Glenn Beck’s Constitution Worship Explained

This is fascinating.

I did not know this about Mormons. In hindsight, it explains a lot of what we have seen from Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney and Egg McMuffin over the past year or so:

“Ever since, Beck has imagined himself as a sentry perched on the national ramparts, warning of looming disaster. Usually, that disaster manifests itself as a threat to the Constitution. Which, given Mormon history, makes perfect sense. Many Americans revere the Constitution. Mormons, however, consider it sacred. In Doctrine and Covenants, a book of Mormon scripture, God says, “I have established the Constitution of this land by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose.” According to polling by David Campbell, a Notre Dame political scientist, 94 percent of American Mormons believe that the “Constitution and the Bill of Rights are divinely inspired.” That’s only two points lower than the percentage who believe that the Book of Mormon is.

But Mormons don’t just consider the Constitution sacred. They believe that its violation has allowed their persecution. Why did the governor of Missouri in 1838 call for Mormons to “be exterminated or driven from the State”? Why were Mormons forced to travel halfway across the continent—leaving the borders of what was then the United States—in order to find sanctuary in Utah? Because America’s leaders disregarded the country’s sacred texts.

Today, many Mormons see defending the Constitution the way many Jews see opposing genocide: as a way of honoring their ancestors and affirming their identity. In recounting his own religious conversion, Beck told me about a parade that he claimed Mormon settlers held upon reaching Utah, after having been expelled from the United States. “The women carried the Declaration of Independence and the men carried the Constitution,” he said. “And the whole point was that people may let you down, people will violate the principles, but the principles are true.” Such a parade likely never happened. Two scholars of Mormonism told me they had never heard of it. But the story nonetheless illustrates the Constitution’s centrality to Beck’s identity, and to the identity of many Mormons. According to legend, the Mormon leader Joseph Smith prophesied in 1843 that the Constitution would one day “hang by a thread” and be saved by “the elders of Zion,” by which he meant Mormon men. Church authorities say the quote is apocryphal. Campbell’s polling, however, finds that a majority of Mormons believe it’s true.

And yet, Campbell argues, Mormons tend not to accentuate these views publicly. Mormon culture, he told me, emphasizes a “moderate way of speaking.” Think Mitt Romney or Orrin Hatch. Campbell, who is Mormon himself, says that’s in part because many Mormons are desperate to be accepted by a mainstream that has long rejected them. They’re fearful of looking like fanatics or nuts.

Beck is not. Perhaps because he converted to Mormonism as an adult, he never imbibed his co-religionists’ anxiety. He has publicly invoked Smith’s alleged prophecy at least five times, most recently in March. Warning Utah voters of the threat Trump posed, Beck reminded them that “the body of the priesthood is known to stand up when the Constitution hangs by a thread.” More problematically for liberals, Beck invoked the prophecy three times in late 2008 and early 2009 to describe Barack Obama. …”

As a White Southerner, I have a completely different take on the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

From my perspective, the American South is older than either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, and organically grew out of the Atlantic seaboard colonies. We’re older than the United States. In fact, the origins of the Deep South trace back through South Carolina to the British Caribbean.

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  1. Please read my OD articles about the Latter Day Saints Mormons.

    I was brutal with my LDS Mormon contacts. I told them if they threw this ejection to Hillary Mexicans and Muslims I would lead the Mormon persecutions.

  2. I think a lot of conservatards think it’s Divinely Inspired too. They won’t recognize it for what it’s become: Held in our enemy’s hands its the rationale for the destruction of our race and culture.

    • Mr. Whitaker – no matter how ‘divinely inspired’ The Constitution is or is not, has little to do with the problem, from a Southern perspective..

      Rather, the principle problem lies in the issue of partnership; because no matter how good your agreement may be, if your partner is an abusive philandering cheat, the marriage ain’t gonna work.

      And The New England culture never allows any relationship with it, unless it is on top.

      In their mind they know what is right for all. You either agree to subordinate yourself to this, or they wage war on you – in, oh, so many ways.

      There is never going to be a document that can change that.

      • “The New England culture” has been superseded by Cultural Communism which wages war on White people everywhere, the North included.

        • I see what you mean, Mr. Whitaker, but, The New England Government USES, FUNNELS, NOURISHES,M AND FOCUSES that cultural arising to achieve it’s own end.

          As to White Folks being up North, it’s difficult to find any, as most, if you ask them whether they are or are not, they won’t admit to being it…

        • Cultural Marxism arose from New Englandism because most of the Communists exiled from Europe moved to the Northeast. Their ideology made a perfect fit with secularised, radical Puritanism. Boston still rules, nominally, or believes that it still does.

