Trump’s Picks: Andrew Liveris for American Manufacturing Council

Did you just see Trump bring Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical, on stage tonight at his rally in Michigan?

“Donald Trump on Friday said Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris would lead the American Manufacturing Council, a part of the U.S. Commerce Department that acts as liaison between the manufacturing sector and the federal government.

The president-elect described Liveris as “one of the most respected businessmen in the world” at a rally in Grand Rapids on Friday evening.

“I’m asking him to come up and head up our American Manufacturing Council, and he has agreed to do it,” said Trump. “They will be tasked with finding ways to bring industry back to America.”

Here’s what Andrew Liveris had to say about Trump in Australia in March:

“Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris recently made an appearance at a business breakfast in Perth, Australia. Liveris is one of the most prominent Australian-born business leaders in the world and has led Dow Chemical for more than 10 years.

The subject of the American presidential campaign came up during his talk and apparently, when it comes to Donald Trump, Liveris is not a fan.

To explain the traction of Trump’s popularity, Liveris referred to how other successful candidates in history were able to conquer the medium of their day — Abraham Lincoln was an excellent writer, President Barak Obama was great at social media, etc. For Trump, Liveris’ comparison was less flattering.

“And now the presidential cycle is bringing us ‘the Kardashian presidency,’” he said. “”I am not sure how big it is in Australia, but reality TV has taken over what most Americans see and most people are disaffected with Washington and Wall Street, and a lot of things like that and they look at reality TV and they imagine that life, and I think Donald Trump is an incredible marketer of the fantasy of what could be.”

Liveris also said that the global business community was “aghast” at the rise of Trump and his success in recent GOP primaries.

“There is somewhere between fear, being very fearful and being totally aghast expressions coming from foreign audiences,” Liveris said.

Liveris has long had ties to prominent Democrats in Washington. He is reportedly a close friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton and has been a big contributor to the Clinton Global Initiative. He also currently sits on a council that advices President Obama.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, he predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency in November.

Back then, Liveris called Trump “an incredible marketer of a fantasy” and compared him to Kim Kardashian. He came on stage tonight and called him “one of the most respected businessmen in the world.” What do you think?

Note: Did anyone else catch Rudy Giuliani choking back the tears tonight with Eric Bolling on FOX News?

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  1. The gullible fools who refer to Trump as God emperor will get a valuable lesson in the danger of putting their trust in one man. Trump will be busy trying to quell the rebellion by the populists in the Republican party if he does not offer them a greater share of jobs and power in his administration.

    • The problem is much more accute. The GOP can’t win without the lumpenprole whites anymore. The blacks are forming up into Zulu Impis as we type. The Mexicans will be radicalized.

      Things are proceeding nicely.

      • Yeah, the Hillary idiots, and the Bernie idiots, are both the same sides of of a two-faced coin: we talk about peace, while we want to kill the Russians into oblivion. We say that “love trumps hate” and yet we hate with an unmitigated hatred, the will of the American people.

        We want equality, but we pay seven dollars for our cups of coffee.

        So, the white American populace elected Trump, hoping that he would be “hope and change”… for the white man. Sadly, it may appear as though we are all going to go to war – a war, that none of us wanted, but one that is inevitable… Civil War II. And who is to blame for it all?

        One guess. That “shitty little country”in the Middle East and its populace, worldwide.

        With Jews, you lose.

        • I don’t think the blacks and browns will back down or back off. The Jews won’t either. They will drive hard to put a wedge between Trump and his Prole voting bloc. Trump can’t afford to have daylight between himself and these white workers if he wants re-election. These cabinet picks signal that he’s cucking but the raw voting data means he’s only got a few options.

          That means he is going to have to pick a fight and deport thirdworlders.

          • The Likud faction of DJTs (inner party) requires exactly what he is doing- notice Bibis approval. This allows DJT to start with the immigration platform plank- all the rest of the kvetching from his alt-right support has to wait: as you noted, the single item he can gain the most support from is deportation of illegals, and slowing /eventually stopping all others. Our reality is that we live in a world owned by (((financiers))), but there are (((factions))) within which might be played off against one another- perhaps DJT knows more about those worlds than we.

          • Spot on. I mean, there are at least 3 groups of (((financiers))): orthodox, reform and secular. The last two are clearly beyond your grasp, but the first one, with the right moves ,might be flipped. After all they are mostly preoccupied with preserving their people and religion, not with sacrificing people on the altar of social justice,which makes them similar to identitarians in Europe and America. Why not, (identity) politics make strange bedfellows?The hard part would be convincing them to think that people who are not of their kin, but who think the same way are better allies then those who share the same blood, but who are typical multiculturals in all other respects.

          • Everything you’ve said is true, but Trump might not realize those things. He has a huge ego so he might end up over estimating his ability to win minority support.

            I’ve seen it happen before.

      • The coloreds and the beaners can be dealt with easily enough. All that’s lacking is the White man’s willingness to start fighting back.

        • Get them agitated so much that they continue to burn whatever good will remains. Having the nignogs supine to submit won’t quite do it.

