Trump’s Picks: General John F. Kelly For DHS

Needless to say, this is a huge disappointment for immigration hawks:

“WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump has settled on Gen. John F. Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan, as his choice for secretary of Homeland Security, putting a seasoned commander with personal experience of the costs of war in charge of protecting the nation’s borders.

Blunt-spoken and popular with military personnel, General Kelly, 66, rose to run the United States Southern Command, which put him in charge of the military jail at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and exposed him to immigration, drug trafficking and other cross-border problems over a sprawling area that encompasses 32 countries in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. …”

Here’s the best possible spin on it:

1.) At least it wasn’t Rep. Michael McCaul!

2.) DHS cobbles together various agencies unrelated to immigration. Maybe Kris Kobach will still be Deputy Secretary with authority over immigration while Kelly will focus on all the Muslim terrorist stuff?

3.) Trump is surrounding himself with generals because he wants to subvert our democracy.

4.) We don’t know much about General Kelly’s views on immigration.

My own view is that General Kelly for DHS is just the latest in a series of disappointing Trump Cabinet picks. We have Reince as Chief of Staff. We have a Goldman Sachs Jew for Treasury. We have Betsy DeVos (Education Secretary) and Tom Ricketts (Deputy Secretary of Commerce) who are YUGE Republican donors who are the epitome of the Swamp. We have Nikki Haley as UN ambassador. The rest of the Trump Cabinet (Chao, Price, Ross, Carson, Mattis, etc.) could have been the Mitt Romney Cabinet.

As things stand today, Jeff Sessions at Justice is the odd man in the Trump Cabinet. Trump’s choice of Scott Pruitt for EPA and Linda McMahon for Small Business Administration reinforce the impression that what we are getting is the same old conservatism. Let’s not forget Mike Pence is as vanilla conservative as you can get.

I mean … looking at the Trump Cabinet we already have now, you can almost fill in the blanks. You would put Mitt Romney at the State Department, Sarah Palin as Interior Secretary and Rick Perry at the Veterans Administration. Agriculture, Labor and Energy would also go to conventional Republicans.

Why not nominate Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court? There is nothing else about the Cabinet that resembles the populist nationalism that won Trump the presidency.

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  1. This is becoming disconcerting, however another possible spin may be that Trump likes to talk tough and that possibly may have led him to fetishize military men considered “warriors.” It could be that he thinks military men will generally fall in line to his will. It could be a little of both.

    I always looked at the highest ranks of our military with some skepticism. Its hard to doubt their commitment, but at the same time, having served in the USMC, i know a high proportion of the higher ups were precisely higher ups because they played the political game. I give a pass for most of them in the initial invasion of Iraq and first couple of years. The military was itching for a fight, didnt care with who or where or why. We give a lot of military leaders a pass because they “dont choose the mission.” But as the grinder increased and we got in these long deployments why didnt these higher ups say no way more often?

    PS: Is the “John Preston” prozium, email provided good? I have never received a response.

    • Yes, in fairness to Trump, he has to consider the cuck controlled Senate. Sessions as AG is a very critical spot. To get him approved perhaps he’s low balling on other picks?

  2. There is nothing else about the Cabinet that resembles the populist nationalism that won Trump the presidency.

    The thing about cucks is that they’re quick to sell out other people’s interests, but they’re actually quite tenacious when it comes to defending their own.

  3. You have the cheerleaders out there saying how genius this is – that it is all part of a master plan and how Trump is keeping his enemies close and all of the rest of the theories to justify this lame swamp encrusted cabinet.

    I am pretty cynical about shit and this to me is exactly as Hunter describes it. This is just another typical run of the mill conservative cabinet with a bit of cronyism thrown in. It is obvious that Reince and Pence are running the show and that Bannon has been put in a corner. It appears the media attacks on Bannon as a “White nationalist” have spooked Trump and the other conservative morons he is surrounding himself with like Reince. There is no way Bannon is behind these picks.

    Another observation – Notice how none of the loyal conservatives are getting picked like Huckabee, Newt and Giuliani. You would think that if you were going to get conventional conservative picks at least those guys were extremely loyal to Trump when everyone else was attacking him but not only have they not gotten anything, I have noticed that they have disappeared for the most part. Instead the cabinet is getting filled with those who were never on board with his candidacy and in some instances like Ricketts and DeVos were outright hostile.

    The whole cabinet so far is boring, conventional and there is nothing revolutionary or interesting about it regardless of the cheerleaders rah rahing.

    It amazes me that Trump is still out there giving speeches claiming he is going to Drain the swamp – this cabinet is anything but draining the swamp. My guess is the only thing Bannon is still involved in is writing the speeches. It’s obvious that his role ends there.

