Trump’s Picks: Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Interior

I just got off the phone with James Edwards.

We had an hour long chat about Trump’s underwhelming Cabinet picks which will air on The Political Cesspool this weekend. At the end of our conversation, we concluded that Trump’s Cabinet has been a major disappointment and was shaping up as a whole to be a bunch of the same old boring, vanilla mainstream conservatives from Mike Pence and Reince Preibus on down to Scott Pruitt for EPA.

It seems that Trump has since picked Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from eastern Washington as his Secretary of the Interior:

“Donald Trump’s frontrunner to lead the scandal-plagued Department of the Interior is a congresswoman currently under a House ethics investigation for misusing government funds.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican Congresswoman, is at the top of Trump’s short list for secretary of the Department of the Interior, sources close to the transition told the, and could be announced as soon as Friday.

But as the subject of an ongoing ethics probe, McMorris Rodgers’s appointment could complicate Trump’s election promise to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington D.C.

Congressional investigators have been looking into allegations the 47-year-old congresswoman from Washington state ran campaign operations out of her government office and sent aides to campaign events on the taxpayer dime. …”

Remember #DrainTheSwamp?

Trump has picked yet another winner, the current chair of the House Republican Conference, for a top Cabinet post. McMorris Rodgers is also known for supporting comprehensive immigration reform although fortunately her role in the Trump administration will have nothing to do with that. This latest pick does reinforce the overwhelming impression of Jeff Sessions being the odd man in Trump’s Cabinet.

I thought Trump would pick Sarah Palin for Interior, but this McMorris Rodgers pick leads me to believe that Reince and Pence must have sidelined Steve Bannon.

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  1. I keep hearing those words from campaign Trump:

    “I know the best people, the worst people and the people you have never heard of who are better than them all.”

    WTF happened to all those people he knew?

  2. None of this is too thrilling – but keep in mind what Hillary’s picks would have looked like. Not making excuses – but remember Hillary .

    • I couldn’t name you the last 5 secretaries of the interior and I follow politics more closely than the average voter. I watched Trump’s thank you rally speech in Grand Rapids tonight and it was pretty much vintage Trump. Borders, Trade, American jobs first. If he stays true to those, he will be fine. I will predict he will not call for a white ethnostate, so he may be a disappointment to some.

      • Trump has never called for a White ethno-State. Here’s why I Still Believe in Trump. He LOVES winning, and he loves success. I predict that in the first year, he will bring all kinds of folks in line. He and DeVoss will ABSOLUTELY slam face first into the rock hard intractable DNA Wall of Negroes. THAT will be immense fun! And a turning point in the suicide of Western Civilization.
        Also – he Tweets. We have a POTUS that Tweets! He reads the Tweets of others, and retweets things. He loves Twitter. He won’t stop once he’s in office, no matter WHAT his staff tries to do. The best time to Tweet to him is between 1-2AM and then around 6AM. Ne must be polite and helpful. I am a dedicated 1488’er – but I will tweet as my twin Imagos Doris Day & Glinda the Good Witch. We must be polite, professional, but FIRM. If you want to make America great again – you must make America WHITE again. Blacks are the most obvious demo in which to point out racial reality.
        Sooner of later – Trump is going to HAVE to deal with racial reality. Whether he admits it or not.

        • I was being sarcastic on that point. Trump is reaffirming things traditional white Americans hold dear. God, Country, family, jobs. Recognizing the danger of immigration (ok illegal) but it’s a start. Trump is a gift from God. I’m not going to quibble over the secretary of the interior for Christsakes.

    • What exactly is wrong with run of the mill republicans in places like Interior, EPA, Transportation, Energy? Is there really any special “Alt-Right” political spin in these areas that need special attention, or is the run of the mill republican position pretty much exactly what is needed? Does the EPA deal with the question of hordes of illegals? Or is it’s main problem the fact that leftist ideologues have corrupted it with their “global warming” crap and maybe a run of the mill republican who doesn’t believe in global warming and will purge the green rats exactly all that is needed in that outfit? Is there a special “white nationalist” ideology needed at the interior the same way there would be a special “marxist” ideology foisted there had the Soviets conquered America after the 2nd World War? Or do we simply need a pro-business person to purge the tree huggers infesting it and hindering the natural resource economy in rural white areas? Is there a “white agenda” at Energy or once again do we simply need common sense run of the mill pro business Republicans to get the “green energy” environmental wackos out and get back to drilling for oil and stop demonizing nuclear power. With Transportation isn’t kicking out the “fast trains” and “well all sell our cars and ride bicycles!” hipster idiots and modernize our interstate highway system something an ordinary republican can do just as well as Jared Taylor would at that position? Where I work I’ve found blacks frequently don’t own cars and ride the bus, or if they do they are old, unreliable beaters that break down all the time. A pro highway agenda that kicks out the leftist mass-transportation (i.e. Black) backers helps keep your job site from getting flooded with even more lazy blacks you have to keep around to appease the EEOC.

