The Russians Are Coming!

So that explains it:

“Dec. 11, fueled by prescription amphetamines and craft beer, Eric Garland disgorged a sprawling 127-tweet thread explaining to America and the world exactly what was going on, how Russia put Trump in power, and what they could do about it. And the thing was a sensation. Every so often, a text comes along that perfectly captures the mood of a certain section of society at a certain time, something that screams their pain for them in ways they can’t quite manage to do themselves. Garland’s tweet thread is that common roar of establishment liberalism in the age of Trump. It’s been retweeted thousands of times, gaining fawning praise from much of the liberal intelligentsia. Finally, someone has had the courage to put it all together, in a grand masterpiece of political analysis. Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek and Vanity Fair called it “a MUST read.” Clara Jeffery, editor in chief of Mother Jones, gushingly described it as the “single greatest thread I have ever read on Twitter. And in its way a Federalist Paper for 2016.” “Great writing, using a form that doesn’t usually lend itself to greatness,” gurgled the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold. Tim Fullerton, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s director of communications, glooped that “if there were a Pulitzer for tweeting—this thread would be the undisputed winner of 2016.” Patton Oswalt: “Succinct & propulsive writing.” Sean Illing: “Bullshit-free.” …”

Read the whole tweetstorm. It explains the paranoid turn in the Narrative about the Russians over the past week.

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  1. This sh”” is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 where the war enemy/alliance get s changed and the past history gets re written so Oceania has always been at war with so and so.

    The American Left now switches gears and claims Russia has always been the enemy secretly promoting racism and fascism in the USA, Europe South Africa etc

  2. Hey Hunter – How about including some photos of pretty Russian gals that look like Trump’s latest wife ?

    This is good for OD ratings – also puts a pretty face and body on our people as opposed to their people .


    Have you looked in to advertising revenue here?

  3. More states confirm suspected cyberattacks sourced to DHS WSB-TV ATLANTA – Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Aaron Diamant has learned two more state selection agencies have confirmed suspected cyberattacks linked to the same U.S. Department of Homeland Security IP address as last months massive attack in Georgia. The two states reporting the suspected cyberattacks were West Virginia and Kentucky. Oh, those russians.

    Jim Stone

  4. Twitter is a great idea, but writing something not approved by Jews can get one suspended. Even historical facts. Too bad.

  5. The last thing we want to happen is for our non-White LGBT military to come up against the Russians, or for that matter the Swiss.


    People on the Right reject the idear that ‘America’ is an idear.. but I think I will dissent.

    I now believe ‘America’ is an idear.

    And because it is an idear, people around the world no longer need to come to America to have ‘America’ as an idear.

    It’s like democracy as an idear. To have democracy, you don’t have to come to the US to practice democracy. You can implement the idear of democracy in your own country.

    Idears are portable and transferable. Idears are not fixed in one place. It’s like some mountain in Tibet is fixed in that place, but Buddhism is an idear, and you don’t have to go to Tibet to be a Buddhist. You can be a Buddhist anywhere. You can even take that idear into outer-space.

    So, let us say there is the United States as a fixed nation with its distinct history, heritage, and culture. It is about power and history within a fixed territory.

    In contrast, there is ‘America’ as an idear, and it is universal and can be transported or transposed to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    So, our message to all the people around the world is that they don’t have to come to the United States to partake in the idear of America.

    They can have it at home. And what is this big idear of ‘America’ they can have in their own home nation?

    The American Idear is as follows: pig out on junk food, obsess over video games, twerk, listen to rap, worship black athletes, indulge in hedonism, promote slut culture, celebrate militarism, drink soda and burp, get tattoos on ass, push interracism, hail Zionism, watch trash TV, break down barrier between mainstream culture(even for kids) and pornography, praise homos and trannies, enforce PC, destabilize national borders, allow mass invasion, cook up hate hoaxes about KKK and neo-nazis, flip oit over micro-aggressions, spread fears of blonde rapists, promote cuck attitudes among the men, declare your folks to be ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’, and blame ‘Russia’ for everything.

