.

      And then, over time, the system will fall as Europe is turned Afrope.

    • Nope.

      If it was then it would never have been undermined as easily as it was and no, your emotions are not a fact and not an argument either (unless you are a feminist).

      The core purpose of human life has been the tribe, since the beginning of the human specie no less, that is how humans survived the ice age and evolved into greater intelligence in the first place.

      With larger-scale societies, family (by the defintion that existed before cultural-marxism) took the place the tribe once did because individual humans were sheltered from the natural world.

      It is a creation of the more civilized human societies very recently in human history or even the history of the White race.

      Blacks should simply get out of the way and not be a problem, there is no such thing as duty toward them unless they serve usefull purposes.

      The 50s lead to the baby boomers and the spread of cultural-marxism, that does show that father didn´t know best after all,
      the Führer did and even he failed because he was an individual that could not know everything.
      The old ways was followed by (((Current Year))) and that was not all a coincidence, far from being the solution, they are part of the problem.

  2. Did you catch the NYT’s outrage at Trad Youth’s desire to “preserve the privileged place of whiteness in Western Civilization?” As if there is or could be any Western Civilization independent of whites! Are these people retarded? As far as the Russians, Breitbart is full of ostensibly conservative Cucks who hate Putin. Don’t know if these are older people who remember air raid drills in school and conflate Russian with Soviet, or younger ones who buy into the (((MSM))) narrative. Either way, they’re a joy to troll!!!

      • Unfortunately, Captain, Jews are a bare minority of those who have been sold on Jewish anti-Putin propaganda.

        No, most of my fellow Southerners actually feel this way, too.

        Let’s face it – most people will do and think whatever the TV says – irrespective of blood.

        • I’ve always found the Leftist talking heads on the news to be condescending, silly and naive. That and the amusing way they think they’re in the majority not just in their few, urban enclaves. In short, I ignore them, their buzzwords, hissy fits, and latest nonsense causes, whatever it is at the moment. Their impact on the Piney Woods of East Texas is 0.

          • Great comment, Mr. Owens.

            And their impact (Leftist Talking heads) on the White part of the Northeastern North Carolinian neck of the Piney Woods, may not be 0%, but, it’s right small, indeed.

            Have a blesst day!

          • I guess “Americanism in one country” like Stalin had “socialism in one country.” For this to work, special interest lobbies would have to be opposed by the Government. A government who did this would be moving away from liberal capitalism.

          • No, Mr. Besarab, I see no equating Americanism and Soviet Stalinism, the latter which, according to Russian Government statisticks, sent 30,000,000+ Russians to their death, in purges, reprisals, summary executions, and deportations; all the while compelling the rest to live in abject fear.

            How one could regard that to ‘Americanism’ – the notion that the interests of the citizenry are to come before any other, is beyond me, unless it is on some lesser oblique point.

            Nor do I see any equating ‘Americanism’ to Soviet Stalinist communism; a systemick tyranny which all but destroyed the The Holy Mother Russian Orthodox Church and separated Russians from their maker, and which created so many victims that there were nearly as many orphans as their were kids with parents.

            As to ‘moving away from liberal capitalism’ – we began doing that over 100 years ago with unions, child labour laws, and, in recent decades, the adoption of so many environmental regulations, that a business owner has to have his head examined for attempting to do business in this country.

            No, Mr. Besarab, what we have had is a tyrannical despotick oligarchy which has, while pulling the rug out from underneath the working ,man, has actually dared to lecture him on his smoking and dietary habits – not to mention telling him that his preference for his own kind is EVIL.

            No. whatever you call that system, imposed on us by The New England Government, I see nothing ‘liberal’ or ‘capital’ about it.

            And though I can imagine something worse than Bush-ism or Obama-ism, there is not much that qualifies.

            In fact, when I think of these two ‘isms, mostly what comes to my Southron mind is the need for a resurrected superabundance of traditional Klancraft to be practiced upon those who have imposed it upon us.

          • Yes, John, I am well aware of the miraculous resurrection that The Russian Orthodox Church, (my church) has made under Czar Vlad.

            It certainly has endeared me to the new Czar.

