Christmas Massacre: German Police Now Searching For Tunisian Refugee


This is absolutely devastating to Angela Merkel. Sorry everyone, it wasn’t that Pakistani refugee we were holding after all. It was an entirely different Tunisian refugee who was arrested three times, who was denied asylum in Germany, who was scheduled to be deported and who was a known ISIS terrorist! Oops!

“A Tunisian asylum seeker suspected of carrying out the Berlin massacre was arrested three times this year amid fears he was planning a terror plot – but they let him go.

Despite being an ISIS supporter known to have received weapons training, German authorities allowed Anis Amri to slip through their clutches time after time.

The 23-year-old even tried to recruit an accomplice for a terror plot – and again the authorities knew about it – but still he remained at large, it has emerged. …

This afternoon it emerged that he had already been under investigation for planning a ‘serious act of violence against the state’ and counter-terrorism officials last exchanged information about him in November.

He arrived in Germany in July 2015 and was given a hearing by immigration authorities in April this year. He was denied the right to asylum and due to be deported before the end of the year.

But under a peculiarity of the German asylum system he was granted a ‘Duldung’ or toleration papers allowing him to stay for unknown reasons. …”

It was another known wolf. It was also likely one who was sustained on benefits from the German taxpayer and who availed himself of German women at the encouragement of Merkel’s government before driving that truck into the Berlin Christmas Market. Come have sex with our daughters and blow yourself up for Allah!

Did anyone else catch Rod Dreher’s post at The American Conservative on how “Rivers of Blood” literally came true in Berlin?

“Tourists saw a young child being crushed underneath the hijacked truck which ploughed through a Berlin Christmas market last night, killing 12 and wounding around 50.

Mike Fox and his partner were a ‘few metres’ from being run down by the lorry driven by a Pakistani asylum seeker Naved B, 23, who has only been in the country a few months.

‘There were children in the market. My girlfriend saw a child under the truck,’ Mr Fox said shortly after the attack near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz.

Witnesses saw bodies strewn across the a backdrop of colourful market stalls and Christmas lights as ‘rivers of blood’ flowed from the scene of the attack, which has again sent shockwaves of fear throughout Europe.

Angela Merkel is “shocked and very saddened” by all of this. She feels so bad about importing terrorists into Germany who gang rape women on New Year’s Eve and massacre children at Christmas markets that she is running for reelection next year.

“Mr Theis and his girlfriend Lara Colombo, 22, were on their way to the besieged market when they heard sirens and saw people running frantically from the scene.

He said: ‘It was carnage everywhere. There was blood all over the floor. There were people lying on the floor.

‘Nobody was really helping anybody. People were running. It was like every man for themselves. It was dusty and chaotic.

‘The biggest mental image I have is there were two rivers of blood going down the floor.”

While the Berlin Christmas Market Massacre was unfolding, The Daily Stormer is reporting that Merkel was at a nearby event giving a sermon that glorified refugees:

“GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has cancelled a public appearance today and addressed the people of Germany but it can be revealed she was at a service honouring migrants when her own people lay dead in Berlin’s streets.

Mrs Merkel was attending an event to promote her failing migrant policy as a lorry was hijacked in Berlin.

She was photographed looking forlorn just seven minutes after the murder of 12 people took place at the Christmas market just three miles away from the scene …

I’m not sure that Merkel will survive this incident. I think she might even plunge to Hollande levels of public approval. This will have ramifications all over Europe.

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  1. The Berlin attack follows the attacks in Paris, Brussels and Nice. All of them due to asylum seekers.
    The refugee crisis in Europe is the result of the European Union and her laws which supersede the laws of her member nations.
    Regardless where a refugee enters Europe once they are in they have the freedom to go to any part of Europe. Unless Germany gets out of the European Union she may face more attacks like this one. Thank God Britain left.

  2. The anger should be directed at Merkel’s Hebrew handlers who are behind all of this. Don’t tell me racial Europeans are on a suicide mission to destroy themselves.

    • It certainly looks as if the Europeans are hell-bent on killing themselves and their children. This all stems from the devastation of the Great War of 1914-1918. Western civilization never recovered from that conflict.

      • Western civilization could still be saved during WW2, which was ultimately what it was about, but the loss of WW2 was basically the death of Western civilization.

    • There is no shortage of racial Europeans who are doing everything in their power to advance non-whites at the expense of their own people. You are in serious denial if you doubt this. And apparently need to get out far more, too.