  3. Remember that regardless of who is elected it never dislodges the globalist cabal that have a stranglehold on the United States. We have not won anything at best it may delay the actual day at which we reach minority status.

  4. The EPA, HUD, DOT…..It would be great if somehow Trump could abolish most of those dumb Federal agencies. Maybe that is part of his plan. Hence the appointing of faceless mediocrities like this broad?

  5. “Same old boring vanilla mainstream conservatives.” I hate to hear people using words like “vanilla” and “white bread” to describe a bland, flavorless person or thing. We all know the implication here: that Whites or anything associated with our culture is boring and unworthy of consideration. Let’s think about how we use language and not cast aspersions on our own people.

    • It’s true in Pence’s case though. I mean that guy is as boring, vanilla Midwestern conservative as it gets!

      I’m not commenting on his race. Just his personality and politics.

      • VANILLA! The most popular flavor of ice cream in the WORLD! The very best flavoring for all the very best dishes!! Let the White Race recognize that vanilla is the standard to which all other flavors must aspire. It is the vital ingredient in all european “pastries”… so sweet and delectable….

      • Just think, negroes refer to themselves as “chocolate” as some kind of boastful form of self-appreciation. We refer to ourselves as “vanilla” as a pitiful form of self-degradation. It’s sad really and it shows the extent to which we’ve lost confidence in ourselves. You’ll never catch me using the term. I’m actually proud to be white.

  6. Probably not a big problem for most of the Donald’s agenda. But the department is not unimportant, and the Left will still find something to complain about. They will complain about any of his picks, and not for the right reasons.

  7. the so-called right wing in America is totally devoid of class consciousness. Even Hitler, who purged the national socialist party of its insiders, had more class consciousness than the American WN movement (he used the term bourgeois in mein kampf). This should not be a surprise.

      • I’m not sure what you’re saying, but I’m criticizing wns for thinking that Trump was going to be more loyal to them than to other powerful people. As I said, even Hitler and Mussolini, whatever their faults with imperialism, displayed some distrust of the bourgeois.

        • Okay, but, first, you are confusing white nationalists with the modern right wing. Today, the pro business, conservative Republican like Cohn, Puzder and the Bushs and Cruzs are what is meant by right wing.

          Second, you are not conveying your meaning well with your writing. I think you are trying to say that WN’s underestimate the class consciousness of the right wing.

          • The terms right and left are oversimplifications but I was using the term right to mean both wns and Republicans. I was suggesting that the Trump movement would be unlikely to choose WNs over powerful people, just because that’s how class divides usually play out. However the WNs weren’t able to anticipate that Trump was unlikely to reciprocate them.

          • The WN that believed Trump was secretly on our side, were the ones that came down in the last shower. Unfortunately the majority of the WN are very young men.

            I’m a little older and have seen that Conservatives that run on illegal immigration will flood you with legal immigration. They think its funny when they make fools of honest people.

          • The thing is, nobody realizes it, but Bush and Obama also pretended to be big change agents. Bush even condemned nation building. I caught on by Obama. But even I didn’t think Obama would have Gaddafi murdered.

          • Obuttnaked had nothing to do but get up and read the teleprompter- a total tool for the Deep State. Magic negro Theater for the cucks and the social justice warriors; a “leader” for the dindus. Gaddafi’s murder (as he predicted) was useful to implement the invasion of Europe by sub-saharans: another elitist step in the subjewcation of white nations. BO was just another sockpuppet in the long line of punch and judy politics entertaining the proles.

  8. Shouldn’t the term ‘American’ be rejected for citizen of United States.

    After all, Canada and Mexico are also part of North America. And there is Central America and South America.

    Who are arrogant ‘yanquis’ to hog the title of ‘American’, when Amerigo wasn’t even Anglo and had nothing to do with the founding of the US?

    So, maybe ‘Americans’ should be called United-Statesmen or USian. Or Uncle Samites.

    Or USers. Like in TRON LEGACY. Globalism certainly allows us to use the world.
    USers are abUSers as well.

    Hello USers.

  9. Under globalism and Diversity, some win out, some lose out. And every people lose something by gaining something. Is it worth it?

    Jews win out in money and influence since they are smarter. But as Muslim numbers rise in EU, they may lose out.

