Cuckservatives: House Republicans Signal Break With Trump Over Tariffs

The conservatives have a new party line.

The new party line is that “there is no such thing” as the Alt-Right. Instead, the Alt-Right was conjured into existence by Hillary Clinton and the Left as a cudgel to demonize conservatives. The real problem is the Alt-Radical Left. That’s what Sean Hannity is telling his audience night after night on FOX News.

At least in my case, I strongly supported Trump because his message resonated with me on three key issues: immigration, foreign policy and free-trade. I liked Trump because he was not a mainstream conservative on these issues. He talked about building the wall and deporting illegal aliens who were rapists and murderers. He talked about slapping tariffs on corporations to stop offshoring. He said that morons like Bill Kristol had led us into the Iraq War which he called a “beauty” of a mistake.

Much of the punditry since the election has focused on whether Trump voters were motivated by racial or economic anxiety. If anything is true, Trump’s victory illustrated that populism works best (like the BREXIT vote or Italian referendum) when it can tap into multiple sources of resentment against the elites:

“WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders signaled on Monday that they would not support President-elect Donald J. Trump’s threat to impose a heavy tax on companies that move jobs overseas, the first significant confrontation over the conservative economic orthodoxy that Mr. Trump relishes trampling.

“I don’t want to get into some kind of trade war,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California and majority leader, told reporters in response to Mr. Trump’s threats over the weekend to seek a 35 percent import tariff on goods sold by United States companies that move jobs overseas and displace American workers.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan also pushed back against Mr. Trump on Monday in an interview with a Wisconsin reporter, saying an overhaul of the corporate tax code would more effectively keep companies in the United States than tax penalties. “I think we can get at the goal here,” he said, “which is to keep American businesses American, build things in America and sell them overseas — that can be properly addressed with comprehensive tax reform.” …”

Bernie Sanders was unsuccessful because he was unable to marry his economic populism to a broader message of racial and cultural populism.

Speaking for myself, I strongly supported Trump’s trade policy and never more so than during the times in the campaign when he vowed to impose a punitive 35 percent tariff on corporations that engage in offshoring. The “Alt” in the Alt-Right also had an economic component. Conservatives and libertarians believe in neo-liberal economics – globalization, free-trade, hero worshiping Ayn Rand and all the free-market bromides from the Cato Institute and Wall Street Journal editorial page.

I’m not any kind of economic liberal. I believe in nationalism, economic independence, and an economy geared toward fostering national strength and solidarity. I don’t see the DOW or GDP as the most useful economic measuring sticks.

Take a look at all the conservatives howling “economic fascism” and “crony capitalism” this morning: Steve Berman, Ben Shapiro, Kevin Williamson, etc. Where do you think Trump is getting these heretical ideas from? He’s certainly not getting them from the National Review or Sean Hannity. Pat Buchanan has been writing about economic nationalism for twenty years.

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  1. aryan skynet has some interesting things to say about our most jewish president evah. i voted trump for the same reasons you cite- but mostly because it seemed he was “outside the establishment” cucks and progs. if trump is not “our man” and we have been totally jewed, perhaps the coming sovereign monetary defaults ahead will bring our “leader” into view. it may be that the breakup will happen faster with trump than the progs would have caused- as yogi used to say “it’s really hard to make predictions, especially about the future….”

  2. Though, on the surface, this seems problematick, it does offer some advantages.

    What advantages ask ye?

    It reveals that most Republicans, who run as ‘Conservatives’, are not only NOT conservative; that, in fact, they are pawns of The Global Corporate Order, and only cite The Constitution when it suits them.

    This further contributes to the weakening of their hold of the national politick, because many people, not just on The Right, will correctly see this for what it is, and know that it is a confirmation of why the country has been pillaged financially – because it’s political leaders are the primary agents of that pillaging, for alien constituencies unseen, and the lining of their own pockets.

    • One encore note –

      In this matter of protecting the average worker, President Trump will get as much Democrat support as he loses Republican – (his proposed tarifs will go through) something that will not only reinforce his favorability amongst the citizenry, but, which will make it very very difficult for Democrats to run against, in 2020.

      And being a master positioner-negotiatior as he is, Mr. Trump will pit one side against the other, and come out smiling.

      How can I say this?