            Yes, before the Jews could do away with Czar Nicholas II, there were 30,000+ churches in Mother Russia, and, by the end of glasnost, only a little over 300, and they were not well attended because of harassment that the KGB gave the would-be congregants.

            Now, today, after 20 years of Czar Vlad, they are back to pre-Soviet totals and climbing.

            It’s a sign of God’s power, and also a sign that The New England Government proxy media, which tries to demonize Putin, is, itself, the demon.

            Thank you, John. Be well!

          • You’re welcome, Junius—and don’t worry: I figured you know at least as much as I know about the Russian Church’s recovery. I simply thought your initial remark should be punctuated, with a reference to the cathedral that seems to me to embody that recovery.

          • Thank you, John, for your respect and kind words.

            The recovery of the Russian Orthodox Church, and hundreds of Soviet bulldozed cathedrals (many painstaking crated to echo, in incredible minutia, the originals that fell to Satan’s socialist minions.

            It’s just a miracle what is happening in Russia (even though the country is still deep in the toxick scars of 75 years of Bolshevism) and, if ever I despair over my beloved North Carolina, I fall to thinking of what god can do, by putting the right man,(men) in charge.


          • Thank you so much, John; though, as I am now reading this on the following morn’, I shall return you a ‘good day’!

          • PS For your delectation, Junius, I present, below, a graphic that pairs your region (the South) with your religion (Russian Orthodox). On the left is a creek baptizing of the Primitive Baptist Church in Morehead, Kentucky, 1940. On the right is the baptizing of the Kievans, which is usually dated 988.

            The photograph is by Marion Post Wolcott, who was working for the New Deal’s Farm Security Administration. The painting is by the Russian artist Klavdy Lebedev. Each of the images was at Wikipedia.


          • How very worthwhile and apropos of you, John!; for it brings up something that I have long observed as a great bond of similarity betwixt Russians and Southerners – that we, both, are, as a whole, a body of peoples much more inclined to mystery, superstition, nature, and race, than is most of The West.

            Furthermore, there is a line in Nikolai Gogol’s great novel, ‘Dead Souls’, (1840s )which I think, in a symbolick fashion, sums up the essence of the two peoples,and that was …

            ‘There are places in Russia, in the provinces, that have had all the grime built up on the walls or floors, since it’s construction, and not only are these places usually not noticet, when they are, nothing is thought of them, whatsoever.’

            And that, I think, sums up the ‘content-to-live-in-mysterious-heritage attitude of both folk – an attitude that infuriates many of those who are not like us, and yet, who look in on both peoples…

          • Fascinating, Junius, that that passage from Gogol put you in mind of the South. By you alone, I think, would I expect such a connection to be made.

          • Thank you so much, John. I am gratified my observation connected with you.

            Have a very very good night!

          • Yes and no, Mr. Kleinfeld.

            The Russian Church, in exile some decades back, (in France) canonized them; though, that was not recognized by the Mother church; it then still operating under The Bolsheviks.

            Since the fall of communism, The restored Mother Church (in Moscow) has given them as special status, though, I believe it is not quite that of sainthood.

          • ‘Too many Americans think politics is a sporting event, where there has to be a bad guy.’

            I do want to say another thing to this, Mr. Besarab – if folks were charitably determined to evade the notion that there is one ‘bad guy’, the acts of the Jewish Community all but relegate that wellmeaningness to the impossibility bin.

          • Americans aren’t treating Jews as the “bad guy” but even so, criticism of Jewry should be nuanced and specific, not generalized.

          • Well, Mr. Besarab, you would have to be pleased with this site’s specifying of Jewish community usurpations and ursuries, because he goes into the most mind-numbing nuance – to the point where it gets fatiguing, going over and over it again; yet, what can you do? : it keeps happening, over and over again.

            Prime Minister Natanyahu is right – time for all Jews to go home to Israel.

          • Having a lot of Jews in the bourgeois class for the most part prevents collaboration with working class. In other words saying AIPAC or Goldman Sachs supports a candidate is enough to get far right people to back off the candidate. The problem is that the far right believes in this so strongly, that when a candidate like Trump self-funds, they’re completely fooled because he didn’t have Jewish funding. I think the future will only strengthen my argument.