          • I would argue cultural Marxism arose by Jews in the Frankfurt Institute expelled by Hitler who took up residence in Columbia University and took up their cause once more.

          • I won’t argue with you on that, for sure. However, some of those characters came here and settled in the Northeast. They mixed with the homegrown radicals and the American® version of Cultural Marxism was born. See: Yankee Babylon: American Dream. American Nightmare. By MacDonald King Aston.

  3. Constitution Worship is what sells ( remember we,re talking about the mass man here) , Mr. Beck & Mr. Jones and all their kind laugh all the way to the bank.

    • It doesn’t, but I think the Jew-Israel worship comes more from the British Israelite Theory than anything else. The Mormon religion absorbed British Israelite theory in spades. Christian Identity also has key components of BIT, but since they are Anti-Semites, they view Jews as Kazar-Edomite imposters. The Mormons OTOH view Jews as brothers and tended to be just as hostile to orthodox Christians as the Jews. They even called them gentiles as well.

      If not for the raging Philo-Semitism and the hostility to fundamental Christianity, Joseph Smith did a pretty good job at creating a Christian religion that not only preserved Whiteness but encouraged it to thrive and grow. The Mormons have an awesome network that both uplifts and sustains their parishioners, but also a private welfare system that helps them when they are in trouble.

      Unlike regular Christian denominations, Mormons don’t allow their local parishioners to starve while sending all their money to Africa.

  4. PC is anti-Eurocentric, but it is totally Euro-conscien-centric.

    It revolves around what white people feel or should feel toward others.

    So, how non-whites see themselves or other non-whites is secondary to how whites see non-whites.

    So, it’s not a problem if non-whites reject their own kind, their own nations, their own culture, and etc. All that matters is how whites feel about non-whites. That is what these non-whites live for.

    Indeed, suppose these non-whites were offered two options:

    1. Whites reject non-whites, so non-whites retain their identity and culture.

    2. Whites accept non-whites, so non-whites lose their identity and culture.

    To PC-addled non-whites, #2 is preferable because nothing is more important to them than being accepted and even approved of by whites: socially, economically, racially, sexually, etc. It has no autonomy or agency apart from White Conscience.

    Even when these PC non-whites excoriate whites, it is really from a slavish position. They criticize whites for not having been sufficiently accepting and approving of Asians. It never occurs to these PC non-whites that white acceptance of non-whites in the West often means extinction of non-white identity, culture, and autonomy, not to mention agency.

    Non-white Lives have value mainly in relation to what whites think of them.

    There is little discussion among non-whites from Cape Town to Tokyo about how ‘this’ bunch of non-whites are accepting of ‘that’ bunch of non-whites. Their main concern is “Do whites approve of us?”, “Will whites allow us into their nations?” and etc.

    Truly free and independent people would have self-worth regardless of what others think of them. But conformist-and-slavish-minded non-whites rely on social approval for their sense of self-worth. Since the West still dominates world culture and economy, non-whites live for “Do whites accept us?” and “Do whites think well of us?” Non-white ‘inferiors’ bitch to white ‘superiors’ for more acceptance and approval.

    Also, Euro-conscien-centrism supposes that only white people are capable of higher ideals and principles. Paradoxically, whites are blamed most for all the problems of the world because they are seen as the only saviors with the potentiality of action and agency to save humanity. Whites are the Superman.

    But non-whites should really think hard about this. Is White Conscience really a good thing? Isn’t it leading to the demise of Europe. I mean look at London. A Muslim mayor? If non-whites follow the Western model, what is their future? A Tokyo with a Hindu mayor? Nairobi with Chinese mayor?

    This Inclusion thing might have worked if there had been strict limits on numbers of non-whites entering the West. But after the Merkelization of Germany, forget it. It’s total craziness. If that is ‘western values’, it’s a death cult. Germany might as well be called Merkey, a demographic bitch of Turkey.

    But worst of all, it’s a loss-loss for both sides. Germans and other Europeans lose their homelands, and these newcomers and their kids lose their identity too and become morons addicted to Eurovision or some porny rap trashy.

    Surely, the world can do better with nations and cultures than this.

    Now, it’s understandable why so many want to come to the West. It’s been said humans are naturally tribal, but they are mainly organisms, and organisms primarily seek security, comfort, and pleasure.