    • If Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which I think he does), then his behavior makes perfect sense. During the campaign, populist rhetoric made him popular so he used it. Now that he’s in office, he doesn’t want to get tarred as a Nazi so he’ll play the role of the tough guy Classical Liberal.

    • I tend to agree with your sentiments and I’ve never been a big fan of Trump, although of course he’s better than all of the alternatives that ran against him.

      But it’s actually a good thing that Giuliani, Gingrich and Huckabee have been sidelined – they are Israeli assets. What is worrying is that Christie has been sidelined – he is NOT an Israeli asset, was loyal to Trump since the beginning, and the Mossad faction doesn’t like him because he prosecuted the Israeli asset whose son later married Trump’s daughter.

      In Trump’s defense, there simply are not that many good Republicans to choose from. Most Republicans are Chamber of Commerce globalists.

      The best we can hope for is that he doesn’t appoint a bunch of double-agents and dual citizens, and that he appoints the very few genuine populist, anti-immigration types. Sessions, Bannon, and Christie are the only truly good ones, a few others are likely ok.

      I wouldn’t even have a particularly big problem with Romney at State, considering the purpose of the State Department is to basically bribe other nations. It’s the core of corruption, and Romney is a Bush family loyalist, a money launderer, and a GOP hack. At State it will be business as usual bribing various foreigners, but at least the corruption is turned outward instead of inward.

      The fact that Trump has hired a motley crew of Goldman Sachs alumni should tell you everything you need to know about how seriously he/ takes the economic populism. We’ll get a few high profile arm-twists keeping a few jobs in America, but zero reform of Wall Street or the financial system.

      This shows what I’ve always said, Trump is basically a Democrat, not a Republican. Democrats are the party of Wall Street, and Republicans are the party of industrial businesses. Notice that only the industrial businesses, like Carrier are being reigned in, while the financial industry is being given carte blache to keeping up the globalization. This is exactly what the Clintons and Gores have done/would have done.

      Trump’s a Democrat, but we still have some opportunity to restrict immigration, which is the best we can hope for.

    • If he does nothing about 9-11 then I assume he’
      ll do essentially nothing at all. He’s got them by the balls on 9-11 the evidence is so large…if he would just squeeze he could wrap up a huge amount of the corruption in Washington.

  4. Putting a retired 4 star Marine general in charge of Homeland Security sounds pretty good to me. He will be a vast improvement over the affirmative action monkey who currently occupies that post.

    • Yes. Jeh Johnson is a negro Muslim Chicago lawyer who was an Obama bundler. Called by some “a brilliant lawyer” I remember him in a congressional hearing admitting he doesn’t understand the constitution.

      I will assume that Trump will set policy and Kelly (and the rest) will execute it.

      People we’d like in the cabinet are more or less relatively unknown and inexperienced.

      There exist NO good picks for Secy of State. I was interested in Rohrbacher until I was reminded of his position on the Serbia outrage.

    • Anything is better than Obama’s cabinet which appears to be a series of attorneys and affirmative action picks.

      I really don’t have a problem with Kelly because I don’t know anything about him. Kobach would have been vastly better but well see if he gets a better spot. The rest of the cabinet though….

      Trump really needed to pick new faces and he hasn’t done that. He talked big during the campaign about knowing all the best people and instead we got what could have been a Mitt Romney cabinet.

  5. If Trump doesn’t follow through on his immigration campaign promises, then America will be truly and completely lost. By the time his term ends there will be no way to save the sinking ship.

    My reasoning is that: 1) the majority of kids under 5 are already minorities, 2) The rate of inter-racial marriage is sky-rocketing, 3) Most people will not side against their own relatives (I swear to god, every time I go to town, I see more grandmas with nutty hapa grandsons and single moms towing around brown babies).

    I am not trying to be a pessimist, this is just how I see things. We only have so much time left.

    • Pro Whites don’t have the strength to keep White anti-White family members out of future White areas from what I’ve seen. Even at this late hour they still excuse Whites committing treason against Whites as noble idealism.

      • Pro Whites don’t have the strength to keep White anti-White family members out of future White areas from what I’ve seen.

        This is a very good point. Part of the reason for it seems to be that many ‘pro-Whites’ aren’t actual Nationalists. They just want to live in 95% White towns and be able to visit a Chinese restaurant and have a Mexican gardener. So they’ll excuse a bit of ‘harmless diversity’ here or there. I’ve had them flat out tell me this. Others like Derbyshire have nonwhite spouses.