          • Having a lot of Jews in the bourgeois class for the most part prevents collaboration with the working class. In other words saying AIPAC or Goldman Sachs supports a candidate is enough to get far right people to back off the candidate. The problem is that the far right believes in this so strongly, that when a candidate like Trump self-funds, they’re completely fooled because he didn’t have Jewish funding. I think the future will only strengthen my argument.

          • I don’t think that the far right, as you say, is confused about Jewry.

            In fact, I think it is the very opposite – that all but the far right, in this country, is confused about Jewry, and what the ramifications of that have been, are, and will be.

            That said, I do agree with you that, no matter what your convictions, they can, at times, be used against you. That said, it’s better to have firm convictions about what’s what.

            No path is perfectly sage, and it’s better to be clear about what is evil and what is not, as opposed to not being clear about it, for fear of being played, now and then.

        • I get good results asking confused “Amurikuns” would they rather be in bed with the Russians, be in bed with beautiful White European Russian women like Anna Kournikova or be in bed with Afghan Muslim tribal creatures who don’t bathe use toilet paper and who’s soul purpose in life is to murder, enslave infidels like the Amurikun guy.

          But, some Amurikuns are just not able to be saved – have them clear mine fields in Iraq.

          • Interesting, Mr. Ellis.

            You have a hybrid Yankee/Confederate mind with a mad scientist’s twist.

            This could be very very helpful for the coming war…

        • Agreed. Have you heard this joke:

          Q: What do you call someone addicted to heroin?
          A: A heroin addict

          Q: What do you call someone addicts to alcohol?
          A: An alcoholic

          Q: What do you call someone addicted to bad, lying television?
          A: An American.


    • They’re mostly older folks who were in their twenties and thirties in Eighties. The Cold War defined their lives and their political and military careers. They don’t want to let go. Like the ninety somethings still at war with Germany.

      • This is very true. So many of our older people simply can not let go of views they held 40 years ago. Things change, sometimes things change for the better like most big US Cities giving the boot to the worst Black mayors of the 1980s.

        Harold Washington
        Coleman Young
        Marian Barry
        Tom Bradley

        Other great changes is that White boxers now dominate international boxing. Those people cucking that “White boys can’t fight” they are only 40 years out of date.

        With these close minded, stupid older White people who are hating on our kinsmen the Russians, don’t try to use reason with them, just drive them to the roughest all Black ghetto near you, drop them off and give them a smile.

        “You must be happy – no Russians – ha, ha. Now you’re going to die”.

  3. Western Nationalists label as racists instead of noun.Irish>British>German>Russian>Italian>American>Austrialianan>


  4. The main reason Trump praises Putin it that he wants to be seen as attacking ISIS only and avoiding Bashar Assad. By teaming up with Russia, people will trust his invasion more, since he’ll argue that he genuinely only wants to fight ISIS and not the Syrian Government. He is inconsistent though on Assad.

    The other statement he made is that Putin is a strong leader.

    By the way, Gorbachev called Putin a “better communist” than Gorbachev. It’s obvious to me that Putin is a Communist sympathizer, but not an Orthodox Marxist Leninist. White nationalists of the Duke variety over-estimate Putin’s supposed Repudiation of USSR. Putin is still pro-USSR and still Communist sympathizing. I could pull up several articles to back that up.

  5. The main reason Trump praises Putin it that he wants to be seen as attacking ISIS only and avoiding Bashar Assad. By teaming up with Russia, people will trust his invasion more, since he’ll argue that he genuinely only wants to fight ISIS and not the Syrian Government. He is inconsistent though on Assad.

    The other statement he made is that Putin is a strong leader.

    By the way, Gorbachev called Putin a “better communist” than Gorbachev. It’s obvious to me that Putin is a Communist sympathizer, but not an Orthodox Marxist Leninist. White nationalists of the Duke variety over-estimate Putin’s supposed Repudiation of USSR. Putin is still pro-USSR and still Communist sympathizing. I could pull up several articles to back that up.