      Because President-elect Trump is a lifetime graduate of the most intense and prestigious Jewish University of all -Manhatten, New York, and amongst those brilliant doctors of Wall Street parasitae, he holds the very highest diploma – a shark of the 12th degree…

  3. I assumed from the beginning, that the Republicans would fight Trump tooth and nail and keep up their virtue signalling to the Left. I didn’t think they’d gain virtual control of Washington, however. Trump is going to have a few rows. He may openly appeal directly to the public. We might even see plebecites called for on his part.

  4. The ones pushing all this “free trade” baloney the hardest are the American Enterprise Institute and the US Chamber of Commerce. Of course if THEIR jobs were at risk of being outsourced I’m sure they’d see things a little differently.

  5. Being the reserve currency allows this circus to continue, these clowns being nothing but mouthpieces for the FIRE oligarchs.

  6. The cuck traitors are beholden to the “donor class” who want “free trade”. Let’s see if Trump sticks to his guns. Keeping and creating jobs here was the issue that got him the rust belt and PA.

  7. Is ‘Trump’ good for the Jews?

    What do we mean by ‘Trump’?

    There is Trump the man and ‘Trump’ the symbol and icon.

    Trump the man is pro-Zionist. He is anti-Iran. He is for better relations with Russia but this could a means to turn China into Yellow Peril Monster of the world, thus diverting American anger from globalist elites to the Chinese(along with Iranians, always the bad guys for some reason).

    But within the confines of American and Western politics, ‘Trump’ has come to represent the question, “Is it good for whites?” While GOP has been implicitly white, Trumpism made this all the more brazen, esp as Trump pandered mostly to the white working class and flirted with elements of the Alt Right that is explicitly pro-white.

    It is this aspect of ‘Trump’ that is most troubling to Jews. Is it dangerous for whites to ask “Is it good for whites?” in the way that Jews ask, “Is it good for Jews?”

    In a way, this shouldn’t be threatening to Jews. In a way, it could be.

    Also, it depends on what we mean by “Good for Jews?” Good for Jews in general or Good for Jewish Domination?

    Most white gentiles have no animus toward Jews. Indeed, even anti-Jewish feelings among most of Alt Right could vanish IF Jews weren’t so anti-white. As Kevin Macdonald once said — and as Jared Taylor still wishes for — , he would love to have Jews on the side of whites. Macdonald gravitated to anti-Jewish stance because Jewish anti-white politics and rhetoric were relentless.

    So, given most whites are not anti-Jewish — and indeed are pro-Jewish — , what is good for whites would hardly be bad for Jews. Whites count as Jews as fellow whites, indeed as special whites. So, what is the problem?

    I think the problem is Jewish addiction to domination. Jews no longer just want to be part of white community like Italians or Irish or Poles. They want to rule over white community. Also, Jews fear excessive amity between whites and Jews because assimilation means weakening of Jewishness. Since religious identity is fading among Jews, identity for Jews revolves around history. And since Jews want to maintain some degree of separateness — even if mostly psychological — , they need to prop up the narrative of whites as past oppressors of Jews and potential future oppressors as well.

    Also, Jews know that Jewish power relies not only on Jewish Power but White Paralysis. Despite their wealth and influence, Jews are only 2% of the population. They could end up like the British elites of India if the gentile majority were to angrily rise up.

    If Jews were the solid majority of the US — as in Israel — , they need not worry so much about paralyzing the enemy with ‘white guilt’. After all, plenty of Arabs in Israel hate Zionists, but Jews don’t care since they have brute majority power over the Arabs. So, who cares what the Arabs think? Whether the Arab minority loves Jews or hates Jews, the Jewish majority has brute power over Israel.

    But because whites and other gentiles who comprise the great majority can overthrow Jewish power in the West if they really want to, Jews need to rely on the venom that paralyzes white power. And that is ‘white guilt’. Now, Jews distrust all gentile groups, but since whites are the biggest and most talented non-Jewish group in the US, Jews focus on paralyzing whites first and foremost. Since many venoms are more effective working in tandem, Jews encourage blacks, browns, yellows, Muslims, and etc to sting the white elephant too. So, the white elephant is stung with Holocaust guilt, slavery guilt, ‘Islamophobia’ guilt, Japanese Internment guilt, ‘cultural appropriation’ guilt, ‘homophobia’ guilt (even though white societies are most tolerant of homos), etc. And of course, a group is most weak when divided, and no division is as fatal as man vs woman. Jews have used feminism to make white women side with non-whites against ‘heteronormative white patriarchal males’. (Has anyone met a white male patriarch like Vito Corleone lately? I sure haven’t.) UVA rape hoax was really about driving a wedge between white men and white women.