        • This Mr. Vickstrom, is a brilliant comment. Bravo!

          And, actually, I may, I would extrapolate your percentages and say that, in Eastern North Carolina :

          Whites don’t mind living with 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, even, 70% negro and Hispanick, so long as they are in charge; and why not? – as The Whites, in general. are the only ones, other than The Jews, who are capable, though, with The Jews in charge, even locally, the price is oft too heavy.

          In fact, the South has always been ‘multicultural’ and ‘diverse’ – much more so than The North; though, it was so in an effective heirarchicalized structure, now demonized as ‘White Supremacy’, NOT in a nihilistically anti-White New England Government imposed ‘egalitarian structure’; a policy which has, along with ‘free-trade’, led to the wholesale destruction of oh, so many, Tarheel small towns, in my lifetime.

          • Yep. I’m from Wilmington. I will say we have always seemed to maintain solid control over the negro there. At least until recently. Was a time not long ago blacks in Eastern NC didn’t mess with whites. The massacre of 1898 (As it were) was only a few generations ago and the blacks in Wilmington were very aware of it. The only coup in American history.

          • Thank you, Nick. Although I have never lived anywhere close to Wilmington, my first grade girlfriend lives there with her husband.

            So, I don’t know that part of my state well – nothing below Clinton or New Bern.

            I have lived in Little Washington and now in the Ahoskie area – right under the Virginia line.

            In both places informal Jim Crow was and is still in effect, especially in that, though most of us are friendly and polite with each other in publick, we don’t go past a certain point.

            Negro crime is a very serious problem in Eastern North Carolina, so, I am glad to hear it is not such a dilemma in Wilmington.

            Here, most of the Negro crime directed against Whites are break-ins, and Whites general try to deal with that by employing very conspicuous alarm signs on their years, signs which I always refer to as ‘Nigger-Beware alerts.’

            The violent acts they generally reserve from themselves. Still, some towns, such as Woodland, Oxford, Henderson, Scotland Neck, Woodland, Rich Square, Goldsboro, Princeville, and Kinston are very bad, and it is sad to see how they have devolved since I was a child.

            As I child I was, as were most Raleighites, enthusiastick about Civil Rights and the end of Jim Crow, though, sadly, we have been, on the whole proven wrong. Jim Crow, despite some glaring imperfections, was far more just – particularly to the Negro community itself.

            You just cannot imagine how, when I was a kid, whole blocks of downtown Raleigh were covered in thriving black businesses, of every kind – and now? : only 2 little barbershoppes left – and the rest is White.

            also, you could walk in and out of Negro neighbourhoods, in those days, and not worry about your security. Hell, they did not worry about their security, and it was common to see Coloured pappies out on the front porch talking to other coloured daddies, while the kids ran around the shotgun houses.

            What ‘Civil Rights’ has done to them has resulted in mass incarceration, mass violence, and a general ennui that has put so many of them into a generation welfare spin, too many of them sitting around on the Yankee plantation, congratulating themselves on the nobility of their dearly won ‘freedom’…

            As to fear, yes, the older one still have a fear and dread of us, as, in the northeastern part of the state, the KKK was, until the 1980s, very very strong.

            Most younger ones, however, fear no man, respect no man – not even themselves -and the result is a tragedy for all around.

          • Reminds me something my grandfather always used to tell me. “Son we got good niggers here all things considered”. I took this for granted until I went to other parts of the country, even the south. That simple observation couldn’t be more true, at least until about 30 years ago. Places like NC, SC, VA and GA, the “old south” have had total white dominance so long it took the negroes longer to push back than other places. I’m only 40 and can remember a time when my family had negroes they were acquainted with that were ancestors of our former slaves. There was no animosity at all. They knew their place and stayed there. How times have changed.

          • Well, Nick, ‘times have changed’ because The Southern White Man has become a gutless wonder.

            I say this because, our g-g-g-granddaddies were prepared to go to war over States’ Rights as regards to slavery and tarifs.

            Since 1964, we have had our society upended, vis-a-vis integration, the removal of prayer from school, the removal on our ban on abortion, the imposition of gay marriage, the targeting of our heritage and symbols, and on and on; and, still we do nothing.

            In my childhood ‘they’ knew their place’, because we ‘knew’ ours; and as we lost our way, so did they.

            On the whole, Negroes don’t do well without a firm rudder, yet, because we’ve decided to become the Yankee man’s nigger, and seem to prefer that, the rudder is gone, because our spine is…

          • In Edenton and Murfreesboro they, also, have good niggers – much much better than the places I listed, hithertofore.

