Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right

I thought it was a pretty good documentary.

My only objection is to the headline. The Alt-Right isn’t really a rebranding of White Nationalism. I’ve been around from the beginning and always understood the term to mean the entire galaxy of the non-mainstream conservative Right. It was an umbrella term that included White Nationalists, paleoconservatives, libertarians, nihilistic trolls and everyone else who was considered beyond the pale of National Review respectability. It was the name for the online space where all these “fringe elements” interacted, shared and discussed their ideas. As the years went by, the term even came to include new groups like the Neoreactionaries and the Men’s Rights Activist community.

This is why the Alt-Right supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 when the libertarian wing was ascendant only to mysteriously defect to Donald Trump. The Alt-Right has a foreign policy because it is broader than White Nationalism.

See also, for example, the ferocious Twitter attacks on “cuckservatives” at the onset of the Trump campaign which to many journalists seemed to come out of nowhere. The Alt-Right went after mainstream conservatives with such vigor because it has always defined its own identity against conservatism. Trump was able to summon such broad support because his campaign became a war against the conservative establishment.

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    Kennan is remembered as a sober statesman of the realist school. He called for ‘containment’ than outright confrontation.

    Given the current hysteria of today’s media and politicians about Russia, some like Pat Buchanan are calling for something more like a cautious containment strategy against Russia.

    But actually, even George-Kennan-ism would be unnecessary today.

    Kennan urged caution when Russia, as core of USSR, was really an ideological threat and military enemy of the US.

    But today, Russia WANTS TO BE FRIENDS. Russia wants to do business. Russia wants to be friendly with China and Europe and the US. During the Cold War, things got scary between Russia and China and between Russia and Europe & US. It seemed like things would never improve between Russia and China AND between Russia and the US. Things got so bad that even the US and China came together against Russia.

    Cold War is so totally over. Russian communism lost. Russia rebuilt without ideological animus against the West. Russia is non-interventionist. It doesn’t push its values or ideology on other nations. It also gets along with China and wants to bury the hatchet for good with Japan. Some threat!

    If anything, the US has been the aggressive power trying to force homomania all over the globe. Since the end of the Cold War, it is the US that’s been invading and destroying nations. US cooked up lies to mess up Iraq, Libya, and Syria. US even instigated the coup in Ukraine and created an unnecessary crisis.

    US also ‘pivots’ against China. US doesn’t think China should be a great power in the Eastern Pacific. This is imperialist legacy. Imagine Chinese dominating Western Pacific and increasing tensions along California coast.

    Even 9/11 was blowback resulting from overly aggressive US policy in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Why is the US so aggressive? US has come under the domination of Zio-globalists who seek to spread homomania and Diversity all over the world so that nations won’t be homogeneous and united against globo power. Globalists raped and plundered Russia in the 90s, and for awhile, they thought they owned Russia. But Putin gained power and restored some degree of Russian sovereignty and nationalism. The Glob hates this. Not because Putin is anti-American. Despite American bad behavior, Putin has been wanting to make nice with the US. He’s also been friendly with Israel, the ‘best friend of the US’ as we are told over and over. He’s been willing to make nice with EU and do business. But the fact that he rolled back Zio-globo-domination in Russia makes globalists angry with Russia. GLOB fears that Russian autonomy may serve as a model for other nations. So, the GLOB has cooked up this New Cold War scenario. It’s not about human rights or ideology. It’s about identity and ethnicity. This ‘new cold war’ is not what Putin and Russia want. And it’s not what Americans want. It is what the GLOB wants. It is in Zio-GLOB interest that EU and US hate Russia cuz the Russian example of national sovereignty and world peace is threatening to the GLOB project where the ONLY predominant rule must be the end of national sovereignty, the weakening of identity and loyalty(except in Israel), and total dependence on global finance.

    Also, the GLOB sees Russian resistance to homomania as a threat to globalist supremacism. The Glob has used homomania as proxy of their globo-imperialism. Since homos exist in every nation, the GLOB funds and uses homo minorities as collaborators to spread globalist supremacism. So, Russia saying NO to homo-power is seen by the GLOB, correctly, as saying NO to globalist rule.

    It is the globalists who are pushing and being aggressive with their agenda, but they cry foul whenever a nation like Russia says NO. Globalists act like Bill Laimbeer. It commits the foul, but if the other guy pushes back, it acts outraged. This passive-aggressive dirty trick of the GLOB has been used over and over. So, we are told Russia invaded South Ossetia. And we are told Russia ‘invaded’ Crimea when Russia merely reacted to US-backed coup in Ukraine. And even though Syria is mainly a mess because of the ‘West’ and its proxies, we are told Assad is the aggressor. Even though Aleppo has been liberated from foreign terrorists, we are told it has ‘fallen’.