    In a way, what Jews are doing is smart. It’s like what Michael says of Sal. Sallie was always smarter. And it’s a smart move, what Jews are doing. If Wasps, the big solid majority of Americans with great pride and prestige in having founded and built America, fell in grace and power so fast after WWII — the great triumph of Anglo-American power — , imagine what could happen to Jews who are only 2% of the population if they were to lose their eye on the ball? Jewish power could be over very quickly if white gentiles were to awaken to the nature of Jewish Agenda.

    This is why Jews are doubling down on ‘white privilege’ and white ‘racism’. But this has negative side-effects because (1) Jews are the most privileged ‘whites’ in America and (2) Israel is associated with ‘right-wing’ government close to GOP and the Palestinian issue that has become cause celebre among both the ‘left’ and the anti-Jewish ‘right’.

    Sometimes, the POC can’t tell white from Jew, or they see whites taking orders from Zionists. It’s like the scene in APOCALYPSE NOW where Willard asks, who is the commanding officer, and the Negro says, “Aint you?”

    So, when Jews say ‘whites are evil?’, lots of POC ask, ‘Aint you white?’

    Now, the question of whether Jews are white or not…

    If whites say Jews are not white, then it sounds like Nuremberg Laws that discriminated against Jews on the basis of their un-Aryan-ness. So, such would be ‘Nazi’.

    But if Jews are white, then it means they are part of the same race that produced the Nazis. And there are plenty on the ‘left’ that compare Zionists with Nazis.

    Also, there is ethno-white and ‘white bread'(usually wasp), and Camille Paglia plays on this dichotomy all the time. She is a strong loud brash Italian women at war with bloodless anemic vampiric Wasp feminists. Of course, many of these feminists are Jewish, but Paglia blames Wasp culture for having turned vital and colorful Jewish radicals into a bunch of humorless stalinists.

    But this ‘Jewish’ or ‘not Jewish’ game can be played in so many ways. Slavs can play it too. They can say Germans regarded Russians as ‘Asiatic hordes’ and marked them out for extermination, so Slavs are not really white and deserve affirmative action.

    A lot of Spaghetti Westerns often feature northern Europeans as gringos and darker Italians as Mexicans. An aspect of Italian Leftism was premised on Italians being closer to the Third World since they are swarthier than those light-skinned blonde Northern Europeans who often looked down on Italians, esp those in the South. No wonder BATTLE OF ALGIERS was made by an Italian director. Its dynamics isn’t much different from ROME: OPEN CITY.

    And Japanese like to see themselves as honorary whites during their imperialist phase and even after WWII as Japan was part of West whereas much of Asia was either communist or remained mired in Third World status. White or yellow?

    It’s like the game of “Are Brits part of Europe or not?” Plenty of Brits and Continental Europeans will say Britain is not part of Europe, either as praise or insult.

    But then, are mulattos really black? Are mestizos white or indigenous? Or Latin American whites different from American whites? There is no end to this. It all depends on who controls the Narrative and Symbols and to what purpose.

    Anyway, anti-Jewish elements among white folks will have no problem with Jews not identifying as white. It will just make it easier for anti-Jewish forces to identify Jewish Power and Privilege since it is non-white. It will clear up the air between whites with pitchforks and Jews with poison pens.

    Also, non-whiteness isn’t necessarily a protection against hostility and scrutiny.

    PC isn’t necessarily anti-white in favor of non-whiteness. After all, there is no protection for Muslims(esp Iranians) and Chinese, as the Trump regime plans to target China as the Big Bad Wolf for all problems. Sure, there is some noise about ‘Islamophobia’, but this has less to do with love for Muslims than PC hatred for whites. Because PC is anti-white, it will knee-jerkly side with anything that is attacked by white conservatives. Since whites attack Muslims, the ‘left’ sides with Muslims(for now). But there is no real love for Muslims in the way that there is real love for Jews, blacks, and homos. The narrative says we have to love Jews as Jews, blacks as blacks, and Homos as homos. It doesn’t say we have to love Muslims as Muslims or Chinese as Chinese.

    We may show affection for them if and only if they are targets of white or ‘rightist’ ire.

    But the fact that so many Americans can bash Muslims or China is proof that PC is not equal. The kinds of things Trump and his supporters have said about Muslims or China(and Mexicans to some extent) would not be permissible for Jews, homos, and blacks(despite the fact that blacks are the champion rapists compared to Mexicans). Notice how problems in EU are caused by Muslims and Africans, but anti-invasion voices only focus on Muslims and remain shhhh about blacks. And they are also silent about the fact that Jewish elites are pushing this mass invasion, not least by pulling the puppet strings of media and governments.