    Blacks win out in sports and sex culture cuz they are stronger and bigger-donged and funky. But they lose out in brainy fields and money. Black women lose out sexually as no men want them and as black men go with white women.

    Mexicans win out by moving across borders and living in the US. They gain access to medicine and material rewards. But most of them won’t amount to much since they are mediocre in everything: sports, arts, intelligence. Also, Mexico will remain dependent on leeching on the US than developing its own talent pool.

    Asians win out in academics and middle management, but Asian men lose out in sex because all women see them as inferior. Asian women win by marrying superior men, but they lose identity and culture as their kids are raised by non-asian fathers.

    Muslims win out by moving to Europe and having better material lives. But their lower IQ means depressed economic prospects, and their cultures will erode under homomania.

    White elites win out by having cheaper workers, but they lose out demographically to the non-white hordes who keep arriving. Also, white men lose white women to bigger-donged negroes who can whup white boys in schools and sports fields.

    And so on and on. Some groups win more than others. And for every gain, there is a loss.

    What PC does is suppress candid discussion of what people lose from globalism and Diversity.
    PC only focuses on what various groups GAIN but suppresses discussion of what they LOSE. Also, on occasion that what they LOSE is discussed, only whites are blamed for the problem.

    We need to inform every group what they have to LOSE due to Diversity and Globalism. We need HONEST SPEECH, but PC calls it ‘hate speech’. Alt Right provides Warning Label to globalism sold to all peoples. Globalists are like pushers who sell dope to junkies by promising only the thrills and fun without mentioning any of the long-term dangers. Guess what happened to Russia in the 90s because it trusted the globo-dope-pushers?

    With nationalism and unity, each people can at least win in their own nation. They will not gain the world, but they will keep their own nations.

    Under globalism and diversity, each people may gain something, but they lose much more… unless that group happens to be Jewish or homo. Indeed, they may lose their entire nations just for more consumer goods and MTV.

    PC pill is sleeping pill that prevents people from being awake to what they will lose out.

    PC is like advertising that only mentions the GAIN without the side effects, the LOSS, the dangers.

    PC is advertisement and propaganda.

    Alt Right is Consumer Report on Globalism. Alt Right spells out the dangers of PC and Diversity for all groups.

    • God dammit! Stop repeating the Jews lies! They are not “smarter “then whites. That has been demonstrated to be false. What they are, is more devious. Which is what Christ said, 2000 years ago.

      And why, if we were smart as well as intelligent, we white would’ve put them “beyond the pale.”

      But this time make it beyond the pale… Of death.

  10. Paul Ryan is on Hannity, genuflecting before the God Emperor. I used to loathe Hannity – but now I respect him, an appreciate him. He’s Wheat, not Chaff, after all.
    Trump already has Ryan in line. Let not your White Hearts be troubled………..

  11. We know that Jews are 2% of the US population but control over 90% of Mainstream Media.

    We know that Jews are less than 1% of Sweden but own the biggest media company there.

    We know Jews run BBC and other Western media.

    We know that Jews took over entire media in Russia in the 90s.

    So, this stuff about ‘Fake News’ is just Jews dog-whistling about the rise of alternative ‘Goy Media’.

    Jews want monopoly over the news, information, narrative, and agenda. What is called ‘real news’ or ‘mainstream news’ is really Jewish News or Jews’ News. What Jews denigrate as ‘Fake News’ is threatening because much of it is managed and shaped by GENTILES who are have awakened to the fact of venal Jewish Power and Influence.

    So, when Jews and cucks say ‘fake news’, they mean Gentile News that challenges Jewish Supremacy and Domination.

    It’s just dog-whistling. Jews are really saying All News must be controlled by the Tribe.

    US isn’t really ruled by two parties. It is ruled by One Tribe, the Zio-Clan.

    If Jews were honest, they would denounce alternative media as Goy News, but that would give the game away, i.e. so-called ‘mainstream media’ is really just Jews’ News.

    In the end, it’s about Jews’ News vs Goy Story.

    Gentile Media is GOY STORY. Goyim need to collect, control, and tell their stories and narratives.


  12. Trump is appointing hardcore and softcore appointments.
    Note that his hardcore appointments are former military officers to departments that are full of organized armed men (Justice Dept, Defense Dept, NSA, Homeland Security…)

  13. I wonder how the Trumpenreich Ministry of the Interior will deal with the issue of ranchers out West whose herds graze on Federal lands? And what about the issue of the Federal govt simply owning too much of the land out West? No doubt such things will be handled much better than they were during the anti-White Bathhouse Barry regime.

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