    Yes, that is ‘America’ as an Idear in the Current Year. And any people in any nation can practice those ‘idears’ and be ‘American’ without coming to America.

    So, save your money on that plane ticket.

    Just stay in your country and embrace the IDEAR of ‘America’.

    We should devise a American Idear Kit as universal formula for the world and sell it all over. Or even hand it out for free. It’d be like a Chemistry Kit. Ameristry Kit.

    It’d be like handing out the New Testament or Mormon Book. After all, you don’t have to go to Utah to be a Mormon. You can be a Mormon in Mexico or India. And you don’t need to be in the territory of the United States to have your idear of ‘America’.


  7. Who are the loudest and most vicious Trump haters?

    Who are the loudest and most hysterical Russia haters and advocates for war against them?

    Who are the people behind the program to eliminate all traces of Confederate history in the South?

    The same answer to all three questions.

  8. It’s so frustrating watching Republicans accept the Left’s narrative.

    The intelligence agencies have no evidence of Russian interference in the elections.

    The Left are attempting a coup to undermine the Constitutional process and Trump’s presidency.

    We’re moving closer to civil war.

  9. When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them.

    They want to take on the 1st Amendment and Realist foreign policy? By all means!

    It opens up opportunities for counter attack, such as law suits against social media giants while being (not just posing as) the good guys.

  10. Those Democrats and ‘Never Trump’ Republicans pushing the Russian conspiracy theory should be targeted for detention, questioning, and punishment.

    There have to be consequences.

    • Start within the CIA and FBI, let it be a career killer. The politicians and other public enemies pushing this are actually helping us.

      This is similar to the “Trump cant win” gambit, it actually caused blacks and single moms not to show up, because they thought it wasn’t necessary!

  11. There is nothing left to say about the mind of the mainstream liberal. They’re insane.

    The CIA on the other hand is running a domestic disinfo op. It’s par for the course for that sleazy agency of war criminals and saboteurs. The staff doing the leaking need to be identified, arrested and executed for treason.

    I doubt there will be a coup. They’re just trying to de-legitimize Trump as much as possible.

  12. Proper understanding of classics leads to this:

    The Westboro church of the ‘left’.

    When Liberalism was for tolerance of deviants/freaks, okay, I can go with that.

    When Liberalism was for equalization of normal folks and deviants/freaks, bad idea.

    When Liberalism is for apotheosis of deviants/freaks as the New Normal, it lost its bearings.

    Now that Liberalism cannot say NO to freak demands, its brand is being tarred by images like this. Or, trannies in women’s sports.

    Even Huff Post surely knows something is wrong here.

    Liberalism went from the freedom to think different/weird to forcing society to accept mentally-deranged-and-imbalanced as just fine and dandy, indeed more so than regular folks.

    Once freakery is promoted, even normal people lose standards and turn to tattoos and piercings.


  13. I noticed the ‘Murrican establishment started to turn openly nasty towards Russia, after Putin passed those laws banning gay propaganda in front of children. With the election of Trump the hysteria has gone exponential.

    • ZOG has been going after Putin for a long time, because unlike his predecessor Boris Yeltsin Putin doesn’t let the (((globalists))) push him around.

        • This is a large part of why the media is so obsessed with pandering to gays. Jewish elites know that they wouldn’t win most of the cultural fights they pick without the organized gay community fighting for them.

          The problem is that the Gay Mafia is an extremely unstable element in the Jewish power structure. Unlike Blacks, who will always support whoever is ‘sticking it to Whitey,’ homosexuals really don’t care about bashing White people. They just want to bugger each other. And they will back whoever they think will tolerate that behavior.

          That’s the main reason why the media flipped out when Trump brought out a rainbow flag at one of his rallies. They were terrified that Trump would turn a large portion of the Gay Mafia against the establishment.

          Obviously I’m not supportive of ‘fairy Nationalism.’ Just saying that there’s a reason the Jewish media is so paranoid about keeping the homosexuals on their side.

  14. I started reading it and got bored and put off very quickly. It stinks of desperation to believe domething is to blame other than their anti-White politics and terrible choice of a candidate.