    But then, we see the same thing in the US. Even though Trump voters got attacked and beaten by Proglodytes and blacks, the Narrative is that all these POCs and Progs have been attacked by Trump-supporting rednecks. But then, the entire US is sick in propping up the BS that Israel is endangered by Palestinians when it’s the other way around.

    What the US needs now is not containment policy against Russia. What is most necessary is self-containment policy because it is the US that is the main aggressive and imperialist force in the world. We need a stronger leader who will self-contain globalist aggression so that the US won’t harm and destroy the world anymore. The virus is no longer an external threat, like communism once was. The virus is internally generated from within the US, and it seeks to wreak havoc all over the world to satiate the globalist powerlust. Globalist powerlust is like Anthony Wiener’s pud. It tries to penetrate everything. It’s Portnoy’s Empire.

    US sometimes drop bombs and wreck other nations, as with Iraq and Libya. Or it uses the soft power of homomania, rap thug culture, or neo-feminist slut pride culture. Or, it uses terrorist proxies to wreck another nation, as with Syria. It’s incredible that US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of War on Terror but has come around to working with Alqaeda to topple the secular modern Arab leader Assad. It has turned into War with Terror.

    US agenda is dominated by globo-supremacist interests. And unless we name the Jewish-Glob, we won’t get anywhere.


  2. The Media will never understand anything. They don’t want to, because it doesn’t fit their preconceived notions. Alt-Right will be used to describe everything and and anything but, the Alt-Right.

    • Media aren’t Paid to listen to the people, they are Paid to tell them what to think. They have no idea what the average man thinks and they are proud of it.

  3. In a sane world, America would not hate Russia. Even Jews shouldn’t hate Russia and Putin since Putin isn’t anti-Jewish.

    But we live in a crazy world, and there is a perverse logic as to why Jews hate Russia.

    Why? Because of Portnoy’s Empire mindset.

    If Jews just want equality and opportunity, there should be no problem in US, EU, and Russia. But Jews want domination and control of narrative. And they want to secure that domination permanently. And this requires either paralyzing the gentile majority with guilt, dividing the gentile majority through diversity, dividing gentile men and gentile women through vicious feminism, or weakening the gentile majority through decadence(like wanton hedonism and homomania). Jewish Politics is driven by Addiction to Power and mania for paranoia, especially over the West where they’ve gained the greatest prominence.

    It’s true that Putin isn’t anti-Jewish. But he is pro-Russian, and this has meant rolling back excessive Jewish and control in Russia. There was a time when Berezhovsky the oligarch pretty much owned all the media. Thus, Jewish dominationism failed in Russia.

    Though a very small minority, Jews are still very rich and powerful in Russia, but they cannot dictate policy and control the narrative like in the US and even EU, vassal of US. So, Jews feel that their power in Russia, though considerable, is not secure. It it at the whim of Russian nationalism. Jews are always looking ahead, like the mothman Indrid Cold.

    Also, Jews fear that the Russian example may spread to EU and then even to the US.

    After all, the Russian Model is natural. Russia, as nation of mostly Russians, should be ruled and defined by Russian identity, interests, and heritage. Russia is multi-ethnic and has minorities, and they should be accommodated, but there is no reason for Russia to sacrifice its own national interests and destiny to appease Jews or any other minority. The thing is Jews don’t want to be just another minority that is treated nice. They want the commanding heights of power. So, it doesn’t matter that Putin isn’t anti-Jewish. His nationalism stands in the way of Jewish-Globalist domination.

    If Germany were a normal nation, its leaders would serve German identity and interests. It would be like Putinist Russia. This is why Jews at NYT praise Merkel who favors minority-migrant interest over German interest. It runs parallel with the ideal of gentile nations favoring minorities over majorities, an idea conducive to Jewish domination. Jews are the dominant minority but invoke the ‘plight’ of depressed minorities to guilt-bait the majority and secure special rights for minority. Logic is as follows: Because Gypsies are poor and pitiable, rich Jews should rule gentile nations. Gentile pity for poor minorities should translate into gentile majority sympathy for ALL minorities, even for a rich powerful group like the Jews.

    Consider the US. Most white gentiles are not anti-Jewish. Even Chuck Hagel who grumbled about excessive Israeli role in US politics wasn’t hostile to Jews. But even the merest sign of white identity or interests send Jews into a tizzy. Why when these whites are not anti-Jewish? Because any idea of white majority identity and interests may run counter to Jewish interests and may challenge Jewish domination. After all, it is not natural and normal that 2% should dominate a nation that is 98% gentile. Now, given Jewish ability and talent, it is natural that Jews should be disproportionately represented in many elite fields. But Jewish power isn’t based only on ability but the shielding of Jews from any overt criticism(white white gentiles are condemned for the smallest infraction, often imagined) and a concerted effort to make all politicians pledge total support of Israel over all other nations, even European ones that were the ancestral homelands of majority of Americans.