    Cuba may be filled with nationalist pride, but why have so many Cubans risked life and limb to come to the US despite the good chance that their kids will forget Spanish and just become like Yanqui? More security, more comfort, more food, more pleasure.

    Indeed, people will even choose less freedom for more security and pleasure. This is why libertarians never win. They offer more freedom and liberty but on condition of individual responsibility and accountability, which are painful. Better to have lots of safety nets even if it means less liberty. Look how Puerto Ricans totally gave up on independence because being part of US commonwealth offers them security, comfort, and pleasure in the form of welfare and aid.

    People come to the West because they are organisms in search for more comfort, security, and pleasure. Even being poor in France beats being ‘middle class’ in Africa or Middle East. Also, there are all sorts of pleasures via entertainment, media, and looser morals. Japanese hardly pay attention to their traditional culture because they are addicted to the pleasures of cartoons, pop music, rap music, porn culture, inane TV shows, pachinko, and etc.

    The power of pleasure can be seen in fatsos. We all know junk food has little nutritional value, but why do so many people indulge in that stuff, even at the risk of rotten teeth, diabetes, and lard-ass-ism? Because they can’t say NO to the power of pleasure.

    We know most of pop culture has no artistic, moral, or cultural value. So, why do Hollywood and music industry rake in so much dough? Cuz most people are morons who must have that pleasure fix of junk sugar culture. Globalism is one big pusher that seeks to turn everyone around the world into a junkie of hedon-food and hedon-culture.

    As hedonism fueled by Americanism takes over the world, cultures are being degraded and diluted. Real culture is too much like spinach and veggies and real meals. Good for you, but not as zippy and zappy. World Culture today is like the fizz on sodapop. It’s feels fizzy-good, but there is no nutritional substance.

    Anyway, since people want security, comfort, and pleasure, there needs to be ways to associate nationalism with security, comfort, and pleasure. That way, people will value their homelands more.

    This is why Globalism seeks to materially punish sovereign nations. Make the people of Iran, Russia, Hungary, and etc. suffer under sanctions and other means. Associate pain, duress, and desperation with nationalism and autonomy from globalism.

    Meanwhile, materially reward those nations that cuck out most to globalism. Shower them with preferable trade deals, aid, and emigration tickets to the West.

    (On the other hand, the vampiric greed of globalists is such that they sometimes fail to reward the whore-nations of globalism. Yeltsin opened Russia to globalist capitals. And Argentina did too. They should have been rewarded with goodies for their surrendering to Globalism. But the Globo-financialists, in Sorosian mode, just couldn’t resist sucking those nations dry. So, their vampirism had the opposite of the intended effect. Russians suffered and felt so much pain under globalism that they turned to nationalism, and some degree of restoration under Putin made them associate nationalism with security, comfort, and pleasure. For Russians, globalism = house of pain. This is why Globalists have recently been trying to destroy the Russian economy so that Russians will associate deprivation with Putin’s Russianism. We all want security, comfort, and pleasure, but a truly great people are willing to sacrifice such for something bigger-than-oneself. Like the Vietnamese in their struggle against imperialism. Like the Brits willing to sacrifice all in WWII. Like the Algerians in the Independence Movement. Consider the petty thief Ali Lapointe who lives for easy gain in the beginning of the movie but is willing to die for a higher cause at the end. From street punk to martyr*. But the Power of Pleasure now permeates into everything. Most of SJW-ism is really just Greek Life for ugly students.. like Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people. SJW should be called Sigma Zeta Upsilon.)

    *It was all very good for the French to leave Algeria cuz of terrorism and etc.

    What I don’t get is why they imported Algeria INTO France. Are French a bunch of morons? Or, was its immigration policy and attempt to turn France into a mini-replica of the French Empire a way to redeem its imperialist past by showing how sincere and well-meaning the French are in wanting to share their high culture and Enlightenment values with all of humanity? But I think French themselves no longer believe in those values, and the newcomers just wanna watch Hollywood movies and listen to rap.

    Anyway, the French in Algeria had a France to run to as their empire crumbled. But the French in France cannot flee anywhere as France itself is turned into Battle of Algiers and Africa. French need to get their heads examined. But of course, such call for sanity is ‘far right’. Better to be Far Wrong.


  5. Americans just imagine what they want the Constitution to say and believe that instead.

    The Constitution is dedicated to “Ourselves and Our Posterity”. If that wasn’t clear enough, the first laws they passed regarding immigration were, only Whites could be citizens.

    If anyone tried to write a constitution dedicated to “Ourselves and Our Posterity” today, they would be called naziwantstokillsixmillionjews.