            What accounts for it in Edenton is that the populace has not quite lost their spine. Symbolick of that is The huge Confederate flag painted onto the side of a store, a large Confederate soldier overlooking downtown, and another Confederate flag, waving in the wind, at the waterfront, right nearby.

            The negroes in Edenton are as sweet as honey and as orderly as Morgan Freeman.

            As the wife and I sometimes make the drive to go to church, there, I am always impresst by this.

            As to Murfreesboro – this is the town that sent the militia after Nat Turner, and though the KKK is long gone from this area, things have not changed much here, since 1950.

            If you like your Southern towns, straight on the rocks, right out of an aged barrel, you’ll have a hard time equaling the town of Murfreesboro, and, resultantly, thought the Negroes, there, are not so sweet as in Edenton, they are, all in all, very well behaved.

            Symbolically, Murfreesboro has it’s late 18th century area, covering several blocks, fantastically well restored, and gives regular tours – for those who want to walk back into time. Additionally only one church, in many of that area, are integrated.

          • Excellent points (as usual), Mr. Daniel.

            What do you think about stopping by Endphase 21 sometime?


            We’re a European preservation forum and we have some top notch ethnic Nationalists. One of our best mods is a Southron from NC and I think you guys might hit it off. Just tell them Jared sent you.

          • Alright, Jared. Thank you so much for the kind words and recommendation.

            Yes, I am reading your ‘Welcome to Endphase message and am enjoying it…

            ‘This is not a White Nationalist forum, ergo staff do not advocate an
            internationalist white melting pot, we adhere to a strict
            preservationist platform for all our European ethnicities.’

            I really love that statement, Jared, because, though I sympathize with with the general goals of White Nationalism, I cannot get over it’s melting potness.

            I hate universalism – whether it is that of The New England Liberal kind, the Aryan kind, The Jewish kind, The American kind, or whatever kind.

            For me, perhaps the greatest conceptual joy in life is that of the individual – in all it’s forms – from individual trees, relationships, races, colours, individuals, and individual races and cultures.

            I hate blurring differences in the name of unity. Yuck!

            Anyway, have a very good evening!

      • I’ve known White Hispanics and my issue with them is two-fold:

        1. Many of them are ‘White-ish’ rather than White. I don’t say that because they’re Mediterranean but because they tend to define ‘White’ differently than Americans or Europeans. For example, I’ve seen many ‘White Hispanics’ who have a White American father and a clearly Mestizo mother. I have no intention of mixing with ‘vaguely-kind-of-Mediterranean-looking’ mongrels.

        2. They’re not my people. I’m of overwhelmingly Germanic descent, and I care primarily about the future of my fellow Germanics (and other closely related ethnicities).

        White Hispanics just don’t feel like they’re part of my tribe, so to speak.

        • Another very fine reply, Mr. Vickstrom.

          I speak Spanish coming and going, and, consequently, have a had a great deal of contact with ‘White-Hispanicks’ and ‘barely White-Hispanicks’, and, though I have had, and still have some wonderful friends in those classes, they are a VERY different people than Anglo-Saxe Southron.

        • And, no, they are NOT part of your tribe, though, speaking from the Southern point of view, ‘barely White Hispanick migrant workers have a lot in common with our culture – Chryst orientation, honesty ,friendliness, respectfulness, industrious, family focus, traditional, and supersticious.

          I am much more fond of them than the ‘barely White- Hispanick city-slickers who, while often elegant, beguiling, and stylishly appealing, usually have no God, flexible ethicks, and lie like the dickens.

    • We don’t even have time to wait on his promises anyway. He was at best a sandbag.

      We’ve become soft and reactive, complacent, passive. We have to get that mindset out of our brains.

    • I never bought into all the crap about making ‘Murrica great again. There’s nothing great about 3rd world countries. They’ve been failing to make the “melting pot” work for years. I voted for Trump mainly in the hope he’d put a dent in 3rd world immigration. The jury is still out.

  6. I believe that the Holocaust was a horrible thing. Killing real people is serious business.

    That said, the reason why white people are so cucked, suicidal, self-hating, and/or hating of other whites is because they have Jews-in-their-brains. Due to PC and pop culture, whites have Jew-in-their-brain who whispers to them to either hate themselves(self-hating whitey) or hate other whiteys in spasms of virtue-signaling. (Indeed, PC is more effective in making whites hate other whites than in making whites hate themselves, esp since it’s less fun to hate yourself. It’s like Christianity was more appealing in directing the faithful to hate heretics and witches than their own sinful ways. Always more fun to revile others and revere one’s own ‘virtue’.)