    Trump and his minions can dump on China. Trump can even threaten war on Iran. He can call on ban on Muslims. None of that got in the way of his eventual victory.

    Indeed, the Jewish elites never defend Muslims as Muslims in the way that Jews are defended as Jews. Muslims are useful ONLY TO THE EXTENT that they, at least in the West, can be used as ‘victims’ of white ‘xenophobia’. Muslims have no value otherwise. Meanwhile, another sector of Jewish Power invokes any number of reasons to keep destroying the Arab/Muslim world through invasions, drone strikes, proxy wars, and sanctions.

    Currently, because most whites are not anti-Jewish, the question “Is it good for whites?” cannot be anti-Jewish. Most whites want to work with Jews, admire Jews, marry with Jews, be friends with Jews, etc. Most whites will think “what is good for whites will be good for Jews since Jews are white too.”

    But the question can threaten Jewish Supremacism even if whites are not anti-Jewish. After all, even though what is good for whites is good for Jews if Jews are white, it may not be good for Jewish supremacism, which is the sacrifice of white interests of narrow Jewish interests. So, the Question is implicitly threatening to Jewish supremacism since to ask, “Is it good for whites?” must apply to all whites than just favor a small minority group within the broader white community.

    But this goes for all white ethnic groups. What is good for whites as a whole must not favor Irish Americans, Serbian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Greek-Americans, Italian-Americans, Croatian-Americans, or Swedish-Americans. While each ethnic group can be mindful of its own identity and interests — a good thing — , no group should say “All of you must do things that hurt your ethnic interests to boost OUR narrow ethnic interest.” That would be supremacism. Suppose lowlife Greek Americans said Greek mothers should have special privilege to have schools favor their dumbass kids over all the other white ethnic groups. That would be really lowdown. That would be Greek supremacism.

    The odd thing about Jews is they least need special favors and privilege for success since they do have smarts and talent. Unlike dumb southern Italians who relied on nepotism and corruption to get ahead, most Jews did rise through meritocracy. The problem, however, is enough is never enough for Jews. It’s like Jordan Belfort in WOLF OF WALL STREET. No sense of limits. This is why Jews need God to watch over them. Without God, their egos act like Anthony Wiener’s pud and never know when to stop. It’s like the Jewish kid in RISKY BUSINESS insisting upon Joel that his cousin Reuben from Skokie got to have some action very soon. They wan’t Portnoy’s Empire.

    But what may truly be threatening to Jewish Power is that the question “Is it good for whites?” might take on an anti-Jewish tinge, and we see this on the Alt Right. Many on the Alt Right have pretty much given on Jewish good faith. They just hear Tim Wise’s invective about whites. They remember Newsweek covers attacking whiteness. They see colleges blaming whites for everything. They can’t stomach UVA hoaxes that are about as anti-white as Nazism was anti-Jewish. Just vile stuff.

    And if this strain of anti-Jewishness comes to define “What is good for whites?”, white politics and Jewish politics will be enemies.

    Jews lost a golden opportunity after WWII. White folks really did feel sorry about the Holocaust and had no ill will toward Jews. Jews and whites could have gotten along just fine. But Jewish paranoia made things worse and worse just when, as Steven Pinker said, things were getting better and better.

    Pinker’s dream is lost in the EU because of massive invasions. Third World peoples will turn the First World into Third World. Dark clouds are hanging over Europe.

    In all my life, I almost never heard anti-Jewish stuff from white folks. If anything, when I sort of half-heartedly defended Palestinians in the 80s, a whole bunch of whites denounced me as lover of ‘terrorists’. Even the most right-wing tard I knew in the 90s was like that John Goodman character in BIG LEBOWSKI. And on facebook, the moron is still like that. Everywhere, all I heard is Jews are good, Jews are holy, Jews are great.

    But I think things really began to change during the Obama Era and Homo era, especially as so many Jewish voices ripped off their mask and gloated about how it’s been their agenda all long to destroy whitey.

    And if Trump had lost, I think the anti-white gloating would have 100x what it was in 2008 and 2012. Their victory hate would be as deranged as their defeat hate.

    Who knows where Alt Right will go, but a genuine rift has opened up between whites and Jews that hadn’t existed before.