    Putin saying he’s not a Communist is like you saying you’re not a White nationalist, you’re a Southern nationalist. You didn’t really change much after that. To many anti-revisionist communists, Russia changed in 1953, not 1991. Gorbachev just “admitted” what had already happened and got rid of the Union. However I think Putin is as good a Communist as the revisionists (post-Stalin, anti-Mao) were.

    • I entirely disagree with you, Mr. Basarab.

      Neither you, nor any of us, have any idea as to what goes on in the mind and soul of another.

      Furthermore, the subtext of your analysis is that Trump is fundamentally a treacherous charlatan, and no one in the world can yet know that – as he has not even been sworn in.

      No, time will tell on this; and, as for myself, I will give him, as I do all others, the benefit of the doubt, until it is painfully obvious that such is not correct to do.

      • I’m not sure he’ll go so far as to turn on Assad, but I haven’t ruled it out. I do think he’ll get the US back in the region to fight ISIS.

    • Putin is a tough White guy leader – who understand current days realities. When Russia and Eastern Europe (Putin was KGB station chief in East Berlin when the Wall fell) were Soviet Empire, Putin was Soviet (some Communist trappings but very European, not Mugabe). If the system was Czarist Putin would be top guy Czarist maybe even the Czar himself.

      Putin obviously models his public image after one of the latter day James Bond actors.

      • With Russians you’re veering into the grey area of Whiteness. Clearly Caucasian, but marginally European.

        • The anti-Whites have no problem discerning who is “white”. “White countries” are the ones they demand be opened up to massive third world immigration and forced racial integration.

        • No, you’re views on racial/cultural realities in Russia and the West are only about 75 years out of date.

          St. Petersberg Russia is very White, very European racially and culturally – much Whiter, more European than London/Londonstan that now has a Pakistani Muslim/Leftist mayor.

          Do you think this Russian woman Anna Kournikova isn’t White, isn’t European?

          What the H*** is wrong with you?

          A sane, healthy, heterosexual White male should have no problem seeing and knowing who is “us” and who is “them”.

          Maybe you should get off the net and get a real life date with some White gal like Ann K.


          • She’s not very Western European looking, she’s just depigmented. (look at the facial features, not just the blonde hair)

          • I didn’t say they were, but I do deny that she has a Western European appearance. She does have very light skin and blonde hair, but that can be found outside of Europe. She looks like a Russian.

          • Are you flying a rainbow gay flag?

            All heterosexual White men understand that that Miss Anna K is very White and very sexy.


          • Mr. Besarab is a Jewish-socialist, Mr. Ellis, and most things I have read of his bear a strong hostility against Western White Culture.

            That said, his manners are truly excellent, and, thus, is you are not careful, you will miss the undercurrent of what he is saying.

            But, yes, Mr. Besarab’s purpose is to shake your understanding of things. He hates your view of things, though, hating such overtly plain statements he would take issue with this statement – whether he vocalizes it or not.

          • Ok, thanks. That makes sense. I do think that it’s a mistake to use the term “socialist” as always negative. There are lots of forms of socialism that promote our race, culture, civilization. The Amish are a good example of socialism that works.

          • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Ellis. The Amish are examples of communal living – which they all undertake to voluntarily accept.

            Socialism, as a political phenomenon,forces itself on you – whether Globalist, Soviet, or National Socialist, Khmer Rouge, or the present German system, where they decide what you can think or say.

            I have traveled much of the world, and never have I beheld a socialist system that I envied.

            North Carolina has long had ti right, even though our society has been somewhat denigrated by certain socialist measures imposet on us by our conquerors.

            And … you’re welcome.

          • But, whenever you use the term ‘socialist’, I’ll assume it could be good for you.

            Let me add just one more thing, the most important thing ; wherever socialism lives, God does not. In Canada, for example, there is one church to every 50,000 people, as opposed to the South, where, if memory serves, it is one church for every 300.

            And it’s no coincidence that, where socialism reigns, the suicide rate is highest, as is the daily use of pyschotropicks.

          • Ok, but just be very careful about who’s running things in those tax exempt churches.

            At the top – it ain’t your grandfather’s Southern Baptist Church. Plus, the latest Catholic (in name only) Pope Francis is a Liberation Theology Jesuit from South America – this guy loves to fly his Pope Lear Jet to Italian Islands that are over run by Black, Muslim migrant invaders and Pope Francis enjoys doing photo ops where he literally licks the boots of the invading Black/Muslims.