    Anyway, there is the Jew(or Jews) in your brain directing you to hate yourself or other whites. The Jew in your brain also tells you to love other peoples(esp Jews and blacks) over yourself and your own people.

    So, the first step toward freedom is to rid your mind of the Jew-in-your-brain. Now, while killing real Jews would be criminal and immoral, it is totally permissible and necessary to snuff out the Jew(s)-in-your-brains.

    You need to gas or execute the Jew(s)-in-your-brain.

    So, say NO to physical holocaust but say YES to psychological holocaust or PSYCHOLOCAUST that gases the Jew(s)-in-your-brains.

    Carry out a little Psycholocaust everyday. Check all hidden corridors and crevices for the Jew(s)-in-your-brains. Exterminate these viral creatures in your mind.

    Use Psychlon-B. Psychauschwicz.

    No more Jew-in-the-brain. No more Psylock, the Shylock of the mind.


    • Jews didn’t invent white self hatred. We can take credit for that. Jews, however, have exploited our self hatred very skillfully and successfully.

      • I’m somewhere in between your position and hers. Don’t underestimate the extent to which the jews create tensions between us. They try to disarm our defensive reflexes through their constant lies. If the truth were brought to our people, the reaction would be very different, if not wholly lacking disunity.

        • The biggest irony about The Jewish Race is that they are oft so brilliant at perceiving everyone else’s weaknesses, and yet, seem utterly blind as to their own.

          All this as they wander from continent to continent, being kickt out of countries, over and over again, they ever wondering why there is so much ‘anti-semitism’…

          • I have Jewish blood, Mr. Lorax, from my daddy’s side, and so I am very familiar with the culturem and it’s people.

            That said, because I was raised Christian, and my mama was not Jewish, Jews do not consider me Jewish.

            On the other hand, according to the National Socialist Nuremburg laws, I am Jewish.

            So, whatever you wish to think is fine.

            What I think about myself, and live as, is that I am a Tarheel Confederate Christian, with some Jewish blood.

            What is your identification and blood?

      • Fantastick comment, Mr. Whitaker! Very precise and revealing.

        Deep inside the universal psyche of Whites lies a substantial amount of Wayne’s World – ‘We are not worthy’ …

    • If anyone asks me about the Holocaust, I often say that I simply don’t care about it because it happened 70 years ago in another country. It’s irrelevant. It holds no power any more.

      In some ways that’s better than saying it didn’t happen, because it sucks the life out of the Holocaust narrative. When you tell someone to their face that it simply doesn’t matter, a lot of times it clicks. Smarter folks realize it’s stupid to endlessly debate history rather than move on and deal with the modern world.

      • It’s a good strategy but it doesn’t help the germans I don’t think, and as long as the jews control Germany they’re unlikely to be unseated from the rest of Europe and the US.

  7. Trump now feeling like Arnold getting elected California governor – system was entrenched nothing changed.

    • Things will change in the not to distant future,we’re a generation away of defeat in battle field of an integrated army will splinter against homogeneous one.China sees the west a paper tiger.

  8. This department ought have the devil at the head of it, as it’s principle task is to spy on the citizenry.

    I would accuse the very existence of it as ‘being unconstitutional’, yet, if it were ‘constitutional’ that would put it at odds with the rest of The New England Government …

      • Very true, Mr. Whitaker, not to mention the fact that it is yet another Federal Agency which makes policy that effeckts our lives, yet does not have to negotiate a transparent political process over it.

  9. Well, at least we may not go to war with Russian. And at least we won’t have to deal with the Clinton’s vindictiveness.

    • Good point, Mr. Owen; and, in fact, there are so many upsides with Trump; though, some people are totally unrealistick about his ability to wave a magick wand and have everything okay – when the system has evolved, for centuries, to be so polluted.

  10. Pharma’s Stasi State bill passed in the Senate yesterday, hidden inside the ‘Cures Act.’ Obama will sign it before he leaves office and its subversion of the Bill of Rights will go into effect by the new year.

    This is way more important than any one of these picks.

  11. Citing his experience in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, Pat Buchanan suggested it was a mistake not to make Bannon COS. Buchanan argued you can’t have conflicting power centers. It does seem that Ryan (Reince himself is a side show) has succeeded in marginalizing Bannon. Trump’s two best picks Bannon and Sessions came early before Bannon was marginalized.

  12. I wish I could say that I was bothered by this, but I’m not. I have always believed that the United States has been beyond salvation, and that our best hope was for a fracturing of the Union. A war with Russia and wide-open borders were not conducive to that outcome.

    As long as the wall is built, that will give us more time to radicalize the population while we work towards a separation.

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