DEBUNKED: Mississippi Church Burning Was A Race Hoax

Of course it was a hoax:

“JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi authorities arrested a man Wednesday in the burning of an African-American church that was also spray-painted with the words, “Vote Trump.”

Andrew McClinton of Leland, Mississippi, was charged with first degree arson of a place of worship, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. McClinton is African-American.

McClinton was arrested in Greenville, where Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was burned and vandalized Nov. 1, a week before the presidential election. …”

In this case, the arsonist was a member of the congregation. Last year, there was a similar spree of black church burnings in St. Louis which was also exposed as a hoax. None of that stopped the SPLC from hyping the story as “an attempt at voter intimidation.”

Note: Over $230,000 was raised on the internet to rebuild Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church. The bulk of that came from duped Trump supporters.

Update: Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist chiming in on the story:

The Daily Beast, a fake news website, was also duped by the story:


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  1. But constant mass murders of anonymous strangers that never happened before in american history until jewish and black communists amassed total power are just so…real.

    • I live fifteen miles northwest of Paris, Texas. I live five miles from FM 1499. A twenty something Black kid got drunk and passed out in the middle of FM1499. About 5:00 A.M. the next morning, he was run over, dragged and killed, by a gravel truck. Well, according to the national media, he was murdered by the KKK. Apparently, and I didn’t know this, slaughtering Blacks by the hundreds is the chief sport for the residents of Lamar County, Texas. Without the National news, I would have thought it was hunting wild hog and deer.

  2. This revelation is not at all surprising.I’ll take it as a given that McClinton missed the sermon about “Not Bearing False Witness Against Thy Neighbor”.


  3. In Black History Month some of the supposed historic church burnings should be analyzed for similar hoax evidence…

  4. One by one all of these Trump supporter “hate crimes” are being found to be hoaxes. The penalty for which should be steep. The (((media))) that push these stories should be held accountable too.

  5. The perpetrators who set the Hopewell M.B. Church in MS on fire must be brought to justice. This kind of hate has no place in America. -H

    I bet she changed her tune once it was found out that the perpetrator was a member of the race her kind like to use as political weapons.

  6. This kind of false flag hoax is not uncommon but #fakenews MSM never bothers to correct the anti-White narrative. Instead, The Silence is enforced.

  7. One day all niggers resident to North America will be deposited in the southeast.

    Arthur Vickstrom can get fucked.

  8. All the hysteria in the media and SJW ‘hate hoax’ panic would suggest that the US is terrorized or even ruled by the KKK.

    In fact, the white elites are really of the CCC, or the CuCkold-Clan.

    Just look at Joe Biden, Bill Cuclinton, John McCuckain, Lindsey Cucgraham, etc.


  9. The usual suspects at HuffPo are making excuses for this character. It’s been suggested that the police are wrong or incredible, simply because they happen to be in Mississippi. Of course, if this had happened in Boston or New York, it wouldn’t have made it past the local news.

  10. This was not some guy who lost his mind and soul to drugs and alcohol. This guy was the best of the niggers. A church goer. A moral and decent nigger, if there ever was one. The black church has no connection to Jesus Christ and his teachings. It is just a bunch of niggers singing and dancing and looking for some clean pussy. For these people to call themselves Christians is a wholesale fraud.

  11. I’m sure this story was common in the 1960s. That and the American Empire doing it in the name of “Civil Rights”…..more like Control of America and the World. Just another example of never trusting the media at face value, do research, and find the end of the story. Good seeing the truth published on this story. WPWW !

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