            I have hung out a lot with LDS Mormon Christians – most nice folks, LDS Mormon political leaders are treasonous on immigration. LDS Mormons take the line that we can’t restrict Muslim immigration because the LDS Mormons were once persecuted and discriminated against like Muslims are now.

            F*&#*@ idiots.

          • Unfortunately, Mr. Ellis, all group have been taught to think like Jews think – remember the times you were persecuted, and, never failing to blame the Standard issue White Man for that, make sure to remain hospitable to his enemies.

            Even White people have been taught to be so anti-White that many prefer to see themselves as Native Americans, even though they only had one relative in 32 who was one – if that, at all.

            Yes, I went to school and Mormons and served with them. Nice people and reliable.

            That said, that think Yankee, so I would never expect anything but that, politically, from them.

            As to churches : only a few few Christian denominations are not actively anti-White – and who is not pops to mind is my church – The Russian Orthodox, and then the Unreformed Anglican.

            In The South, The Roman Catholick church is shot to hell, as is Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, and Episcopalian – so churches are problematick, too.

            That said, they are, even with all that, far less problematick than socialist societies with their anti-race, anti-God, anti-free/think, psychotropickt dictates.

            Be that as it may – I understand that you and I cannot be the same. I am a rural Christian Tarheel , which may not be what you are; and, thus, we have areas of difference.

            Brusquely put – I don’t see White society as a saving grace without The Lord, as it becomes just as satanick as that of The Jews, only in a slightly different style. (please see Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, or modern day Sweden)

            If we are going to remain secular dominated, might as well stay a vassal of The New England Government, as we already have all the evil we could ever want a helping of.

            Have a good afternoon!

          • Very good. I went to College at Vanderbilt in Tennessee and deliberately chose to go to school in the South to get away from the bad politics, bad women here in urban Chicago. Why am I back here?

            Must be some curse.

          • One more thought, Mr. Ellis : though I understand that the very top of the Southern Baptist church are sad cases, it has not changed the reality in Northeastern North Carolina; a place where the vast majority of the churches belonging to that denomination are entirely segregated; and knowing some of those congregations as I have come to, nothing is going to change – no matter how much Dr. Russel Moore, screams about it.

          • OK, very good. I hope so. Also, please spread information about the corruptions of Neo Conservatism and Christian Zionism. These corruptions were largely responsible for the disastrous US wars against secular Arabs in Iraq and Syria, the collapse in anarchy, sectarian slaughters and the coming to power of ISIS. Also these corruptions were/are heavily invested in restarting the Cold War with our kinsmen the Russians.

            My God lisping Lindsey Graham a flaming homosexual is the US Senator from South Carolina and he pushes nonstop Neo Conservatism war mongering AND supports the worst possible immigration policies to the USA. Somehow he manages to package this as Christian. Wow.

          • I do talk to my fellow churchmates about not being Zio-Marxist-Christians.
            A few are too far gone, but, most are not, and are very receptive to hear it spoken in bold terms – many of them remembering the church of their childhood – in the 60s, 50s, 40s, and, even, the 30s.

            Foreign policy is a harder sell, as most have been programmed by 25 years of FOX News to think that it is ‘American interest to be fighting for regime change 14,600 miles away.

            Well, Christian Southerners (some like Quakers and Mennonites excepting) have never had any problem with war, and now, after a century of involving ourselves in New England Government adventures, on behalf of Rothschild Inc, they see no dilemma in foreign wars.

            Foreign wars are seen as a matter of course, in The Ttraditional South.

            You can find exceptions to this, but, on the whole, that is how it is.

            I cannot change that by dint of brilliant argumentation.

          • Mr. Basarab, I agree with Mr. Ellis.

            Your views about Russians being only marginally White is not only in defiance of their skin colour, it is in defiance of their very White culture – from the building of great cathedrals and a great mother church, to the building of empires, to the focus on chess playing, and to their dominance in White European Classical arts – ballet, literature, musick, poetry, and landscape painting.