    • You’d be amazed at how difficult it is for ethnic Europeans to immigrate to Europe. Even if you’re from the Commonwealth, it’s still a pain in the ass.

      • I have a Taiwanese friend who graduated from university in Scotland, and spent months trying to get a job and work-visa, residence in the UK. I kept advising her to go home, telling her (truthfully) that she’d most likely be more successful and content in her homeland, and that the UK was only going to get worse and worse for the next decade at least.

        Anyway, she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find a job even though she has a great academic record and speaks very good English (she’s also very charming and good-looking, BTW, with very light skin too), but her Paki, Nignog and PRC classmates were all getting work visas.

        I tried to explain to her that she suffers from a sort of “white privilege” — that Whites, especially Britons, are the most discriminated against in the UK; and that Japanese, Koreans and Taiwanese are also (to a lesser extent than Whites) treated as “privileged” as First-Worlders, as sort of ‘white Asians’.

        If I had wanted to help her stay in the UK, I’d have advised her to signal very hard as some sort of SJW — if she was a lesbian, anti-White, anti-British, had a Paki/Nig boyfriend, and in any way networked in those circles, I am absolutely sure she would have made some fruitful connection and gotten her desired visa and eventual British citizenship. But she was just “too decent”, “too normal”, “too nice” and too ‘white’ (so to speak — perceived as privileged — also, she has light skin, faint freckles, and has more angular facial features than the typical Chinese round face, and with her dyed slightly reddish hair could easily pass as or be seen as half-white).

        But she just couldn’t understand what I was talking about. Even though she’d lived in Scotland for years, as a student, and was very aware of numerous examples of anti-White, anti-British, pro-Nig, pro-Wog phenomenae — and she was aware that she was perceived as rich and her PRC classmates perceived as poor third-worlders even though she is middle class Taiwanese and they are mostly the children of rich Commie apparatchiks and gangsters — she couldn’t make that cognitive connection and get it that she was somehow a victim of having a perceived “white privilege”.

        But that’s definitely what was ‘holding her back’ (fortunately she took my advice and is doing well back in Taiwan), so yes, as you say, non-European whites have an even harder chance of emigrating to the UK.

  3. Will Facebook be offering yet another flag themed profile picture for it’s users? Or are they too busy censoring “fake news”?

  4. If you are an American who wants to help stop this, then you need to do everything in your power to get America’s military forces out of Europe.

    Why? Because there are many European Nationalists who do want to change things – but they are afraid to act. I’ve had many folks tell me that they’re convinced that, even if they managed to win power, the U.S. would crush any insurgent nationalist revolution. And I honestly agree with them. After all, the United States has massive military bases in Germany that are seen by many Euro nationalists as occupation bases.

    Trump is a huge step in the right direction, but he is not the end game. He is far too chummy with Jews, neo-cons, and establishment bureaucrats.

    So pressure Trump to bring all the troops home. Do everything in your power to push this. Europeans are more than capable of cleaning house, but won’t do it if they think America is going to squash them.

    Call your congressman, put up fliers, write articles, hold protests, pressure the Trump campaign, etc. Just do whatever it takes to bring the troops home.

    • America should have gotten their troops out of Germany a long time, and Japan and Korea, and the middle east. There always seems to be money to keep troops on the Korean border perpetually, but there isn’t money to fix bridges or roads in the U.S. To me both major political parties are responsible and both are shit.

    • Ostensibly, NATO was put in Europe after WWII to defend against a Soviet invasion. Since the fall of USSR there is no legitimate reason for NATO to remain, let alone expand as it has. It remains to enforce White Genocide on Europe.

    • Germany operates under a parliamentary system, which means that parties are supposed to be given the proportion of seats which corresponds to how many votes they received (if you win 15% of the vote, you can actually get a few of your party representatives into government).

      The problem is that, in nations like France, the establishment parties – from both the right and the left – can ally together to keep Nationalists from gaining any power. This is what they did to Marine le Pen some time ago.

        • That’s true, but it is still extremely difficult to elect a Nationalist chancellor since the other parties will often unite to oppose outside candidates.

    • They have a figurehead president, the real power is the chancellor, the leader of the largest party leading a proportional representative parliament either in coalition or as a single party.

      They also have a Landtag that functions as their senate.

    • I think they won’t. Germans are so indoctrinated, guilt-ridden, and…honest….that I don’t think they can. They are UTTERLY defeated.

      • There are definitely a lot of Germans who are too indoctrinated to save, but there’s also quite a few who are getting very angry.

