The Anti-White Job Market

In “Donald Trump’s Alt-Reality,” Thomas Edsall mentions in passing this morning that …

“Since Nov. 7, 2007, according to Porter, Hispanics have gained nearly 5 million jobs, African-Americans and Asian-Americans have each gained over 2 million jobs, but whites have lost nearly 1 million jobs. Those job losses were heavily concentrated in those Rust Belt and, relatively speaking, more rural states where Trump racked up his Electoral College win.

The credibility of the Democratic Party generally among Trump voters is at an all-time low, as Democratic candidates discovered on Nov. 8.

This Democratic vulnerability was explored in depth by Katherine Cramer, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin, in a book on voters in that state, “The Politics of Resentment,” which came out in March. …”

Wow. Just wow. What an ugly thing to say.

Are you saying that could have had something to do with Hillary’s devastating defeat at the hands of the White working class in the Rust Belt? Is that why her campaign message “I’m a woman, vote for me because Trump is a sexist, and if you don’t, you’re a deplorable bigot” failed to resonate in rural areas? Is that why Lena Dunham’s “Sensual Pantsuit” video was so ineffective in winning over swing voters in Appalachian Ohio? Are you suggesting key parts of Pennsylvania couldn’t relate to Hillary Boy?

I can’t even believe I am reading this. It is 2016. We’re beyond stuff like jobs in rural, working class White America. You were supposed to be my Blue Wall and it’s like I don’t even know you anymore!

Note: Don’t read the fake news. Hillary doesn’t need Ohio because it isn’t even a bellwether anymore.

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  1. It really pisses me off when columnists in the kike media like Thomas Edsall refer to beaners as Hispanic Americans and coloreds as African Americans but Whites are just referred to as ‘whites’, not European Americans. They won’t even capitalize the ‘w’ in White. Those shitlibs never miss an opportunity to disparage European Americans, no matter how small.

    Maybe if the Demonrats didn’t vilify, ridicule and marginalize White voters so much that party would have fared better in the election. But instead of learning from their stupid mistakes they will just become even more anti-White. Hopefully the black moslem terrorist Keith Ellison will be their new Party Chairman. Selecting him might finish off the Demonrats once and for all.

  2. The idea of trying to appeal to Whites, especially working class Whites, to win an election is repugnant to these people. For them, our existence and interests don’t matter. They will continue to see us as the problem rather than their own arrogance and hatred toward us as being the cause of their loss.

    • ZOG and their minions HATE Whites, and want to EXTERMINATE Whites. why would Jews care about “relating” to Whites?

      • They do not and never will relate to us. For them it isn’t their behaviour but our reaction that is the problem. They fear the peasants with pitchforks.

    • It’s not only repugnant, it would be political suicide for them. They try appealing to White people they risk alienating blacks and jews.

      • They were abandoning Whites long before it was politically prudent for them to do so. They then manufactured the demographics that made it possible for them to win without us.

  3. “This Democratic vulnerability was explored in depth by Katherine Cramer, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin”

    What a dingbat.Nothing science about Political, means power to a specific people.

  4. Edsall is quite piece of work. I understand why he composes Anti White Anti Christian agitprop for the jew york slimes. There is not one handful of mud left unslung.

  5. Q: What do whites think when they are called a racist or told of our inevitable brown future?

    A: Where is the nearest voting booth?

    The United States and democracy itself got a stay of execution on November 8th. If Trump fails, we don’t “try again” with voting, we forge a new nation from the wreckage of the old.

    • Like any manipulator you come across, you should always look at the end of their statements to find where their motivations lie and how they plan on continuing their skulduggery and deceitful narratives.

      Those of us who opposed Trump from the right should give him the benefit of the doubt and admit many of his cabinet picks thus far have been solid

      “Give him the benefit of the doubt” because he sees a lot of himself and his Cuckservative values in Trump’s Cabinet picks. It’s not like he is admitting he/they were wrong about their outlook and positions on social and economic issues. Cuck Erickson believes they can get back in the driver’s seat by using Cabinet picks to corral and condition Trump. I’m inclined to believe he might be right.

  6. This was an informative piece that was straight to the point. The bottom line is that Hillary ran a bad campaign that ignored the working class, European Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, etc, and took their vote for granted. NAFTA, and other trade deals like that hurt all workers. I am most happy that there is going to be an end to the TPP. In terms of healthcare, it is unconstitutional to demand that people buy a product from a private company, hence, one of many reasons the rates for many went up on the ACA.

  7. America was brought down to the level of Weimar Republic Germany and Democrats wonder why they lost the election? It’s like I don’t know this country anymore. I almost wish Hillary had won so that the more extreme option would be likely.

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