            So, no, if anyone, in the world, is White – it’s the Russians.

            Please don’t confuse the fact that the Russian Empire encompasst, as it did in Soviet times, over 200 distinct ehtnick minorities.

            And, interestingly enough, not even the Soviet Union embracet ‘multiculturalism’, as, at no time did it ever envisage a Kalmyk becoming a Georgian or an Uzbeki becoming a Armenian.

            So, no, Western Russia is a White as White comes.

    • Putin has stated his position on the USSR. Admittedly I’m paraphrasing…

      Those who don’t miss it have no heart.
      Those who want it back have no brain.

  6. Imagine, the audacity of wanting to retain your privilege in your own country. Trump will be “disavowing” and condemning Heimbach any day.

    • It’s perfectly ‘imagineable’, Mr. Whitaker – as the New England Government definition of who is ‘the country’, is not baset on race, but by a citizenship status granted, or voided, by them, and on a hypothetical criteria adopted by them.

      It all goes back to Thomas Jefferson’s mistake … ‘all men are created equal’.

      An utterly ludicrous phrase, as the mother of many of his children was a defenceless negress concubine, whom he owned.

      • Jefferson hardly believed in equality and it appears nowhere in the Constitution. Dec. of Independence was a wartime document. The equality crap was in there to appeal to French liberals in order to win their support.

        • Quite right, Mr. Whitaker, and yet – he put it there, and we’ve been stuck with it, ever since.

          An expensive price to win French Support.

          Have a good day!

          • We are stuck with it, because the people on our side are too lazy or stupid to correct the idiots who regularly quote it.

            The Founding Fathers all White men, while fighting Indians and owning black slaves, dedicated the Constitution to “Ourselves and Our Posterity”. If that wasn’t clear enough for the retards,
            the first laws they passed concerning citizenship said USA was to be for Whites of good character only.

            That is why the anti-White left call them racist old White men.

          • What does “stuck with it” even mean? It’s a historical document with no legal authority, and a balanced reading of the Declaration in context shows that it want a universal declaration of human rights, but a listing of legal grievances against the Crown. The most quoted part of the Declaration is actually the least significant.

          • Quite right in all regards are you, Mr. Jackson.

            And let me add that this country was not just founded by White Men, who owned negroes and fought Injuns, it was set up for property owning White males ‘of good character’, alone.

            That said, I think The Left does get that.

            They hate it; and to destroy the descendants of what they hate, they come at it from two angles – quoting the Founding Documents when it suits them, or ignoring and or misinterpreting them when it does not; all of which leaves those not in agreement with two options : submission or the use of a pistol.

            The election of Trump was an attempt, by the small-town and rural folks to evade the latter of the twain, which is nigh upon us, if Trump does not succeed.

            A very good evening to you, from the Piney boonies of northeastern North Carolina.

  7. Austrian polls are now closed. A high percentage of their voting takes place via mail-in ballots so it will take them a little longer to tally everything than it does in the US.

    • Exit polls are showing a Van der Bellen victory by 7% but the most of the mail-in ballots haven’t been counted. This is playing out the same as back in May. I still have hope as I don’t trust polling. We should know by 2:00 our time.

    • Bunch of freaks have imaginary bogeyman after them.They sure get special protection while civilians are left hung up to dry.

  8. Hofer lost. Whether by shenanigan or legitimate vote, but the outcome is the same.

    It is an achievement to be that competitive, but the question remains. What to do to WIN. Not become who we are, not feel good man, but to WIN.

    We need a vanguard of the vanguard that wants to win and knows how to win and has the discipline to put that knowledge into practice. As I have said before, victory will not come at the end of a right wing Christmas list. Victory depends on the actions of the other side; we rely on their errors as much as our strokes of genius.

    The trend (of demographic strife) will be our friend if we develop what in football we call a ground game. We have to run it up the middle in order to set up the long pass. That means the hard work of careful argument and painting the picture of the journey and the destination. That means abandoning a “right wing” style all together for a government of racial unity.