    When there used to be overt anti-Jewish sentiments, Jews were indeed mainly concerned about escaping from pogroms and animosity toward Jews.

    The current West has none of that. The odd skinhead who acts out of order is immediately imprisoned in EU or shunned in the US.

    So, the issue is no longer ‘antisemitism’ or anti-Jewishness. It’s about any potential challenge to Jewish Dominance.

    It’s like SNOW WHITE story. Snow White didn’t hate the Queen or even challenge her. But her mere presence and beauty threatened the Queen’s notion of herself as the most beautiful woman in the world. So, despite the lack of hostility on Snow White’s part, she was a threat to the Queen’s ego, and so, the Queen saw her as the enemy.

    There are direct-aggressive-intentional threats. If someone hates you and wants to kill you, he is a direct threat with intention of harm.

    But there are also indirect-passive-unintentional threats. Even if the person means no harm, his very presence harms your position.

    And this is why Jews fear people like Putin and white American conservatives, both of whom are not overtly Jewish. Their demonstration of gentile nationalism or white identity is an indirect-passive threat to Jewish Domination that depends on the suppression of competing narratives, even those that aren’t hostile to Jews.

    Imagine a white man and Negroes.

    Suppose there is a white boxer who is champion. And he loves being champion. He loves being the icon of white power and getting white men to see him as hero and white women to see him as stud.

    Now, suppose there is a hostile aggressive Negro like Jack Johnson who means to do him harm, kick his butt, become the hero of black power, and hump white ho’s.

    This would be a direct-aggressive-intentional threat to the white boxer.

    But suppose there is another Negro who is more like Joe Louis. He don’t mean no harm. He don’t talk nasty. He just wants to box and ‘may the best man win’. This black guy isn’t filled with hate and hostility and arrogance.

    However, since the Negro is naturally tougher and faster, he poses just as much threat to white power in boxing as the nasty Negro does.

    The passive Negro threat is just as dangerous to whitey as the aggressive Negro threat is. This is why MLK is more dangerous than Nat Turner. He made whitey drop his guard.

    This is what Jews understand about gentile power. Even when gentile power isn’t overtly anti-Jewish, when it gains pride of identity and autonomy of will & agency, it may well challenge and go against the agenda of Jewish power and interests since there is no guarantee that gentile interests will coincide with Jewish interests.

    Even if not anti-Jewish, it may run parallel to Jewish Power in competition. It may be para-Jewish.

    So, in this sense, Jews are being smart about the ‘danger’ posed by Russia.

    Even if Putin isn’t anti-Jewish, the fact remains that if all gentile leaders of Western nations acted like Putin, they wouldn’t be so servile to Jewish agenda and interests. If US had been ruled by someone like Putin, there would have been no Iraq War, no Libya War, no toppling of Ukraine regime, and no sanctions on Iran. After all, those policies didn’t do anything for gentiles. European gentiles and American gentiles really wanna get along with Iran and do business. This animus is due to servility to Jewish domination and Zionist paranoia.

    As for Netanyahu, he’s a clever dog who plays all sides. He works with Russia, Saudis(who support terrorists against Assad who is backed by Russia), UK, France, Egypt. and etc. He can ‘work with’ Trump, Hillary, Bush, and Obama. Sure, Obama and he didn’t get along, but Israel still got all it demanded. And even though the Iran Deal is seen as anti-Israel by neocons, it was hatched by Liberal Zionists, not by Obama. And Israeli military supported the deal. So, Netanyahu is just a clever fox who plays all sides.


  4. Pretty good aside from the focus on the salute heard round the world. But that is highly visual. And it appeals to The Atlantic’s Left-wing, anti-White readers’ view of the world.

  5. Of course, (((Scott Charney))) is the average all American common man not engaging in identity politics and advancing his community’s interest.

  6. The Alt-right is ethno-nationalist, always been. The civic-nationalists have been flying the alt-right banner ever since the idiots (Alex Jones, PJW, MAGAbros) took the term to mean nothing more than “alternative [to the mainstream] right,” Spencer had to apply a label (alt-light) to these libertarians, classical liberals, and civic-nationalist dudebros, but that wasn’t enough. Other than knowledge of the JQ, it is a minimum requirement that you’re an ethno-nationalist before you jump into the world of the alt-right.

    The media (for all their constant failures) got it right once they switched from white supremacists to white-nationalists, too bad so few realized this.

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