  15. The GLOB says Russians have nukes and Russians are coming.

    But Russians won’t use their nukes, and they are not coming to the West.

    But black Africans have mega-dongs and they are cumming all over the West and taking over white wombs as aging whites go to their tombs.

    It will be the end of the West.

    Feminism was bound to fail.

    There is a thing called Political Ecology, and its seeks balance and equilibrium.

    When feminism in the West cut off the balls of white men, the new order hankered for return of masculinism. A society without manly man is like human body craving for iron in the blood.

    Since white men, associated with Evil, weren’t allowed to supply the masculine content, the West came to look elsewhere, esp black Africa and the Muslim world, for the masculine content.

    Feminism cannot work because it has too many contradictions.

    On the one hand, it is an individualist ideology that says women and men should be judged for their individual merit. So, if a woman does better in school than a man, she should be favored on meritocratic grounds. In this sense, feminism is purely individualist-meritocratic.

    But another side of feminism is ‘socialist’ and collectivist and urges women as ‘sisters’ to unite together for their Womyn Interest that violates the rules of individual-meritocracy. So, feminism lobbied for more women in the military even though women, based on individual merit, cannot compete with men.

    The individualist side of feminism says superior women should be favored over inferior men in the name of meritocracy, but the socialist side of feminism says inferior women should be favored over superior men in the name of Sisterhood.

    This is obviously crazy, but white men caved to it. And in doing so, they lost their balls. And in our high stress society, people need someone to blame and scapegoat. Since PC made white males the BAD GUYS, everyone dumps all their problems on white males, and white males have been totally cucked.

    But are white women really happy that white men are a bunch of cucks? No. Women, esp successful women, want sexual desire and that comes from being with men with masculine qualities. More successful a woman is, the more she looks for a masterful man with alpha qualities. She has no use for beta-cucks. Feminism says it is for social equality, but feminism is about women ‘having the best’. Best jobs and best men. Feminist women don’t want just some regular guy who drives a truck or washes dishes. Feminism seeks fulfillment with best of everything. Feminism uses egalitarian rhetoric, but feminist power is totally elitist. And successful women want the most manly men.

    But since white men are not allowed to be real men and have been forced to act like dorks, there is the western female craving for real men. Human nature calls for this equilibrium since white men have been reduced to such dorks.

    And this equilibrium is filled by welcoming macho men from black Africa and Muslim lands. Black men got muscle and dong, and Muslim men don’t give a shit about acting dorky and beta. They insist on being manly and won’t have any white feminist bitch cut off their balls.

    Of course, the best way to restore male/female equilibrium in the West would be to allow white men to be manly and proud again. But PC says that must not be so. PC says white men must be beta, dorky, apologetic, and wussy. So, feminists subconsciously look to OTHER RACES OF MEN to restore the equilibrium. Feminism makes white women cut off the balls of white men, but that leads to white women desiring Real Manhood that is missing from cucked out white men. So, white women welcome black and Muslim immigration to the West. Even though ‘conservative’ critics make the case that Muslim men and black men aren’t as ‘progressive’ as white men, that very fact is the very reason why white women subconsciously welcome these invaders. They act like Real Men.

    But this will lead to the downfall of the West cuz Muslim men got lower IQ and black men got lower IQ and savage genes.


    • When I called the office of Gregg Abbott, Governor of Texas, about this Suprun fellow, I made my points about not just denouncing him, but actually investigating him and his handlers for crimes of one sort or another.

      For the first time since I have been calling the Guv’s office, the lady on the phone actually talked with me rather than politely ending the call. She said that there may be a way for the main body of the Texas delegation to decertify Suprun at the time of roll call, so hopefully the state of Texas is going to do everything in its power to protect its electoral votes and make an example of this fellow and his handlers.

      In theory it goes all the way to Soros, so it has potential to get very interesting!

  16. Is there any evidence? They have the means and the motive, that’s all so far for speculation. But think for a minute, even if true and they hacked and leaked the DNC, is this really the reason the rustbelt swung for Trump? So this made the coverage 99:1 anti Trump instead of 100:0 A few negative stories about Hillary mostly glossed over by leftist major news outlets vs. the main stream media non-stop vitriolic hatred against Trump.