      • Interesting:

        Lumpenproletariat is a term that was originally coined by Karl Marx to describe the layer of the working class that is unlikely ever to achieve class consciousness and is therefore lost to socially useful production, of no use to the revolutionary struggle, and perhaps even an impediment to the realization of a classless society.

        (I’d describe the people who voted for Trump more as too rural to fit this description.)

        • So you’ve just been converted to Communism? Is that why you are obsessed with class AKA snobbery? Intellectuals are the biggest snobs that exist.

          All that leftist doctrine Marx wrote boils down to one thing: “Professors should rule the world”.

          • what do you mean by “AKA.” You say that a lot. ideology is complicated, but I’ve considered my ideology to contain three main points.
            -Class revolutionary
            -atheistic, but willing to compromise as long as religion is kept private
            -opposed to liberalism

          • what do you mean by “AKA.” You say that a lot. ideology is complicated, but I could be considered communist because I want to remove the state through revolution, not election.

            I’m not necessarily an anti-revisionist communist. I’m a little more fluid on ideology. For instance I consider Saddam Hussein a good socialist, as well as Otto Strasser.

          • Professors view anyone not brainwashed in schools they control as ignorant peasants. Professors are the ultimate snobs. They believe anyone not licensed by Them should not be allowed to Think.

            None of the great Communist leaders worked a day in their lives. They sit and think and divide up the spoils, while everyone Beneath them sweats on farms or factories and dies in wars for them.

            Capitalists expect you to work for money. Communists expect you to work for words.

    • The way I look at it, if Trump had not sold out, my views on the eventual need to change the state would not be any different. Trump would be an example of someone who acted against his class position. However his sell-out directly confirms a lot of my views.

      I know it seems selfish, but I benefit from this, because for a long time, I’ve seen people who believe in the “single Jewish cause” as fools. And I’ve been banned from websites and been in a lot of flame wars. Trump did a lot to damage the single Jewish cause with his self-funding.

      • There’s that classism AKA snobbery again. See Hunter’s theory on what is really going on. Trump isn’t calling the shots, Priebus is.

        Single Jewish cause? Its more complicated than that. White Self Hatred is a real phenomenon that is exploited by groups who are cunning and have no honor. White Self Hatred is SICK!

        • I respectfully disagree with that, Mr. Jackson. It’s been at least 30 years since any man in Trump’s midst ‘called the shots’.

          Whatever Priebus does it’s because Trump grants him it, not because Priebus is in charge.

          Trump is in charge. In fact, he is so in charge, and so secure with being in charge, he does not worry who thinks what. He’s absolutely secure with himself.

          He’s a mighty man.

    • oy vey- such a kvetching! such fools, we pepes be. KEK. no fashy goys to der inner circles! how can dis be?? all along, we chust knew der god-emperor vud save us mitt der sturmtrooper kabinet! und all der normies vud dash out to hugo boss fur all der latest fashy clothes!

  2. “In God We Trust”, but when it comes to our country, Trump, like him or not, is our last trust.
    If he fails all America has to look forward to is hell.

  3. P.E.D’s are Performance Enhancing Drugs.

    Media has its own dope.


    Media are into Performance Enhancing Narratives.

    Sabrina Rubin Erderly really did juice up her story.

    Juice News.

    LOL, sounds like Jews’ News, doesn’t it?


  4. Liveris and others will simply do anything for such a position as they have no principles, they´ll do what they are told. What will they be told, business as usual or a clear break? We will know soon enough.

    What I was worried about is that as President, Trump would oppose certain necessities and that his opposition to them would matter.

    It is the only thing that could really held us back.

  5. There was a recent comment by Trump on some Democrat leak, I can’t remember who now. He said If someone said something as disrespectful as that about me and I was their boss, I would fire them out of self respect.

    What do I think? Just Trump being Trump.

  6. In March, Liveris called Trump “an incredible marketer of a fantasy” and compared him to Kim Kardashian. He came on stage tonight and called him “one of the most respected businessmen in the world.”

    What do you think?

    The two statements aren’t contradictory.

  7. Can we get the old gang back together? (Ordered liberty + white nationalism)

    Fascism just isn’t working out.

  8. The election in 2016 proves the GOP can’t win without a considerable number of white working class defectors from the Democratic Party. Trump is sitting on the most volatile electoral coalition ever built. And from a Marxist POV he’s got the Capitalists and Labour in one politico-dialectical unit. He’s also opposed by militant blacks and mestizos with a variety of sharklike Hindi and Muslim circling the mess. Combustion is likely. Perhaps Trump is the accellorant anyway.

  9. It’s not clear here whether you are displeased with this pick as well?

    If so, I’m really not getting what you want in filling these positions. Presumably, you want Trump to pursue his nationalism and “free trade” skepticism to benefit Americans and not foreigners, and that was why you were alarmed by the Goldman guys and Puzder. But if you listened to Trump’s introduction, you heard that this guy will be tasked with keeping manufacturing HERE. And he’s not a Wall Streeter.