    And this is why Jews are sensitive about Putin. Putin, like Trump, isn’t anti-Jewish but this question, “Is it good for Russians?” is a broader question that takes all Russians into account, not just Russian Jews. Jews, with their Chosen mentality, cannot abide by that. All other interests must be sacrificed to serve Jewish interests.

    Jews in America are used to being favored over other groups, especially white gentiles.

    Jews may seek ‘flight from white’ to escape the stain of ‘white privilege’, but paradoxically enough, it is to serve Jewish supremacism. It certainly isn’t a wish on the part of Jews to be equal with everyone else.

    I mean why would Jews want equality and parity with other groups? If all groups were equal, Jews would own only 2% of wealth, make up 2% of Ivy League, own 2% of media, own 2% of NBA teams, run 2% of Hollywood, manage 2% of Wall Street, have 2% stake in Las Vegas, etc. Would Jews really want that kind of ‘social justice’?

    Invoking equality to maintain supremacy cannot go on forever.


  8. The one thing this election has taught me is when you defeat the traitors in your group, the enemy is not much of a challenge.

  9. Absolutely agree on what were his three strong points. They made all the disgusting cucking for “Israel” and the DRRR garbage somewhat tolerable.

    • No, Mr. Besarab, Senator Sanders won the Democrat nomination, but, had it stolen from him.

      He could have received every nigger vote from where I live to Angola, and he would not have won, because his party is owned by the Devil and run by the Clintons.

      • That’s an interesting view but I don’t believe that. I think what Hunter was saying that if only Bernie connected with Whites, he could have been Trump. I was pointing out that within Democrats, Bernie did connect with Whites. It’s Blacks who voted identity politics over class. Basically the Blacks who help Democrats win general elections harmed the Democrats in the primary.

        • You can believe what you want, Mr. Besarab, it does not change the facts.

          The Democrat Party is on record for having constructed a super-delegate system to control the primary process – and ensure a Miss Hillary nomination.

          Moreover, we have the DNC correspondence, from Debbie Wasserman Schultz that lays out in bold colours, the conspiracy to deprive Senator Sanders, and, again, ensure the nomination of Miss Hillary.

          Furthermore, a couple of million California primary votes, that had been cast for Senator Sanders were found in a warehouse – uncounted.

          I tell you : as someone raise a Democrat, what I witnesst, this past primary season, made me sick to, my stomach.

          The truth be known, I cannot stand The Republican party, but, with the Democrat party become a Bolshevist Devil, I ain’t got no choice.

          • I do agree that the DNC favored Clinton and basically campaigned for her, but I don’t believe the votes were miscounted.

            Also I do believe Bernie could have won the electoral college, because he would have lowered the gap with Whites but regained Black voters. His popular vote might be lower than Clinton’s.

          • I do agree that the DNC favored Clinton and basically campaigned for her, but I don’t believe the votes were miscounted.

            Also I do believe Bernie could have won the electoral college, because he would have lowered the gap with Whites but regained Black voters. His popular vote might be lower than Clinton’s.

          • Thank you for your reply, Mr. Besarab.

            I see your stance as less indicative of what has actually occurred, and more indicative of the fact that, if you acknowledged the intrinsick state of The Democrat Party, this would require your morals to leave the party, and, thus, this would disturb your practical politick.

            Yet, the problem is deeper than a conversation of your view – the problem goes to the heart of what the Democrat Party constituency is prepared to accept from this diabolical institution.

            The Democrat Party put forth an incredibly corrupt process, even more so that the Republican primary – where the establishment tried to position a number of candidates to defeat the people’s choice – Trump.

            In the Democrat Party, however,, they chose who the winner would be, at least a year in advance, and then carried on a bizarre pretence that such was not the case – as that party establishment, and their allies – most notably New England Government Media, used the Sander’s candidacy to confer a veneer of legitimacy to a process that was far from it.

            The institutions of this country, while always having been far from perfect, have reacht a level of tyrannical estrangement from the populace that augers a solution that will find no reckoning short of gunfire, and a lot of it.

        • And one more thing ; Bernie DID connect with Whites, but, not with with Southern Whites.

          Yet, even if no negro had been allowed to vote, and Bernie Sanders had been the Democrat nominee against Trump, he never would have won.


          Because he could not have carried one Southern state – not even scalwaggy Virginia, replete with Negro convicts voting…

        • I heard several blacks at work talking during the primary, they literally saw Bernie as an old white racist cracker who had nothing to offer for the blacks! Thing is with Trump on the ballot lots of populist voters chose to vote in the Republican Primary and an as a result Bernie lost quite a few rust belt states he needed to win with Hillary winning the Black Church Lady vote in the Southern Democratic Primaries.