  17. The message of Cucked-Europe or Cuckrope to blacks and Africa: Come beat up our sons and impregnate our daughters.

    It’s funny. Blacks have done least for civilization and pose the greatest destructive threat to civilization. While Germans, Russians, Anglos, Japanese, Persians, and etc have done their share of destruction, they always destroyed one order to replace with another. So, even as they destroyed civilization at times, they built another one in its stead.

    In contrast, when blacks destroy something, there is nothing left and no chance of renewal. Look at Haiti, Detroit, Baltimore. If not for government handouts to people in Detroit, it would be no better than Haiti or Liberia.

    When rabid Chinese destroyed stuff in the Cultural Revolution, that was bad stuff. But when they came to their senses, they quickly rebuilt industrial China. In contrast, blacks never come to their senses since they have no good sense to begin with.

    Blacks have done least for civilization but no other people are more promoted, celebrated, served, praised, and worshiped by civilization.

    One reason is US dominates the world, and blacks dominate sports and pop music in the US. American Culture is World Culture. And as US goes more porny and jungle-feverish, it spreads mandingo-mania and bootisha-mania all over the world. Now, white women get butt surgeries to get black-like butts to be humped by Negroes.

    Also, US narrative dominates world media and academia. So, if whites feel special ‘historical guilt’ for Negroes, this ‘guilt’ must be shared by ALL peoples, even those who had no contact with blacks.

    For example, suppose there’s news that Thailand people are prejudice against Hindus, Turks, Cambodians, or Arabs. Who would care? But suppose Thais said something nasty about blacks, and it becomes World News. Then, Thais come under great pressure. While the Global Narrative overlooks local prejudices — who cares what Turks feel about Kurds and vice versa? — , the Global Prejudices against Jews, Negroes, and Homos are not tolerated. Those three groups must be praised by ALL groups.

    Another reason is blacks dominate track and fields in Olympics. Even though Olympics can only be staged by advanced civilizations like US, Europe, China, and Japan, athletics is about raw animal power, and Negroes win. So, all this great civilizational enterprise by non-blacks in orchestrating massive sporting events only end up hailing the Negro as the king of the world with the right to hump every ho.

    All that effort of civilization end up celebrating the most savage of races.

    Only civilization can build and manage complex organizations of entertainment, sports, and other mass leisure events. But in seeking ultra-thrills and ultra-pleasure, consumers of the civilized order become enamored of the Badass Negro who done whup the whitey in hollering, humping, jumping, and pumping(his fists). So, all the collective achievements of Western Civilization has gone to serving the Negro as the Lion King or Gorilla Lord, aka Gorillord.

    Also, there is the Jewish factor. White race-ists knew that the Negro can whup the white man’s butt and steal the white woman. So, they devised necessary discriminatory systems in the past to maintain Safe Spaces for white race, white pride, and white preservation.

    But Jews wanted to topple white power. To do this, Jews played on ‘white guilt’ and ‘white pleasure’. Jews said whites better atone for the sins against the holy magic Negro, and Jews also said whites must put out to the wild-ass Negro who will provide white boys and girls with more pleasure. White boys get so many jollies cheering for the Negro master race heroes who be rapping louder and scoring the touchdowns, and white girls get more orgasmic pleasure from bigger Negro dong.

    So, this is the great paradox. White folks created all this great civilization, but its logistics and infrastructure are being used to hail, praise, and worship the Magic Negro, Mighty Mandingo, and Juicy-ass Bootisha who be ‘twerking’ all night long.

    I mean blacks cannot pull off something like NFL and superbowl as a business enterprise and entertainment complex. Only whites and Jews can. But NFL is nothing but a wild celebration of Negroes beating up white sons and impregnating white daughters.

    What shame. Caucasians have become Cuckosians.


  18. 2 days ago, Obama: We can do stuff to you.

    Today: Russian ambassador to Turkey killed by moderate assassin

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