        Most won’t admit this to foreigners though. Many folks over there have adopted the same type of ‘don’t tell anyone who you actually support’ attitude which allowed all the polls to show Hillary winning the Rust belt. Trump had immense support in those states, but a lot of people were afraid to admit it publically lest they be labeled a racist and lose their job. Germany works the same way.

        A good example of this phenomenon was Jorg Haider of Austria. He was a lot like Trump, and received immense support. That was close to a decade ago, so it goes to show how angry the common people were back then.

        Haider also died very quickly after becoming popular (if I remember the official story, his car suddenly swerved off a mountain road – very suspicious).

        So basically, if you run for office in Germany or Austria and manage to get popular support, the powers that be will kill you. This keeps the right wing element mostly out of politics. No one wants to run because they’re afraid that if they win the Mossad, CIA, etc. will just kill them.

      • 70 years of jew/allied brainwashing have left the Germans totally docile and impotent. They believe they are the worst people who ever lived and must collectively pay for their “crimes” against the world until the end of time.

    • I always assumed that the killing of the family was mixed up with rapes and sodomy. It’s just that the historians decided to gloss over the probable.

  5. Just from looking at him he shouldn’t have been allowed into Europe, another half nigger subhuman shit sack.

    • Our ancestors spent 1400 YEARS trying to protect Europe from being invaded by the Saracens. Now they are being allowed to swarm in without even a single shot being fired to stop them.

      • Shots were fired, it happened 70 years ago, sadly the wrong side won, the side that killed millions to enforce its universal equality. What is happening now is simply the natural behaviour from when one declares universal equality as the highest ideal.

  6. It would be more humane if Merkel simply ordered the army and police to shoot all German civilians on sight rather than having them gradually raped, assaulted and terrorized out of existence by hordes of non-White invaders. Isn’t there a UN treaty or declaration that condemns the displacement of native populations from their own lands?

  7. A lot of Germans seem willing to take it, but I think an interesting question at this point is how many Germans are quietly thinking about fighting back and would if there was a way to do it?

    Suppose in a given neighborhood in Berlin within a mile radius there are 100 men thinking ok it’s time to do something. How would they find each other? It’s not like it can be discussed on FB. Moreover, even if say 3 or 4 of the most radical men found each other, they are still disarmed and under the thumb of a PC police state. So, with no easy way to find friends and no access to small arms, they are facing a real quandary.

    One might say a father whose daughter was raped ought to be willing to act alone. Perhaps. But any meaningful action — say stealing a rig and then rolling over a bunch of Muslims in the streets during the call to prayer, or maybe rolling over some cops since they enforce the status quo — would get him thrown in jail or killed. This means he wouldn’t be around to protect his daughter as things get worse.

    So I think we need to cut our friends on that side some slack. They have their hands tied.

    One lesson for Americans is that we cannot under any circumstances allow ourselves to be disarmed.

    • I mentioned this in another article on this site, Germany is worse than North Korea in many significant ways. No matter how much North Koreans are famed as being completely brainwashed, they are not taught from birth to hate themselves as as Germans are. More importantly North Koreans are still Koreans, no matter how bad things are there, they are not being ethnically cleansed. Germany is has the usual very low fertility rates and a approaching majority non German baby demographic.

      The only realistic hope for Germany is for the complete elimination of its entire government and mainstream parties, the elimination of all the main media outlets and mass deportation of non Germans to rival India during its partition. That is obviously not going to happen. Germany is finished, the best one can do is to make sure it succumbs before it spreads its poison to those around them that still have hope.

      • The poison has already spread to every White country on the planet. A defeatist attitude is just what our anti-White enemies want all of us to have. The German people have Merkel’s number and know she’s a damned traitor.

  8. This Muslim SOB somehow made it to Italy before being killed. He wasn’t even tracked down. The Italian police caught him by accident at a traffic stop. It looks he killed one of the Italian cops.

    Unless he caught a plane, the most wanted Muslim in Europe must have moved unharmed across the French, Austrian or Swiss border twice and then over the Italian border at least once. His plan must have been to return to Muslim controlled territory in North Africa, Turkey or Syria.

    European leaders really do need to hang by the neck until dead. I hope I live to see it.

    • So do I but money punishments for these traitors and (((usual suspects))) would be far more effective. Reduce them to poverty, aka no money left to finance anti-White projects. Hire informers to ferret them out, just like Jews hire informers to chase after octogenarian nazzees.

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