  10. Look at this story:

    Just consider.

    White Americans fund Israel and Zionism that occupy Palestinians who still live under the Occupation.

    But Jews have done everything to destroy the white population in South Africa who live in squalor and are regularly raped, robbed, and murdered by black thugs.

    Jewish-run media stay mum about this while pushing total BS like Black Lives Matter when blacks are the main killers in the US.

    Whites go out of their way to save and defend Jews, even when Jews oppress and murder an defenseless people like Palestinians.

    But Jews go out of their way to make sure every last white person is robbed, raped, or murdered.

    As if it isn’t bad enough that whites are facing horror in South Africa, Jews are engineering mass exodus of black Africans into Europe and America(as if the US doesn’t have enough of a black problem already).

    Alt Right needs to start a Movement to SAVE THE WHITES OF SOUTH AFRICA. Bring them back to the West. Meanwhile, send the blacks in Europe back to Africa. They are demographic imperialists and have no right to be there. Give us your whites, and take back your blacks.

    Let whites nations take back the whites, and let black nations take back their blacks.

    Alt Right must lead a SAVE THE WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA campaign. It will boost Alt Right’s moral credit.

    Jews get together and work to help fellow Jews around the world.

    Whites need to do likewise. Alt Right must be Zionism for whites. Call it Orionism.

    Orion, the great pagan figure of Greek mythology.

    But whites have Jews in their brains. PC infected white brains with the Jewish virus that urges whites to destroy themselves. infected white brains think the only White Way to virtue is through suicidal altruism.

    Get the Jew out of the brain. If we need to build a wall, the first one should be a Mental Wall against the Jewish virus. Without that immunity, whites will be cucks of Jews.


  11. Every. Single. Time.

    The Texas elector who will not cast his vote for Trump is a Jew.

    He just said on tv that an important influence on his decision was the open letter attacking Trump which was signed by over 100 “Republican foreign policy and national security experts”– primarily neocon Jew warmonger-murderers.

    I would like to see the alien middle-eastern stranglehold over this country end before I croak.

    • Trump knows. There’s a video where weev decided he would support Trump. Trump was at an event and there was a smug Jewish comedian on stage mocking his run at the presidency. Hoo boy! Trump was pissed!
      dailystormer dot com/why-i-maga/

    • Why is that minority group so hostile towards whites, you give them billions in war machines each year so I thought they would be happy

    • Yea it’s like they get their orders from racist JU central and they obey! If there is 1minute fraction of JU in them they adhere to the JU narrative

  12. I agree that the criticism made by the free market libertarians isn’t a criticism that either a populist or socialist would take seriously. I do somewhat agree with the criticism Sanders made. With Trump’s policy, a company can just threaten to outsource in exchange for a tax cut. “I’ll outsource 5,000, wait it’s down to 2,000, give me a tax cut.” The true socialist line would push for accelerationism (burn down the middle class as quick as possible), but because I’m not confident in its success, I’ll refrain form accelerationism at this time.

    • The tax exemptions were nowhere near enough to make up for cost of keeping the jobs in the US – they were there to sugar coat the pill and let Carrier save a little face. Carrier kept the jobs in the US because Trump threatened their government contracts.

  13. I don’t see any of this as a surprise. The GOP was united against President Trump in the primaries. He needs some Democrats on board with his trade policy to counteract the business roundtable cucks. I think he can get a lot done, though Ryan will need to be taken out in the next primary.

  14. Soviets called their newspaper Pravda, or Truth. Apparently, non-Soviet news was ‘fake news’ or Poddielni Novosti.

    Now, we have ‘western news’ claiming to be the Truth while dismissing counter-news as ‘fake news’.

    Many in the elite institutions would love ‘fake news’ to be declared illegal news.

    Since ‘fake news’ is tied to Russia by the Western Pravda, we should sarcastically use Russian terminology: Poddielni Novosti or just Poddielka for ‘fake’.

    Maybe just Podka for short.


  15. Why did the Gop stay silent while campaign was on, they rode the coat tails of Trump to win and now opose his agenda, how much more betrayel can voters take

  16. We used to tariff crap that came into our we just overtax American citizens..the only thing these dual citizen traitors care about are illegals and global business …vote this treasonous turd out of office,he works for Israhell

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