Jennifer Palmieri’s Hysterical Editorial

Take a look at this:

“I know how to be a gracious loser.

I could have let it go last week when Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, challenged me to look her in the eye and say she ran a campaign that gave white supremacists a platform. I considered for a split second. I knew you were supposed to be gracious when you come for the post-election forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. But I decided this was a year where normal rules don’t apply. Speaking the truth was more important.

“It did. Kellyanne, it did,” I told her. It’s just a fact. Trump winning the election doesn’t change that. To my mind, his win makes it all the more important that the truth be acknowledged. …

But it’s also important for the winners of this campaign to think long and hard about the voters who rejected them. I haven’t seen much evidence of such introspection from the Trump side. That’s concerning.

I don’t know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement.”

In Jennifer Palmieri’s benighted world, the Alt-Right = white supremacy.

As Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon knows the Alt-Right is much more nuanced than that stupid caricature. He knows the points on which we agree and which we disagree. We very much agree, for example, on globalism, illegal immigration, refugee resettlement, gun control, free-trade, disastrous foreign wars, political correctness and the corrupting influence of the donor class on mainstream American politics.

The Alt-Right was born in the George W. Bush years. It is the Alt-Right because it is not mainstream conservatism. The Alt-Right, for example, has strong views on foreign policy. We have always hated the neocons and were strongly against the Iraq War from the beginning. We’re against antagonizing Russia. We’re against American imperialism overseas. We’re the ones who want America to be a normal country.

The Alt-Right also has strong views on trade policy. There is more disagreement on this issue, but many of us have always been strongly against globalization and destructive free-trade deals. Conservatives believe in the magic of the free-market, free-trade, tax cuts and the rest of neo-liberal economics. Nationalists are skeptical of “creative destruction.” We don’t like seeing our communities ripped apart. At a minimum, we think the wonders of free-trade have been wildly exaggerated while the costs have been minimized.

When David Duke says he is winning, it is because Trump and Bannon have adopted some aspects of Duke’s message like being tough on illegal immigration or attacking George W. Bush over the Iraq War. No one believes that Trump is a closeted racist or a white supremacist or an anti-Semite or a Neo-Nazi or a White Nationalist. On the contrary, virtually everyone on the Alt-Right has publicly said otherwise.

For some reason, this never breaks through into the Lügenpresse. They can’t see that we agree with Trump on illegal immigration, Russia and trade policy, but not on Israel or Iran. Why do these people even bother to call themselves journalists?

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  1. They call every White Republican that runs naziwantstokillsixmillionjews. Then they tell these Literally Hitlers to reject Muh White Sooopremacy. Anyone who takes these fools seriously is as ******* nuts as they are.

    • That article was interesting. They don’t appear to have a good answer to Spencer’s questioning. For instance,

      “But Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America forcefully
      disagreed with the comparison between white nationalism, calling it “a
      false and absurd analogy.” “Arab Muslims and Christians make up a full
      20 percent of Israel’s population and have the same rights there as
      everyone else,” he told the Forward. “Jews, we maintain our own culture,
      but always have relationships with people from other groups, his
      statement is ridiculous.”

      I think they would strongly disagree that they have the same rights as everyone else. For instance, the right of return, Jewish National Fund, discrimination in employment, the primacy of Jewish law, etc. However, what if they were to make up more than 40 or 50 percent of the population. Would he accept that? This is the more analogous situation to what is happening in Western nations.

      • “My tradition teaches a message of radical inclusion and love,”
        Rosenberg said. “Will you sit town and learn Torah with me, and learn

        “Do you really want radical inclusion into the State of Israel?” Spencer
        said. “And by that I mean radical inclusion. Maybe all of the Middle
        East could go move in to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Would you really want that?”

        “You’re not answering,” Spencer said.

        “I’m not answering,” Rosenberg said.

  2. What’s wrong with White supremacy? Whites are supreme. Nature herself acknowledges that.

    I must say Mizzzzzz Palmieri has a face that could stop a Mack truck. And a personality that’s just as ugly. Probably a dyke.

  3. It’s not difficult to understand the mentality involved if you understand the implicit assumptions these people operate under. In the minds of these people any White person whose every thought and action is not oriented toward promoting the interests of non-Whites is a racist or White supremacist, and of course being a racist or White supremacist is bad because Whites have no legitimate interest. The Alt-Right is racist and White supremacist because it isn’t about promoting non-White interests per se. In fact the Alt-right explicitly appeals to Whites as Whites and advocates their interests. Trump’s campaign appealed to many Whites who are concerned with immigration, trade, and law and order therefore Trump is a racist and a White supremacist, or at least he ran a racist or White supremacist campaign because he appealed to White interests and people in the Alt-Right.

  4. The term “white supremacist ” is nothing but rhetoric and nothing more.

    Why conservative intellectuals take seriously people whose minds are obsessed with the kookery of Isms, Ists and phobias is beyond me

    • By its very nature white supremacy requires a biracial, or multiracial, nation because you have to have somebody you can lord it over. Nathan Bedford Forrest once gave an interview to a Memphis newspaper during the height of Reconstruction and Klan activity and said he opposed sending blacks back to Africa because they needed them as a source of cheap labor to help rebuild the South. I wish I could remember when and where that interview was but that is the epitome of white supremacy. Remember the system railroaded Marcus Garvey into prison because of his “Back to Africa” movement because Unbridled Capitalism needed blacks as a cheap labor source so they could thereby undercut working and middle class whites and not have to pay them decent ages.

  5. So she wants others to believe over 60 million Americans are white supremecist, good on you nevertrumpers for being sore losers

  6. If the Clinton campaign didn’t want to stir up white supremacists, what were they doing having Mike Brown’s mother speak at the convention?

    • Leftists, Negros and Mestizos all live in enclaves. They only see people who look, act and think like they do. They seriously believe that they’re a majority, especially the Leftists. Total control of the Media and culture making institutions gives them this sense.

  7. The climate created by Marxists is the perfect environment for white nationalism to grow. Every time unchallenged anti white vitriol drools out of their gaping mouths another white nationalist seed is sown. If they’re interested in ending white nationalist sentiment they should look in the mirror first. I got turned during the Clinton years.

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