    Trump won, yes. But he got less votes than Romney against an opponent that literally could not stay on her feet in public. Let’s not confuse that for dominance. We got off the right track with ordered liberty + white racial awareness (fascism and nazism is a dead end), and to a certain extent we are vulnerable to whatever damn fool mistakes Trump will make in the coming years. But we can get back on track by helping Trump see the light, and refinding the light ourselves.

    PS Did anyone notice Andrew Anglin’s homage to Alex “shoot an innocent child” Linder? He credits VNN as the inspiration of Daily Stormer. These people are toxic and only a fool would walk with them.

  9. Hofer lost. One way of looking at the French and German resistance to breaking up the EU is that it is a Franco-German empire. NAFTA was designed to give Washington
    control of a larger trading bloc than Brussels. Brussels designed the EU to be an economy larger than the US. Some of the anti-EU cheerleading on here fails to recognize that many Europeans see the EU as a white bloc and a means of resistance against Americanization. It’s possible that the Third Reich might have evolved into something similar anyway.

  10. Lots of cucks in Austria (and everywhere else), but you have to wonder if this one was rigged just like the one six months ago.

  11. Teresa May and that French conservative running against LePen are system and globalist politicians that know how sound populist when it matters. They’re Douthat’s ideal candidate, loyal to the system but just populist enough on the level of rhetoric to keep the populist right “tethered.” LePen is going to have to run against her conservative opponent from the left on all issues but migration if she wants to win. That’s going to have to be Trump’s formula too.

  12. I don,t think that It was rigged. You can rig a little bit but not most of the electorate.

    Cuckcuckcoo like usual. Le Pen and FN runned local elections year ago and few weeks after worst terror attack in France and lost absolutely every single district. Even Calais with it,s infamous Jungle migrant camp.

    • They were actually regional elections, and in a couple of regions the PS had to sit the election out to stop the FN from winning. Not altogether bad news…

      Anyway, I think the Italian referendum is far more significant anyway. We’ll see how that goes.

  13. Stephen Wolf? @PoliticsWolf
    Enormous gender gap in Austria’s presidential runoff, where men backed the far-right & women favored the Green Party

  14. The nationalist belief system is increase in popularity around the World. However we must have immediate changes in government. We must have clear immediate polices that stops the Genocide of our People. We can’t have “moderate” views. We must have clear principles and advance those views in government around the World. The goal being the survival and advancement of our People. WPWW !

  15. One thing that I will say, is that the so called nationalist movement in Europe to me has always been a disappointment. What I’m getting at is I like dictators, like Saddam Hussein and Josef Stalin, but there isn’t an equivalent in Europe. I think Hitler and Mussolini blew it, with stupid ideas that glorified imperialism and bashed socialism.

    • Well, it’s understandable that they ‘basht’ socialism’, if you will; this because it’s impossible to NOT bash it – so vile is from the get-go.

      • For one thing, he corrected some of the things Marx messed up. For instance his writing “Marxism and the national question” in my opinion fixes a lot of what Marx said. He also was a very effective dictator and his ideology wasn’t based on imperialism. He may have entered Eastern Europe but the situation was complicated.

  16. Initial reports of victory in Italy.

    Fascism and right wing styling is baggage; we need to promote governments of racial/national unity.

  17. Italy “no” is very good….you can not cuck the economy. Like old Bush concluded back in the 1990 that there are not enough money in the all world to keep up USSR.

    Liberals are very good to push economy deep into the holyest cavity of the completely normal homosexual person body and this is the reason how Trump won and how the Europe will be saved.

  18. I just read the Russian national anthem subtitles. The whole thing is based on race, motherland, tradition (including appeal to God).

    Much smarter than a universalist anthem extolling a vague allusion to Freedom, and centered around a battle (which is for us an obscure point in the distant past) like what we have.

    Our future Dixian national anthem should be the same theme: Race, Homeland, and timeless aspects of our tradition that we want to project forward into perpetuity. I suggest that among the traditions we want to project we include patriarchy, Christianity, and a protective, warrior ethos.

  19. I made the mistake of sampling some of the Sunday morning talking-head shows for the first time in umpteen months. One Jew grilling another Jew. A couple of Jews telling us what to think. More opinions from Jews. You get the picture.
    As Zippy the Pinhead might say, “Is this Israel yet?”

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