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  1. He’s gay. You can be a white male, and perhaps even Christian, just so long as you give up your genetic future.

    I’m glad they gaslighted their own voters. I’m glad they continue to think that lies are the way to go (fake news gambit, Russia hacked the election, and so on). I’m not telling how they can win, but I will tell you they aren’t doing it nor is it even on the horizon in left wing channels.

    • He’s gay. You can be a white male, and perhaps even Christian, just so long as you give up your genetic future.

      Gays are an incredibly useful ‘victim group’ for the establishment because they are well organized, tend to be well-educated, are cut-throat, and have lots of free time due to normally not having families. They also tend to have high verbal IQs, which means that many of them are excellent propagandists.

  2. There is always a danger that one may actually believe one’s own BS. That obviously happened to the liberals this time around. Of course that’s part of the reason why these phony explanations of how the election was stolen by Russian interference are embraced by them. It’s much easier to believe that than accept that you were so wrong and out of touch with reality. The scary thing is that they may have just been premature. If present demographic trends aren’t radically reversed the map will turn blue. Trump has to focus on immigration. We can’t afford to be complacent.

    • Trump understands this. He said so explicitly.

      Of course, that’s not a guarantee he can’t be brainwashed into the longstanding establishmentarian, Chamber-centric, fruitlessly Hispandering consensus that dominated before.

      You’re correct, if Trump loses sight of the fact that some serious deportation and radical reductions in the current immigrant flow are necessary to preserve his party as viable, Kornacki may very well get his blue map in several more years!

  3. Notice in the scenario on the map, that Clinton captures all but two of the sixteen Northern states, and all of the Pacific Rim- California, Oregon Washington State and Hawaii. The only states really necessary in order to win.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, the Russians hacked the brains of all those people in the Rust Belt and made them vote for Trump. Or was it the Confederate Secret Service?

  4. Like Brexit, Trump’s victory caught all the “experts” by surprise. How could all of them, MSM included, have been so wrong? Answer: They only ridicule, demonize and censor their opposition. They never listen to what they have to say.

    “The Russians Did It” BS is a cover up and rationalization for the failures that the “experts” are.

  5. That liberal fruit represents everything I hate about the jew-run media. Hillary lost because she has a shitty personality and ran a shitty campaign. And she has no one but herself to blame for that.

      • We should agree with Huffpo dykes&cucks when they try to self-destruct. Haji Keith Ellison should be in charge of the Dems, and the Electoral College should have jewed/gypped Trump. Race War Now!

  6. Black quarterback of Dallas is winning all the games, and NFL is topping all ratings again.

    It goes to show that the drop in ratings earlier in the year was a fluke.

    White Americans are cucked.


    White Americans dislike Kaepernick the muslim negro who hates whites, BUT they love Dac the black QB of Dallas who salutes the flag and humps 1000s of white daughters, sisters, and mothers(of cucky white husbands).

    Blacks who loves whites(esp the women) are more dangerous than blacks who hate whites.


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