  6. Hunter, the problem with some Modern Southern Nationalists is that many of them didn’t bother to read the arguments FOR Secession. I would hear the DiLorenzo types mutter stuff like “Thomas Jefferson’s sacred Republic was preserved by the Confederacy.”, when in fact VP Alexander Stephens and John C Calhoun among others had repudiated Jefferson’s viewpoints years before. Here Stephens lays Jefferson Bare

    “The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature – that it was wrong in principle – socially, morally, and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with, but the general opinion of the men of that day was that somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away. Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. . . . and the idea of a government built upon it. . . . Our new government [the Confederate States of America] is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid – its cornerstone rests – upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man. That slavery – subordination to the superior [white] race – is his natural and moral condition. This – our new government – is the first in the history of the world based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” ALEXANDER STEPHENS VICE PRESIDENT OF THE CONFEDERACY 1861

    • The irony of this situation is was that it actually was ABRAHAM LINCOLN preserving a Union that had no business being preserved when modern science and sociology which had emerged in the 1850’s had proved the ideas of Jefferson and Madison in error. The idea that the Negro was a white man in Black skin, which had been pushed by some in the 1700’s was proven definitely incorrect in the 1850s.

      The Gettysburg Address is really the culmination of the ideas of Jefferson, this idea of equality and meritocracy being the basis of American Law and culture. Andrew Jackson also influenced this idea with his hostility toward aristocracy and his support of universal white male sufferage while John C. Calhoun who represented South Carolina, where there was NO POPULAR VOTE FOR PRESIDENT until following the War of Northern Aggression understood the proper place of aristocracy.

      The thing is, we now see the results of these ideas of equality taken to the extreme in our present society. While it is true Jefferson didn’t believe in equality between Negroes and Whites, he did believe in equality between Native Americans and Whites and Jews and Whites among other things and Jefferson had no problem with Negro Equality in France calling it Liberty. This short-sighted understanding did not take in account the Slippery Slope. If you proclaim ALL WHITE MEN ARE EQUAL, then the next generation will proclaim White men and women are equal, then all Whites and Jews are equal, then all Whites and Negroes. then all religions. This is the problem with Equality

    • Our new government [the Confederate States of America] is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid – its cornerstone rests – upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man. That slavery – subordination to the superior [white] race – is his natural and moral condition. This – our new government – is the first in the history of the world based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

      Dayum! I like this man!
      They all need to go, or they need to be brought down. But these darkies are NOT our equals!

  7. There are lots of good Mormons, but Beck and Romney are not to be trusted. They are twisted by hate of themselves and Whites with any White consciousness. Hopefully, Trump won’t pick Romney as Sec. of State. Romney would quietly use the position to stab Trump in the back. Romney is a backbiter.

  8. From my perspective, the American South is older than either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, and organically grew out of the Atlantic seaboard colonies. We’re older than the United States. In fact, the origins of the Deep South trace back through South Carolina to the British Caribbean.

    Exactly! My WASP mother’s family were here (PA, VA) before this place even became the US, and we’ll be here long after the US fades away.

  9. Things like homosexual marriage and transvestite rights, they can (eventually will) make some kind of strange argument that this is in the bible as something to support. However, if the constitution is divinely inspired they need to explain how things like devil worship are protected by it or how those atheist crusaders that want to remove all religious display use the constitution to do this.

  10. From my perspective, the American South is older than either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, and organically grew out of the Atlantic seaboard colonies.

    As an aside: In the comments section somewhere I forget, a young college girl confidently stated that the North was older than the South.
    Which is actually what’s taught, in a round about way, by the public education system and the media. Until my mother gave me a book on the subject, I thought George Washington was from Vermont, the Delaware was a New England river, and the Battle of Yorktown took place somewhere in Massachusetts.
    Later, I was lucky enough to have teachers who taught the Southern sweep of history and I learned we’re not descendants of Pilgrims or Plymouth Rock. But of Virginians, Carolinians and Georgians. Virginians, by way of Kentucky and Tennessee and the Natchez Trace, settled North Texas.

    • Look for a book called North Over South which shows that contrary to poplar opinion there have always been two different nationalisms in America that predated the formation of the United States. It is not a case, as often portrayed, of American nationalism being always dominant except for a minor disruption when Southern Nationalism suddenly developed but was promptly beater down as the original nationalist once more asserted itself.

  11. Wish to God they had just done what the states elected them to do-improve the AOC an make it stronger. The problem with the Constitution is that the Extreme Court, not the States, gets to decide what is and what is not Constitutional.

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