    So why are you grumbling about this one? I would guess he spoke the way he did before because that’s how he was expected to talk. The CEO crowd didn’t like Trump, remember? But power has a way of smoothing those things over.

    • 1.) I found it interesting that Liveris was saying in March that Trump was a showman and a fraud who was marketing a fantasy.

      2.) I noticed the trend in the Cabinet picks a few weeks ago when he selected Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos. He campaigned as a populist who railed against Jeb and Cruz for being “puppets” of big donors, but started putting people like Betsy DeVos and Todd Ricketts in the Cabinet. He has Goldman Sachs people in charge of the Treasury and the National Economic Council which he campaigned against for a year.

      3.) From what I know of Andrew Liveris, he is most notable for overseeing the Dow DuPont merger and getting a $53 million dollar golden parachute as a result:

      4.) These picks are rapidly starting to add up. It looks a lot less like what we expected than the same old conservatism. Secretary of State is the big one and that will tell us a lot more.

      If Trump picks John Bolton for Secretary of State, the king of the neocons and one of the biggest Iraq War cheerleaders, it will put an exclamation point on his Cabinet picks.

      • I understand your broad argument. But what I guess I would note is that we shouldn’t disqualify someone BECAUSE they were friendly with Conservatism, Inc, or a GOP donor, any more than we should give them an immediate “in” to the cabinet for that reason. Trump does, after all, have quite a bit of overlap in his agenda with conventional conservatism, and this isn’t something he kept secret.

        Say what you want about DeVos, the woman has been an education activist for many years. She favors less federal involvement and more local control. I’ve never heard you elaborate on your education philosophy, but isn’t that what YOU want, as well? Ricketts is a successful businessman. Do you want someone who’s NOT a businessman in the Deputy Commerce Sec slot?

        This is Trump’s party, to be sure. This will incorporate BOTH segments of the old GOP and the “alt-lite” ones, as well. The only pick I’ve been genuinely bummed about thus far is Puzder. There were plenty of people with a deep knowledge of labor markets to not have to resort to someone on the record with so much fawning, bullshitty “Gang of 8” rhetoric. I’ll grant you that one.

          • Indeed. Hopefully, he will be read the riot act by Trump , IMMEDIATELY. To stow the Cato Institute bullshit and put his knowledge of labor markets to work to serve US, not keep to some purist ideology that’s more concerned with “efficient allocation of capital” than the outcomes for American workers!

      • If Trump lets the neo-cons back in, then I’m guessing your prediction about a new Middle Eastern war might come true.

        And that would put secessionists in an extremely difficult position. My reasoning is that the U.S. Army relies heavily on White southern boys, and war normally amplifies patriotism. The result would be a generation of Southern men who are even more heavily Americanized than their predecessors.

        A new Middle Eastern war would also amplify anti-Muslim sentiment. We’d be left with more Breitbartesque ‘bash the Muslims’ flavored Civic Nationalism.

        It would literally set the clock back 10 years.

  10. Trump doesn’t want to be surrounded by yes-men, he wants competent people with a proven track record. He also likes winning over enemies to his side. So if he thinks Liveris is the right guy to bring manufacturing back to the US then he will pick Liveris for that job, regardless of what was said in a speech 9 months ago.

  11. Liveris who is either French or Greek, and pretty slippery, has done an excellent job with Dow Chemical.

    I own stock in Dow, and I wish I had bought more at $5 dollars a share which was its 2009 low. It’s now in the $50 – $60 dollar range. Dow has never missed a dividend since 1915.

    In 2007-2008, just before the financial collapse Dow did a big merger with another chemical company and analysts predicted Dow would implode. They didn’t..

  12. We have a tendency to be far too negative. Trump is keeping jobs here and will encourage a positive business climate.

    Boom! Dow Chemical CEO Announces New Plant in Michigan at Trump’s Grand Rapids Rally

    ‘During his speech Andrew Liveris announced Dow Chemical will invest a state of the art innovation center in Michigan.’

    Andrew Liveris: We’ve made a decision. We’re going to announce a state-of-the-art innovation center in Michigan. We’re going to put an R&D Center in place. This decision is because of this man and these policies. We could have waited. We could have put it anywhere in the world. Several hundred jobs on top of the thousands. We are not waiting. We are going ahead. We are going to use American hard work and American brains and we’re going to fight for the Dow company out of the USA… Mr. Trump, with the investments that you talk about. You’re paving the way with your administration with your policies to make it easier to do business in this country. Not a red tape country but a red carpet country for American businesses.’

    • No one has left camp, yet.

      Trump could have done better, even within the paradigm of the Establishment.

      As HW is pointing out, these are the types of people (including Trump) who will put The top .01% first, then give us an “aw shucks, we tried” on the wall and immigration. And if you want to push back against them, they’ll drop the Deep State on you.

  13. If TrumpGod tells us that the same group of vultures, vampires, ticks and leeches that have preying on our society would now make good guard dogs, role models and saviors, then who are we to argue.

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